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The Letter: TLDR 3

Chapter 3: Must be Sehun.

There's alot of people at the party and Baekhyun feels really shitty with his car because it doesn't cost over $40,000 and it's just a Honda. But at least he doesnt have to worry about parking because there's valet. Rich people.

Anyways, he goes inside looking hot because with makeup, he goes from 0 to 100 real quick. Awkwardly, he pushes against people only to see part of Sehun 15 minutes later. Then he loses him because it's a big mansion.

Baekhyun's so thirsty from his weak game he goes to the kitchen. He's upset he lost Sehun so he puts his head down on the counter and people whisper really loudly that he must be drunk already because it's high school.

When he looks up he sees a cup for him and he doesn't even think about roofies. He reads that it's from Sehun so he drinks it. He'll drink anything from Sehun. It's just water but he's still thirsty. He goes upstairs to Sehun's room ready to be impaled by dick when someone yells "Black out hour!" and this big mansion suddenly runs out of electricity

"Sehun?" Baekhyun says, calling out to his true love.

Suddenly he feels hands on him. God, they're too big to be Sehun's but impossible. This was Sehun's room so it must be Sehun.

He's led to the bed and this gruff, deep voice is moaning on him. Wow, it doesn't sound like Sehun but Baekhyun's been waiting 2 years too long to notice.

He feels dick against him. God, yes, it's Sehun's dick. He knows it.

"Oh, FUCK," Sehun groans.

Baekhyun's so happy he passes out from this 2 minute experience.



Chanyeol's so satisfied with himself, he goes on the balcony and says, "Go home thnx."

Sehun's passed out from narcotics and Kai is drunk. Kris seems to be the only one who's normal for now so Chanyeol tells him about his true love.

"This one is mine," he says.

"K," Kris says, not suspicious of his shady friend.

Tags: chapter 3, the letter: tldr
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