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Not Intended 25

Chapter 25

Deep inside, Baekhyun had a—very strong—tangent idea as to what Chanyeol was suddenly in his room for. The look on his face and the clear item in his hand said it all. Fiddling, Baekhyun’s grip on his book tightened up a notch as he met Chanyeol’s eyes.

“Hey…” he croaked, attempting to clear the air.

Chanyeol didn’t verbally respond, but his sharp look told Baekhyun that he wasn’t there to be polite. Taking long strides over to the bed, Chanyeol found himself right in front of Baekhyun in no time, looking down on him as he towered. Leaning forward, Chanyeol grabbed the edge of Baekhyun’s book, and before Baekhyun could argue, Chanyeol folded the page so that it wouldn’t be forgotten. Then he promptly tossed it over to Baekhyun’s desk.

As Chanyeol set a knee on the bed, Baekhyun’s heart rate picked up and he elevated himself to his elbows. Bending his knees, he attempted to push his body back—away from Chanyeol—but Chanyeol wouldn’t allow it. Grabbing Baekhyun by the ankle, Chanyeol pulled him back towards him.

“Why’re you backing away?” Chanyeol demanded. “You didn’t back away when Kris came in here.”

“That's because that was Kris…” Baekhyun weakly argued. “He’s not you.”

“Right,” Chanyeol said bitterly as he set himself on the bed completely. “Because he’s not me—your boss.”


Chanyeol scoffed and put his hands on Baekhyun’s knees. “I don’t understand you,” he growled. When he tried to spread Baekhyun’s legs, Baekhyun put up a weak resistance—but resistance nonetheless. “You drew a line between us when it’s obvious that you want me just as I’ve been wanting you, and yet you let someone you’ve only known for a week touch you in places when only I can touch you.”

“Who—Ah,” Baekhyun gasped when Chanyeol broke his defense and managed to spread him apart. “Who made me exclusive to you?”

“The contract,” Chanyeol muttered before his hands took the edge of Baekhyun’s shirt and pushed it up.

“What contr—nghhh—” Baekhyun arched his back as Chanyeol took his rosy buds in his mouth, shamlessly sucking and nipping at one while groveling the other with his hand. Lifting his hand, Baekhyun entwined his fingers in Chanyeol’s hair. “No—We can’t!”

“No,” Chanyeol whispered, letting his hot breath run on Baekhyun’s open chest. “I’m tired of you denying everything—I should’ve taken you when I had you begging for me. I should’ve just buried myself inside of you when I could.”

Before Baekhyun could argue further on, Chanyeol’s mouth slanted over his. Chanyeol’s tongue traced his bottom lips and it was only when Baekhyun gasped from that feel of Chanyeol’s finger rolling his sensitive bud that Chanyeol’s tongue swiftly entered.

Resistance didn’t last long. Once Chanyeol started tasting him, brushing against him, and dipping into him, Baekhyun was left moaning into the deep kiss while as the same time wanting to scream in frustration from every time Chanyeol’s fingers flicked him.

It wasn’t long until Chanyeol knew he had the upper hand as Baekhyun began to push and try to better the angle of his head. Smirking, Chanyeol gladly served Baekhyun’s wanton needs to be kissed deeply and erotically. At first Chanyeol had kissed him with urgent needs, but at that moment, the tables had turned. Baekhyun became the one aggressively asking for more.

When Chanyeol swiped his lips back, Baekhyun whined and scowled at him. “Come back,” he demanded.

“You’re pretty demanding for someone who just let someone else touch him,” Chanyeol jabbed, earning him a wobbly frown from Baekhyun. “You don’t have the right to ask me for anything.”

“Not even for you?” Baekhyun bit back.

“Not until you’re leaking just begging for it,” Chanyeol growled, making Baekhyun blush to some degree before turning away to hide his face.

Roughly traveling his hands down, Chanyeol cupped the conjunction of Baekhyun’s legs, pressing and caressing the mound that protruded from his pajamas. “What’re you thinking about?”

Baekhyun grunted and reached down to touch himself too, but Chanyeol swatted his hands away. “Chanyeol—”

“Are you thinking about Kris?” Chanyeol questioned, continuing to rub Baekhyun’s mound. “Did you let him touch you right here, too?”

Baekhyun bit his lips. “No. I—”

“Hn.” Chanyeol drew his eyes down and within a second, his hands were pulling at the hem of Baekhyun’s loosely fitted pajama pants. “If I didn’t want you so badly at this point, I’d be turned off by these,” he muttered, pulling the material down to the mid of Baekhyun’s milky white thighs only to be surprised by what he saw.

“No underwear.”

Baekhyun couldn’t tell if Chanyeol sounded amused or irritated for some reason, but he shrugged, still in heat. “It feels bulky when I wear boxers underneath,” Baekhyun muttered as he tried to squirm out of the rest, but grumbled when Chanyeol wouldn’t allow him to. “Are you gonna touch me anytime soon?”

“Do you want me to touch you?” Chanyeol challenged, running his hands on the inside of Baekhyun’s thighs, but purposely ignoring the body part that needed his attention the most.

Baekhyun huffed. “No,” he gritted. “I’m just casually letting you pull my stiff shaft out to get some fresh air—yes, you giant idiot! Touch me!”

“And if I don’t?”

Scowling, Baekhyun threw his head back and let out an aggrivated growl. “Then I’m going to quit and take Kris up on that offer to be his—Ah!” Taking in a sharp intake of breath, Baekhyun looked down at Chanyeol’s hand engulfing him whole.

“You wanna repeat that?” Chanyeol said darkly as his hand slid down Baekhyun’s length. “I dare you to mention that guy’s name while we’re doing this right now.”

Panting, but still in a crazy mind, Baekhyun threw him a look, unsatisfied at Chanyeol’s efforts at pumping him. “I said,” he snapped, “I’d leave you for Kri—Nghh oh god!” Gasping, Baekhyun’s voice hitched. “Yeah, like that—”

Watching Baekhyun enjoy himself and writhing against the bed, Chanyeol felt himself becoming hot. “Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked rather sarcastically.

Baekhyun let out a weak scoff and smirked with his eyes closed, nodding his head. “Ah…A—Yeah,” he rasped. Putting his hands on his pajama pants, he slid them down even more, but he needed Chanyeol to take them away completely. “Off… Take them off.”

Chanyeol frowned. “I’m not supposed to be pleasuring you,” he mumbled, suddenly wondering why Baekhyun was having all the sexual fun and why his hardening cock was still imprisoned in its confines.

“Well, you are and you’re making me drip, so keep going,” Baekhyun said in a broken voice as he tried to thrust his hips up. “Touch me. Harder,” he whispered.

Seeing Baekhyun lose himself pushed Chanyeol to his limit. He let go of Baekhyun’s yearning length and leaned back. After dropping the tube off to the side momentarily, Chanyeol lifted his shirt up over his head, throwing it on the floor.

As Baekhyun watched him, reality set in about what they were actually going to do. Thoughts flew concerning their relationship and the lines that Baekhyun thought he had drawn in dead, black ink, but as seconds passed, Baekhyun decided he didn’t care. He wanted Chanyeol even if it was for one night. What would come after, he would deal with later.

Once Chanyeol started working on his jeans, letting the clinking belt be tossed over, Baekhyun sat up and pulled the rest of his pajama bottoms off. Just as he was letting it fall to the floor, Chanyeol, who had worked swiftly and was then stark naked, pushed Baekhyun on his back before he could completely strip himself.

Chanyeol seemed to already have his state considered, though. Settling in between Baekhyun’s spread legs and pressing their sexes together, Chanyeol slanted his lips over Baekhyun’s. Allowing it to happen, Baekhyun pushed into the kiss, taking the initiative by being the one to introduce his slick tongue. By the way Chanyeol rolled his groin against Baekhyun’s, Baekhyun found that he was enjoying it.

Running his hands on Baekhyun’s torso, Chanyeol took the edge of the shirt and broke the kiss only to pull it off. Afterwards, he descended back down on the smaller male’s mouth, taking him over and over again as his hands roamed, touching and pinching all the delicate parts that made Baekhyun moan.

When they pulled their lips back, panting for air, Baekhyun turned his flushed face towards Chanyeol who was hovering over him with eyes that enticed. “What…What’re we doing making out?” Baekhyun asked, seriously.

After pausing for a little bit of air, Chanyeol replied back, “What do you mean?”

“You should be pounding into me right now...” Baekhyun said in heavy breaths, “And I should be crying out for you.”

Chanyeol stared in Baekhyun’s eyes for a moment with a slanted mouth. “I didn’t wanna give you the pleasure of getting rid of me that quickly,” he lied, when in fact he just wanted the snarky mouth that had been badgering him since the first time he saw them move. “Besides, if we’re gonna do this just to get it out of our system, we should thoroughly enjoy it.”

“Yeah, but…” Baekhyun groaned. “I want you to finger me now.”

Feeling his heart pause, Chanyeol cursed. “Now?”

Baekhyun bit his lips and nodded. “I want you to thrust your fingers in me. I wanna feel you slide knuckle-deep in and scissor my hole until I’m wide enough to take you in,” he whined as he swayed his hips, running his hand lightly on his own shaft, letting Chanyeol see the sight of him pleasuring himself to a teasing point.

“God dammit, Baek,” Chanyeol hissed. Nonetheless he reached over and took the lube and squeezed out an amount on his fingers. “Get on your knees.”

Baekhyun listened to the command and got on his knees. When he felt a hand on his ass, he spread his legs wide and dipped his back, putting his face on the mattress, yet making sure his ass stuck up in Chanyeol’s view. Reaching back, Baekhyun spread his cheeks. “Please,” he begged politely.

The pain that Chanyeol felt was unbearable. He wanted to have Baekhyun right then and there. The sight of Baekhyun spreading his cheeks and openly showing his tight cunt was enough to drive any man wild—and Chanyeol felt a little possessiveness drive into him. Other men had seen Baekhyun like this—that he knew. But, despite Baekhyun’s past, Chanyeol also knew that Baekhyun was his now.

Slowly, Chanyeol wiped the gel-like substance on Baekhyun entrance while teasingly pretending like he was actually going to penetrate. He made sure to cover every part that needed attention before reapplying on his fingers. Then with a soft warning, Chanyeol stuck one of his long fingers in, sliding in and out a few times before sheathing it fully inside Baekhyun’s constricting and contracting hole.

Baekhyun groaned. Taking it as a good sign, Chanyeol pulled out to dip back in with two. He waited for Baekhyun adjust and when Baekhyun told him to “fuck it already” Chanyeol got a better idea. He drilled inside for a continuous minute, making Baekhyun whimper louder and louder, and then at the last minute, he stopped moving his fingers.

Extremely on edge, Baekhyun turned his head back. “Move—Chanyeol, move, please.” When Chanyeol smirked, yet refused to mobilize, Baekhyun screamed into the mattress. “Chanyeol! Please!”

Moving a hand up and down Baekhyun’s backside, Chanyeol stopped and tapped him on the ass. “I want you to do something for me, baby,” he said in a low voice, tracing circles with his hand on Baekhyun’s skin.

“Anything…” Baekhyun replied desperately.

“Fuck yourself.”

At first Baekhyun didn’t understand, but when he felt Chanyeol curl his finger inside of him, he groaned and got the idea. Rising from the bed, Baekhyun positioned himself before he started fucking himself with Chanyeol’s fingers. He found pleasure in this for minutes on end and only collapsed in frustration when Chanyeol would purposely pull back when Baekhyun was trying to push down.

“Stop doing that…” Baekhyun cried, hitting his fist on the bed.

“Doing what?” Chanyeol smirked.

Flushed, Baekhyun turned his body so that his back was pressed against the mattress and he was staring at Chanyeol’s satisfied, but sexually eccentric face. “You’re not letting me fuck myself like you wanted.”

“Because I want something else now,” Chanyeol replied as he rubbed his own shaft for the first time, loving the electric feeling running through him from the excitement and anticipation of finally having Baekhyun crying out beneath him.

Moving Baekhyun’s legs apart, Chanyeol settled in the middle. Baekhyun, on his part, took one of his pillows and set it underneath his ass, helping it elevate for Chanyeol’s pleasure.

“It’s more comfortable this way,” he quickly explained in a whisper.

Chanyeol grunted in reply, not bothering to comment on Baekhyun’s expertise on the subject. After slicking his cock up to a painful edge—even giving it tiny slap or two—Chanyeol positioned himself at Baekhyun’s entrance. Just as he was about to push the head in, Baekhyun’s voice piped.


“Baekhyun!” Chanyeol yelled, slapping Baekhyun by the ass, earning him a yelp from the smaller male. “If you tell me ‘no’ right now—”

“No! It’s just—I mean, what about a, um…” Baekhyun paused. “A condom?”

“Do you want me to wear one?” Chanyeol demanded to know. “Cause I don’t have any—if you use this as an excuse, Baek, I swear—”

“No!” Baekhyun said shaking his head. “It’s just that…This just feels a little more intimate without one.”

Chanyeol paused for a second before positioning himself at the opening again. “I don’t see any problem to that,” he muttered. In truth, he really didn’t. His relationship with Baekhyun went farther than just simple professionalism. This was his fiancé so there was no helping the situation. It was intimate—to an extent.

“It’s not like we’re strangers,” Chanyeol gritted as he pushed his head in, hearing Baekhyun gasp at the initial penetration. “We can be intimate all we want, damn it.”

Without answering, Baekhyun bit his lips and nodded in agreement. Shutting his eyes, he let the wave of both pain and pleasure hit him as Chanyeol took his time pulling back out from time to time before fully burying himself inside. When all he felt was flesh against flesh, he moaned. Baekhyun’s muscles tightened and strained at the sudden mass expanding him.

Chanyeol watched as Baekhyun panted for minutes, struggling not to move. Reaching forward, Chanyeol moved a few hairs out of Baekhyun’s face and met his eyes. “Ready?”

“Quit making this sound like a ride,” Baekhyun unexpectedly threw.

Used to being on his feet, Chanyeol took the response as a “go” and smirked. “But it is a ride.”

Then Chanyeol started to slowly thrust. At first it was slow and tender, considerate of Baekhyun’s state, but as Baekhyun began to whine for more and let his delicate hands roam all over his own body, Chanyeol changed his pace drastically.

He tried different positions with Baekhyun’s legs. Chanyeol lifted one up in the air for one angle, then he tried putting them both together, but his favorite position involved Baekhyun’s legs around his waist. After vigorous thrusts to satisfy himself, Chanyeol wanted more.

At one moment he would thrust so hard and so deep inside that Baekhyun would have to arch his back just to deal with the pleasure surging through him. At other times, Chanyeol would slow down just so he could take Baekhyun’s mouth again.

Baekhyun didn’t mind the long kisses while feeling the giant’s cock filling him up. He liked it because it felt different than the other times somehow. There was no doubt in his mind that he liked Chanyeol’s touches, and his kisses, and the way he held him. It was fun, but at the same time, perfect.

The thing that broke Baekhyun’s thoughts was Chanyeol’s pounding, but even more, it were Chanyeol’s words. As Chanyeol drove himself over and over into Baekhyun, he whispered words of “You’re mine” in Baekhyun’s ear repeatedly. The feel of Chanyeol’s warm body against him and in him, along with those possessive words, made Baekhyun feel something unexplainable.

He didn’t have the time to think it over—much less even think—because Chanyeol brought a hand down on him and brought him to pleasure. It wasn’t too far afterwards that Baekhyun felt something warm being shot into him and hearing Chanyeol groaning against the crook of his neck.

As Chanyeol came down from his high and his thrusting eventually came to a slow stop, Baekhyun brought a hand up and traced lines up and down Chanyeol’s back, eventually running it through the giant’s hair.

“Yah…You’re heavy,” he mumbled.

As Chanyeol was catching his breath, he pulled out of the male’s body, knowing that white liquid would ensue his leave. Then, he rolled over, lying himself next to Baekhyun. For minutes, they stayed that way, quietly next to each other. Neither one said a word until Baekhyun let out a quiet yawn and turned his head over to Chanyeol.

“That was nice…” he quietly said, meeting Chanyeol’s eyes.

With his chest still heaving, Chanyeol frowned. “Nice?”


“I don’t wanna hear you say that it was nice,” Chanyeol muttered.

Baekhyun dragged on a grin and shrugged. “I loved it. There.”

Even though he scoffed, Chanyeol still sported a smirk. Before he could say anything cocky in reply, Baekhyun’s tired voice interrupted him. “What happens now?” he asked quietly.

“What do you mean?” Chanyeol said, looking concerned.

“Like…Do I have to leave now? Do we pretend?” Baekhyun yawned. “I just…I loved it, Chanyeol…”

Seeing Baekhyun’s eyes get droopy, Chanyeol decided it was a subject for another time. He shushed the smaller male before moving hair out of the way. Then he sat up. “What’s going to happen is that I’m going to get a cloth to wipe you down so we can go to sleep.”

“Mhmm…” Baekhyun hummed, obviously in the middle between dreamland and reality already. “Alright. There’s some fresh ones…in the…thing.”

“Okay…I’ll go to the thing, then.” Chanyeol paused for a moment before hesitantly getting off the bed.

Stark naked, Chanyeol stalked his way over to his room’s private bathroom to get what he needed. As he was dampening a cloth, he saw his reflection in the mirror and couldn’t help, but love the way he looked—messy and dirty. Shaking his head with a small grin on his face, he walked his way back to Baekhyun’s room where Baekhyun had taken no time for granted, spreading his body out on the mattress in Chanyeol’s absence.

And as he stood by the doorway staring at the naked bum in the bed smeared with their after-sex, Chanyeol realized that maybe being married to the idiot wouldn’t be as horrible as he thought it’d be.

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