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Not Intended: Vacuas Cassum

Title: BoVacuas, Cassum
summary:Byun Baekhyun gets to live a life without having to marry his life away,
without Park Chanyeol.
Fara Notes: I did NOT write this.
Author: amiyourprincess


Baekhyun jolts awake, suddenly reaching for the digital alarm clock atop his bedside table and looks at the time. The clock reads it’s past nine in the morning and the newly awakened male feels that he has to get up from his bed for a morning routine he can’t really remember. What he remembers instead is the 1pm meeting he’s about to have with their rival company.

It has been almost a year since Byun Baekhyun has assumed his position as their company’s CEO. His father, ever persistent and imperious, was able to pass it down to him playing the guilt card. Though Baekhyun had lost his interest in robotics and mechanics, no one can deny the knowledge he has of it. Also, it is much known to his father how his son is compassionate of other people.

“We have more than a thousand workers Baekhyun. Without this company, what would happen to them? Their families? Only you could handle this company and let them keep living the lives they have right now. Don’t be selfish of your own needs Baekhyun, think about them as well.”

Is what his father said, which obviously led to Baekhyun’s wavering and crushed arguments. Not a week has passed and the little brunet was named CEO of the company.

It has been almost a month since the meeting was scheduled with his rival company. They would be discussing the terms of their merger. At first, it was not a nice thought for the young CEO, but the long rivalry and useless law suits against each other had hindered his company to move on and focus on more developments they could have had instead of arguing with the other company. Interestingly, it seems that the other CEO has the same thoughts. If you can’t beat them, join them. Right? Baekhyun is sure that he can definitely beat the rival company, but everything is just in a circular pattern as the other refuses to yield. They come to a solution then, to bring the two companies together, which would surely bring much development to both.

It has been almost a month and Baekhyun has this feeling of incompleteness in him. For almost a year, a hole has been in him, somewhere in his chest, probably where his heart should be, but the feeling had intensified within the month. And today, today he just feels empty.

Entering his kitchen, the still sleepy male grabs a mug for his morning coffee and utensils for his cereal, something he had whenever he felt being simply lazy in the morning. He looks up from his bowl and stares at the empty seat in front of him. There was an urge to say a lively greeting but all the life from him was drowned the moment he realized he was sitting alone. He looks at his ankles and makes a move as if to pick up something from the floor, but halfway down he sees nothing on the ceramic tiles. Baekhyun tilts his head and scrunches his brows.

== || == || ==

The young CEO faces his closet, choosing which suit to wear. It takes him in surprise how his hand is holding a blue cardigan instead of the black Armani suit he was aiming for. He discards the cardigan and goes for the suit once again. He’s a little stuck with fixing his tie. You’d think that a year of wearing the corporate attire would be enough for the young CEO to get used to it but what it takes for him to finish the ensemble is to remove it from his neck and raise it a little higher, somewhere close to his line of vision. He fiddles with his now silver hair, then down to the white linings of the suit’s collar and lapels. Satisfied with his look, Byun Baekhyun takes off to his company.

== || == || ==

“You’re a little early Baekhyun.”

“And you’re still noisy as ever Zitao.” Baekhyun says with little care for his secretary. He walks towards the double doors that lead to his office, his feline-eyed secretary in tow.

The Chinese male brushes the cold remark. “You love me.”

“Let’s make something clear Huang Zitao.” Baekhyun straightens a little from his seat. “You make my life easier. A little. Somehow. In the slightest sense of the word. Yeah. But I would not bat an eyelash into firing your deflated ass. Get that in your pretty little head.” The young CEO finishes, face devoid of emotion and just a hint of smirk on his lips.

The secretary seemed astounded for a moment but lets out a laugh soon after. “Wow Mr. Byun.” He starts to slow clap. “You’ve managed to compliment my work, insult my beautiful behind, and then vaguely describe my head in one sentence.” Zitao continues with his dramatic clap and slightly shakes his head.

Baekhyun wanted to retort, continue with the small fight, but thinks of it as nonsensical and useless. There was a nagging feeling telling him that he used to enjoy this, the mockeries and continuous exchange of arguments, but not now. Not with Huang Zitao. The activity just felt meaningless and… empty.

Baekhyun breathes out air as if expelling the thoughts away with it. “Just get the documents ready Zitao.”

== || == || ==

The next time Baekhyun’s secretary comes in his office was to announce the arrival of their guests and their cue to proceed to the conference room. The office would have sufficed for the meeting of four persons, but the young CEO didn’t want the other party in his private office.

“The receptionists told me that they have arrived. Wu Yifan will be the one…”

“Wu? I thought we’re meeting with Park?” Baekhyun interrupts his secretary as he stands and walks to the conference room. Zitao couldn’t help but roll his eyes while walking with the CEO’s strides.

“Well if you just let me finish, I would’ve told you that Wu Yifan is actually Park’s assistant. I would’ve also asked you why Park calls Yifan his assistant while you call me secretary.”

They arrived at the conference room with a long mahogany table laid in the middle that seats about twenty persons, enough for the Byun’s board of trustees. The young CEO takes a seat facing the doors they came from, his back to the glass windows. He waits for his secretary to follow and seat beside him but the Chinese male had other things on his mind.

“I don’t care about their titles and their work relationship Zitao. All I know is I hired a secretary, not a whiny teenage girl dressed in a Gucci dress shirt. Now whoever this Yifan is…”

“He prefers being called Kris by the way.”

Baekhyun does not appreciate the interruption his secretary just did.

“And I like calling you an insufferable brat.”

Just then, a knock is heard from the conference door and the young CEO is met by the sight of two towering males looking like they have just finished a photo shoot for a bachelor magazine. Baekhyun does not let it faze him. He stands to welcome them and, in his line of vision, swears that his secretary was in tip toes and smiling widely, too happily.

Zitao starts the introductions, “This is Mr. Park Chanyeol, CEO of Park Enterprise.” The too happy secretary gestures to the man right in front of Baekhyun. Then all of his attention was caught.

He has jet black hair with a handsome face, and those eyes, Park’s eyes was looking straight at him, not challenging but rather soft and familiar. Baekhyun suddenly feels the empty spot in him beat, jostling as if high currents of electricity were brought by this man and directed it to the silver haired CEO.

“Nice meeting you Mr. Byun Baekhyun.” Chanyeol reaches out a hand and Baekhyun takes it with his own, sensing the taller’s soft palms.

The deep timbre of his voice and his big hands awakens something else in Baekhyun. He fleetingly envisions soft touches and confessions of love… this needs to stop. But he wanted to hear his name in Chanyeol’s voice again.

“Baekhyun…” the smaller CEO says in the middle of their hand shake. “Call me Baekhyun. Thank you for coming… Chanyeol.” He enunciates the other’s name for the first time but he felt like he had done it before, in countless, numerous ways possible. Chanyeol’s name rolled out of his tongue easily, though there was still something else that he thinks he wants to call Chanyeol…

== || == || ==

They discuss the vital details first until the meeting comes to the lighter topic of the merger. The two CEOs didn’t necessarily meet each other for the rest of their partnership as the merger stands more of like a truce rather than a union of the companies. Baekhyun was the one who made this part of their agreement, before he met Park Chanyeol. Now he doesn’t believe he wanted the autonomous control of the company anymore. Baekhyun was too caught with the thought and he hears Chanyeol calling his name in a soft almost intimate way.

“Baekhyun. Hey, Baekhyun?”

“What gia–?!!” it was almost out of his lips but Baekhyun stops midway of the endearment. Giant.

He hides his confusion with a light cough and they proceed with the meeting, Baekhyun shoving all the unnecessary mess in the back of his mind. Soon they were standing up as they reach the conclusion of their meeting. They were to hold the merger party in two weeks, where they are to meet once again and probably for the last time as well.

Chanyeol once again extends his hand to Baekhyun.

“It’s been nice doing business with you Baekhyun.”

The silver haired male takes his time in replying. He knows the proper reply to the statement, ‘It was a pleasure as well’, as he would usually say. But this time, the response seems out of place, not enough for the situation. Baekhyun feels like he should say something more, like he should be remembering Park Chanyeol.

Baekhyun could only nod and give one last shake of their hands until he was letting go and Chanyeol was still looking at Baekhyun’s eyes the same way he was looking at it the moment he entered the conference room. Then he was walking out the doors, slowly it closes.

The young CEO was left rooted in his spot, staring at Chanyeol getting farther and farther away from him, and it feels so final. The emptiness is creeping back in Baekhyun, gradually absorbing the life from him until he could only whisper.


== || == || ==

The petite male wakes from his sleep, panting and slightly shivering, though he’s not sure if it’s from the breeze outside his window or the emotions he just went through. He tries to calm himself but he could only do so much. Looking around, he notices the single bed he’s lying on and the soft waves of the ocean crashing to the shore outside. He stands from his bed and slowly makes his way towards the room just in front of his.

Baekhyun climbs on Chanyeol’s bed. The giant was hugging the pillow Baekhyun usually uses when he’s not sleeping on Chanyeol’s chest. The brunet pulls the soft barrier with all his might. Upon being successful, he replaces the pillow with himself, hugging onto Chanyeol, pressing himself so close as if he wants their bodies meld into one.

The giant shifts in his light sleep. He doesn’t really sleep well whenever his little brunet refuses to stay with him, even with the pillow as a poor substitute. He didn’t have to open his eyes to know that his fiancé is now lying beside him and hugging him. What makes him open his eyes are the tiny shakes Baekhyun was making, the brunet was sobbing.

“Baekhyun? Hey. Why are you crying Baek?” Chanyeol couldn’t have moved further with the way the brunet was holding him, so he hugs back, kisses the top of Baekhyun’s head, and rubs soothing circles on his back. The giant gets a little more worried when Baekhyun refused to answer him.

“Hey Baek, come on. Tell me please.” Chanyeol shifts further and cups Baekhyun’s face. He tries to wipe the tears that were on the brunet’s cheeks as the other does the same. Then Baekhyun looks at him in the eyes, straight and full of emotions.

Baekhyun starts and his sentence is sometimes interrupted by little hiccups. “I’m… I’m sorry Chanyeol. I didn’t… mean what I said earlier.” There was a tear that managed to escape from Baekhyun’s eye and the giant made sure to wipe it away. “I wouldn’t want a life without you in it.”

“Don’t leave me giant.”

“I wouldn’t even dare think of it Baekhyun.” Chanyeol is still looking at Baekhyun’s eyes, sincerity and security, a promise of love communicated with the simple gesture, and the brunet understands.

The giant kisses his little brunet, making sure that he takes the night’s pain far away from his love’s mind and memory.

They have a lot of issues and more arguments to face, but Baekhyun would gladly face them as long as all of it was with Chanyeol. He chose this reality, a reality in which Chanyeol keeps him grounded and lifts him to the high skies at the same time. It wouldn’t be easy, but they will be together. Nothing will ever be better than that.

THIS was the look I was aiming for with CEO!baek. And THIS was the fic that inspired it. I am not entirely satisfied with this, like, I don’t even think B had character in this… though he’s really just an empty shell. LOL. Plus I forgot what you called their companies… I believe it was BYUN ENTERPRISE. Not sure with Park though. But I do not know anymore. You be the judge of it. Love it, hate it… I hate you more for giving me so much NI feels. HAHAHAHA. And not the LNAD too TTUTT that thing’s starting to crawl in me!!! I’m not even after the relationship… it’s the issues and rants that makes too much sense that’s got me hooked up. Though of course the ships are a plus plus plus. Hehe. Kfine I’m stopping. This is also a little push for your fic exchanges! Mind your deadlines mkayy? And don’t stress over stuff too much. Byeee.

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