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Under the Constellation of Our Stars

Title: Under the Constellation of Our Stars
Pairing: Dante / Shane (a.k.a Shante)
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, tragedy
Word Count: 724
Synopsis: He believed that love was a tragedy in the face of limited time.
a/n: This is written for Dante, who may or may not have been joking, but I did this anyways. With love and respect, fara. ALSO! I changed the spelling of last names for specific i-dont-want-basics-to-find-me reasons ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

Under the Constellation of Our Stars

Life was hell, and that was the motto despite the popular fad of the “Yolo” term. Strikingly beautiful in every angle, people wondered why Dante Levantine was often a sour apple. Despite his friendly demeanor and personality that seemed warm and welcoming, he hated more things and people than the fingers on his hand could count, though not to literally say that he couldn’t count without the use of his fingers at all.

College was like busting a nut in a dirty slut who overcharged for basic service, but it wasn’t as fun. For that reason, Dante shoved his botany books (more expensive than his life) aside and changed into clothes that were meant to attract both sexes, but of course, it was clear to everyone on campus who he preferred.

The club was full of young people, but Dante had no interest in any of the inferior beings. Though hot and cute himself, he turned into a major thot the minute he changed into his skinny, butt-tight jeans and black, leather jacket.

Being whistled at was offensive. Feminism, he thought to himself as he walked with a stride into the club and submerged himself into the crowd of people. He ignored the horrendous dubstep music blasting his ears and began to dance, grinding against multiple people with no awareness of what personal bubble meant anymore.

Soon, he felt a pair of large hands hold him by the hips and he liked it. For a second, he fantasized about what the individual behind him would look like, but when he turned around, he was horrified (and disappointed).


If there was anything Dante hated more than life, it was Shane Halligun, basketball hot shot of the entire college campus. In fact, there was a time when he sat behind Shane in Calculus and overheard the man say, “Campus? More like CamPUSSY.”

As Shane laughed with his mentally undeveloped friends, Dante glared at the back of his head. That’s offensive, he thought.

Pushing away from Shane, Dante scowled. He only wanted to have fun, but the realization that he just rubbed his Grade A ass against the crotch of his most hated peer made him want to run back home. But no. He had to face Halligun.

“Oh, Dante.”

The way he said his name was suave, and Dante could feel his knees weaken. Then, he shook the weakness out of him and turned, pushing against the crowd. Obviously, he didn’t expect to be followed, so when he was tugged aside just before he reached the club exit, he was left breathless.

With a force that overwhelmed him, Shane pushed him into a corner with nothing lighting the area but a red light bulb above them. When Dante felt the wall against his back, he fought back, pushing Shane away again. “You’re gross!”

“And you’re cute.”

Oh god. The compliment broke Dante’s knees. His biggest weakness was flattery and there was nothing chill about him anymore. Of course he knew he was cute. In fact, a girl named Summer even vowed to turn him straight, the highlight of the saddest thing he’d ever heard in all his high school years.


Putting a finger to Dante’s lips, Shane shook his head. “Don’t speak.”

“I know I’m cute,” Dante said, moving his hand. “I’m hot. I’m smart. I’m going to be a botanist one day.”

“I know.”

“You and I will never be right for each other.” With his voice wavering, Dante looked down. “So stop chasing after me.”

“But I found out I have cancer.”

There was a silence despite the club music, but Dante almost shed a tear as he looked into the eyes of Halligan. “How long?”

“A month…I have a month to live.”

Although life was terrible, Dante hated the idea of dying alone, so he spent the last month of Shane’s life with the man. Love, in Dante’s opinion, was a tragedy and so was life. At the funeral of Shane’s death where a woman in black by the name of Iveth Ordahz was mourning the loss of the love that was never hers, Dante opened his eyes and looked up at the starry sky (because the funeral was held at night) and whispered, “I will never forget you, Shane…I will never forget.”

Tags: crack, dante, drabble, oneshot, shante, under the constellation of our stars
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