exobubz (exobubz) wrote,

NI: Maybe a Baby

Maybe A Baby——Not Intended au
Genre: mpreg, romance, comedy
sypnosis: Baekhyun might be.

Haneul's turning a year old next week, Yeol. I already planned his birthday.

I know you did. You've been going to bed late for a few weeks now. I've notice that.

It's a big task, Chanyeol. Excuse you.

I wasn't saying that it wasn't, Baek.

Right...Anyways, I invited our parents and most of your friends. I didn't really invite anyone that I knew because I wasn't sure how you'd feel about my exes coming over for the party.

Not entirely too keen on it.

That's what I thought. By the way, do you like this color or this one? Blue is for boys so it fits but I like the baby yellow one better for the cake.

Whichever one you—


Okay, then.

Oh, and I'll be going to the doctor later, so I'm going to need to leave Haneul with you. I'll stop by the store to buy some food because Kyungsoo—

Wait. Why are you going to the doctor?

Hm? Nothing major. Anyways—

Are you sick?


Then why—

Chanyeol, butter, milk, and eggs. Dairy products. I'll get those later. Now, look at these photos. Which ones should be used for the thank you cards?

This one—but really, Baekhyun. Tell me what business you have there.

Well, I don't exactly know yet, so I can't say.

What do you mean—

I'm getting mini candles for thank you gifts. Do you think the green apple one smells nice?

Are you going to keep asking me questions to avoid answering mine?

Not going to lie—yeah. Now—

Yes, it's fine, but why don't you—

Chanyeol, I don't want to talk about it.





Why? Why not?

Because I'm busy planning right now and your coffee's going to get cold.

Well, I want to know why you're going to see the doctor.

It's for ovarian reasons, sir.


Chanyeol, keep up.

Then speak in simple language—

I might be pregnant again.


Anyways, enough with the—



With a kid.

No, you giant idiot. With dog—Oh. Speaking of dogs, Nugget's almost two. I think we should get another dog, too.

We'll talk about the dog later, Baekhyun... You're pregnant again?

I didn't say I was. I said I might be.


Biological science says it's because you busted a nut in me. That's how.


Take off that dumb look on your face.



Why the hell are you so calm?

Why are you so panicked?

Because you might be pregnant!


And Haneul's just about to turn one!


We already have our hands full with him.



Nothing. I'm just a little on the surprised side.


I thought you were the one who wanted a lot of kids.

Yes, but I didn't think it'd be so close together in time.

Then let's hope that my body didn't contract baby-syndrome again.


Will you help me cut these—

Don't get me wrong.


I want you to get pregnant again. I loved the first experience even though it was a pain in my ass.

Um, excuse you. Pregnancy isn't pleasant and you weren't even the one pregnant.

True, but that doesn't mean I didn't suffer either. Point is, more kids means a bigger family, and I want that, but I just don't want you overwhelmed. What, with the wedding and all?

We're gonna have to rush the wedding, Yeol!


We postponed it last time because I got fat. I don't want to—

Not because you were fat!

Pregnant, fat—whatever! Same thing almost.

No, it's not.

Either way, I couldn't fit in the suit. This time, we'll do it. Hopefully, though, I'm not pregnant. Yet. I want the wedding and the honey moon.

You'll get both of those, you know.

Yes, but with the body and sexual freedom. Those have to come with the package. Anyways, I'm done with the party binder. I'm going to town now.

Town? I thought you said you weren't going to the doctor's until later.

Yeah, but I have to do some cake testing for the birthday cake and the wedding cake.

Wedding... Shouldn't I be there, too?

Yes, but I wanted to do a pre-tasting. We'll go back together. Anyways, you're busy with constructing that prototype for a portable drone, aren't you? Focus on that. Your calculations could be a little be cleaner, Yeol. I'm just saying.

You sound pretty confident about that.

I majored in math and business. I know what I'm talking about.

Did I doubt you?

Sounded like it.

I didn't mean it, then. So, when will you be back?

In a few hours. I'm going to stop by the bookstore, too, because I ordered a few things.

You're going to the doctor, the bakery, and the bookstore.

Yeah, so?

And what? If you're pregnant? All that work seems a little—

Are you kidding me? I've been pregnant before, Chanyeol. In case you forgot, I'm just saying—

Yes, and last time, I didn't know so I let you jump around and do stunts in your early term. This time? Not again.

Haneul came out fine, you know.

Yes! That's a miracle though, so what's to say that—Stop. Kissing me wont—

You're being a controlling twat right now, giant. I'll be back, okay.

You know what? I want to come—

Uh, no. Thanks for the car keys though, so I'll be—

If you ARE pregnant again, I want to be there when—

Stop acting like this is a sonogram appointment! I will literally pee in a cup and then they tell me whether I'm pregnant or not!


I'll call you if I am—actually, no. I'll text. I don't, you know—I hate calls. I'll text instead.



You're going to TEXT me whether or not we're having another kid...

Yeah, and with those little stickers and all—

Nevermind. Just tell me when you get home.

It's really more convenient—

No. Save it for when you get home.

You're too sentimental...

Excuse me?

Feelings! You're—I don't know. Too INVOLVED—

Why, yes! I am involved! Especially when it's something I made with you! So, really, I'd like to know in person, not in text message.


Leave it, Baek.



Fine... I'm going then.


What—eugh! That was gross, Chanyeol!

A kiss on the cheek is never gross.

Like I said, sentimental.

Whatever, my detached wife.


Soon to be, then.

Stop it before I call it off.

You wouldn't.

I would.

No, because you love me too much.

That's a very strong statement, Yeol—


But it's true, so bye.



I... Ah fuck... Another baby...

Tags: chanbaek, drabble, mpreg, not intended: maybe a baby
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