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The Letter: Dough Boy

title:The Letter: Dough Boy drabble
rating: nc17
warning:Smut/bad jokes
Words:594 words
(Ps:its 11pm orz but i might make more TL aus later bc...i like it)

Baekhyun was set with his legs spread apart and his knees on the bed. As heavily suggested by the latter, he had his apron hiked up above his waist with nothing else covering his body. Slick with lubricant, his entrance glistened under the dim lighting in the room and nothing enticed Chanyeol more as he threw away his tie, ripped open the top of his white colored shirt and began unbuckling his dark pants.

As he approached the sprawled vixen, Chanyeol stroked himself from beneath the cloth as he grinned, putting a hand on the soft curve of Baekhyun's ass. "This is a nice surprise," he chuckled, biting his lips afterwards. "I didn't think you'd actually do it."

Groaning, Baekhyun huffed. "I cant believe you got yourself ready before hand," he muttered, reaching back to hold his cheeks apart. "When the hell did you even find the time and place?"

"I'm the boss, so I can actually just give myself an early break to go home or masturbate for a while."

Baekhyun froze for a second before getting up and turning to face Chanyeol who looked disappointed by his sudden actions. "Is that why you're home to early? You skipped work just so you could come home and we could have sex?"

"Well, more importantly, I wanted to see you," the giant said, leaning down and placing a kiss on the vixen's vexed forehead. "But I couldnt give this opportunity up. We rarely do anything together anymore."

"We're busy people, Chanyeol," Baekhyun said.

"I wish we weren't."

"Yes, but—"

"But nothing," the giant interrupted, leading Baekhyun to get on his knees again. "Let's do this before you fall asleep on me like you did two weeks ago."

"I already apologized for that!" Baekhyun replied, keeping his embarrassed face shoved in the mattress. "I hate you."

"It's alright. I'll love you even if you fall asleep half-way through riding me again." Chanyeol grinned at Baekhyun's embarrassment, unzipping the front of his flyer and pulling out his excited shaft soon after.

Stepping closer, he pulled Baekhyun near the edge of the bed, perfectly where their bodies met. Taking a hand, Chanyeol took hold of his cock and began to teasingly hit the pink, tight hole with his tip. "So," he said, chuckling lowly with every playful stroke of his fat cock head pressing against Baekhyun's anticipating entrance, "how's my little baker doing today? Did you sell a lot of goodies? Your cupcakes?"

Moaning, Baekhyun lifted his ass up higher as to indicate that he wanted more than the tip brushing against him. His puckered hole constricting by itself let the giant know that he wanted to be filled more than just with words. "Chanyeol."

Laughing, Chanyeol traced the ring of muscle with his middle finger until he took Baekhyun by surprise and shoved it inside. Slowly, he stroked, quickening his pace when Baekhyun's muffled cries became more frequent. "At your little cafe, you might be the baker, but at home, you're my little dough boy," he said, watching the way his finger slipped easily in and out of Baekhyun's cunt. "And I love kneading you until you're soft and ready to be filled like—"

"Oh, god—Chanyeol, I swear, if you say it, I'll—"

"—jelly-filled donut."

Baekhyun opened his mouth to insult the stupid comment, but found that he couldn't find the opportunity to because soon after, Chanyeol fit himself all nice and snug inside his tiny vixen's warm body and proved his point that he would fill his baby up like a jelly-filled donut.

Tags: chanbaek, drabble, oneshot, the letter: dough boy
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