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Not Intended: Life and Marriage 6

Chapter 6

Just as Chanyeol thought, Baekhyun overfed himself with food from the train’s dining cart and got a little bit of motion sickness. He held strong for a few hours until it got so bad that Chanyeol had to keep a barf bag ready just in case a vomit explosion happened right next to him. He scolded the brunet for not stopping on his all-you-can-eat mission, but there was nothing else Chanyeol could really do since Baekhyun was already feeling green and under the weather. It didn’t even look like he was listening anymore. Baekhyun just sat in his seat, slouching as the train continued to move uncaring for his condition.

“This sucks,” Baekhyun had grumbled, eyes red from all the times he gagged and thought he was about to blow over. “I overeat when I’m really nervous… I mean, this only happened once before and that was because I knew I had to meet my future-in-laws and fiancé, who I really didn’t want to meet, Yeol. I know it was you then now, but did I tell you that I ate an entire bucket of ice cream before I decided to fall from my second story bedroom? I did. It hurt, but I did.”



Baekhyun’s stomach bomb didn’t go off and Chanyeol was thanking the gods when they arrived in Seoul without having to go through vomit and crying, which would happen after the vomiting since Baekhyun had the habit of forming tears after embarrassing events. Once Chanyeol gathered their belongings with the help of Sehun, carrying their things since he had no desire to make the sick one carry anything but his curious dog, they stepped out of the train.

After a while, Baekhyun took in a deep breath and closed his eyes, appreciating the fact that the ground wasn’t moving beneath his feet. Latching Nugget’s leash to his little body harness, the brunet set the dog down on the ground and turned his head to face Chanyeol who was standing right beside him, watching Nugget sniff the foreign environment, making sure to keep clear of the gardener.

“Do you want me to carry any of that?” Baekhyun asked, tilting his head. “I can take the suitcase since it has wheels.”

Chanyeol slanted his lips in slight concern, but nonetheless, cautiously handed over the lighter case to his fiancé who smiled upon accidental fingertip contact. “I didn’t want you exerting yourself, but if you’re feeling okay, then I guess it’d be fine for you to take that one.”
Sticking out his tongue, Baekhyun lifted his chin up. “I’m not that weak,” he said, “besides, isn’t a driver waiting for us outside of the station?”

Nodding, Chanyeol confirmed. He had forgotten about the private driver that his parents had insisted on sending despite arguing that Baekhyun and he would be fine using cab transportation. Sighing, he moved forward, gently nudging Baekhyun to start walking out of the station while whistling to get Sehun’s attention.

As they made progress, making sure that they didn’t get separated from each other with all the other people bustling around them, Chanyeol looked over at Baekhyun’s face the way he frequently did on the train to check the small male’s current state of mind. He noticed that Baekhyun’s knuckles were almost white from gripping the suitcase handle with a heavy hold. The look on the brunet’s pretty face seemed serious even though Chanyeol admitted to himself that the way Baekhyun puffed his cheeks out with his brows all scrunched together had a slight charm and cuteness to it.

“Are you okay there?”

Snapping out of his thoughts, Baekhyun blinked and nodded just as they walked through the automatic sliding doors that led to the outside. “Yeah.”

“Stop thinking so much about it,” Chanyeol reminded again. “It’s going to be fine. It’s just four days.”


It was already late in the afternoon, and it was hot. Knowing that the bus and train ride did nothing to put the small idiot at ease, Chanyeol frowned, running a hand through his hair. He took a hand and gripped the strap of the bag hanging across his chest before placing a soft kiss on the side of Baekhyun’s forehead. “When I want you to think about your actions, you don’t. You do stupid things and you get hurt afterwards. But for the next few days, I’m actually going to tell you to stop thinking so much with that head of yours.” Then to Sehun, he said, “Take Nugget. Baekhyun has enough to lug around with the suitcase.”

Shrugging, Sehun took hold of the leash and crouched down to pick the black dog up. Wriggling around, Nugget struggled, undesiring to be held by the boy who stole the bones that he had buried in the deep ground. While the gardener conquered the little critter, Chanyeol put a hand on Baekhyun’s back and started moving them in the direction of a dark vehicle not too far off that he recognized as their way back to his parents’ home. After a few seconds, Sehun fixed his own backpack and ran over to catch up with the couple.

As they approached closer to the car, Chanyeol detached himself from Baekhyun for a split moment to reach over and shake the driver’s hand. “Finally! I’ve been waiting since forever.”

Grinning, Chanyeol motioned a hand to Baekhyun who slowly approached the familiar two. “Baekhyun, this is Jihoon,” he said the nervous brunet.

“Hi,” Jihoon said first, extending his hand. “Nice to finally meet Chanyeol’s soon-to-be-husband!”

Baekhyun’s mouth wobbled before he burst out laughing with a pained expression. Like the maniac that he was in his head, he took Jihoon’s hand and began to shake with a nervous fury. If Chanyeol hadn’t caught Jihoon’s surprised and confused expression about Baekhyun’s weird hyperactivity, he wouldn’t have reached and stopped Baekhyun from shaking any more. However, although he had stopped Baekhyun’s delicate hands, he couldn’t stop the little bride’s mouth from running away.

“I’m Baekhyun!”

Politely chuckling, Jihoon grinned. “Yes, I know—”

“That’s my dog!” Baekhyun burst, pointing in Nugget’s direction. At that moment, the dog started to bark and howl, putting up another fight in Sehun’s arms. It seemed like a mess with Baekhyun unable to calm himself and Nugget going insane, all of which was happening in the midst of the open public.

“Oh, I didn’t—”

“Do I smell like I just vomited because I swear I—”

It was then that Chanyeol decided to intervene. Jihoon looked as though he could already sense what type of person Chanyeol had fallen in love with, and in that moment, he let the giant know by raising his brows and curving his lips into a smile that seemed even more teasing. “Alright, Baekhyun. Let’s get in the car,” he sighed, reaching for the back door and opening it for the smaller male. “Scoot over for Sehun and your dog.”

Leaving the suitcase outside, Baekhyun lowered his embarrassed face and nodded, almost crawling into the backseat before awaiting Sehun to join him. Outside the vehicle, Chanyeol closed the door and took the suitcase Baekhyun had left and started approaching the open trunk where Jihoon was waiting for him to hand their entire luggage off to him.

“So, that’s the one that stole your heart, huh?”

Rolling his eyes, Chanyeol took the duffle bag off that was hanging on his shoulder and tossed it in the back while Jihoon heaved their suitcases in as well. “Stole it, baked it, ate it… I suppose every term.”

After everything had been put inside, Jihoon shook his head while shutting the trunk. “He’s kind of weird, you know, which is funny because he’s not exactly something you would’ve liked years ago.”

Chanyeol’s lips curved even more as he and Jihoon separated into their own ways on each side of the car. “Things change,” he replied before pulling his side of the car open and getting in. When Baekhyun tugged him by the sleeve and asked what they were talking about, the giant responded by reaching over and patting the brunet on his knee. “Don’t worry about it. It was nothing that concerned you anyways.”



Baekhyun twiddled with his fingers all the way over to the estate despite the connection and comfort that the young driver was able to provide. Chanyeol kept his guard on the brunet’s conversation topics. There were broad topics to discuss on a first meeting basis, but certain intimate things needed to be kept private, like certain bedroom experimentations. Those details needed to be spared.

The moment they arrived on the property, Baekhyun receded back into himself for a minute. When he took in a deep breath and shook himself, Chanyeol watched him with a curious eye and was amused to watch the brunet throw the door on the side open and get out of the car with such enthusiasm—no matter how blatantly forced it all was.

While Jihoon took their things out the trunk, Sehun went over to the gates to hit the call button. Baekhyun stood just a few feet away looking at his surroundings. The neighborhood was quiet with houses separated from one another with walls and gates. The Park’s property, for one, was something that even Baekhyun couldn’t see because of the high-rise walls. Maybe, he thought, if he was as tall as his giant lover, he’d be able to see at least some part of the house, but Baekhyun could only imagine.

Trees from within the walls grew so large that their leafy branches were one of the few things Baekhyun could actually point out and “Oooh” about to Nugget, who was still in the gardener’s arms. After all their things were set on the street, Sehun finished with greeting the Parks and getting the gate to open, Chanyeol picked up their bags along with his apprentice’s help. Baekhyun snapped out of his trance and awe of the place a few seconds after the two taller men started mobilizing.

“Can I help?” he piped, following them to the entrance. “Sehun, I can take Nugget.”

“Okay,” Sehun replied, releasing Nugget on the ground, free to run straight into his dad’s arms. “By the way, I think he’s a little bit hungry. He keeps nibbling on my hand.”

Baekhyun looked down at the dog that had settled in his arms. “Really? He seems calm right now.”

Before the conversation could go on, Chanyeol pushed the gate doors and stepped on the property, holding it open for the nineteen year old and the rest of his little line of pups. “Come on, Baekhyun. Raise your chin up.”

Perking his lips out, Baekhyun gave the giant a look as he passed him. Just as the steel gates clicked shut behind them, the smaller male turned his head back to meet the peering tower’s eyes while Sehun went ahead the stone steps, climbing up to the house. He dropped the pup on the ground, and although Nugget usually stayed loyal to his father, the lot was like a new playground and he went off, running around the lush landscape. “My chin is raised. If I raise it up any more then I’ll look stupid.”

Baekhyun’s expression looked tight again, brows tense even with the attempt of trying to decompress. Chanyeol sighed, catching Sehun from the corner of his eye looking back at them. With a hand motion, he signaled the boy to go on without them. Then, with Baekhyun, he let go of the suitcases and dropped the duffle bag on the ground before surprising the smaller male by cupping his face and backing them up behind the privacy of large plants on the perfectly maintained property.

“What’re you doing!?” Baekhyun managed to say despite the fact that his mouth was squished together by the two hands pressuring his cheeks. “We’re stepping on the grass! It looks like expensive grass, too, so I don’t think we should—”

There were two ways to make Baekhyun stop talking. The first one was to make him sad or angry, which almost, always forced the brunet to cease his endless conversation; however, Chanyeol didn’t want that. When he did manage to receive silence after making the brunet angry or upset, it was always on accident. The second way to silence his hyperactive and talkative fiancé was by the way of the lips, a method that Chanyeol preferred.

Childishly puckering up for the first kiss, he pecked Baekhyun’s squished lips quickly. “How many times do I have to tell you that there’s nothing to worry about?”

“A lot, because I—Chanyeol, your hands are—”

Bending down again, Chanyeol kissed his soft lips again, just as sweet, brief, and childish as the one before. “Ease up.”

“I’m trying to—Chanyeol, I can’t talk with your hands like this—”

Grinning, Chanyeol loosened his hold and turned Baekhyun’s face so that his left cheek was out in the open to be kissed as well. “That’s the point. Stop talking.”

Darting his eyes towards the house, Baekhyun could see that Sehun had already disappeared from the path. He blinked a few times while feeling his face being rained on by the giant’s lips. “Thank you for the effort, but we should—”

“No,” Chanyeol said as he shook his head. He dropped his hold, but took Baekhyun by his chin and turned his face so that they had complete eye contact. “We’re going to stand behind this large, green plant until you’ve diffused from this nervousness of yours.”

“I’m really fine—”

Chanyeol snorted, flicking the smaller with his fingers before teasingly rubbing Baekhyun’s temple. “Every time I look at you, you always have this look on your face. It makes me feel guilty to some extent.”

Grabbing his fiancé’s hands with his smaller ones, Baekhyun set them down before letting go and hitting Chanyeol on the chest with an open palm hand. “Then don’t look at me.”

The hit wasn’t very impactful. It was something that Chanyeol could very easily just rub and forget, which is what he did. “I’m going to have to look at you, you idiot. I have to keep reminding myself that you’re the one I’ll be watching down the aisle four months from now!”

“Oh, how terrible!” Baekhyun groaned out, forgetting about the sick feeling of nerves in his gut just a few seconds ago. “Stop looking at me. You’re making me more nervous than this entire visit. I’ll feel like there’s something wrong with my appearance every time you look over.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you except for the fact that you look like you’re about to drop some unexpected pregnancy news,” Chanyeol responded, rolling his eyes.

Before Baekhyun could huff his way around and start marching up the house, the giant took him by the shoulders and took the brunet’s lips again. Unlike kisses he gave before, Chanyeol took his time coaxing Baekhyun’s mouth to cease and open when he sought of entrance. He had only meant for it to last a few long seconds, but it went on for longer than he had intended. They went for as long as they could go with Chanyeol’s tongue aggressively taking all of Baekhyun’s small mouth, but when their lungs began to cry for air, they finally pulled away from one another.

The realization that they were making out behind a plant instead of going inside and properly greeting his in-laws didn’t hit Baekhyun until he calmed down from his high and sobered up from Chanyeol’s kiss. Going absolutely crazy, he ran out from the privacy of the plants and to heave the duffle bag into his arms. “What’re we doing!? We have to go!”

“I was trying to calm you down,” Chanyeol justified as he stepped out as well.

In the midst of saying that he didn’t really help at all, Baekhyun halted himself before changing his words. “You did—calm me, I mean. Thank you, because now I’m thinking about other things…Kind of.”

Picking up the rest of their luggage, Chanyeol laughed. “There’s only so much that I can do,” he said. “Four days, though. It’s not a lot. Before you know it, we’ll be back at the beach villa.”

“Yes, but that only gives me four days to win your family and friends over,” Baekhyun sighed as he started to walk on the pathway again. “It took you months to like me.”

“But it only took me a few weeks to fall in love with you, even though I didn’t know it then.”

“Still,” the brunet said. “Do you think your mom loves books? Or dad? I’m not judging.”

“Maybe you can find that out for yourself,” Chanyeol said, nudging Baekhyun by the arm. “I know that my mother enjoys watching dramas.”

Baekhyun stopped walking as he gave Chanyeol an open-gaped look. “I love dramas.”

“Then there you go.”

Laughing, Baekhyun started to lighten up with every step that he took, which had the characteristic of a skip. “I think that if your mother has a man crush on Kim Soo Hyun, then we’ll get along.”

“Who the hell’s that?”

My man crush,” the brunet proudly said. “Sometimes, I dream about kissing him.”

Glancing down at his gleeful lover, Chanyeol heaved his shoulders. “Would you like to marry him instead of me, then?” he asked out of curiosity.

“No,” Baekhyun told him, adamant in tone. “He’s a bitchin’ alien, Chanyeol. I bet…I bet he could even get me pregnant with his alien sperm. I don’t really understand how alien reproductive organs work, but I’m pretty sure that the male pregnancy phenomenon would be possible with that man. Also, he can stop time in that drama of his. He’s pretty bomb. I wouldn’t be surprised if his dick was bomb, too.”

Just as Chanyeol opened his mouth to respond, Baekhyun cut him off with a smile. “But I wouldn’t want to marry him. He may be an alien, but you’re already my alien. You confuse me, entertain me, and please me, even when you don’t really have to. Besides, I don’t care if he is ‘bomb’ or not. You, my overbearing love, are a supernova and you’re the only love from any star that I need.”

(Note from beta: Fara didn't include a chapter title so I guess she'll just insert that... links shall be posted soon. ISNT THE UPDATE SO CHEESY?!!!)

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