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5 Star Quality [1/x]

5 Star Quality
state: Tweetfic (Twitter fiction)
Available: twitter.com/baekyeolkr
type: compilation of tweets

a/n: I will fix formating/errors later ^^;; sorry

Part 1

God, how he hated parties—weddings especially. Nothing seemed amusing to Chanyeol's eye but he presumed that he's out to try his best and act. He made his way greeting the bride and groom before being pulled into a lulling conversation courtesy of the older folks. When it was time to move to the reception hall, he thanked the gods, moving gracefully to the bar and got himself a drink. There was no one in mind to talk to at his cousin's wedding so he lounged around a while, talking to the bartender. Being bumped around by moving people was of the norm, but it wasn't until he felt a medium force sway his body to the left that Chanyeol's attention was caught.

"Sorry!" The small male said quickly as he threw his hands up in front of him. "I didn't mean to lose my footing."

Chanyeol looked him over and, to the guy's credit, he wasn't that bad. The twenty-three year old wouldn't have mind to be hit on again. Grinning as he picked up his liquor, Chanyeol gave the guy a playful raise of his brows. "Isn’t it a little too early to be drunkenly clumsy?"

The man cocked his head, grinning back in a similar teasing manner. "Isn't it too early to be hitting the hard stuff?"

Chanyeol shrugged. "I can hold liquor well. Don't you worry about me."

The man laughed as he turned his attention to the bartender. Chanyeol didn't hear what the delicate brunette ordered. He was too busy looking at the lines of his jaw and the slenderness of his neck. There was some magic in the way the lighting in the room seemed to reflect off the guy's eyes and Chanyeol couldn't help himself.

He was attracted.

Before Chanyeol could turn on his real charm and ask the brunette for his name, number, and possible hotel room, he was cut off.

"Well, it's been nice talking to you," the brunette smiled. "Enjoy the wedding!"

Chanyeol tried to find his voice but his eyes saw the two drinks in the male's perfect hands and watched as he left, walking towards a girl. There was a slight disappointment in the obvious fact that the brunette was taken, but Chanyeol tried to shake it off, taking another sip.

The wedding went nicer than Chanyeol thought it’d be. Dinner wasn't bad and the people at his table weren't as obnoxious as he thought they'd be. The brunette sat in the area across the large dance floor and Chanyeol could see him enjoying himself with those around him. Chanyeol knew that he was beginning to have some sort of obsession with him so he forced himself to be occupied.

Obsessing over people wasn't really his thing. A person obsessing over him was normal. Vice Versa—not so much. However, when opportunities surface, Chanyeol was never one to let any of them go. It explained why his pace suddenly hiked when he saw the small brunette standing in the rose garden when he decided to get some fresh air.

Chanyeol knew that he had a drink in his hand and figured he might look like an alcoholic with it so he deserted his glass in the bush. He fixed his hair and suit before putting on his signature grin. "Hey, there," he smoothly said, avoiding names for obvious reasons.

Turning around, the brunette seemed startled at first until he recognized him under the moonlight and lanterns around the garden. "Oh, hey! The guy from the bar!"

Chanyeol gave a light shrug, eyeing the brunette devilishly. "Well, I do have a name actually," he said.

Sticking out his hand, Chanyeol leaned forward. "Park Chanyeol."

Laughing that addictive laugh, the brunette slipped him his hand as well. "I'm Byun Baekhyun."

"I like the name," Chanyeol said as he took his time shaking Baekhyun's hand.

Baekhyun nodded before he giggled again. "I think it's time to stop shaking," he said playfully.

"To be honest, I kind of don't want to let go of your hand," Chanyeol said in a nonchalant tone as to not offend.

Baekhyun was a bit taken back. "That's flattering, actually."

"Really?" Chanyeol said, raising a brow.


"What would your girlfriend say about my blatant attempts at flirting with you?" Chanyeol asked, testing the waters.

"Nothing," Baekhyun shrugged as he gently pulled his own hand free. "Considering I don't have one."

"Does that mean you're single?"

"Wouldn't you like to know," Baekhyun replied back, laughing as he stepped away and started walking.

Usually, people chased after him, but as Chanyeol stood on the stone gravel of that rose garden, he decided to try it another way. He moved his legs and started walking after the brunette until he caught up. "As a matter of fact, yes, I would like to know."

Baekhyun grinned up at him. "Maybe you've had too much to drink. Hitting on strangers at a wedding? Very cliche."

"You're a spunky little one, aren't you?" Chanyeol chuckled. "I don't get drunk very easily, honey."

"So everyone seems to claim."

Rolling his eyes at the brunette's attempts to avoid him, Chanyeol pretended to give in. "Alright, alright. So what if I'm a little drunk?"


"If I wasn't, then I wouldn't have gotten the courage to speak to you," Chanyeol said, batting his eye lashes.

Baekhyun wasn't buying the act. "You're not drunk. Stop with the cheese."

Chanyeol bit his lips. He was very intrigued in the male. "Alright, I'm not. I'll admit it. Now, it's your turn to tell the truth."

"What's there to tell?" Baekhyun said, eyeing him.

Chanyeol stopped walking in front of a soothing fountain, causing Baekhyun to stop as well. "Single or not?"

Baekhyun tilted his head. "Why? You wanna take me home?"

Chanyeol gave an uncommitted shrug. "Home... Hotel... Whichever one is closer."

Pursing his lips inwards, Baekhyun seemed as though he was thinking over the male’s words. When he took too long, Chanyeol wondered why.

Then, a thought came to mind—one that would devastate the giant if true. "Why're you at this wedding?" Chanyeol suddenly asked, surprising Baekhyun.


"Why're you here?"

Baekhyun gave him a confused expression. "I was invited."

Chanyeol then asked, "Are you related to the bride?"

He had to know. God forbid if he was trying to flirt with his own distant cousin and lusting over him. It would've made Chanyeol truly think about whether or not he was willing to do incest for the sake of having Baekhyun for at least a night.

Baekhyun shook his head. "No."

"Then the groom?"

If Baekhyun was related to the groom, Chanyeol figured that would be better because it would only mean they're technically related by law. However Baekhyun shook his head again, giving Chanyeol a much needed relief. "I'm just a close friend to the groom. I'm Junmyeon's coworker." Then he asked, "Why?"

Chanyeol took a step closer. "I just wanted to see if you and I were related. Thank god we're not."

Baekhyun began shaking his head, lowering it as he laughed off Chanyeol's advancements. "You're charming, you know that?" he grinned.

Chanyeol threw his hands aside and shrugged. "I've been told."

"Right," Baekhyun said before going silent for a moment. "We should go back."

"Why?" Chanyeol asked. "I like it here. Just you and me. It's nice."

"Yes, but you're trying to hit on me, so..."

"Not trying to, honey. I am."

Baekhyun sighed. "I think... that you're interesting, but I'm the one not interested."

"How can I change your mind then?"

"Maybe... get us some drinks?"

"I can do that," Chanyeol replied, shoulder coolly slumped to one side. "Anything?"

"As long as it doesn't have some sort of drug in it."

"I wouldn't drug you. It'd be a shame if you can't remember how much you loved breaking the bed with me."


"I'll be back."

"Don't leave!" was the last thing Chanyeol said to Baekhyun that night—unbeknownst to him. He said it teasingly, however, reality was cold. Colder than the drinks he held in his hands only to find that the garden was empty.

Chanyeol often thought about that night and how nice it would've been to take that brunette home with him after the wedding. A one night stand, however, probably wouldn't have been enough for him. He wanted the brunette's number, maybe some conversation. He wanted a dinner date, perhaps, and another evening of slow, uninterrupted sex. Chanyeol simply wanted more than his usual.

Two weeks passed and the brunette was far from his mind as the busy schedule of a 5 star hotel manager got to him. There were things to be done, especially with security about celebrities who were going to check themselves in for vacation and all. A new chef had been hired after the last one quit under the complaint that Chanyeol was an unbearable boss to work for.

Chanyeol hadn't had the time to evaluate or meet the new employee, handing the entire hiring process off to his assistant, whom he trusted. Believing that the element of surprise was always the best element on the fake table of elements, Chanyeol strode into the grand kitchen in the early hours before the morning breakfast rush without notice.

"Chanyeol." The giant turned his head to the left and spotted Jongdae, kitchen supervisor. "What brings you here?"

"The new head chef. Where is he?"

"Um, it's not time for him to clock in yet," Jongdae explained.

"I don't care. He's new. He should make a good impression and arrive at least an hour early."

"If you had given a notice that you were coming, then maybe—"

"And have him stage an 'I'm so perfect' act for me? I don't think so."

Chanyeol walked around the kitchen, looking at the help getting ingredients and bread ready for the day. Everything seemed fine except for the fact that the new employee hadn't arrived yet. Chanyeol decided to give the new chef a negative mark for his absence.

"Well, that's a shame... on him," Chanyeol muttered as he looked onto his clipboard and made a note. "I guess I'm done here."

"Youre seriously marking him for not being early?" Jongdae questioned.

"I can do what I feel like I need to do to keep this place running."

The supervisor rolled his eyes and Chanyeol decided to ignore it. When he turned around to start heading towards the exit and back into the hotel, he heard the door leading to the back slam loudly and a pretty voice singing out, "I’m sorry! Traffic had me!"

He didn't mean to look like a creeper, but Chanyeol felt like one anyways as he stuck his eyes around the corner to look at where the voice had come from.

"I don't think there's traffic at five in the morning," he heard Jongdae say.

"Well, then I guess the taxi driver was a little slow."

Chanyeol was never cheesy—classy, yes,cheesy, no—but the voice was something he would never forget—particularly because it had been on constant mental replay for the last weeks. He recognized he face, the height, the stature, and the smile. It took no longer than a second for him to click it all together.

"You!" Chanyeol exclaimed, stepping out from the corner, pointing accusingly at the short brunette, confusing Junmyeon and the rest of the kitchen help.

The brunette had a delayed reaction due to having woken up early, but then he smiled casually. "Oh, hey!" he said, waving.

"Don't 'hey' me like we casually fucked and had a happy story book ending," Chanyeol scoffed.

Jongdae was taken aback by Chanyeol's sudden drop of professionalism.

"I'm sorry?" Baekhyun said with puzzled eyes.

"Is that all you're going to say? Really? You made me walk all the way to the bar."

"I'm sorry, I don't understand—" Jongdae tried to say, but Chanyeol waved him off.

"I mean, I don't hold grudges, but I'm offended."

"I don't remember?" Baekhyun tried.

"Oh, god," Chanyeol laughed. "Please don't do the 'I don't remember' act. I do that act, so don't." Before Baekhyun could say anymore, Chanyeol rubbed his forehead and took a step back. "You know what? Never mind. I'm on the job right now."

"I can see that..." Baekhyun said as he looked at Chanyeol black attire.

"What're you doing here? Are you visiting someone in here?" Then, a thought came as Chanyeol's eyes dragged to Jongdae. "Oh, don't tell me—Is Mr. Kim your boyfriend? Are you here to visit him?"

Baekhyun opened his mouth to refute, but Chanyeol cut him off. "Jongdae, may I remind you that romantic relations are NOT allowed in here."

"Yes, but—"

"That includes bringing in your boyfriend who should really make it clear whether he's single or not."


"Now get him out of here before I..." Chanyeol gripped the clipboard in his right hand and locked his jaw. "You know…fire you."

Jongdae gave him a look. "Are you done?"

"Only if you start following the code of conduct," Chanyeol replied.

"I am," Jongdae said. Then gesturing to Baekhyun, he said, "this is no my boyfriend. This is your new head chef, but I see that you..."

Realizing the new situation, Chanyeol stiffened. He let his professionalism fall for a minor second, setting off about a personal matter to a paid employee who just so happened to be the exact same person who was the reason for his mental insanity. He hated to admit he was wrong, so Chanyeol didn't. He thinned his lips and merely glanced at the hand Baekhyun held out.

"I'm Byun Baekhyun, if you remember," the brunette said, trying to lighten the situation.

Chanyeol's hurt pride couldn't bear it. He shook Baekhyun's hand, but quickly let go. "You can address me as Mr. Park."

"Ah, alright," Baekhyun hesitantly responded.

Finding that he had nothing else left to say, Chanyeol moved back. "I'll be evaluating your performance one week from today. If I find you unsatisfactory, I'll have you replaced the second after."

Baekhyun blinked, saying nothing.

"If I hear one bad complaint about you or the sudden decrease in food quality, I'm calling you up. This may be your kitchen, but this is my hotel to manage and I will do as I see fit." For a second, Chanyeol's eyes wandered. "Fix your uniform. I can see your chest. Properly wear your clothes or you'll be written up for a warning."

"I just came out from the, um, locker room—" Baekhyun said as he fumbled to fix the top button.

"I don't have time for excuses," Chanyeol said, waving Baekhyun off. "Now, don't just start there. Prepare. You have guests to feed later."

"Yes, sir," Baekhyun replied as he nodded and moved away. Jongdae had an expression on his face, but Chanyeol had no desire to look.

He turned and left the kitchen as he had originally intended before hearing the brunette's voice. It wasn't until he left the spotless room that he wanted to break his clipboard in half and drag Baekhyun out of there. He not only made himself out to be a fool, but Chanyeol was very sure that he pretty much ruined all his chances with the smaller male.

Chanyeol had dreams and most of them involved his infatuation with the new chef. He wanted to get rid of them because, in all honesty, it was distracting to him. He tried to find a reason to fire the brunette but when he called for room service, the meal was delicious and Chanyeol couldn't help but let it go. He hadn't said anything else to Baekhyun since their unprofessional encounter.

To be honest, Chanyeol wasn't looking forward to the evaluation but he had to do it because of work. He did try to find reasons to fire the small male, but after hearing the opinions of other employees, they all told him the same thing which was how Baekhyun was great. When Chanyeol sat in his office waiting for the chef to walk through the door and go over evaluation, he couldn’t stop twiddling his fingers.

Once the door finally opened, Chanyeol straightened in his seat and put on his serious face. He almost failed at the task when Baekhyun took off his hat, causing his hair to ruffle over his eyes for a moment before he awkwardly reached to fix it.

"Hello," Baekhyun greeted as he sat in front of Chanyeol's desk after the giant forgot to offer the seat.

"Afternoon, Mr. Byun," Chanyeol said, dropping his gaze to the papers. "As you know, this is your evaluation with me."

"Ah, yes, I kn—"

"I didn't ask you for a comment, Mr. Byun."

"Oh, I-I'm sorry—"

"That was your warning."

Baekhyun gave Chanyeol an appalled look, but kept his mouth shut. "Your cooking is a little subpar compared to the previous chef."

That was a lie. Baekhyun's cooking was a hundred times better and it wasn't just because Chanyeol was a little biased.

"And there seems to be some issues with your coworkers. A few say that you're... hmm... a disturbance."

Yet another lie. Everyone loved Baekhyun. Puzzled and curious, Baekhyun raised his hand.

Chanyeol tried to ignore it but he gave up, glancing up from his paper. "Yes?"

"May I ask... why?"

Chanyeol gulped as his eyes darted to the paper again. "Why?" he repeated, stalling for time to think. "Well...for one, they say you yell."

"Of course I have to yell. Everyone's talking all at once and I'm trying to get so many orders done that I have to—"

"I didn't ask for your excuses."

"I'm trying to explain that I'm—"

"You're taking up time with your arguments. This is another warning."

Baekhyun drew his brows together. "Sorry."

Pursing his lips, Chanyeol continued on. "Your work ethic is alright, I suppose. You show up on time, which is an issue since you should show up early. Fix that. You've already been warned about uniform code... Let's see what else." he took a few minutes before flipping the paper. "There doesn't seem to be anything else to say."

They met eyes for a moment, neither speaking. Chanyeol looked as though he was waiting for something so Baekhyun took the chance. "So... I'm getting the stamp of approval?"

Chanyeol didn't want to, but he had no reason otherwise. "Yes..."

"Alright!" Baekhyun said with a smile that made Chanyeol want to cry. Then he stood up, extending a hand. "Thank you!"

Chanyeol—as professionally as he could—stood up and took it. "Pleasure having you on board," he muttered. As they let go of one another's hand, Chanyeol asked, "Question, comments, concerns?"

Baekhyun thought about it for a while. "Well, yeah, but it's not really appropriate, I guess."

Chanyeol blinked. His thoughts as of recent days had been anything far from the word "appropriate". He took in a sharp breath before stiffly replying. "Okay... What is it?"

"Are you always such a hard ass?" The look on Baekhyun's face meant that the question was teasingly said, but Chanyeol froze.


"I mean...At the wedding, you seemed...different. You were loose, open, friendly, uh...charming—"

"Am I not charming now?" Chanyeol challenged.

Baekhyun raised his brows. "I guess you could be charming... to some people."

Chanyeol crossed his arms. "I'm different on and off the job, if that answers anything."

"I suppose," Baekhyun hummed as he turned.

Slightly annoyed for one reason or another, Chanyeol huffed. "Mr. Byun, I have another thing to say."

Baekhyun looked back. "Yes?"

"I'm going to remind you this one time about the staff honesty policy. So, beware if you're going to try anything...funny."

"That shouldn't be a problem. I swear I'm 100% honest. Even ask my mother."

Chanyeol scoffed, not wanting to say what he was thinking. Baekhyun should have left but Chanyeol's response bothered him. "What? What do you have to say?"


"No, say it."

"Get out of my office, Mr. Byun."

"Tell me what you found interesting about my comment, Mr. Park."

Chanyeol's eyes practically slashed through Baekhyun’s existence when he looked up, taking the brunette's challenge. "For someone who says they're 100% honest, I, for one, have personal experience with you, so I already know that your statement's not true."

Baekhyun's jaw dropped as he moved away from the door and approached Chanyeol again. Even though there was a desk in between them, Chanyeol still swayed back.

"Excuse me, but what 'personal experience' are you talking about, Chanyeol?"

"For one? You lied about your relationship status that night. For two? You left when I went to go get you your stupid drink—"

"Are you serious!?" Baekhyun cried. "I didn't lie about my relationship status! You asked, but I never said anything to answer you!"

"You obviously don't know the meaning of the word 'honesty' then!" Chanyeol exclaimed, hands in his hips. "Keeping secrets goes against it!"

"That doesn't make any sense," Baekhyun groaned.

"Oh, really? And what about the part where you said you'd wait while I go get us those—"

"I never said I'd wait!"

"Yes you did!" Chanyeol argued but, to be frank with himself, he wasn't so sure about his own side.

"You asked me if I wanted drinks, so I said sure. THEN you told me 'don't leave'," Baekhyun explained. "I never said I would wait."

Chanyeol gave him a look. "I'm sorry, but don't you know that it's common courtesy to WAIT when you ask someone to go get drinks?"

Baekhyun smiled. "You're funny. Yes, I do."

"Then why leave?"

"You want to know?"

"Oh, I'm just dying," Chanyeol said. He said it sarcastically as if he wasn't, but truth was, he really was dying to know why.

Baekhyun looked off for a second before laughing as he backed away towards the door. Then he looked at Chanyeol and shrugged. "I left because I knew that if I waited, I probably would've gone home with you that night.”

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