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NI: Wishing

NI: Wishing
Length: drabble
A/n: drabble continuation of NI: Options
Sypnosis: The dialogue of a divorce

WAS divorce an option for Baekhyun? It was. Was it one that he wanted to have? No...

But Chanyeol's needs...They couldn't be met by him. He didn't have the ability, and even though Chanyeol was drunk the night before, it was a more than he could bear to excuse it as a silly, drunken argument. It was an insight on what the giant wanted...

He wasn't good enough. Maybe for then while he was. But what about when their friends start having kids? When they start raising a family? Chanyeol would start to regret it all. Baekhyun and a dog wouldn't be enough, eventually, and it was the beginning of the showing signs...


Baekhyun wiped his face. He hated crying because it hurt too much some days.

Chanyeol had left the room. Gone back to his work. He was always working, and Baekhyun was beginning to think he did it to avoid him; to avoid them.

Nugget was curled on their bed, and once Baekhyun zipped his suitcase, he picked up his only baby and put him on his lap, rocking the small dog. "Who's your favorite daddy, Nugs? Me? I am? Of course, hm? You love me? That's good...because I love you, too."

It was difficult hearing the silence in the room. The laughter they used to have seemed like a distant memory. It was replaced by constant arguments, and ultimately, the stupid promises and curses of them both.

You're the only family I need...

Laughing bitter, Baekhyun hung his head.

You can't do that for me, can you? Kids?


We're never going to have our own--raise it. Have it look like us and I just---fuck.

Chanyeol, you're drunk. I think--

You know what I think? If you were just... anyone else. Somebody. A girl. Any girl. That this wouldn't be a problem, you know? I just want you...but as somebody else...You understand?


I mean, why you of all people? I love you, Baek, but you know how we were originally engaged by our parents.


Did they even take into the consideration that I might've wanted kids somewhere all long the damn line? Not just some fiancé who...who...

Who what?

Who ACTS like a child. Is that what they wanted? Did they know what you were like before they--

Chanyeol, stop--

Before they signed us together?


Why're you crying? Baekhyun.

I...I'm not...

I was just saying--

I know.

There's no need to cry.

I'm not crying, you giant idiot...

You're being dramatic again.

I know... I don't--

I'm going to bed.


Turn off the lights for me, okay honey?


Maybe in another life. It was something Baekhyun was beginning to wish.

Things could've been wonderful. It had the potential, but there were too many holes in the road too large to fix and too big to fill.

Tags: chanbaek, drabble, ni: wishing
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