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NI: Forgotten Anniversaries

NI: Forgotten Anniversaries
Length: drabble
A/n: sorry 4 typos late night drab before sleep!!

Baekhyun, what's all of this?

I...I'm moving out.


I said I'm moving--


Because I can't live here anymore. Not in this apartment. Not here... not in this industry.


I don't want this, okay? I dont... I don't feel like I belong here.

So you're saying you don't belong in my life?

No! I just...

You just what?

I... I can't do this anymore...That's all...

That's ALL. You can't do it anymore. That's your reason.


I come home from work, tired, finally glad to get some time for myself, and you're here putting your engagement ring on the dinner table, telling me you can't do it anymore!?

I have--

Reasons? I'm sure you do. I'm sure you have some really f--

Chanyeol, stop. You don't understand.

Then make me understand, Baekhyun.





Last night. Do you know what it was?


Last night.

What about it?...

Do you know what it was?


It was our anniversary, Yeol... and I sat like a stupid idiot waiting for you at the restaurant because I thought you'd take time off for the time but... but work's pretty important, isn't it?

...Baekhyun, i--
You couldn't have sent me a text or maybe call? You had to let me sit there, constantly telling the waiter you were coming.

...Baekhyun, I didn't know--

Well, now you do... I marked it on the calender months ago but it doesn't matter now....

Tags: chanbaek, drabble, ni: forgotten anniversaries
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