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The Letter: TLDR 1

The Letter: TLDR 1
Summary: Is TL too long to read? Read this shorter version
Chapter 1: Baekhyun writes something

Baekhyun has this problem and it's Oh Sehun because he's in love with him. It's actually not Sehun who's the problem, it's himself but he can't see that because he loves this guy too much for one reason and one reason only: that rainy day.

That rainy day when Baekhyun fell in love--and on the floor. But that's okay. Sehun helps him pick his stuff up because he's late for school because he doesn't care about school. He's kind of a drug addict, by the way. Anyways, Baekhyun likes the way Sehun picks up his pencils and that's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him because he's kind of ugly even though he's about to be the hottest guy's boyfriend in 2 years.

Anyways, now he's writing a love letter because it's 2013 and he still doesn't have a computer to do this on so Baekhyun's writing on paper. He writes a few because he second guesses himself like every decision he's going to make in the next 64 chapters.

But he does it! He writes a decent letter that he won't show to anyone so no one will know what it says no matter how many times people ask, they'll never know because he doesn't know what he wrote either. Maybe it's just a blank piece of paper. He doesn't know but he puts it in a locker he saw Sehun use like a few times on days when he bothers to care about his education.

A few days later, Sehun doesn't say anything so Baekhyun assumes he's rejected by this boy he only talked to once 2 years ago. He's heartbroken.



Chanyeol opens his locker and his friends are being loud and stupid because they're all on drugs and alcohol. He opens the locker and sees a letter that he doesn't recognize because no one writes love letters anymore.

"D00d, who wants your dick now?" Kai, the pervert who will later teach an innocent boy how to masturbate to porn.

Smiling, Chanyeol laughs. He doesn't know how to tell his friends he's gay. "Just anotha bitch, d00d."

They laugh to the parking lot where they all own cool cars because they're all convientiely rich.

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