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Like Night and Day 10

Chapter 10
Game Players

With the resignation of Kyungsoo’s vice president, he found himself working with the secretary that was all too happy to rise in ranks within the student body government, but the president himself was quick to gently, yet viciously become the kill joy. After all the weeks of having to deal with the work loaded onto him, Kyungsoo was unrelenting in handing down assignment after assignment to his new vice president, finally glad that his last had croaked out on her term and finally left.

There were many things to handle considering the upcoming trip that weekend, which Kyungsoo had no intention of enjoying whatsoever, but one of the most daunting task at hand on his ever changing schedule was the dealing of the weekly student and staff complaints. In no universe could the president find a reason as to why people were continually inserting the most ridiculous and downright shitty complaints about things beyond his power to ever fix.

In the black box that was neatly placed in the front office were ten write ups concerning student versus student disputes. These were the complaints that Kyungsoo begrudgingly dealt with, approaching the school counselor himself and having the royal job of presenting the students that needed to be called in for counseling. Despite how troublesome the bitch fights were, they were the easiest and most frequent to deal with.

At times, complaints about the school facility would be made. That particular week, Kyungsoo received fifteen papers that all spouted hate against the lonesome broken water fountain up on the third floor. There wasn’t much the president could do about broken utilities other than inform the principal and perhaps the custodian, but he essentially had no other choice than to leave everyone else at their misery—not that he gave too much of a damn.

It wasn’t only the students dropping in complaints, but teachers and school facilitators as well, and that’s how Kyungsoo became landed with dealing with the transfer soccer star who didn’t seem to give a flying fuck to the moon and back about all the suggestions and warnings he had been given prior. In all honesty, Kyungsoo had no mind to deal with a stubborn Jongin and his persistency to use the school’s soccer field despite knowing how the school administration had been continuously asking him to limit his use for the sake of the entire team wearing out the grass with their cleats and hindering the custodian from activating the sprinklers and fulfilling their job.

If there was a thing that Kyungsoo hated in the world, it was the stubbornness of others. He found fault in himself, a fact that he didn’t dare deny for the sake of his own sanity, but when it came to others, he loathed the trait as harshly and as brutally as he hated liars. The president didn’t enjoy referring to himself as a hypocrite by being one thing, yet hating others of his kind, but rather, he saw himself as a guide and protector whose job it was to sway others from the path he currently trudged on. At least, that’s how he slept at night.

There was one thing on Kyungsoo’s mind as he traveled down the stairs and headed to the soccer field after school and it was that thought of going home and cocooning himself in his bed sheets before calling Baekhyun to talk about the weekend. Although he dressed lightly in general, Kyungsoo couldn’t help but feel burdened wherever he walked, bound by the responsibilities he felt obligated to take, but had no desire to hold. Home and Baekhyun were the only depressors he had, keeping him on his feet during that day as the promise of the two awaited him once all tasks and their objectives had been finished.



The moment Kyungsoo slipped his presence on the field, he commenced his act as the harmless student body president that everyone knew and claimed to admire, acting as though he was waving a white flag innocently as he approached the dark haired soccer captain who was directed by a mate pointing in the president’s direction. Even at such a fair and far distance, Kyungsoo could see that the captain was less than amused to see him stomping the field. As if with the objective to cut their meeting short, Jongin quickly strode over, meeting Kyungsoo more than three-fourths of the way, inducing their meeting faster than if he had stayed where he was and left Kyungsoo to do all the work.

“Jongin, I must not be seeing very well because I see you here,” Kyungsoo said with a genuine or so smile plastered on his face. “I thought that you were given a notice yesterday about the usage of the field and equipment?”

The expression he received wasn’t welcoming, but through the platonic curve of his lips and false façade, Kyungsoo knew better than to allow the male’s demeanor top his, reminding his pretty little mind that just as the stars continued to move towards alignment, he continued to maintain the upper hand of every situation.

“I reviewed the notice, Kyungsoo,” Jongin said with a blank, slanted look on his face. “But I don’t think the school has any word in how public property should be used.”

“Well, it’s been requested that you stop with your frequent usage of the field, though,” Kyungsoo said, using his eyes to his advantage when he cocked his head. “I’m merely the messenger, Jongin.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, Kyungsoo,” Jongin scoffed, placing his hands on his waist, riding up his t-shirt uniform, “but this is an official practice right now. The school can’t do anything about that.”

“Yes, but I’m referring to after this official practice is over and when the coach goes home,” Kyungsoo clarified as gently as he could. “The team can’t stay afterwards. It puts liability on the school if anyone gets hurt on this property, and it’ll be a bad image especially with no adult on site.”

“Ah, image,” Jongin repeated, slowly nodding. “Image is really important, isn’t it?”

“It is—”

“You would know.”

The way Jongin’s eyes fell on him, Kyungsoo felt the man condescendingly tower him and he detested it. It was beyond him how he managed to keep face, but he managed well enough. “I’m not looking to start a war,” he replied, acting as though he was taken aback by Jongin’s subtle banter. “I’m just trying to get my job done, Jongin.”

Jongin didn’t make an immediate response for a few seconds until he finally sighed and brushed off the entire conversation when he heard his name being called. “I’m going to go,” he muttered. “I’ll deal with the school myself. You need to stop pestering me about it, because it’s starting to annoy the shit out of me, just like that stupid look on your face. Wipe it off, Kyungsoo. It doesn’t suit you.”

Without hearing another word from the stone-faced president in front of him, who had dropped his smile and resorted to staring blankly up at the him, Jongin turned his back, leaving Kyungsoo to fantasize about stabbing him the moment he did.



There was a persistency that Baekhyun couldn’t dismantle away from the giant’s character and a tugging in his gut that led him to succumb to the basketball player’s request of joining the basketball game that Thursday. Kyungsoo had been surprised to see the adamant reject sitting at the very edge of the top bleachers, huddled in a corner away from the rest of the student body. He almost laughed at the sight, questioning what purpose the brunet had in attending such a lackluster event, but then his ears focused in on the game and he realized that Baekhyun was there for the giant who seemed happier compared to other games.

Kyungsoo snorted so sarcastically he attracted attention around him, which he quickly reprimanded by smiling and continuing to walk up the bleachers, meeting Baekhyun’s eyes halfway. Despite the obvious amount of space around the boy, the president decided to plop right beside the brunet. Then, after giving Baekhyun a plastered smile as he nodded, presuming that his presence was known amongst the other students around them, he looked out towards the court.

“What a surprise seeing you attend this gathering full of sweaty giants and hormonal teens, Baekhyun,” he said, skipping over the traditional way of greeting one. “Never in all our years have I seen you attend a single event that involved being with people our own age—not necessarily intelligence.”

Giving an uncommitted shrug, Baekhyun crossed his arms after fixing his black hoodie into position to cover most of his head. “I was asked to come.”

“I don’t see tear streaks on that face of yours,” Kyungsoo said, lightly flicking the brunet’s cheek before the other could turn his face. “Is it safe to assume that no one dragged your ass over here?”

“Believe it or not, I have free will.”

“That’s funny considering how you spend most of your free will in bed, reading about world politics and science and planning how you’ll change tomorrow’s energy crisis. However, you have yet to apply any of your potential here in school.”

“For one,” Baekhyun started as he touched his cheek where he had been softly hit, “I was invited, like I said. Curiosity did kill the cat after all. Second, my potential, whether or not it exists, isn’t meant to be wasted in this high school environment.”

“Well, you know what they keep saying,” Kyungsoo sighed. “School is a place to cultivate potential.”

“Potential is rather wasted in school, don’t you think?”

“You already know my answer to that, Baekhyun.” Glancing in the male’s direction, Kyungsoo crossed his legs. “So, who was stupid enough to invite you to come to a public event that anyone can attend? Was it Chanyeol?”

Heaving his shoulders, Baekhyun shrugged. “Yeah.”

Raising his brows, Kyungsoo gave a hollow chuckle as he shook his head and leaned against the wall. “I thought you told me he wasn’t your type.”

“He’s not.”

“Then why’re you here?”

With hooded eyes, Baekhyun’s lips pursed inwards as he lingered on the question for a few long seconds. “I don’t know.”

Looking Chanyeol’s way, Kyungsoo frowned. “Him. You’re here for him.”

As Baekhyun watched Chanyeol steal the ball away from the opposing team and make a run across the court, he felt a bit disheartened by Kyungsoo’s tone. “As a friend,” he said.


The crowd went into cheers as Chanyeol passed the ball off to Oh Sehun who made a flawless jump shot soon after, scoring the team another two points, leaving them with an eight point lead and only fifteen more seconds in the game before the fourth quarter’s end. In some weird and atrocious way, the brunet felt a little proud and awe for the giant, despite knowing how utterly stupid the game was.

Kyungsoo watched his fixation with the player and couldn’t help but intuitively think as though Baekhyun’s grip on his adamancy in staying clear of anything with a lesser intelligence than them was beginning to crumble. And when the opposing team got control of the ball and began making a last futile effort to score before the final buzzer went off, Kyungsoo knew that Baekhyun’s eyes were glued to the offensive player.

When the traveling team didn’t make the point and the buzzer rang in everyone’s ears, the game ended, and, soon, people were trickling to the basketball court to congratulate the ecstatic basketball players. As spectators, parents, and students rose from their seats to begin making the journey back down, Baekhyun stayed in place with Kyungsoo.

The president knew that Baekhyun’s eyes were still on the giant, but his, however, were more focused in on a girl that seemed to be weaving in and out of the flow of people just to make her way over to the jock. When Kyungsoo recognized her, he immediately remembered how the girl’s boyfriend was a player on the opposing team, and yet, he couldn’t figure out why she was so interested in reaching Chanyeol.

It came to him like a speeding bullet, and before Kyungsoo could stop himself and rethink his future actions, he touched Baekhyun by the hand and pointed in his ex-vice president’s direction. “Do you see that girl over there? The pretty girl wearing the pink jacket?”

Ripping his attention from Chanyeol’s happy self, Baekhyun’s eyes went in search for the girl and found her in no time. “Isn’t she your vice president?”

“She was, but, like I said, she had…baby and boyfriend issues.”

“What’s so important about her, then?” Baekhyun mumbled.

“There’s been some talk in the council now that she’s gone. You know how it is,” Kyungsoo said as he looked over. “Humans can’t help but gossip like the sons of bitches that we are. Anyways, rumor is that she found out her boyfriend isn’t the father of her little fetus. All fingers are pointing towards Chanyeol now—oh, well, look at that. The bitch just grabbed him by his jersey and kissed him. That’s public indecency, don’t you think?”

Suddenly, Baekhyun’s throat felt dry and he tore his gaze away from the very reason why he rolled out of bed that evening just to attend such a petty event. Despite the fact that Kyungsoo said it was only a rumor spread amongst the student government council, he couldn’t stop himself from feeling as though the kiss that he witnessed gave weight to such a flimsy product of the rumor mill. He hated the fact that he felt a little bit more affected than he ought to have been and, for that reason, Baekhyun shook his head as he answered in a platonic voice. “Indecent, yes…”

Rising from his seat, he began to walk down the steps. Camouflaged by everyone around him, he was nearly impossible to see for anyone on the court. Kyungsoo followed right behind him until he caught up, placing his hands on the brunet’s sullen shoulders as they walked in a line. Leaning closely, he whispered in Baekhyun’s ear. “Remember, I only said that it was a rumor.”

“I heard.”

“Don’t be so affected by it.”

“I’m not.”

Gently rubbing the male’s shoulders, Kyungsoo hummed to himself, feeling comfortably numb by the lack of guilt he had within him. “But then again, rumors do sprout from partial truths, and how well do you honestly know him? Perhaps he’s angelic to you, but rather a slut to everyone else? You and I both know how unsurprising that is considering how the percentage of virgins amongst us all is all but existent.”

Once on the floor, Baekhyun turned towards the exit immediately and never stopped even when he heard his name being called from afar. Kyungsoo was the only one who made a small glance back before keeping with the brunet and giving him a soft bump on the shoulder. “I left some papers in my class. Do you want to come with me and get them?”

“The sun’s setting, Kyungsoo. I think it’s best if I just went home.”

“It won’t take long,” Kyungsoo coaxed. “Besides, I don’t like the dark.”

“That’s rich.”

“It’s a load of bull, but really though. Let’s go, and, then afterwards, I’ll take you out for some dinner. You came all this way for such a shitty game. I should reward you for coming to this on your own free will.”

Laughing softly, Baekhyun rolled his eyes before curving his lips into a smile, satisfying the president. “This better be quick.”

“Would I lie to you?” Kyungsoo asked as he broke them away from the crowd and headed towards the main class building. “Let me answer that question for you. The answer’s no.”



The hallways were dim and the fading light of the sun was beginning to fail in lighting the building with nothing but its orange hue. True to his word, Kyungsoo hadn’t taken long in gathering what he needed. Baekhyun was waiting by the door with his hands in his pockets when he noticed a pair of bags in one corner. “Who left their things in here?”

Before gently moving Baekhyun out of the room along with him, Kyungsoo looked back. “Well, I can’t really say because all of our things look approximately the same, but judging on the location, that’s Park and Kim’s. So, we should probably leave now if we don’t want to run into them on the way back down.”

Without saying a word, Baekhyun walked first, leaving Kyungsoo to close the door behind. “So, where’re we eating?”

“Let’s go to my house. I told mother to save some dinner for me. We’ll share.”

As Kyungsoo caught up in step, Baekhyun nodded. “I like her cooking.”

“Better than any shit they serve in this dump.” Glancing over at the brunet, Kyungsoo tilted his head. “So, what’s the verdict on Chanyeol’s part about filing that complaint?”

Baekhyun didn’t answer immediately and paused. “He said no,” he said quietly. “He said that he wouldn’t let an opportunity like that go—”

“What opportunity!?” Kyungsoo exclaimed as they turned a corner and began walking down a flight of stairs. “There’s nothing he’s going to fucking accomplish by breathing in the same cabin as you. I don’t understand. I see no merit in trying so hard to be with you in one cabin, when I, myself, have all to gain from it.”

Gulping, Baekhyun’s grip on the railings tightened. “He has his reasons, I’m sure.”

“His reasons lack logic,” Kyungsoo muttered. Then, his voice grew, echoing in the hall. “Why is it so hard to knock this guy down? I have nothing against Chanyeol, Baekhyun. I really don’t, but he’s in the way when it comes to a lot of things right now.”

Just as they reached the end of another hall nearing the building exit, Baekhyun looked over at him. “What’s so wrong with how it is right now?”

“I’m in a room packed with troublesome people, minus Luhan,” Kyungsoo said with enough spite that it almost made Baekhyun laugh. “Honestly, Sehun and Kris, they’re fine. I can handle them for three days. A few talks about basketball with Oh Sehun, inflate his ego with the game tonight, fine. With Kris, I can get by and pretend like I actually give two shits about his basic people issues. With those two, I have the upper hand.”

“What about with Jongin?”

“He threatens the power at hand,” Kyungsoo simply put. “You know what irks me to the pulp? People who talk down on me. This makes me sound like an awful hypocrite, but I really hate to have my authority questioned. Why can’t people just do what I say when I ask them to get the fuck off the field? Why do people defy the hierarchy?”

“Because the hierarchy doesn’t exist anywhere but that pretty little mind of yours.”

Upon hearing the unexpected voice, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo immediately stopped as Jongin came from around a corner with Chanyeol—still in his team uniform—right beside him. As Kyungsoo stiffened, Baekhyun made eye contact with the giant who gave him an awkward smile and wave, to which he did not return.



Taking it upon himself, Baekhyun took Kyungsoo’s hands in his and began pulling them past the two boys. “Let’s go, Kyungsoo.”

“You know, for a second there, I actually doubted my judgment about you,” Jongin called as the two walked by and Kyungsoo’s eyes were throwing daggers. “However, your little conversation kind of cemented the fact that you’re just a big, gigantic prick with a superiority complex, aren’t you?”

Stopping his friend from making any comments that he would regret in the time to come, Baekhyun put a hand on Kyungsoo’s back and proceeded to guide them out into the cool night air. He could feel the president wanting to burst out into a bitch fit, to chew the heads off of all his enemies, but knowing him, Baekhyun wouldn’t allow it. He merely moved them on while ignoring, once again, the calling of his name.

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