exobubz (exobubz) wrote,

Snapbacks and Snapshots (1/2)

title: Snapbacks and Snapshots
pairing/s: Chanyeol and Baekhyun
genre: Rom!Com
length: 13,425 / two shot
rating: pg-13
a/n: I did a minor, yet major change. ♥

He hated him. A lot, actually.

Glaring at the massive sore thumb in the crowd, Baekhyun frowned at the male that held a spot of envy. From where he stood, he had to compete with those around him just to get a shot. Of course, Baekhyun brought his trusty green stool to help him with his height issue, but either way, the giant tool up front was irritating.

The worst part about it all was that the giant bastard was a 2NE1 fan. If anything, the guy should have graciously let Baekhyun stand with him because of the simple fact that he needed to get in quickly to get the best seat for SNSD’s performance. But course, the giant wasn’t that courteous, because the cocky bastard hated the short SNSD fan.

It was obvious.

Turning his curly, blonde head back, the giant made eye contact with Baekhyun, who was glaring ten feet away. Scoffing, he smirked before cockily blowing up his bubblegum until it popped. Then, as if to rub it in the smaller fan’s face, the spaghetti-headed asshole lifted his oversized DLSR and shot a photo of Baekhyun flipping the middle finger.

After reviewing the single shot, Baekhyun watched as the douche laughed to himself before turning back around and ignoring him.

He really hated Park Chanyeol.

Pissed off, Baekhyun decided to hell with it. Picking up his green stool, he stepped out of the semi- organized line and marched his way to the front, shouldering the giant asshole into making room for him to squeeze through. It wasn’t long until Baekhyun heard angry mumbling behind him, but after the 2NE1 fan boy beside him turned his head around, the murmurings stopped.

“Did you wake up late today, short one?” Chanyeol snorted, glancing down at the smaller male who was holding his stool with one hand, yet looked like he was about to topple over because of the large camera hanging around his neck. “It’s so strange to see you all the way back there with the rest of the losers who think they’ll get good photos in the back.”

“Shut up,” Baekhyun muttered, huffing as he gripped his stool. “I wasn’t even that late.”

“Later than me.”

“I could’ve taken a train and you still would’ve gotten here before me with your legs,” the shorter male remarked.
Smacking the gum around in his mouth, Chanyeol shrugged. “What made you think you could cut up here with me?”

“Because your face pissed me off and you don’t deserve to get in first.”

“Neither do late losers.”

“I wasn’t even that late!” Baekhyun cried loudly, causing Chanyeol to stifle an amused laugh. “I was literally right there!”

Blowing up a bubble, Chanyeol shook his head disapprovingly at the defensive fan boy. “Babe, you cut about twenty people.”

In a second, the bubble had popped and Baekhyun’s face had heated as his jaw slacked at the remark. Retaliating, he turned his stool’s plastic legs towards the giant and shoved it harshly against him. Feeling the legs stab into him, Chanyeol yelled, jumping back and accidentally falling backwards, losing his place in line.

If Baekhyun wasn’t satisfied enough, when the front doors opened to begin letting in fans from certain groups, he was over the moon then. As he shuffled towards the entrance, eyeing the way Chanyeol was slowly sitting up on the ground, he stuck his tongue out at the giant. “Have fun taking pictures of your girls lose all the way in the back! That’ll get traffic going on your site alright.”

Baekhyun laughed until he got to the doorway and was told he couldn’t take his stool inside with him. Shrugging, Baekhyun tossed it over to Chanyeol, hitting the boy on the head with the plastic invention. And if there was a slight moment in which Baekhyun felt some remorse, it was gone by the time he stepped inside and began pushing other girls aside for the best spot.


When Baekhyun got home, he was ecstatic as hell. The first thing he did was go over the photos that he took—no doubt were they perfect because of where he stood. Taking photos of the DLSR screen with his cellphone, Baekhyun began taking pictures of what he wanted to release as previews for Sunny’s beautiful face. After he finished, he slipped his camera’s memory card onto his laptop and began transferring all his shots over. As he waited for the thousand shots to load, he edited the previews using a photo editing application on his cellphone.

He was in no hurry. Unlike all the new fan sites, Baekhyun already had a following, therefore he didn’t need to rush for the first upload, but that didn’t mean he could just fool around his time away. Just as he finished his fourth preview photo and was about to move on to tagging his fifth, his saw the text notification that dropped down at the top of his phone.

From PCY:
What a rude little runt.

Rolling his eyes, Baekhyun ignored the message and went back to tagging, eventually uploading three preview photos onto Weibo and Twitter before being notified of another text from the 2NE1 fan site master. Again, Baekhyun was about to ignore, but this time, it seemed like the asshole wasn’t going to stop until he replied back.

From PCY:
I know your phone is on.

From PCY:
Don’t be rude and answer me, short stuff.

From PCY:
I need an apology from you, babe.

From PCY:
I know you’re on your phone. I can see you’re uploading your previews.

Frustrated, Baekhyun finally answered back, but it wasn’t like he wanted to. He had questions to answer, previews to upload, and photos to quickly edit, stamp, and upload on his large fan site, but Chanyeol’s constant texting was irritating and distracting.

From Shorty:
I’m not going to apologize. No pain, no gain.

From PCY:
I scratched my elbow and I had to fight my way for a decent spot, runt.

From Shorty:
I’m crying for you. Really.

From PCY:
Say you’re sorry.

From Shorty:
It’s not my fault you fell back and lost your spot.

From PCY:
Don’t be like that.

From Shorty:
Go away. I have previews to upload.

From PCY:
Honey, you need to learn how to treat me better. But anyways, what do you want me to do about your plastic stool.

From Shorty:
Drop it off in front of my dorm room.

From PCY:
Got it.

Afterwards, Baekhyun went back to uploading the rest of the previews that he had to offer and began editing his picture, picking and choosing which made Sunny look like the true goddess that she was. Thirty minutes into editing, he heard a knock at his door. Looking at the time, Baekhyun knew that it wasn’t his roommate, who had class at the moment.

He had class, too, but he was ditching for obvious reasons, and as far as Baekhyun knew, there was only one other kid that he knew who was ditching as well.

Trudging to the door, Baekhyun turned the knob and was met with the sight of the giant who had carried his laptop and charger with him all the way to Baekhyun’s room. Hearing the screeching of plastic, Baekhyun looked down and saw the tall boy push his green stool inside the room with his feet. Without asking, Chanyeol nudged past Baekhyun and made himself at home, jumping and taking a seat on Baekhyun’s roommate’s bed.

“I thought you were just dropping this off,” Baekhyun said, pointing at the plastic stool as he closed the door.

“My roommate wanted to have sex with his boyfriend,” Chanyeol said nonchalantly as he shrugged. “I didn’t want to be around.”

“Go edit your photos downstairs in the lobby.”


Rolling his eyes, Baekhyun inwardly sighed as he moved back to his desk, continuing to blur out all the faces that didn’t matter, which were basically the other members and sometimes the MC. For a while, the only thing that could be heard in the room were the sounds of mouse pads being tapped on until, as usual, the giant taking up space in the corner opened his mouth.

“Do you have gum?”

All the activity that Baekhyun was doing paused as he tried to collect himself without blowing up at the idiot. “No.”

“Does your roommate have gum?”

“Park, you know we don’t have gum in this room ever,” Baekhyun said sharply, rotating his seat to face the giant smirking at him. “Why do you keep asking the same question over and over again when you know that I’m going to tell you no?”

“Maybe if I ask enough times, you’ll say yes.”

“Go buy your own gum before you come in here,” Baekhyun muttered, turning back to his laptop. “Gum addict.”

“I forgot to take some before I left my room,” Chanyeol explained, uploading his first preview. If Baekhyun knew about the pace the taller boy worked, he would have cried blood.

Snorting, Baekhyun went about to organizing the new photos on his site. “Why do you constantly eat gum? It’s gross.”

“I like having minty fresh breath,” Chanyeol replied, watching Baekhyun’s back although the preview was already uploaded and all he needed were captions. “What if I wanted to kiss someone in the moment?”

“Uh, ew.”

“Just a thought.”

“Who’d want to kiss you?” Baekhyun scoffed, breaking into a small laugh. “You chase around girls with a camera and run a fan site. No girl wants to date you.”

“Same goes for you, right?”

“I don’t need girls,” Baekhyun mumbled. “I just need Sunny.”

Shaking his head, Chanyeol went back to looking at his screen and dragging the pictures he was releasing that hour and organizing a few others to upload later. “What’s so special about her, anyways? I’ve seen her. I don’t know what you see in her, though.”

“I could say the same thing about you and 2NE1,” Baekhyun threw back, yawning.

Bobbing his head from side to side, Chanyeol decided not to fire back. “Whatever, runt. It’s not like Sunny will be interested in short guys like you, anyhow. You’re too short to love.”

Becoming defensive, Baekhyun took a pen from his desk and threw it at Chanyeol’s head. Unfortunately for him, Chanyeol moved and the object hit the wall behind him. “You’re too…too…too weird looking!” Baekhyun weakly snapped. “The only reason why Dara looks at your camera is because you’re the ugliest thing in the crowd!”

Chanyeol stifled a laugh in front of the frustrated brunet. “Yawn, babe. Got anything else?”

“You have a big mouth!”

With his self-control lost, Chanyeol threw his head back and burst into a fit of laughter. “Your insults suck, babe.”

“And stop calling me ‘babe’!” the brunet snapped. “We’re not friends. I don’t know if you stumbled down the stairs on your way up here, but you must be fucked in the head if you think we are! And what the hell! Why can’t you go to the library to do your editing!? Why the freakin’ hell do you insist on sitting your giant ass on Kyungsoo’s bed and think that it’s okay to talk to me like we’re friends!?”

“Calm down…babe.”

Baekhyun’s eyes flared. “You’re a piece of shit,” he spat.

“You’re a sassy little one,” Chanyeol laughed, shrugging. “We all have our flaws, right? No need to be so angry, hon. All I asked for was gum.”

“Are you shitting me, Park?”

“Even if I could shit on you, that wouldn’t be the most sanitary thing to do.”

Absolutely done with the pointless argument, Baekhyun turned back around. “I hope your stupid fan site shuts down.”

“Thank you,” Chanyeol said with all respect. “And for the record, I took the elevator to get here.”


Their relationship was kind of weird, but to Baekhyun it was pretty clear that there was no relationship to even discuss. Chanyeol ran a 2NE1 fan site because, as the giant shamelessly self-proclaimed, he was their biggest fan boy. As for Baekhyun, he was a loyal Sone. Always have been and always will be.

It was clear to everyone who knew the two personally that there was some sort of high electricity tension between the two, but nine out of ten people would agree in the fact that most of that tension came from Baekhyun’s part. The smaller male didn’t seem to hold any type of like for the tall, curly haired giant, but the same couldn’t be said about Chanyeol.

Often times, the tall one would tease and play along, competing with Baekhyun whenever they had the chance to bump into one another at music shows.

When they first met, however, Baekhyun didn’t hate the boy, who was too tall for his own good. In fact, he liked him, even. It happened on one of those nights in which his friends decided to drag him over to a karaoke bar along with other people, who Baekhyun wasn’t really familiar with.

At first, Chanyeol was funny and charming. His hair was unusual, but Baekhyun secretly liked it. The two of them click right off the bat, but things went downhill when it was Baekhyun’s turn to sing and, like always, he chose one of Girls’ Generation’s song.

“Is this a joke?” the tall male laughed.

For a second, Baekhyun thought that he was merely playing, subtly teasing him for his song of choice. However, Chanyeol went on.

“Your taste in music can’t be this bad, right?”

No, Baekhyun thought, his taste in music wasn’t bad. Then, despite all the laughs and jokes that they shared, the brunet turned around, picked up the song book, and thrusted it straight into the giant’s face.

“Don’t insult my girls,” Baekhyun warned.
Bewildered, Chanyeol creased his brows as he looked at the pissed off little male. “Calm down, you crazy Sone.”

Baekhyun didn’t turn around to check, but he safely assumed that he broke Chanyeol’s nose that night.
A few days after, as he waited in line for a music show, camera strung around his neck, he turned to his left and saw a familiar face, three people behind him. At first, he couldn’t believe his little eyes as to what he was seeing, but it made him hate the individual even more.

There, Chanyeol stood. His nose had some sort of Band-Aid on it, which made Baekhyun feel triumphant. His hair was just as curly and blond as the last time Baekhyun saw. But of all the things that caught his attention, it was the large sign that the giant douche was holding up reading, “Sandara, I love you!”

And that was how Baekhyun found out about Chanyeol’s love for 2NE1.


Life as fan site master wasn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world, but Baekhyun figured that it was alright since it was for his favorite woman in the whole wide world—except his mom. He took the job as seriously as he could, while at the same time, managing his classes and assignments without falling behind considering how many days of lessons he actually misses due to SNSD’s schedule.

There were others who helped him take photos, but he preferred being the one taking them at the end of the day. When it came to overseas schedule, he had other people and other fan sites to take his place, which was why Baekhyun had been bustling about for days, trying to contact volunteers in Japan.

A Korean pop benefit concert was about to take place in a week and Baekhyun needed to make arrangements for express banner shipping and gathering wilful fans of his site to do him the honor getting the pictures.

Chanyeol had slipped the concert topic the day before the actual event in the cafe shop where Baekhyun had the unfortunate luck of bumping into the giant beanstalk. And although he wanted nothing to do with the guy, Baekhyun found himself cornered into a seat meant for two people, which Chanyeol took advantage of the moment he sat his ass down on the empty seat.

“2NE1’s going, too.”

Baekhyun didn’t care. “Wonderful.”

“I checked the lineup online and saw that SNSD will be the fourth going on stage,” Chanyeol grinned, sipping his black coffee, which Baekhyun thought was disgusting since he disliked the bitter taste. “My girls will be going up as the sixth act.”

Sipping on his drink and trying to act like he was busy on his cellphone, Baekhyun scoffed. “I know. I checked the list, too.”

“How many volunteers did you manage to recruit?” Chanyeol asked, fully aware of what Baekhyun was doing, which was trying to bore him into leaving.

“Six,” Baekhyun quickly replied. “Are you done with the questions?”

“Are you going to the airport tomorrow?”

Rolling his eyes, Baekhyun bit back his tongue. “Yes. I am.”

“I’ll be seeing you there, then,” Chanyeol grinned. “I checked and saw that your girls and my girls will be on the same flight.”

“If you mean that my girls will be sitting in first class while yours sit in the back of the plane, then yes, they will be on the same flight. I checked.” Baekhyun sighed. Looking up from his cellphone, he cocked his head. “Are you done now?”

“Babe, being nice to me would do you some good,” Chanyeol grinned, putting a hand on his heart. “I’m a great guy and 2NE1’s a great group, you know.”

Baekhyun gave him a lopsided a frown. “You’re a douche, who thinks my taste in music is bad. You—and your fifteen story hair—can kiss my ass.”

“You know,” Chanyeol said, forcibly pushing Baekhyun’s phone on the table when the brunet tried to distract himself with it once again, “I’m going to Tokyo tomorrow—yes, I’ll actually be there. So, if you’re not nice, a certain runt who’s too short to love won’t be getting a cute plushie souvenir from me or shots of Sunny’s beautiful face.”

Bringing his brows together, Baekhyun’s frown deepened as his eyes darted from his phone and Chanyeol’s eyes. “What the hell? I never asked you to do any of that, you ass. Don’t make yourself out to be some sort of saint, because I know you’re not. I have volunteers. I don’t need you. I’m not a charity case and neither is my site, so fuck off.”

Chanyeol mockingly pouted before he moved his hand away and shrugged, leaning against his chair. “If you didn’t cuss so much at me, I’d actually think that you have a pretty little mouth.” As Baekhyun tried to organize his thoughts for a comeback, the taller male picked up his drink and pointed an index finger from his busy hand in Baekhyun’s direction before walking out. “I’m kidding. Rude or not, you’re physically blessed.”


The day of the concert was hectic for Baekhyun, who was constantly checking his phone for photo updates from his volunteers abroad. When his professor began to get annoyed by his mumblings, Baekhyun promptly left as he decided that he wasn’t going to deal with stress and a professor that was ready to chew his ass on it.


When Baekhyun logged onto his social networking sites late that night as he began to receive photos by the dozens by his faithful volunteers, he noticed the amount of activity going with Chanyeol’s account. Feeling some slice of jealousy that the giant was able to attend and physically be there to cheer on his bias group, Baekhyun frowned and ignored the latter’s account as he proceeded to upload previews and began working on editing the photo submissions.


“She was so beautiful.”


“I mean, I think…When she was singing her part in ‘I Love You’, I swear she was looking at me.”

Having been reminded that Chanyeol was not only there, but also just a few rows from the main stage, Baekhyun rolled his eyes, trying not to feel too envious. “You’re just a fan in a crowd of many. Don’t flatter yourself. It’s sad to look at you when you do this.”

“And it’s very sad to see you falling behind on school,” Chanyeol snorted.

Inwardly sighing, Baekhyun looked around the university cafeteria, wondering why of all the place to sit, Chanyeol decided to sit right in front of him. But then again, the giant never passed up an opportunity to rub it in his face whenever he got something that Baekhyun really wanted as well.

“You know,” Baekhyun said, cocking his head, “you’re distracting me from finishing this assignment right now. Do you mind leaving?”

Puckering his lips in a playful manner, Chanyeol glanced down at the table and quickly swiped Baekhyun’s papers away from him. “Mass communication thesis.”

“Yes, now give it back,” Baekhyun muttered, reaching for the paper over the table.

Moving his hand, Chanyeol kept the papers in his possession. “Need help? I can help.”

“Uh, no.”

“Just say yes, you stupid runt.”

Pointing a finger straight in Chanyeol’s face, Baekhyun glared. “Give me my papers now, Park. I have things to do and this is the only time I have in getting some work done because then I have other things that needed to be done. You know how complicated it is starting a photo book, right? I’m starting one, but I don’t know why I’m talking to you about it. Just give me the papers.”

The teasing look on Chanyeol’s face wavered, replaced by a look of both concern and irritation. “Quit pushing school off.”

“You push school off, too!” Baekhyun exclaimed, getting defensive. “You even took a few days off for the Japan concert, so don’t even talk!”

Laughing in the smaller male’s face, Chanyeol looked smug in Baekhyun’s eyes. “I spoke to my professors about it and got ahead. You, on the other hand, have been here and are still falling behind. So, just accept my help.”

“Never from a Blackjack.”

Rolling his eyes, Chanyeol groaned. “Don’t be immature.”

“Oh, because I’m a Sone? I’m immature because I’m a Sone?”

“Baekhyun, I didn’t mean it like that—”

Standing up, Baekhyun quickly took the papers back into his possession, quickly putting them in his bag and gathering his tray. “Thanks for the offer, but we’re not even friends,” he mumbled as he start putting his bowls and utensils on the plastic slate. “I’m going to have to say no.”

Giving the brunet a lopsided frown, Chanyeol leaned on the table, watching him. “We could be—”

“I have to go. I’ll see you around,” Baekhyun said, cutting him off.

As he walked away to put his garbage in the trash can and plates back to the drop off area, Chanyeol blew out air from his mouth as he groaned, running a frustrated hand through his hair before standing up to leave just when people were beginning to whisper about how he was just ditched.


Chanyeol hadn’t bothered him in weeks. This was a good thing, Baekhyun presumed, but he found himself somewhat bothered by the lack of the companion that he was used to having.

The thought of missing the one person he didn’t really give much shit for didn’t linger as Baekhyun became more and more involved in his work. Sunnydaysz9, his fan site for his beloved goddess, was in competition with another fan site for Sunny. Baekhyun wasn’t very bothered until rumors started floating around about how he had violently shoved the fan site master for the other site for the best shot, which he thought was absolutely absurd.

Although he was labelled as a stalker fan, he believed that unnecessary physical contact was both troublesome and rude. So although he might’ve shoulder shoved someone, he most definitely would not have been intensely violent, especially to a girl.

It took some time, but eventually, he set up a date with the girl, whose name was Sunmi. Not having thought about it, he took her to the café that he often frequented and ended up having a hard time trying to talk business with the woman with the curly haired giant sitting behind her, giving him intense stares for long durations at a time.


“You’re stressing yourself out.”

Puffing his cheeks with air for five seconds, Baekhyun turned to Kyungsoo and blew it all out before turning his swivel chair back around to continue on working. “I have a lot of things to do. First, I need to contact my fan artist. I’m going to see a sample of what she has planned for the photo book. Next, I need to organize all the photos again, page by page. I also need to check in with the graphics designer I hired last week to make the cover. Then, I have the—”

Shaking his head, Kyungsoo sat up on his bed, crossing his legs. “What about your school work?”

“Later. I’ll do those later.”

“You’re falling behind,” Kyungsoo reminded in a tired voice as he fell back on the mattress. Staring up at the ceiling, he yawned as he took note that it was already ten at night. “You know that kid? With the curly hair? The really tall one?”

Baekhyun’s hand froze for a second before continuing to move and blur out the unnecessary faces behind Sunny during a signing event that took place a few days prior. “Chanyeol. What about him?”

“He caught up with me a few times,” Kyungsoo confessed. “I don’t know, but he seemed concerned for you.”

Rolling his eyes, Baekhyun turned his head back to look in his roommate’s direction. “Tell him to stop. He has no business worrying about me.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“We’re not friends.”
“Then why does he follow you around and hang out here?” Kyungsoo asked.

Returning his attention back to his screen, Baekhyun shrugged to himself. “Beats me.”


Here and there, Baekhyun would see Chanyeol. Sometimes, they would start an eye contact until Baekhyun decided he had better things to do than to share moments with the tall guy who thought his music taste was complete shit.

Then, after a few months had passed since Chanyeol began to give him his space, Baekhyun found himself crying.


Bad luck.

Baekhyun always had the worst of luck some days, but he was absolutely broken when it happened on that one particular day.

SNSD was at the airport along with other artists to board a flight to China for a charity concert event. It was absolutely crowded despite how early he had to get up and go to the airport just for photos. As he waited, he saw 2NE1 pass as well as their fans crowding to get photos. He wondered if Chanyeol was in that crowd, but Baekhyun didn’t have the care—or pride—to see.

When his girls came out, the frenzy began. Baekhyun stood on the platform of a high pillar to get above the rest just as the girls walked by. Holding down the snap button, he took almost a hundred shots in just a minute. As SNSD began walking farther away towards check in, so did the crowd, and that’s when Baekhyun had his mishap.

Too focused on looking through his lenses, he was unable to catch himself from falling forward and people began to bump and push him from behind, just enough to make him lose his balance. Stumbling down, he lets go of his camera. The initial sound of the lens breaking was what swerved his attention from his aching body and to his beloved camera. As he reached for it, the device moved as it was kicked by the crowd.

Limping up, he tried to fight the crowd to retrieve his camera, but suddenly a hand grabbed him by his satchel and pulled him back. Baekhyun was close to shedding a tear when he felt that tug. It seemed like the world was somewhat against him.

When he tried to walk forward again, just like before, he was pulled back, but this time, he saw a figure wearing a snapback and hoodie walk past him and push their way through the crowd, emerging seconds later with the camera in their hand.

Soon, a hand held out his camera towards him, but Baekhyun didn’t take it immediately. Instead he glared up at the boy who straightened his hair that day. “What’re you doing here, Chanyeol?”

“I’m just taking pictures of my girls, Baek.”

“Your girls came and left an hour ago.”

Chanyeol shrugged. “I stuck around because I have a flight to catch soon, alright?”

Glancing at the device in Chanyeol’s large hands, Baekhyun pursed his lips before he begrudgingly took the camera back, inspecting it. Cursing, he bit his lips to stop himself from breaking out in a crazy frenzy. Looking back up, he saw that the crowd following his girls was faithfully following them to the check-in counter, leaving the area that he was in isolated as hell.

Tracing the damage, Baekhyun closed his eyes for a moment. “It’s cracked…Damn it, it’s cracked,” he said, trying to hide the bitterness in his small voice. “What the hell am I going to do now?”

Chanyeol looked pitifully at the brunet beside him. “Don’t you have an extra one?”


“Then what about an extra—”

“I don’t have anything that’s going to fix this!” Baekhyun snapped, looking up and showing Chanyeol just how upset he was. “I checked in my bags. It had all the extras that I had. I still have photos to take, but now this lens extension is shit. I mean, you’d think that after paying a lifetime’s worth of money that it’d withstand a fucking stampede, but it doesn’t and now I can’t even—”

Placing a finger on Baekhyun’s lips, Chanyeol quietly stopped his ramblings before the brunet decided to move his head away. “First of all, are you going to China, too?”

Scrunching his face up at the curly haired giant, Baekhyun frowned. “Yeah—”

“What flight?”

“Same as the one my girls’ are taking…” Baekhyun replied slowly. “Why?”

“I didn’t know you were skipping on school just to go,” Chanyeol mumbled, slightly disappointed.

Snorting, Baekhyun glanced away, checking to see if SNSD was still at check-in. “Aren’t you skipping, too?”

“Yeah, but I’m not the one behind,” Chanyeol pointed out.

“Whatever. I don’t need this talk again,” Baekhyun muttered as turned on his heel to start walking back to the crowd. However, Chanyeol had a different idea when he grabbed his wrist.

“You and I are going to be on the same flight. What’s your seat number?”

“Twenty-four A.”

Smirking, Chanyeol cocked his head. “Twenty-five A.”

Muttering “great” under his breath, Baekhyun wrestled his wrist free. “Don’t bother me on the plane.”

“What? What can I do to you?” Chanyeol scoffed. “Stand over your seat and breathe on you? I mean, I can—”


Laughing, Chanyeol put his hands in his pockets. “What about your camera? What’re you going to do about that?”

Glancing down at the device, Baekhyun’s lips thinned. “I’ll just fix it up when I get to my hotel.”

“Where’d you book?”

“Same hotel as SNSD a month ago.”


Baekhyun raised his eyes upwards, giving the tall giant some of his attention as he studied the look on his face. “What?”

“Nothing,” Chanyeol said nonchalantly as he balanced on his heels. “I’ll ask later.”

“Ask it now,” Baekhyun commanded.


Creasing his brows, Baekhyun glared at him. “Stop beating around the bush. Spit it out.”

Laughing, Chanyeol shook his head as he walked past Baekhyun, bothering the shorter male. “I’m always beating around the bush!” he exasperatedly said loudly. “You’re just too dumb to notice.”

“Excuse me—”

“Better start walking!” Chanyeol called, turning his body around for a second before spinning back towards the direction of check-in. “Your girls are finishing up.”


Sitting in twenty-four A wasn’t bad. The man next to him was an old timer who fell asleep an hour after the flight took off and the next one over was his twelve year old son who wouldn’t stop imitating the airplane and motioning his hands around as he pretended to be the pilot. Baekhyun was silently glad that he had a bladder of steel, not wanting to disturb either of the people practically blocking him to the window seat from their amusement and rest.

He had put his camera into his carry on seeing as how it would never get the perfect high quality that he wanted without the lens anyways. When he decided, Chanyeol had given him a very small camera that everyday people used. Before Baekhyun could shove it back and bark about not wanting pity, Chanyeol put a finger on the brunet’s lips before simply saying, “Shut up and take it, runt.”

To pass the time, Baekhyun played around with the camera for a while. And while the man beside him and his son took a nap, Baekhyun’s fingers kept turning the device on and off, watching as the automatic lenses came out and retracted repeatedly until the novelty wore off and he put it away.

Surprisingly, Chanyeol hadn’t tried to talk to him once, which was odd since Baekhyun expected more of a bother from the Blackjack. Curiosity got to him at one point when he shifted his body so he could look through the small crack of space on the window side to try and get a peak of the giant behind him.
This was a mistake. It was an embarrassing mistake.

Perhaps in his mind Baekhyun thought that he was being sly and secretive, but the way that Chanyeol’s eyes fell straight onto his made Baekhyun’s heart pump ten beats faster. When the kid who was staring straight back at him and wearing his snapback loosely on top of his head smirked, Baekhyun immediately faced forward again, leaning hard against his seat.

He stayed that way for a while until he decided he needed something to take his mind off the idiot sitting behind him. Repeatedly tapping the touch screen in front of him, Baekhyun turned on the device and tried to play the games available on the plane.

After playing all the interesting games, Baekhyun decided to play the plane trivia where passengers could anonymously play each other under usernames. Typing in his birthday number as his username, Baekhyun waited until all the spots for the online game filled up. He didn’t pay much attention to the names since all he wanted to do was play, so when the green “next” button lit up, Baekhyun quickly tapped it and proceeded to play.


He hated them.
Whoever the hell “SpunkyBabe” was, Baekhyun wanted to kill them. He constantly lost, and when he thought he would win the game, “SpunkyBabe” would always get the last crucial questions correctly, taking away the virtual title.

What a motherfucker, Baekhyun thought before turning off his screen after losing for the hundredth time.


When the plane arrived in China, Baekhyun wasn’t able to take pictures in customs. There were too many people, and frankly, he didn’t want to bother with the guards and the security caravan. He snuck a few pictures with his phone, but those were for mementos.


Back on the plane, Baekhyun waited until the rest of the people were out to avoid being squashed in the aisle from all the passengers trying to get out of the plane at once. When he figured that the remaining crowd was doable, he stood up, only to see that Chanyeol was still sitting in his seat, which he reclined back since the passenger behind him was already gone.

“What’re you doing?” he had asked.

Chanyeol, who had his eyes closed then, opened one eye teasingly. “What do you want me to say? I was waiting for you?”

“You’re fucking stupid. Never mind.”


By the time Baekhyun finished with customs (Chanyeol following closely behind) SNSD had already gone out a private exit, escorted by airport guards and paid security, disabling Baekhyun from the ability to take more photos worth uploading on his site.

Although the girls had gone, Baekhyun knew where they were going, so he went out to the front of the airport as fast as he could and quickly got a hold of the taxi. He hurriedly put his luggage in the trunk and hopped inside the vehicle, handing the driver a prewritten note of the hotel’s address written in perfect Chinese.

Just as the man nodded and gave back the piece of paper, the side door swung open and Baekhyun was impacted with a fairly heavy duffle bag hitting his body and knocking him off to the side. Before he could say a word, Baekhyun felt himself being gently pushed ever so slightly to the left.

“Thanks for getting a cab for us.”


If Baekhyun could, he would’ve reached inside Chanyeol’s body and ripped out his heart so that the giant would just drop dead. He let the cab ride go, because apparently, the giant was headed to the same hotel and Baekhyun, despite not being too fond of the large giant, was all for green environmentalism and carpooling.

One that Baekhyun couldn’t get past, however, was the fact that upon arriving at the hotel, Chanyeol had announced that they would be sharing the room that Baekhyun had paid for.


“You’re not staying in the room that I had to fight to book,” Baekhyun growled as he watched numbers above the elevator door decrease.

“But they were already booked by the time I looked online and—”

“First come, first serve.”

“Baekhyun,” Chanyeol said almost adamantly as if he was trying to guilt trip the boy.

The shorter male wasn’t buying it. The moment the elevator rang and the doors slid open, he stepped inside and blocked Chanyeol’s attempts to join him. He pressed the floor button and did everything he could to stop Chanyeol from getting inside until the doors began to slowly close.

Maybe he felt a bit of triumph, but that feeling lasted momentarily. The smile Baekhyun had on his face slowly disappeared as a sad looking blonde with a loose snapback messily planted on his head was staring at him on the other side until the doors became a physical wall between them.

part 2
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