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Not Intended: Life and Marriage 10

Chapter 10
a/n: some fun before the evil fun

Chanyeol climbed up the stairs, frowning from thinking about what was taking the brunet so long to change and clean up his appearance, and then stopped when Baekhyun finally stalked outside the bedroom, followed by Seung Woo. For a second, he almost looked distraught over a matter, but Chanyeol never got the chance to ask because Baekhyun saw him and quickly smiled, taking hold on his arms.

“Hi!” he said, grinning up at the giant. “What’re you doing up here?”

“I was going to check up on you.” Feeling the loosening of Baekhyun’s grip, Chanyeol shifted his eyes to Seung Woo. “Did you find your cellphone in the bathroom?”

“Sure did,” Seung woo replied, grinning as he pulled out a phone out of his back pocket. “Good thing I didn’t lose it. I have a meeting in China in a few days about stocks in foreign regions.”

Nodding, Chanyeol let Baekhyun slowly hook his arm with his. “Well, everything’s set up. Let’s go eat because I’m going to need you guys to get out of here. I have to take Baekhyun somewhere.”

Ears perked up, Baekhyun blinked. “Where?”

“Somewhere,” his fiance answered curtly. “Come on. You took too long. Honestly, how long does it take to change?”

Shrugging, Baekhyun let himself be gently led down the stairs with Seung Woo following close after. “I was looking at some of your old stuff.”

Snorting, Chanyeol glanced at him. “I think you need to stop fangirling over my high school self.”

Baekhyun groaned as he pushed his cheek against Chanyeol’s arm. “But you were so hot, like, god. You know, if we knew each other then, I’d make like bread and let you smear your butter all over my buns.”


“Jelly-filled me like a donut and--”

“Alright, you two are disgusting,” Seung Woo muttered, pushing the two of them aside, walking fast down the steps. “Wash your hands before you eat.”

Without a word, Baekhyun watched as the latter left the two of them behind before he turned his head up at Chanyeol. “You know, friends are forever, but sometimes, friends are a little bit weird, Yeol, and he’s one of those people.”

“What would be weird about him?” Chanyeol asked, descending slowly on the stairs. “Granted that he’s a bit odd, but I think you’d be the last to judge.”

“All I’m saying is that I have that weird feeling in my stomach, and it’s not because I’m hungry or because I just stumbled on your fat box of juvenile let--” Immediately, he stopped himself. “I mean, your stuff, and you know, it’s not really something that I usually take notice to, but right now, I don't feel right."

"Are you sure this isn't your sickness coming back?"

"I'll have you know that I’m perfect as a button, and this isn’t because I over ate. But anyways, if you don’t believe me, fine. It might just be in my head.” Dismissing the fact, Baekhyun hopped the last steps down and spun around. “Oh, and for the matter, I’m not mad at you anymore.”

“Good to know--”

“I’m fine. Perfectly,” the brunet insisted. “I’m absolutely wonderful.”

“Okay…” Chanyeol gave him a look, unsure of how to handle the dialogue. “I’m glad to hear that because I have an activity for us today.”

Gasping, Baekhyun covered his mouth. “Will it be fun?”

“Anything romantic is fun, right?” When Baekhyun only smiled at him, Chanyeol let out a breath. “Nevermind. We’ll see, now come on. Let’s go eat.”



“Chanyeol, where are you taking me? I think you got us lost.”

Cursing, Chanyeol looked up at the flashing signs around them and immediately knew that the brunet was right. They were lost, but he had the feeling long before when he started noticing that the amount of normal looking people began declining. Furrowing his brows, he held onto Baekhyun’s hand only tighter. For all he knew, someone could try and kidnap the short cake and it was night, which would make a pursuit difficult to have.

Sighing, the giant fixed his coat collar and reached down to secure Baekhyun’s scarf around him. “Let’s just backtrack back to the car, then… I have no idea where we are.”

“I think we’re in the Red Light District, Yeol.” Pointing to a building in the distance, Baekhyun laughed. “Nude daddies in the window display.”

Chanyeol kept his lips tight. First of all, how was Baekhyun able to see that far? And second of all, there was a naked man in a window display, and from what Chanyeol could see, he was as thick as he was buff…

Grumbling under his breath, he covered Baekhyun’s eyes with a hand as he turned them around. “There’s nothing to see here then.”

“Oh, wait! Chanyeol, I think I know this place,” Baekhyun piped, pulling down Chanyeol’s hand forcibly from his eyes. “I think I used to come here when I was in college. There should be a--oh! There. A club. An adult club. Let’s go!”

He started pulling on Chanyeol’s arm and the giant had no desire to go to an adult club--whatever that meant. “Baekhyun, I’m not interested in a club like this.”

“Idiot, have you ever been to an adult club? It’s sanitary, I swear to you.”

Baekhyun seemed more excited than Chanyeol would’ve liked. His eyes were glimmering with excitement and anticipation. Maybe it was just nostalgia of his college days, but Chanyeol didn’t know anything else besides the fact that they were about to enter an establishment that might have nude men and women everywhere.

Groaning, Chanyeol started to regret getting them lost in the first place. “Then why don’t you tell me what’s in this club?” he said almost sarcastically.

“First floor is just a normal club, so if you want to stay there, that’s fine.” Then, Baekhyun's hold on Chanyeol’s hand tightened. “But it’s the second floor down and the basement that’s the most fun. The second level is a strip club with a no public sex policy.”

Wonderful. A no public sex policy. Did they want an applause or an award for their attempt at being sanitary. Chanyeol kept his eyes on the building. “Alright…”

“Third floor is all about experimentation, specifically bdsm. They hold shows there for the public, but they also have rooms so in case you want a private audience with a stripper for god knows what reason, then that’s where you go.”

Just before they reached the short line for the “club”, Chanyeol took a hand, turning Baekhyun to him. “And you know all this because?”

Baekhyun merely smiled, shrugging as he sheepishly tried to avoid the giant’s annoyance. “Curiosity didn’t kill that pussy cat, Chanyeol.”

“But did it kill yours.”

The question was said so passively, but Baekhyun was skilled enough to notice Chanyeol’s slight irritation. “Of course not,” he said, continuing on with his game. “But unlike this club, it’s exclusive now, so smile a bit. I might just give you a showing of the cat that lived to see the light of day.”

Pulling the doors open, Baekhyun held Chanyeol’s hand while entering an extremely dark entrance. It seemed like a lounge, but by the look of people sitting around and watching them, Chanyeol figured it was a waiting room for entry. However, unlike the people who were on their phones waiting to be called inside, Baekhyun kept walking them to a window and tapped against the glass with his small finger.

The man behind the glass perked and turned his head, smiling at the brunet and his frowning fiance. “Hello. General entrance?”

“Actually,” Baekhyun said, letting go of Chanyeol’s hand to reach for his wallet in his back pocket. The giant was surprised for a second at how quickly their contact was dropped but didn’t say anything as Baekhyun fumbled to give the man his driver’s license. “Byun Baekhyun. Gold membership.”

Gold membership? Immediately, Chanyeol’s eyes darted down at the brunet beside him. Was it a monthly membership renewal type of deal? Mentally noting to himself to check their credit card bills the minute they returned back to the beach house, Chanyeol held his tongue, keeping his stern composure.

Taking the card from Baekhyun’s delicate and perfectly maintained hand, the man behind the glass scanned the code on the card’s back side and smiled. “Mr. Byun, you haven’t been here in a while. Seems like you’ve been missing out for the last two years.”

Putting his card back into his wallet, the brunet laughed, shrugging as well, and Chanyeol couldn’t help but be slightly annoyed by the act. It was the usual I’m-cute show, and he could tell by the way Baekhyun was smiling like a dog.

“Yes, but I renew every year since you guys are the best in what you do,” the smaller one complimented as he grinned. “We’ll go right ahead, right?”

“Yes, sir. Enjoy Black X.”

The comment was directed at the giant, but all Chanyeol could do was curtly nod before grabbing Baekhyun’s hand again right as they entered a dark hallway illuminated with nothing but red rights. “Baekhyun, I love you, but if we end up getting mugged--”

“You’ll still love me after the mugging, Chanyeol.” As they neared a neon door, the bass could be felt more clearly and the music became louder. “Now, I know you wanted to take me to somewhere nice, but there will always be another opportunity for that. I think it’s time for a little something...unplanned.”

The second the doors were pushed open, Chanyeol’s initial reaction was to cover his ears, but a moment later, a woman wearing nothing but a swimsuit and definitely not one appropriate for a normal outing, passed him, immediately running a red flag through his mind. Pulling Chanyeol along, Baekhyun searched for an empty seat and found one near the center of the elaborate stages. He sat his fiance down and yelled, “I’ll be back with drinks!”

Groaning, Chanyeol gave in just thinking about the types of drinks the establishment provided. They were probably dirty, so he excused Baekhyun’s idiocracy and settled to checking for disease later that night.

His eyes went to the stage where a woman and man were provocatively dancing, sometimes with another, but more often at the crowd, spreading legs and thrusting areas for the audience’s view. It wasn’t as though he was disturbed, but rather surprised at the fact that Baekhyun found its vulgarity to be artistic and beautiful in its own way.

“It’s the human body and it’s freedom of expression.” At least that’s what Baekhyun had said when he was asked about his views on clubs.

Chanyeol leaned back in his seat, waiting for a few minutes until Baekhyun returned with two drinks in hand. When he saw a fizzy beverage shoved near his face, he jerked his head and looked up.

“I got you a pretty strong one,” Baekhyun said, handing the drink off. “I ordered cola for myself. I wanted you drunk.”

Blinking, Chanyeol drew his brows together. “Because?”

“So, you’ll loosen up and enjoy what’s to come.”

The only thing going through Chanyeol’s mind were breasts and not because he wanted some, but rather because that was all he could see. The only think he could see coming were half nude women doing a few things the other men in the club paid to see. Unless they had a musical number altogether, Chanyeol couldn’t see what Baekhyun was referring to as a form of entertainment. But that didn’t stop the brunet from watching him.


“Aren’t you doing to drink?”

He had asked so eagerly that Chanyeol became suspicious. The moment reminded him of the time Baekhyun slipped a viagra in his morning coffee because the latter thought it’d be a funny form of revenge after being lectured on his past month’s expenses. However, to Chanyeol’s advantage, Baekhyun ended up relieving him after a few hours. Point of the matter was, he didn’t know what Baekhyun slipped in his drink during his walk from the bar to where they sat.

“Why don’t you take a sip of it for me first?” Chanyeol suggested, offering the glass to Baekhyun who only shook his head.

“I’m pregnant. No alcohol for me, Mr. Park,” he refused, pushing Chanyeol’s hand away. “Now drink it.”

“Why?” Chanyeol sighed, taking a sip, which seemed to make Baekhyun happy as hell. This was irritating, but mostly due to the fact that the giant had no idea what the other had in mind. “Why do you want me drunk? Tell me. You know I have high tolerance, right?”

Rolling his eyes, Baekhyun snorted. “I’m not stupid.”

“That’s up for argument.”

Setting his own drink on a table between their seats, Baekhyun moved over, nudging Chanyeol’s knees apart. “Come on. Take another drink.”


Ignoring his name, the brunet turned his back against Chanyeol, spreading his own legs and positioning his ass right against the latter’s lap, giving slight friction as he moved. “We both know you’re going to be busy for the next few days. Probably even more than you are on a normal basis.”

The music was still loud as hell, but Chanyeol could just barely make out his fiance’s voice. Understanding, he was affected by the the words, but didn’t have time to reply coherently before Baekhyun started gently grinding. “I know public displays of modern affection isn’t your thing, but I think it’s important for you to know that it’s not all that bad. Besides, it’s fun, and we won’t be coming back here together, so who cares.”

Throwing his head back, Chanyeol groaned. “Goddamn it, Baekhyun,” he growled, eyes closed. “You’re not coming back here either.”

“Of course, not. Private showings are made exclusive for our bedroom. Even I know that.”

Rising from the giant’s lap, Baekhyun laughing when he heard Chanyeol’s irritated grunt. Leaning over, he gently coaxed the man’s hand to raise his glass to his lips once again. “If you take a big, big sip, I promise I’ll scream daddy on our wedding night.”

There were times when Baekhyun was annoyingly sexual at the most inappropriate time, but despite being in a public establishment where no one seemed to judge one another based on action, Chanyeol found the heated look on Baekhyun’s dark eyes to be enticing. Taking the command, he finished the drink, throat burning from the rate of consumption. Then, he felt his shoulders untense, and began to feel light-headed. And by the look that he saw on Baekhyun’s grinning face, it was just as the brunet wanted.

“Now, the music’s not too bad right now, so I’ll give you a lap dance. And I’m telling you right now, Chanyeol. This will be better than the one a stripper will ever do for you, okay? Do you doubt me, because if you do, then I’ll have you know that I won a contest this one time.”

Rolling his eyes, Chanyeol set down his empty glass and motioned for Baekhyun to near him. “I get it. Now, show me something worth watching for all the trouble we went through just to be here.”

“You won’t regret!”

“I’m sure I won’t, honey, now come on. You already used my card to buy us these drinks, so you might as well dance the debt off.”

Taking up the offer, Baekhyun moved nearer before dropping on his knees and crawling towards the giant. Then he whipped his head around before putting his hands on Chanyeol’s knees and rolling his hips around as he stood up again, leaning over the amused giant.

“I admit, that might’ve been sexier if I had long hair and breasts,” he said, trying not to snicker.

Closing his eyes, Chanyeol covered his mouth with his hand, concealing a smirk. “Whatever. You’re doing great. Keep going.”

“Okay. Watch this.”

Spinning around and taking two steps back, Baekhyun took the scarf around his neck, anticipating a clean move, but ended up choking himself.

“Oh, fuck,” he wheezed, untangling the knot at his neck before Chanyeol could get off from his seat and help. Then he tossed the scarf in the giant’s face. “I’m flawless.”

With his brows raised and grin spread widely across his face, Chanyeol nodded. “Yes, you are. Go on.”

Moving to the beat of the music, Baekhyun swayed back and forth as he started unbuttoning his jacket. “What do I have under here, Mr. Park? Might it be…” Slowly, he shrugged off the material. “A one-hundred percent polyester sweater with cows printed all over it? Ah? Ah?”


“Don’t you just want to milk me?” Baekhyun asked, running toward him suddenly, pressing Chanyeol’s face against his chest. “If I had big, fat breasts, I’d want you to treat me like a cow.”

“I don’t think I need you to have breasts for me to milk you, Baekhyun.” Suddenly, Chanyeol reached down and cupped the mound between the brunet’s legs.

Reflexively, Baekhyun jumped back and slapped his hand. “You make a point, but you can’t touch the dancer.”

“Then proceed before I change my occupation to a dairy farmer.”


In all honesty, Baekhyun was a terrible dancer when put on the spot. He could tango fairly well in bed and move in ways Chanyeol never thought to even think about before, and that one time they took a dance class together for wedding purposes proved that Baekhyun could take directions very easily. However, improv was not Baekhyun’s forte.

Bending over right in front of Chanyeol’s view, Baekhyun shook his ass from side to side , peering at the giant through the gap of his thighs. “Do you love this view, sir?”

“Baekhyun, are you sure you won a lap dance contest?”

“I don’t know. I might’ve been too drunk to remember, but I’m flawless.” Taking a seat on Chanyeol’s lap again, Baekhyun leaned back until he could feel his fiance’s strong chest against him. “And to think we’re doing this in a very vulgar, yet classy strip club. Welcome to the dark side, Mr. Wonderful.”

Wrapping his arms around Baekhyun as the latter continued to grind against him, legs spread and back arched, Chanyeol kissed the brunet on the side of his neck. “I guess it’s not as bad as I thought. No one here seems to give a damn, and besides,” he said, leaving trails until his lips met with Baekhyun’s sweater, “you’re pretty terrible at dance, but that’s alright. You’ll always be my favorite.”

“I know I’m your favorite, Chanyeol. I can feel it against my ass,” he whined, speeding up.

Groaning, Chanyeol stopped and leaned back, head up towards the ceiling. “Sometimes, I really hate you,” he said, though he couldn’t stop his hand from teasing the brunet as it went under his shirt and began roaming around his soft stomach. “Why can’t we be normal?”

“Because it’s not us,” Baekhyun laughed as he put his hand under him to grope at the hardness in the giant’s pants. “You want to take care of this before we go?”

“I’m not going that far, Baekhyun.”

“I did say there were rooms beneath this level.” Moving himself, Baekhyun made it so he could see the man’s face. “We can rent for an hour.”

“I’m not going to be intimate with you at a club, Baekhyun,” Chanyeol said sternly before exhaling. “We’re going back to the house.”


“My bedroom’s soundproof. Do you understand?”

It didn’t take much pleading in Chanyeol’s eyes for Baekhyun to catch his drift. Bursting out in a fit of laughter only heard by them, he leaned in and gave his groaning fiance a kiss. “Yes.”

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