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TL: Relationship Ties

TL: Relationship Ties
length: drabble
a/n: tl mpreg 6/?

Chanyeol took the rest of the day off--much to Baekhyun's annoyance. From the car to the condo, he held Baekhyun by the waist and escorted him carefully. When he wouldn't let the blonde leave the elevator until the doors were fully open, Baekhyun pushed him away by the face.

"I might be having a baby, but I'm not one!" He had cried, stomping off away.

When they got inside their home, Chanyeol shut the door but quickly followed and watched as Baekhyun threw himself on the couch in the living room. Alarmed, Chanyeol stopped breathing.

"Baekhyun! Lie up! Not on your stomach!" Chanyeol quickly said, shrugging off his jacket and putting it on the glass coffee table. "Come on. If you're still tired, we can go take an afternoon nap together."

Rolling over, Baekhyun glared up at his boyfriend. "Chanyeol, stop overreacting. I won't be crushing the fetus. It is literally lodged somewhere in my fat."

"Oh, and you’re a doctor?” Chanyeol asked sarcastically. “I can get professional input on that opinion of yours.”

Groaning, Baekhyun pushed himself off the couch and sat upright. “Are you going to treat me like I’m handicapped for the next nine months?”

“It’s our first kid and I want to be cautious.”

“I can do that,” Baekhyun said. “I can be cautious, but I can also use common sense.”

“What do you know about common sense when you couldn’t even get the nerve to tell the father of your child that you’re pregnant?” Loosening his tie, Chanyeol sat down on the other side of the couch with ease. “Scoot over here.”

Baekhyun stayed put. He had no intention of moving closer, but Chanyeol’s patience was already thin. He tugged Baekhyun towards him before ultimately pulling the small on his lap. “Listen. We have to be on the same page. I want the baby… Do you?”

A few seconds passed before Baekhyun gave a small nod. Whatever made Chanyeol happy, he’d consider. “Yeah…”

Relieved, Chanyeol tried to keep down a happy grin. “Alright… Now, as for work, I’ll cut back--and don’t argue,” he said the moment after Baekhyun looked as though he was about to say something. “You can continue to work, too, but no more working during your last trimester.”

“Chanyeol, a lot of people work during their last trimester.”

“Yes, but you’ll have to be the exception. That or you can significantly cut your hours. I don’t want you stressed.”

“Having to talk to you and planning all of this out is making me stressed enough… I’m uncomfortable with being a parent. It’s surreal…”

Shaking his head, Chanyeol rubbed the blonde’s back. “I know it’s scary, but Baekhyun, can’t you be happy? Look at us. We’re going to be parents.”

“Okay, but Yeol, think about this.” Baekhyun looked down, resting his head against Chanyeol’s shoulder. “Will you tell your mother about this? Our baby?”

“I have to.”

“Do you really?”

Baekhyun shrugged. “I don’t know. I want them to have some sort of relationship, but… Your mother doesn’t like me. What’s supposed to change my mind that maybe she’ll love her grandchild?”

“Don’t think like that,” Chanyeol said. “She won’t treat her first grandchild like trash.”

“Right. Only me.”

Sighing, Chanyeol hugged him tighter. “Stop. I don’t want you to mention her.”

“She’s your mother. How are you going to try and avoid this?”

“I won’t avoid it. I’m just focusing on you right now.” Chanyeol kissed Baekhyun’s neck. “I really want you to be happy about this. A baby’s going to change everything, but we’ll still be the same. We’ll still kiss and spoon. We’ll fuck when we can, but no more drunk sex… At least, not so much. I don’t think you wanna get pregnant again before our first child turns one.”

“Oh, god, no,” Baekhyun groaned, shaking his head. “I don’t.”

“Right. Now, we’ll have to hire a nutritionist for you. It’s important for you to eat right. We’ll schedule an ultrasound once a month, and I’ll set up a trust fund as soon as I have the time. If not, I’ll have someone I trust do it, probably Sehun. A personal assistant needs to be hired. Someone who’ll help you whenever you--”

“Wait, Chanyeol. This is too much for me right now.”

“Which part?”


“I don’t know anything about being a parent, Baek, I know that...But it’s better to be prepared and to plan everything out and just--”

“Chanyeol, I can’t even wrap my head around being pregnant. The last thing I need to think about is this. College funds and assistants and nutritionists… I need to go back to sleep.” The brunet tried to move off his boyfriend’s lap, but Chanyeol kept him there, arms wrapped around his waist. “Chanyeol, can we talk about this another time? I’m really tired…”

“Baekhyun, no."

"I fainted at work today, Chanyeol, and you're making me really stressed out about all this baby talk! Can I get a break!?"

Letting Baekhyun go, Chanyeol watched him stand there before the brunet turned his back. "Why're you so mad?"

"Because you're making me talk about this when--"

"WHEN would be the perfect time to talk about this then? When the baby's born?" Chanyeol was losing his temper. Fuck. "Goddamn it, Baekhyun--No. Don't walk away from me."

"I'm going to sleep," Baekhyun said again. "Don't follow me. I don't want you near me."

Ignoring his words, Chanyeol followed not too far behind. "I understand that you're scared, but you have to face your fears! I'm facing mine! Why is it that you can't--"

"Chanyeol, please stop pushing this--"

"I want to know what you're feeling!"

"You want to know!?" Baekhyun stopped walking in the hallway and turned around to around. "I'm happy! I'm happy that I get to have a child with you... but at the same time, this baby means more. It means you'll always be tied to me. It means that I'll never be out of the picture if we ever break up--"

"Why're you talking like this?"

"Chanyeol, I love you and I know you love me. You actually love me more than you should..." Baekhyun's chest felt heavy. "Your parents will hate me even more for getting pregnant, you know that right?"


"I'll always be that nobody who trapped their son with a kid. And I can't stand...your mother--I'm sorry. That woman's always trying to get you to break up with me, but what if that does happen? What happens when you want to break up? Take our baby away? Chanyeol, a baby changes everything, not just how we are and how we live, but it'll change what we are to each other."

"And what are we to each other?" Chanyeol's jaw tightened. "It sounds like you're scared of it because a baby means you'll be committed to me. Not just in a relationship for now, but for long term. You're scared that a baby will mean you'll always have a relationship with me regardless of whether or not we break up. That's what you're saying."

"You know, yeah. I am. That's it."

"You don't want that commitment... A long term commitment isn't what you want."

"Don't make it sound so bad."

"You're basically telling me you don't want us--"

"Chanyeol, I'm worried!"

"Why! There’s nothing to be worried about. A baby isn’t going to destroy us and it’s not going to be the reason why we’re together! It’ll never be… Look, my mom, my dad, we can deal with them later…” Chanyeol clenched his fists. “Of course a baby means that we’re always going to have a relationship, but that’s not a bad thing, Baek. I don’t plan on breaking up with you. You’ll always be my boyfriend until you finally let me marry you for crying out loud.”


“Now, let’s just stop fighting. You’re tired? Fine. Go to sleep, but don’t let me catch you doing anything else but sleeping, you got that?” the giant warned. “We’ll talk after your nap. Maybe you’ll less moody.”

“I’m not moody.”

“No, you’re moody as fuck,” Chanyeol interjected. “And if you want me to leave you alone for now, you better go. Right now… before I change my mind.”

Tags: chanbaek, drabble, mpreg, tl: relationship ties
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