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TL: Anniversary Frustrations

TL: Anniversary frustrations

A/n: wrote on phone.

Their anniversary was coming up. Well, technically. It’s the day Baekhyun first agreed to be his boyfriend back in high school and despite the three year hiatus, Chanyeol still considered it an anniversary. But the thing was, Baekhyun had been acting weird for the last two weeks.

Like staying at the cafe extra long.

Going to the cafe extra early.

Not BEING at the cafe when Chanyeol decided to drop by.

Always picking up his cellphone.

Going out of the room to ANSWER his cellphone.

And who was that guy he met with? On his way to the a business meeting, Chanyeol saw Baekhyun having lunch some man outside a popular restaurant.

Of course, Chanyeol tried giving him the benefit of the doubt. After fucking up with Baekhyun’s relationship with Lay, the giant didn’t want a repeat of his impulsive youth. One night, he did try prying.

“Baekhyun?” he said as he was dragging his lips softly on the brunet’s belly.


God, Chanyeol loved the way the vixen touched his hair during times like these.

“Is there something happening with the cafe?”


“Nothing at all?”

“Not that I know of,” Baekhyun answered. “Why?”

“Just wondering…”



It was kind of frustrating wanting to directly ask, but knowing that he couldn’t...

Chanyeol stopped just above Baekhyun’s waist. “Hey, guess what’s in a few days?”

Shrugging, Baekhyun gave him an apologetic look. “I have no idea.”


That was a let down.

“Do you have a business deal closing or something?”

Okay, don’t cry.

Sighing, Chanyeol shook his head. "Nevermind," he said, working on unbuckling the male, but before he could finish, Baekhyun pushed his hand away.

"Not tonight, Yeol. I'm tired."


How could he be tired? Chanyeol kept calling the cafe only to have Luhan repeatedly tell him the brunet was out. Drawing his lips together, Chanyeol tried to maintain his bitterness.

"From work?"


Chanyeol sat up on the bed. "Okay," he said curtly. "I'll just go wash up then."


When the giant looked back, it didn't seem like the vixen noticed how unhappy he was. Very upsetting.



"Do you think he could be cheating on me?"

"Chanyeol, shut up," Sehun groaned. "Get out of my office."
Ignoring him, Chanyeol crossed his arms. "He's at the cafe today. I checked with Luhan. But what's he doing when he's not at work?"

"Being a person with errands?"

"No... he does errands on the weekends..."



Chanyeol tried to get the thought of mind, even trying to replace the bad ideas with better ones like coming up from behind the brunet while he’s cooking and start kissing him.
At first, Baekhyun was extremely set against it, threatening to stab him with the kitchen knife if he didn’t let go, but true to his talents, Chanyeol was able to charm the latter into a heated mess, pressed against the granite counter top.

His tongue worked magic on Baekhyun’s swollen nipples, and Chanyeol was on a roll, in the midst of pulling Baekhyun’s hand down on him to feel his aroused length. But then BAekhyun’s phone rang.

As hard as he tried to keep Baekhyun in place by holding onto him and huskily begging him to stay, the brunet, persistent as always, managed to pull away to check the caller. For a moment, Chanyeol thought he’d hang up, but he didn’t. Instead, Baekhyun excused himself to take the call and when he asked who it was, Baekhyun merely told him, "Nothing.”

But it WASN’T nothing. Not if the vixen was spending thirty minutes in a locked bedroom talking to this guy or woman.
Chanyeol’s annoyance got the best of him, which ruined the mood and called for an awkward dinner together.



It was god awful. The tension. Though Chanyeol seemed to be the only one affected by it and not the other, which made it even worse as Baekhyun went on with his daily routine while the giant fought the urge to hire an investigator.

Out of curiosity, he did check Baekhyun's phone and found a number he had called numerous times before. But who was it? Chanyeol wanted to jump in a hole. He didn't like feeling jealous but Baekhyun made it so hard.



What was that thing he was supposed to do? Oh. Make the reservations. Scratching his head, he stared at his computer screen. Dinner at seven. Baekhyun would be off at six, which was perfect. He could pick him up on the way from work.

As Chanyeol punched in the restaurant's number on his phone, Baekhyun walked in and hovered over him.



"What's the occasion?"

Holding his breath, Chanyeol closed his eyes. "Am I the only one who remembers our anniversary?"

“There’s really no need for you to sound so angry,” Baekhyun sighed, rubbing his neck. “This is all just…not necessary.”

Irritated, Chanyeol snapped eyes up at Baekhyun, rotating his chair around. “So you don’t want me to take you out?”


“Then what do you want to do?”


Chanyeol’s lips formed a thin line. “Okay… Then what about gifts? If not dinner, then--”

“I don’t want you to buy me anything either.” Baekhyun looked at him apologetically. “None of this matters to me, so just… No gifts or reservations, alright?”

“Byun Baekhyun.”

Looking down on him, Baekhyun made a stern face. “Chanyeol, no. I don’t want to.”

“Is this about money again?” the giant questioned. “Taking you out on our anniversary shouldn't be a question."

"I'm busy that day, Chanyeol."

"Bullshit!" Jumping out of his chair, he startled the brunet. "You close at six. You should have time for dinner at seven!"

"I have plans! I made them weeks ago!"

Weeks ago? The vixen really had no idea? Gritting his teeth, Chanyeol tried to keep his temper in check, but he already snapped. "Fine. We don't do anything. I have shit to do at the office, anyways. Good to know my Anniversary evening is free all goddamn night."

As Chanyeol bypassed him, Baekhyun grew concerned, especially when the latter ripped their closet door open, hastily pulling out a jacket. "Where are you going, Chanyeol? It's late."

"Just remembered I had plans tonight."

"What plans?"

"None of your business so don't worry about it. Don't stay up."

Following Chanyeol out their bedroom, Baekhyun could feel his palm beginning to dampen. "Chanyeol, stop. You're being..."

Halting, the giant turned his head back. "I'm being WHAT?"


There was a silence before Chanyeol burst in bitter laughter.

"Yeah, because between the two of us, it's me. Always, isn't it? I'm always the child because I always try. At least, I try but you never reciprocate. You just...just..."

Baekhyun waited but never got the end of it. Shaking his head, the giant turned around and walked to the front, closing the door behind him.

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