exobubz (exobubz) wrote,

Win Me If You Can

title: win me if you can
pairings: luhan/sehun, hinted!chanyeol/baekhyun
rating: pg13 (for Luhan's lewd thoughts)
word count: 5.1k
warnings: attempt at writing, sexual jokes, and basilisks
summary: Luhan can't take the fact that Sehun's sometimes better than he is. He also can't take the fact that the Ravenclaw's not as ugly anymore. Goddamn it.
a/n: written for the_resolver for hp_exolliarmus

At the age of fourteen, Luhan met Oh Sehun when the boy tripped and fell in the aisle of the train when he accidentally got hit with the trolley. Not that it was Luhan’s problem, however. He wasn’t the one that had been run flat, so he minded his own business and went to show off the new magical watch his father had gotten him over the summer. The last thing on his mind was some petty boy who couldn’t see what was in front of him. An imbecile, he was, and that’s how Luhan saw him.

To his surprise, however, Luhan found that Sehun was a transfer from another school for magical beings located in Scotland. Then, after he placed in Ravenclaw, he left the young Slytherin to wonder if the hat had caught mad cow disease or anything of the sort that might’ve caused its judgment to go awry. But then he shrugged. It wasn’t any of his business at all to even pay attention to an insignificant boy, who he later found out was a halfblood, son of two well-known professors in the magical arts.

That must have also been a mistake, too. The kid didn’t seem like the type to be born into an intellectual family—according to fourteen year old Luhan.

Things changed gradually over the years to a point where Luhan was tossing and turning late at night because of him.

Who the hell gave Oh Sehun permission to get praised? It was always Luhan who was praised for his work, but now the latter was stealing it like he was stealing the eyes of everyone around them!

Luhan would sometimes mutter to himself, cursing the bastard who fixed Sehun’s vision, ridding the boy of his thick black rimmed glasses. And then he’d curse the witch who was responsible for his polishing looks, because now, Oh Sehun looked like some super model out of a muggle mag.

Despite being in Slytherin, Luhan took pride in being smart, top wizard in all his classes, but by the time seventh year came, his throne of glory was being threatened by the very kid who was once almost crushed by a trolley.

“You all should’ve studied harder, because it seems like Sehun was the only one who spent time doing so.”

It was so tempting for Luhan to flick his wand and have his fat eighty-nine marks gone from his sight. Almost wittingly, he wished that Sehun would turn around and look back at him. For whatever reason? Luhan didn’t know. He just wanted a reason to hate the guy even more than he already did because that’s how the nature of things were.

After class ended, he put all his things in his bag and stood behind the crowd with his arms crossed, waiting for everyone to get out. Not much to his surprise, Sehun was right behind him.

“So, what’d you get?”

“None of your business,” Luhan dismissed quickly, chin raised in the air. Noticing how a few kids turned their heads to them, the male scowled, frightening them and their attention away.

“I did ask if you wanted help studying,” Sehun said, shrugging off the cold attitude he was being given. “You told me no. If I remember correctly, you said, ‘Go to hell, like I’d ever want your help!’ and I don’t forget things very easily.”

“Amazing! Then you’ll remember this!” Luhan exclaimed as he finally reached the exit. Then he spun around flipping his middle finger in front of Sehun’s face before quickly merging in the busy hall. “Bye.”

Admiring eyes were one him as he walked past several students. Grinning, he flipped his hair casually, running his slim fingers through it for effect. As much as he liked being above everyone in status and in intellect, he also lathered himself in their admiration. In fact, it was so—

Then he heard the Ravenclaw’s name.

Stopping in his track, Luhan flipped his head around and saw the tall Ravenclaw wave at the girls that was just admiring him. Oh, those wenches were never loyal anyway. Huffing, he took a left, heading to the library.

There were three things that needed to change. First, Oh Sehun needed shit vision again. Two, he needed to go back to being short. Three, he needed to stop trying so hard to compete.

At first, Luhan didn’t think too much about it. So what if the Ravenclaw got a few higher marks than him? It was just luck anyways. Not everyone in Ravenclaw was that smart; this Luhan knew from his experience of beating them time and time again on exams. Sehun shouldn’t have been an exception.

But he was. And the minute he started appearing on Luhan’s radar, it was clear to the Slytherin that the latter had an ulterior motive, and that was to dethrone him of his reputation.

“Baneberry Potion. Consists of ten Baneberry berries…fifteen drops of snake venom…a drop of…Fuck.”

Resting his head on his book, Luhan groaned. What time was it? It seemed like it was past midnight already, but he knew that wasn’t possible unless the librarian closed the establishment with him still inside. If that were ever the case, he could just file a claim against the woman and have the ministry fire her. Easy. Simple. Nothing like studying.

Lazily lifting his head again, Luhan flipped the page and closed his eyes, trying to recall the formulas and the history behind it all. He was almost sure he was muttering sluggishly through it, however. It was even difficult for him to hear himself.

“Drought of Living Death… Worm wood…a root of a…as…aspho—”


Would he feel anything if he just inflicted the Avada Kedavra curse on himself? Curiosity did kill the cat, but Luhan wasn’t about to die just yet. That would’ve meant letting Sehun win their silent war. Inhaling sharply to himself, he mustered the strength to smile very coldly at the Ravenclaw who was leaning against the shelf with his arms crossed and head cocked at him.

Having him stand in that position made Luhan slightly irritated. What gave him the right to look like that? Or to look at him like that? It almost looked like the man was staring at him with some type of admiration sparkling in his eyes…


“Isn’t it past your bed time, Oh?”

“Maybe. Isn’t it past yours?”

“Yes, but let’s just say, like my house’s mascot, I’m slightly nocturnal.” Ruffling his hair, Luhan asked, “What’re you doing here?”

“Studying. Baekhyun and Chanyeol wouldn’t keep quiet in the common room, so I had to come here.”

"Then how unfortunate of you to randomly stumble in my corner. Now, do you mind?”

Frowning, Sehun made no move to take the hint and leave. Instead, he stayed as he was. “If you’re studying for the Potions exam next Friday, I can help.”

“I’m fine, Ravenclaw. You can make like a tree and leaf.”

Unamused, Sehun walked over and closed the book in front of the Slytherin, taking it into his possesion and placing it aside. “It’s not nice to make fun of someone’s lisp,” he said, smiling almost sarcastically as he leaned in, bursting the latter’s comfort bubble.

Rolling his eyes, Luhan scoffed. “You don’t even have a lisp anymore. At least not since you fixed your messed up teeth with those things called…called, you know. Retainers, or something. Now your mouth looks fine.”

“Doesn’t it? I could’ve gotten it fixed through magic, but mother insisted I do it the muggle way so our neighbors wouldn’t be so suspicious. And for your information, braces fix teeth, retainers are more for safe keeping.”

For the love of all things good, why were they talking about teeth? Specifically Sehun’s? Disregarding the fact that they were perfect—as stated—and they did make him more attractive than Luhan would’ve liked…

“You’re annoying me, Oh,” Luhan said, rising from his head and surprising the Ravenclaw. “I guess I’ll go study back in the Slytherin common room.”

“Luhan,” the taller male said, both hands on the table. “Why don’t you ever accept my help?”

“Simple.” Shrugging, Luhan picked up his book. “I see you as competition, not as a friend. Why would I accept help from an enemy.”

“But I’m not your enemy.” Rubbing his forehead, Sehun groaned. “Is this because I get higher marks than you?”

“Did it really just hit you right now?”

“Okay, I admit it that I do like beating you—”

Ha! So he wasn’t crazy and overly paranoid! Luhan was internally celebrating the fact that he was right when all his friends told him he was just an overly obsessive—

“It’s really not hard to score higher than you either.”

Okay. The victory celebration died a little bit. What?

“And sometimes, I purposely do bad because you make that face when you think you do good and—”

Scratch everything. Luhan was about to thrust his book out the castle, shattering historic windows while at it. He wanted to know when those times were—the times when Sehun let him score higher. Then he wanted to strangle the Ravenclaw for pitying so much that he’d ever do such a thing!

But was it pity? Of course it was pity! What the hell was he? A charity case? Ew! Next, someone might accuse him of using secondhand robes, and like hell, he’d let that happen.

Luhan exploded, but because they were in the library, he only exploded a little bit, which meant he settled to gripping his book and smacking the Ravenclaw on the head.

“No,” he said sternly. “The next time you let me score higher than you on purpose and I find out about it, I’ll kill you. I mean it.”

“Luhan, that hurt.” Touching his face, Sehun winced. “Christ, you hit hard.”

“You’re lucky that wasn’t my fist.”

“Oh, no. Your tiny fists. Ahhh….” Snorting, Sehun broke out into a chuckle. “Honestly, you’re very funny and cute even when you don’t try.”

The only time when Luhan wanted to burst into flames was when a girl he liked when he was twelve rejected him in front of his friends. But here was Sehun saying weird things, and oddly enough, Luhan wanted to be engulfed in flames again.

“If this is some ploy to get me off track for my exams, you’re wasting your time,” Luhan said confidently, tucking his book under his arm again, still warm with the heat of Sehun’s forehead. “I’m leaving. Go entertain someone else.”

He walked down the aisle, heading to the main exit, but was positive the latter was following after.


Don’t answer him. It’s not worth it—

“Go out with me.”

Turning around wasn’t the best idea Luhan ever had. Sehun with his hands in his front pockets was a sight that a lot of students fell for, and it was to no surprise why.

“Nice joke. Why don’t you go share it with that fat elf friend of yours and his stubby dwarf.”

“First of all, that’s not nice,” Sehun replied, brows raised. “Chanyeol and his boyfriend are a lovely pair. Second, it wasn’t a joke.”

“Third, I think you must’ve been mistaken. See here, I don’t like you,” Luhan said slowly, enunciating each word. “You’re a cocky, pitygiving, insulting transfer who seems to enjoy making me mad every step of the way.”

Groaning, Sehun threw his head back. “Luhan, I transferred here three years ago, and ever since then, you’ve been more of a villain than what you’re trying to make me sound like. And while we’re on the subject, I wanted to ask you—”

Putting a hand up in the air, Luhan signaled him to stop. “Goodnight, Oh.”

“Luhan, I mean it. Will you—”

“No, I will not.”

Before he could turn around, however, Sehun stepped quickly towards him, rendering the Slytherin dazed by a kiss on the lips. Shocked, Luhan stumbled back, almost dropping his book, but the latter followed.

“I did not give you permission to do that!”

God, was he stuttering? Luhan couldn’t tell and that was a freakishly bad sign. Did he even sound like himself?

“Why do you hate me?”

Focus. What’d he just say? Fuck, Luhan’s head was still scrambling.

“I hate you because you’re you,” he sputtered without a second thought. “You steal the spotlight from me, like what the hell! I used to be every teacher’s favorite, and you just come from…from wherever and—”


“Yeah, okay, Scottland and ever since then it hasn’t been the same. Then you just flaunt your scores in front of me like oh-ha-ha and all I want to do is hit you, but I can’t because I’ve already gotten like ten detentions this year and I’m tired of spending my weekends with crusty professors instead of going to Hogsmeade!”

Sighing, Sehun put his hands on his hips, displacing his robes. “Well, you know what I’m tired of? I’m kind of tired of spending hours and hours just studying so I can do better than you when all I’ve been wanting lately is just you in particular, you know that?”

“No, and I’d rather not, thanks.”

“But it gets you to notice me.”

Oh, there were a lot of other things that made Luhan notice him, but he wasn’t about to admit anything.

“Let’s make a bet.”

Interested, Luhan smiled. If there was anything his father taught him, it was to how to gamble, and Luhan was very confident in his betting skills. “I’m listening.”

“Score higher than me on two out of three exams. Potions, Herbology, Alchemy. If I mark higher on two, maybe even all three, you have to take me seriously and think about dating me. If you get higher marks, then I’ll leave you alone and we can pretend I never said anything. ”

“That’s not fair. You’re number one in Potions.”

“But you’re pretty good at Alchemy.”

Drawing his lips together, Luhan frowned. “Change Herbology to Arithmancy. It’s unpredictable in that class between you and I. The test is two weeks from now.”

“You want me to wait two weeks for you?”

“You waited three years, Ravenclaw. You can wait for two more weeks.” Realizing what he just said, Luhan became flustered. “Not to say that once you’re done waiting, you’ll have me! I’m just saying, you have to wait and see, but fat chance you’ll ever see at all since--”

“I understood you the first time, sweet heart.”

Who the hell was he calling sweet heart? And why the fuck did Luhan suddenly feel hot in the face. “Okay, well, I’m done talking to you. Bye.”

As he walked away, he heard Sehun call out, “No cheating, Luhan.”

“Like I’d ever.”

He lied but was that really surprising? Slytherins were clever, but not always in the most honest way, however. Shrugging, Luhan walked up the spiraling stairs and stood in front of Ravenclaw’s door, turning the knob, only to be surprised by a deep, rumbling voice asking him a riddle.

“What lies between two planes of existence?”

Blinking, Luhan frowned at the knob. Airplanes? Geometric planes? What the fuck was the door talking about? Stepping back, he crossed his arms, looking around to see if anyone was creeping up behind him.

Two planes…Two planes…

Rubbing his eyes, Luhan groaned. He had no time to think too hard or much about it. Any minute, some Ravenclaw could make an appearance despite the fact that it was time for their afternoon meal. Thinking hard, he bit his lip as he went through all the possible answers, then suddenly, he remembered Montague, long gone and graduated, but hadn’t he been the poor fellow shoved inside the Vanishing Cabinet and was sent to—

“Nothing… There’s nothing there, but limbo. A plane between two planes is where nothing exists, so nothing lies there…At all.”

To his ego and pride, Luhan was ecstatic to see that the door opened. Grinning, he quickly let himself in and was surprised at how airy the common room was. And, of course, there was a book shelf. There had to be books in a house of destined bookworms.

Snorting, he decided to take a fifty-fifty chance and turn to the right, heading to what he hoped was the boys’ dormitory.

Finding Sehun’s bed seemed more of a trouble than Luhan thought it’d be considering everyone’s space seemed to look the same with all the notes and books lying around. Quickly, he flipped through a few books on each bed, checking the names. Eventually, he found the Ravenclaw’s little corner after finding his books neatly stacked near a perfectly made bed.

Carefully placing one book after another off to the side, Luhan stopped when he found the Potions textbook he was looking for. Quickly turning to a bookmarked page, he was pleasantly surprised to find all the notes jotted down on the side, some even on key details he hadn’t even thought of.

For a moment, he felt jealous, but then decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Hastily, he scanned the page, reading over the notes a few times until he was satisfied with his memory. Then, taking a step back, he pointed his wand at the book and unmercilessly said, “Incendio.”

Sehun' notes were far more useful than Luhan primarily thought. The Potions test was something he could've done with a hand tied behind his back. Really. And when he looked up, he smirked at the struggling Ravenclaw who became so frustrated that he pulled his tie to become more loose. There were people distracted by the sight, but Luhan who didn’t look at him with lust like the others did. He had a bet to win, despite his unfair start, but that didn’t matter. His head needed to be in the game and eyes off the Ravenclaw’s broad shoulders. Off.

When time was up and the only people who actually finished successfully were Luhan and a few others (though he liked to think that he executed the concoction more perfectly than they), other students stared at them in awe and jealousy and Luhan drank in all their attention, smirking at everyone, intensifying his stare when his eyes met with Sehun’s.

Not to go on without any consequences, Luhan walked a little slower, expecting to be drawn to the side and he was right. Hand on his arm, he was pulled from behind and, without resistance, he scoffed as Sehun walked them to an isolated corner and pressed him against the harsh wall.

“What happened to my textbook?”

“Hell if I know whatever happened to your stupid book,” Luhan responded, batting his eyelashes hyperbolically. “Maybe you lost it?”

“I never lose anything.”

“Never say never.” Grinning, he patted the latter on his right cheek. “Because you might just have to get used to it.”

Laughing, Sehun rolled his eyes before returning the gesture all the same, patting the boy in front of him on the cheek as well as it being accompanied by a smirk. “We’ll see. What’s next?”

Turning his head, Luhan rejected the touch five seconds in. Sehun’s hand was warm. Ew. “Alchemy.”

“Then study up.”

“No, you.” It was a childish thing to say, but Luhan had a brain fart. “God damn it. I’m leaving.”

Pushing against Sehun (it was quite the experience touching him), Luhan smiled before immediately dropping his lips the minute he turned around. The only thing that should be on his mind are numbers and signs, and lots of it. At least, enough to maybe, somehow, predict something in the future. But Luhan felt a little cocky since he ultimately had a feeling on what the future was already.

He cheated the first time, felt some satisfaction, but was confident enough to take the Alchemy exam without sabotaging Sehun’s belongings. However, Luhan soon came to the realization, that, perhaps, he should’ve burned the Ravenclaw’s alchemy books and other belongings as well.

For the second time in two weeks, Luhan felt his face burning with his back against yet another wall in an isolated hall.

“Thanks for not burning my textbooks this time.” Sehun grinned, cocking his head. “I really appreciate that you didn’t cheat on this exam.”

Letting out a shrill laugh, Luhan put a hand on his waist. “I didn’t burn your stupid book, Oh.”

“Mhm.” Wiggling his finger in front of the Slytherin’s face, Sehun showed him that perfect row of teeth, making Luhan kind of angry at the fact that he didn’t need those stupid retainers anymore. “One and one. Last one’s the tie breaker. Study your numbers, honey. Arithmancy is mine and then, maybe you.”

Smiling platonically, Luhan raised his brows. “I think you’re confusing your pathetic dreams with reality, honey.”

Snorting, Sehun put a hand on the wall, closing in on the unfrightened (just a little bit) Slytherin. “Really? We’ll see.”

“Oh Sehun, your face is uncomfortable to be in front of.”

“Then just close your eyes.”

Unamused, Luhan ducked under the Ravenclaw’s arm and sidestepped him. “I’d rather not let myself be left unguarded for any lip attack, thanks. Bye.” Then he was off, thinking about things other than lips.

There was too much riding on the Arithmancy test to leave it all up to chance and fate. Going back to the Ravenclaw dormitory, Luhan answered the same riddle and strode systematically with an intent as he entered the boys’ dormitory room.

It seemed, however, that Sehun had learned his lesson the first time and hid his textbooks and notes. Even when Luhan pulled out his wand and repeatedly said, “Accio Arithmancy book” or “Accio Oh Sehun’s notes”, nothing came about and it almost made him want to snap his wand in two.

Just as he gave up, he spun around on his heel only to see Sehun leaning against the dorm’s door frame.

“I don’t think you’re allowed in here, princess.”

“Whatever.” Luhan wasn’t in the mood. It didn’t even bother him anymore that he was caught since he didn’t have the chance to find and destroy his objectives which were the books and notes taken. Walking over, he pushed Sehun aside and started to make his way out the Ravenclaw house. “Nice charm. What’d you use…”

From behind him, Sehun answered, “I’m surprised you don’t know. Aren't you supposed to be smart?"

"I am so I guess I'll have to beat you the old fashion way."

"Hold on, Lu. Stop walking."

Shockingly, Luhan did stop, surprised at the way his knees buckled. "What?" he said, turning his head.

"Since you cheated the first time, don't you think we shouldn't count that particular exam?"

There he went. Trying to pry yet another win from Luhan's hands, but the Slytherin wasn't about to uncoil just yet. “Let’s not play stupid, Sehun. You studied off one of your friends, right?”

Sehun said nothing.

“So regardless, you let me have it the first time, and it still would’ve been the same result regardless of whether or not I came in here to burn a book or two.”

Hands on waist, Sehun let out a sigh. “Fine. Okay, I gave you the advantage but only because I knew you’d do well in Alchemy without batting an eye, so I spent most of my time studying that. But for Arithmancy, you and I have to do this exam fair and square.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Luhan replied, grinning. “What’s sweeter than a fair victory?”

“Us in bed, obviously,” Sehun said without missing a beat. Before Luhan could stutter out anything incoherent, the Ravenclaw stepped up and put hand on his back, guiding him to the entrance door. “You have four days. Use them wisely.”


Jumping, the Hufflepuff looked up and saw the menacing grin on Luhan’s face. “Yes?”

“You have access to Professor Kim’s potions supply closet, right?”

Nodding, Minseok confirmed. “I do. Why?”

“I’m going to need you to get me some things.”

“Why do you need these things, Luhan?”

As the two pressed around multiple bottles and jars, Luhan shrugged. “I’m trying to save my ass in the most literal sense.”

There were so many books upon books that it looked like a book orgy, but Luhan had no time to think about orgies or sex or anything in particular that had to do with the naughty things in life. He needed to focus, and he was about to go crazy after turning down an invite to roam the castle and cause some trouble with his friends.

“Luhan, I think you were sorted in the wrong house.”

“Maybe, deep inside, you’re a Ravenclaw.”

They were all wrong and it made him mad as he scrawled his notes heavily in his books. If he didn’t study, then he’d have a Ravenclaw in him, and purely by consent because what moron wouldn’t open up their chamber of secrets if Sehun wanted to slide his Basilisk in there somewhere?


He just scribbled nonsense about Basilisks in a book about numerology. Groaning, Luhan flicked his wand, undoing the mistake. Then he grabbed his quill and continued jotting down notes on the theory of numerology before looking over past homework parchments.

After studying for an hour, he gave himself a break, taking the ingredients he stole from Professor Kim’s supply closet and made his way up the prefects’ bathroom, rarely used and often barren. Then, in a stall, he began mixing and stirring his backup plan to ensure that he’d win; the Befuddlement Draught.

Game day, game face.

Luhan put a defector charm on himself so the Befuddlement Draught wouldn’t affect him. The potion made whoever took it confused and reckless, and that was exactly what he wanted to do to Oh Sehun just minutes before the test. Of course, he couldn’t offer him a tainted drink. That’d seem suspicious, but from experience, Luhan did know that the Ravenclaw wasn’t so opposed to kissing, so the Slytherin decided to take one for the team, which basically consisted of him, so he was essentially doing it for himself.

Taking a sip of the potion, Luhan made sure to hold just enough of it on his tongue to last while he made his way over to Sehun’s desk. Looking up at him, the Ravenclaw raised his brow. “This is a surprise.”

Luhan held the urge to roll his eyes as he leaned down and kissed the boy on the lips. The second phase of the mission was to get the latter to open his mouth, but Sehun had done so willingly. In fact, his tongue entered the Slytherin’s mouth without Luhan having to do anything. It wasn’t going as he had planned, but it wasn’t bad either.

Unconsciously, however, in the midst of taking one for the “team”, Luhan started to kiss back until he realized they were in a classroom and kids were beginning to pour in and the teacher was about to come through her office door and--

Separating, he took a step back, flustered and red.

Sehun, however, cocked his head, showcasing a wide and proud grin. “Anything else you got for me?”

A kick in the balls? A slap on the face? Luhan didn’t know what to do because he was so stalled that he just turned around, consoling himself that it’d all be worth it when the potion kicked in.

But it never did.

At least, it didn’t look like it twenty minutes into the test, which made Luhan worried that he probably kissed Sehun (and liked it) for no purpose at all. Regardless, he focused on the text in front of him. If it didn’t work, then fine. He’d have to rely on his own skill even if his lips were still tingling, which was annoying. Really annoying.

God damn it.

The time of judgement came the next day when their grades were posted on the classroom wall for all to see, and Luhan had to push his way to the front.

“Are you kidding me!?”

Stomping from the rest of the students, Luhan made a bee line to Sehun, who hadn’t bothered to look at the paper because all he needed to do was look at the Slytherin’s face and just know that he scored higher.

“Okay, you cheated!”

It was a fair accusation. Kind of hypocritical, but Luhan didn’t care.

“How did I cheat, princess?” Sehun challenged.

You cheated when you didn’t react to the potion I gave you? Could Luhan say that? Technically, not falling into one’s scheme of cheating doesn’t make the almost -victim a cheater…

“I don’t know, but you did somehow.”

“Says the person who tried giving me Befuddlement Draught through a kiss?” Laughing, Sehun stood up. “Not to say I didn’t enjoy that one.”

“You’re unbelievable!” How the hell did he know that? Luhan frowned. “Stop accusing me of things, Ravenclaw.”

“So, what? You kissed me just to kiss me? Cause I’ll take that excuse any day.”


Luhan crossed his arms. “It doesn’t matter. None of these exams were fair so the bet’s off.”

“You can’t just call something off because it didn’t go your way, love.”

Rolling his eyes, Luhan scoffed. “Whatever. I lost. There, boohoo for me. Yay for you. Oh haha.”

“Actually, no.” Gently, Sehun turned the Slytherin’s face up towards him. “See, if you look at it this way, you already won me from the start.”

“Ew. I don’t want you.” The frown on Luhan’s face started wobbling and all he could wonder about was what the hell was wrong with his body functions.

“Are you sure about that?”

Sehun’s face was getting closer and gravity seemed to think it was opposite day because Luhan felt compelled to move up instead of down to dodge him. “I’m pretty sure, Oh, now can you just--”

“Absolutely positive?”

Was his mouth getting super chapped? Luhan licked his lips, but they were dry again. What the fuck.

“Yes, yes, I’m positive! I swear to god, I--”

How many times have they kissed before? Luhan didn’t know. He lost count, which was ironic because they were kissing in a room that was all about numbers and had ten pairs of eyes watching them. It wasn’t as though Sehun had him gripped so he couldn’t move away, too. For one reason or another, Luhan couldn’t move anything but his mouth, and for once, that was a good thing.

“Alright. How’d you know about the Draught.”

“I saw Minseok with you one night. Got a little jealous so I cornered him nicely somewhere and asked some questions.”

“Well, for all you know, we really could’ve been doing something that night. A little action in a closet never hurt anyone.”

“I’d like to test that out for myself.”

“Test it? Fine. Whatever. When and where.”


And then they ditched a fifty-five minute lecture on numerology because, after discussing it over several kisses in the library, they both agreed they didn’t give a rat’s ass about numbers except that one plus one equals two, and two was a perfectly fair and even number.
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