exobubz (exobubz) wrote,

The Animal

The Animal

Genre: fluff
Word count: 685

Don't follow him. Get out of there.

The voices warn, screaming louder as the two individuals approach the cabin.

Why does it smell like something died in here, the one named Baekhyun asks.

Forget the smell. It's probably a dead animal, the other man replies. Enjoy yourself.

He pours them glasses of whiskey and they enjoy the scenery as the sun goes down.

How does an animal die here when it looks so clean, Baekhyun inquires.

We're in the woods, the other says. It's bound to happen.

They go to bed in the pitch dark. The floors creak when walked on. It's eerie and dark. Ghostly.

Have you ever taken someone else up here, Baekhyun asks, curious.

Once, the man replies. My ex-boyfriend.

Oh. What happened to him, Baekhyun goes on.

He disappeared on me, the man tells him.

Run. The dead will follow.

The man falls asleep but Baekhyun is kept awake. He stirs. Something bothers him. It's that smell. He shakes the man awake.

The smell is still here, he whispers. It's all over the cabin.

I don't smell anything," the latter mutters. The man goes back to sleep.

Blood will never wash away.

It strikes one and Baekhyun's eyes shot open. He sees nothing, but the pitch black ceiling. There is nothing odd. He sees nothing.

But the smell exists. Its fumes fill his nostrils. Its stench is strong, it's disgusting.

Hey, he says, shaking the man. Do you smell it? It's gotten stronger.

Go to bed. I smell nothing.

Run away for he is the devil. Run away for the dead will follow him.

Two o'clock strikes and Baekhyun awakens again. The smell has etched closer. Its fumes are so putrid, he gags.

Chanyeol, wake up. The smell strong, he pleads to the one beside him.

I smell nothing. Go to sleep.

He is oblivious to my presence, but I warn you. Leave.

Three o'clock struck and Baekhyun wakes up with bloodshot eyes. The room is filled with the stench and he knows he is the only one who smells it. He moves from the bed and sniffs around until he finds the source right under the bed.

Two eyes. Human-like. They look at him. The face of a boy, pale and beautiful face him. His lips purple from death. His body crouched under the small bed. Baekhyun freezes, wanting to scream, but then he sees a flash of light. Suddenly, he feels as though he's witnessing a crime.

A couple has broken out into fighting. It turned violent and the man whom Baekhyun was familiar with, he strangled the other. Time skips and he witnesses he beloved tear open the floor boards, tossing the body underneath and building over it in time.

Dawn breaks and Baekhyun rises at eight. He is stricken by his experience but makes his way to the kitchen, deeming that it had all just been dream.

Good morning, Baek, the man greeted him.

Morning, Chanyeol.

Do you still smell that thing, the man asks.

Baekhyun decides to lie. No, he says. Can I ask you something?

Sure, the man responds.

What did your ex-boyfriend look like?

The man laughs. Are you curious about whether you're prettier?

It was eerie. Baekhyun smiles. Of course, he says.

He had big eyes, round like the world. His height was similar to yours. His lips were plump and never colorless. His name was Kyungsoo. Why do you ask? the man says.

Baekhyun doesn't let him know. Two eyes watch from a corner, slowly crawling towards the man. As the distance between the two close in, Baekhyun asks, do you smell that?

I smell nothing, Baekhyun, the man tells him.

Moving his eyes, Baekhyun looks at the dead. It smells, he says to himself, and I know why.

He backs away and ignores Chanyeol's questions. He takes the keys and gets in the car, driving away.

The dead would always follow their betrayer. The stench oblivious to the offender, but not to those who the entity tries to warn.

Leave him for me for I will swallow him up in darkness.

Tags: chanbaeksoo, drabble, the animal
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