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Angel Band

Angel Band
Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun, Kris/Baekhyun
Rating: pg13
Genre: romance, angst
Warning: character deaths (emphasis on the plural)
a/n:I wrote this with ease, so not alot of effort, but nonetheless, proud.

Written for the song "Angel Band" sung by the Peasall Sisters


At 12, Baekhyun peered through his bedroom window to watch the new neighbors move in. They had two children, a boy and a girl, but it was the boy that caught Baekhyun’s attention. By coincidence, that boy turned around and met eyes with the peering boy up on the second story of the opposite house. Then, in a cheery way, he waved and Baekhyun ignored him, ducking down.

They met informally when Chanyeol—the name of the neighbor’s son—lost his ferret that had made its way into Baekhyun’s yard.

“That’s a weird looking animal.”

“She’s precious.”

At 15, Baekhyun received his first kiss. It was from a girl in class, who was his girlfriend then. It was quick and embarrassing. Even weeks after, Chanyeol wouldn’t let it go, but Baekhyun didn’t care very much. He broke up with her anyways.

When he was 17, he finally came to accepting that he liked his own gender more than the other, especially after realizing that he had developed a cheesy little crush on the neighbor’s son. He worried about his relationship with Chanyeol for a while, wondering how it would all play out if the boy ever found out. However, just when he was about to explode from his inner turmoil, one day after school, Chanyeol put him at ease, kissing him spontaneously just before rushing inside his house.

At 18, Baekhyun wished time would pause. Graduation day was a joyous day as he stood to take pictures with his parents and relatives. Then, later that night, Chanyeol took him for a drive. It ended with them swearing never to try and have sex in the backseat ever again despite how many times they laughed about being cramped.

They had fought several times before, but the fights were usually petty. At 20, Baekhyun watched Chanyeol storm out of their apartment. It was pressure from school and of building insecurity that caused him to leave. Several weeks of suspecting that Baekhyun was seeing someone else had torn the giant apart and the confrontation was nothing short of messy. It took a week and a handful of tear-stained pillows, but eventually, Chanyeol returned. His excuse was to get his things, but Baekhyun wouldn’t have it, forcing him to stay until they were both drained of every secret and truth.

Baekhyun held him tighter that night, afraid that if he didn’t, Chanyeol would disappear again.

At 23, Baekhyun started working a white-collar job and Chanyeol went about getting his teaching degree. Role playing in bed was always fun, and more often than not, Baekhyun would slip into the naughty student act.

“You’re so much worse than how the students in my class actually are, you know that?”

“That’s why it’s so fun.”

“You’re bad, Baekhyun.”

“Punish me, you giant oaf.”

At 27, Baekhyun started his own coffee shop, and to celebrate it, Chanyeol took him skydiving. The idea didn’t seem so scary until they were so high up in the air that Baekhyun almost fainted. Before he knew it, they were free falling and Chanyeol caught it all on his camera.

“Say cheese, Baek! You’re on camera!”

And off in the distance, the video barely picked it up, but Baekhyun could be heard screaming, “I fucking hate you!”

A rich laugh by Chanyeol followed before the video shut.

When they reached the ground, Baekhyun was more wobbly at the knees than the giant. So while he was on his hands and knees, kissing the ground, Chanyeol walked over and got on one knee, saying, “I know this may not be the best time in the world. You just started a new shop and we just jumped out of a plane, but you’ll marry me, right? Please? Or else this’ll be really embarrassing because the instructors are—”

He never finished the sentenced. Baekhyun tackled him to the hard ground and kissed him. “I jumped out of a plane for you, so yes. Forever and always.”

“Forever and always with no one else, but you.”

It took time and money, but they finally married when Baekhyun was 33. From their apartment, they moved a house on a friendly street. If Baekhyun wanted to pause time when he was 18, he wanted to pause time again at 33.

“Do you think we should get a dog? Oh! Better yet, what do you think about kids?”


Baekhyun liked the idea of raising a family with the giant. “Yeah,” he said. “You know, we could have a son and you two could be out in the front gardening. Then I’ll have my own son or daughter inside the house with me and we'd bake.”

“That’s a neat idea.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah…Kids with you would be nice, but I think I want you for myself a little longer.”

The kids never happened, pushed back like many plans. But at 36, with the money made from his successful shop and Chanyeol’s savings, they went to France. After hours and hours of waiting for the elevator ride, they finally escalated up the Eiffel Tower with hands held tightly together. The higher they went up, the larger Chanyeol’s eyes became and the harder Baekhyun laughed.

He couldn’t imagine life with his best friend.

At 42, Baekhyun was used to Chanyeol picking on him.

“You could be a teacher by now,” he said. “You’re practically one, staying up all night to help me grade these and all.”

“I help you grade because I love you and I want you to go to bed earlier.”

“I know, I know.” Leaning over the large pile in between them, Chanyeol kissed his husband’s cheek. “What would I do without you?”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

The statement was jokingly said, but it was inversely put into reality a year later. In the winter of Baekhyun’s 43rd year, time stopped. What started out as a simple cold turned into pneumonia, and just like that, his best friend was gone.

28 years ago was when they shared their first awkward hello. Watching the casket being buried was the hardest good-bye he had to say.

Time healed slowly and it took Baekhyun 5 years before he started dating again. He wanted a companion, someone to fill the empty silence of his home, and at 48, he met Kris, who had young children from an old marriage.

Though he had envisioned things a little differently, Baekhyun loved the kids as his own, raising them as he used to fantasize during Chanyeol’s time.

Kris supported him, but he didn’t care much for Baekhyun’s café. The way he loved him was different than the way that Chanyeol did, but Baekhyun didn’t complain. He was happy.

At 50, Kris asked if he wanted to get married while they ate dinner and the kids were watching a show in another room. Baekhyun smiled and shook his head. “I’m okay with the way we are now,” he replied.

Without questioning it, Kris let it go.

Baekhyun went on with his life keeping the details and memories of Chanyeol to himself, never telling his partner that he had been married once before. His first and last.

At 56, the two proudly stood next to Kris' first child at his high school graduation. And while the photographer flashed a photo of the three, Baekhyun was taken back to 18.

The kids grew up, and over the several years that passed, things changed. The youngest child took over the coffee shop, making Baekhyun proud and happy at the age of 60. The other two kids went to college to study to become lawyers and businessmen.

Life seemed full, but it was a cycle. At the age of 65, Baekhyun gave permission to take Kris off life support after an accident had put him in a coma. The second time saying good-bye only brought back memories of the first.

While he mourned the following months with the children by his side, he mourned for two people.

Chanyeol was a constant presence in his life. During his time with Kris, Baekhyun often forgot to think about him, but when he was finally alone once more, the dopey smile that lit up his world for 28 years started to appear again.

For 20 more years, Baekhyun lived out the life that he had wanted to live with the neighbor’s son. The kids he helped raised had kids of their own and he became a grandfather. At times when he laid in his bed all alone, he would talk to Chanyeol with his eyes closed.

“You should’ve seen her, Yeol. The way that baby girl took her first steps today was really cute. You would’ve laughed…I miss your laugh, by the way…It’s been too long.”

Then, one night, at the age of 92, he had his first conversation with the giant in 49 years. It was unexpected, however, but it came as he spoke softly to nothing as he often did.

“How did I survive this long without you, Yeol?” he quietly laughed to himself. Taking in a deep breath, Baekhyun slowly lifted his eyes. When he opened them again, he was 27 and in front of him was the reckless giant dressed in the sky diving gear he had worn decades ago.

With his hand out for Baekhyun to take, Chanyeol grinned.

“The question is, how did I survive for so long waiting for you on this date? I was beginning to think you stood me up.”

Baekhyun smiled as he took the hand. “Never. I would never. But why’re you dressed like that?”

“Because we’re going on a new adventure. Forever and always, remember?”

“Forever and always…”

“With no one else, but you.”

My latest sun is sinking fast
My race is nearly run
My longest trials now are past
My triumph has begun

Oh come angel band
Come and around me stand
Bear me away on your snow white wings
To my immortal home
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