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Hamlet: Forbidden Love in the Modern Era

Hamlet: Forbidden Love in the Modern Era
Pairing: Hamlet / Horatio
Words: 247
Rating: G, but R for heartbreak
Sypnosis:Horatio hides behind a pillar and speaks to himself when he's alone.

Hamlet: Forbidden Love In The Modern Era

Act 1. Scene 1.
[Enter Hamlet in the rose garden. Horatio hidden behind a post.]

Hamlet [aside] :

O’ dearest Ophelia. I cannot contain thyself of excitement that I may see you in the weekend that may come. To see your face and to hold you butters my feelings. My heart beats louder than the canons as they ring in bouldering sound in the air. O’ dearest Ophelia! The ball! The ball! It is at the ball that I shall see you, and I, Hamlet O’ Hamlet is I, cannot shut thine eyes until the morn for I am too gay.

[Exit Hamlet]

Horatio [aside] :

To witness with these eyes of mine the happiness of the man I’ve longed to hold, against the will of my faith and of God, it breaks thy heart. Whether tis nobler to love or to nah, I know not, but my heart, it aches. Ophelia, O’ dearest Ophelia! That sweet, tender, nectar-like woman! The woman who whores the heart of my Hamlet. I pray thee, die! But oh! A sin! Tis a sin to wish death upon an innocent, but black is my soul for I have professed my evil desires. He is blinded; O’ dear Hamlet, thou art blinded! Blinded by love and the lust for a woman, but pray, I cannot bestow blame on thy crown, for I, O’ Horatio tis I, too, am guilty of this crime.

[Exit Horatio]


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