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Not Intended and Absolute Chanyeol crossover.
Genre: tears (for me)
A/n: thank you for my beta for pointing this Friggin idea to me now I can't get rid of the thought...

In Not Intended, Baekhyun is talented in math and science, and has a natural ability when it comes to robotics and mechanisms. Chanyeol, though more taught than naturally gifted like Baekhyun, is the same. Both are knowledgable in the same field.

However, after 5 years of being married, Chanyeol dies, and Baekhyun, so attached, cannot move on.

As depicted in Not Intended, whenever Baekhyun worries or becomes emotionally distressed or depressed, he turns to robotics. In his depression after Chanyeol's death, he drowns himself in a series of equations.

He builds what's missing the way artificial hearts are made for those with defective ones. Baekhyun constructs a robot piece by piece, taking every detail he remembers of the giant and putting that into his machinery.

After the second year of Chanyeol's death anniversary, he finishes... Baekhyun has made a robotic Chanyeol that looks, sounds, and acts like the original Chanyeol.

He finds comfort in his creation, and it feels so real... For a while, it doesn't seem like anything ever went wrong until Baekhyun realizes what he's doing.

Of course he loves Chanyeol, but what was he doing with a fake? He was choosing to ignore Chanyeol's death, and even though it hurt, he needed to face it and to honor it--not play around with a dummy when the real Chanyeol was being neglected in his memory...

So, Baekhyun goes home, and as he's about to press the permanent power down button, the robotic version of Chanyeol reaches out and cups his face the way the real Chanyeol used to, and says, "You're leaking, honey..."

Power off.

Tags: chanbaek, drabble, niac
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