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Hairy Tales: Baekhyunella

Title: Hairy Tales: Baekhyunella
Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Summary: The story of a boy with scents and a prince with no sense of smell.

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Tears. Tears. Tears.

Tears streamed down his face and Baekhyun knew why he was crying. He couldn’t go to the ball. When he lifted his arms, his pits smelled like the plague and he couldn't even laugh without knocking himself out with his own breath. He hadn’t taken a bath in weeks and he couldn’t even remember the last time he brushed his teeth.

It wasn’t because Baekhyun was disgusting (he was, but not willingly). His cruel stepmother wouldn’t allow him to have any of the things that made humans smell nice. She hated him, and now, he was crying because he couldn’t attend the ball.

Sure, the Prince would not even look at him, but that’s not the reason why Baekhyun wanted to go. He wanted to go so he could lift his arms in the air and eat the food. He hadn’t eaten in days either. He was starving just to eat the shit the morning rats left in the attic where he slept because his stepmother wanted her very own Harry Potter.

As Baekhyun cried, a man in pink came from the walls as if he was a ghost (but he wasn’t).

“I’m Luhan and you smell like shit.”

Waving his long, long, sexually long beef stick, Luhan made Baekhyun smell good. The brunette’s hair was fixed and his teeth were no longer stained with the droppings of rats. He looked fresh.

“Now, you’ll have until midnight and it’s back to shit you go!”

Before Luhan left, he turned a cucumber into a carriage and turned three mice into big, muscular horses.



Baekhyun arrived fashionably late. He looked dashing and there wasn’t a scent of poverty on him. He went into the castle and he partied, catching the eye of the Prince.

It was a weird beginning. In the midst of shoving a hot dog down his mouth and trying to stuff his pants with desert to bring home later, Baekhyun was caught by the Prince.

“Slow down. There’s no rush.”

“Oh, but I must. I am starving,” Baekhyun replied.

“Dance with me. I am Prince Chanyeol and you shall dance with me or I will have your butt.”

Without a choice, Baekhyun danced and danced until the dancing made him fall in love. But then, ding dong, went the clock.

And suddenly, Chanyeol sniffed. “What’s that smell?”

“I fuckin’ got to go!” Baekhyun sobbed as he ran out of the castle.

On his way out, his clothes started deteriorating, leaving him in the rags that he wore. Halfway to the ride home, his cucumber carriage turned back into a cucumber. Unfortunately for Baekhyun, he was sitting right on the head, and the cucumber went up in secret places like his bum.



It took a while for Chanyeol to find him, but the rags that Baekhyun left behind had a very strong stench. And when he visited Baekhyun’s home and smelled his stepsisters, he knew neither were not the one he danced with. Chanyeol followed the scent and found Baekhyun in the attic.

And kneeling down, the Prince kissed the boy who was eating his lunch, and said, “Love knows no smell.”

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