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NI: Options

NI au : Options
Genre: angst
Length: drabble
Summary: Divorce in 4 tabs.
A/n: In no way connected to ni. Just an au drabble of what if. I was feeling angsty. Also I like divorce and kid drama. I know. Boo you whore. Yes. Sadist here.

Of course, Chanyeol wants kids. And a family. They can have both, but why did he have to blurt the fact that he wanted biological kids...

Baekhyun looks at his husband, passed out and dead drunk on their bed. It was hard, and not just the kind of video game difficulty hard, but the type of hard that wants to tear everything inside of you into shreds and burn it all because you know that it's not going to work out.

Chanyeol has an ex-girlfriend. One that's very capable of having kids. Maybe he should start seeing her...or someone else. Anyone not Baekhyun.

Fuck. His eyes are making his cheeks wet. Baekhyun wipes the water works away as he turns his back and walks out the room.

Nugget runs towards him and Baekhyun picks him up, wishing, a little bit, that the dog was a child. He quickly destroys the idea. The pup's perfect as he is.

Taking Nugget into his arms, Baekhyun looks at the clock and sees that it's two in the morning. Everyone in the house was sleeping. They went to sleep hours ago, but he's the only one who couldn't get rid of the stupid feeling in his chest.

Opening the door, they go outside, hearing the waves softly crashing to shore. Baekhyun takes the electric lamp on the deck and walks out to the beach. Part of him feels like he's already drowning without even being in the water, but that's kind of true. He couldn't breathe with all the quiet crying that he was doing.

Maybe if he was born a woman, things would be different. Or maybe Chanyeol was just upset... He was always upset, but his job's been making him stressed for the last few months. That means more stupid fights, ones that don't end with make up sex, but the kind that makes the other slam the door while the other walks out of the house to cry.

Chanyeol never cries. It's always Baekhyun.

He puts Nugget down and starts taking off his clothes. If there was one thing he knows, it's that whatever noise you make in the water, it can't be heard from outside.

So he goes in, slowly. Nugget waits on the shore, watching Baekhyun plunge in the waves.



Chanyeol feels like absolute shit when he wakes up. He curses and lies in bed for a second before sitting up and scowling.

Baekhyun's sitting on the bed, typing on his laptop with his back on his husband. When he hears Chanyeol grunt, he turns around and smiles. "Morning!"

"What time is it?"

"It's nine, I think--yep!" Baekhyun leans over and fixes Chanyeol's hair. "Want some water?"

"Yeah..." Chanyeol mutters as he closes his eyes.

Nodding, Baekhyun pushes the computer aside and gets out of bed to head to the kitchen for a glass of water and maybe a pill to help with the hangover.

Rubbing his eyelids, Chanyeol groans. He opens his eyes for a moment and becomes annoyed at the light from Baekhyun's laptop. He reaches over and pulls the computer close to turn down the brightness but stops at the articles opened on the brunette's browser.

Reasons Why People Get Divorced...

Drawing his brows together, Chanyeol's opens up the other tabs.

Top divorce lawyers in Seoul...

How Hard Is Divorce?

Is Divorce the Best Choice?

Chanyeol's pissed off, shocked, and kind of hurt by the time Baekhyun comes back with the medicine and glass of water. After he hands it all to Chanyeol, he takes the laptop, closing it and put it underneath their bed.

"You drank a lot yesterday, Yeol. You need to lay off of it, you know. Might get a beer gut," Baekhyun says, laughing.

His husband's silent and eventually he stops laughing, settling for a faint smile. "Are you okay?"

Chanyeol looks at him. "Did we fight last night."

"Kind of? It wasn't that big--"

"About what?"

"The usual... you know, just work."

Baekhyun looks so nonchalant that it bothers Chanyeol even more. "What did I say to you?"

"I don't know, you tart. I forget already," Baekhyun replies, grinning. "But you should hurry. Kyungsoo already made breakfast and after you puked last night, I think you might need it."

"Baekhyun. What happened--"

"Dear god, tall man! Nothing happened--"

"Then why the hell are you looking up divorce lawyers on your laptop?"

Baekhyun blinks, staring at him blankly. "I wasn't--"

"You were."

It takes a while, but Baekhyun finally says something after."It's just an option."

"For WHO?"

"I don't know! You? Us? I mean--"

"And what about you?" Chanyeol challenges. "Will it be an option for you?"

Baekhyun shrugs and turns his eyes away. His throat feels dry, because the answer at the tip of his tongue was neither no or yes. It was, "I don't want it to be..."

Tags: chanbaek, drabble, ni:options
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