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Not Intended 9

Chapter 9
Almost Casual

A lot of things fell to the floor. Kyungsoo’s cute wooden kitchen trinkets fell to the floor when Baekhyun got pushed against the counter and his hands looked for something to hold onto. Sehun’s gardening memo was brushed off the fridge when Baekhyun tried to gain control of the situation by pushing Chanyeol back against it.

Not liking being the one pushed around, Chanyeol grabbed Baekhyun by the shirt and shoved him up against the wall while continuing to dominate the war their tongues were in. Hands up inside Baekhyun’s shirt, Chanyeol felt his soft skin against his finger tips. It was then that Chanyeol decided that he hated the stupid graphic tee that Baekhyun decided to sport. Hands on the hem, Chanyeol pulled away to pull the stupid shirt off, adding it onto the list of things that ended up on the floor because of their lusty escapade.

Pushing and pulling each other down the hallway, picture frames became tilted from being brushed against. Chanyeol’s black shirt drifted on the hard wooden floors and by the time they had reached their area, Baekhyun had undone the front of his jeans.

They had the decision between two doors. Either Baekhyun’s or Chanyeol’s. Chanyeol was going to move them to his, but Baekhyun grabbed Chanyeol by the neck and pulled them along to his instead. Following his lead, Chanyeol pushed them inside the room, kicking the door closed.

Chanyeol backed Baekhyun up until Baekhyun felt the edge of his bed at the back of his knees. Falling back, Baekhyun dragged Chanyeol down with him. Scooting up the mattress, Baekhyun spread his legs and Chanyeol settled in between them.

Leaning in, Chanyeol’s bare chest brushed against Baekhyun’s. The shot rushing through Chanyeol’s veins was eccentric, but he pushed it aside, reasoning that it was the alcohol. His elbows kept him elevated, hovering over Baekhyun as he continued to suck and nip at his lips.

Working on their own, Chanyeol’s hips began to move and grind against Baekhyun’s open conjunction. Chanyeol’s cock within its confines was growing and it was already hard. Baekhyun could feel it through the thin fabric of his pajama pants.

What the hell was happening? What were they doing? How did it get to this? The questions floated in the air, but Baekhyun and Chanyeol openly ignored the tiny bit of logic in their head. The questions lingering around were intoxicated with unrelenting, in-the-moment lust and it would stay that way until that lust was out of their system—that or someone snapped out of Lust’s trance.

Chanyeol broke the kiss and untangled himself from Baekhyun’s arms. Within a few seconds, he slipped out of those dark blue jeans and out of his boxers. When he rejoined Baekhyun, he should’ve known that the guy would make some sort of remark.


Chanyeol scoffed. It was a déjà vu remark to what Baekhyun had said the first day that they met. Putting his hands at the bands of Baekhyun’s pajama pants and underwear, Chanyeol stripped them down. Once he got rid of them, they fell to the floor.

“Didn’t have to rip them off that harsh,” Baekhyun commented in a hoarse voice.

“I hated looking at them anyways so who cares,” Chanyeol murmured before moving back in between Baekhyun’s legs and recapturing his lips.

With a hand, Chanyeol gathered both of their stiffening cocks and began to rub them against each other, creating friction that felt too sinfully good. Baekhyun let out a soft moan right into Chanyeol’s receiving mouth, running his fingers up against the broad chest hovering over him.

The feeling of soft, delicate hands against his torso enflamed Chanyeol’s very being and made his hips snap faster, rubbing and clutching harder at their two seeping members. The urge was too big for a mere rub-together to satisfy Chanyeol.

Chanyeol pulled back and stuck two fingers in his mouth while Baekhyun tried to reach down and touch himself while raising his legs. Placing his slick fingers against Baekhyun’s clench-tight opening, Chanyeol nudged the tip of one finger in, slowly sliding it inside Baekhyun’s warm body. His other hand kept Baekhyun’s leg up and stable despite Baekhyun’s fidgeting and small physical reactions to having Chanyeol’s fingers inside of him.

A few moments later, Chanyeol added the second one. Splitting his fingers apart, Chanyeol made sure to stretch Baekhyun to his limits. There was no lubricant available so he had to do whatever it took to make the intercourse easier on the male under him. This need to make Baekhyun comfortable popped a small question inside Chanyeol’s head.

Why did he care if Baekhyun enjoyed it or not? Chanyeol didn’t know. All he knew in that foggy head of his was that he saw Baekhyun as the quirky, childish guy that he was. In other words, Baekhyun—in Chanyeol’s head—had the words “delicate and fragile” stamped on him. Unlike the plate that Baekhyun dropped in the kitchen, Chanyeol didn’t want to break him.

At his limit, Chanyeol pulled out. Baekhyun let out a gasp when he felt those long fingers being extracted from his body. It almost made him feel disappointed, but Chanyeol had in-avertedly given him time to snap out of that hold that lust had over him. Baekhyun’s mind was in a mess. He just knew that he felt good. Too good, in fact that it should’ve been wrong.

Wrong…The word echoed in Baekhyun’s drowning head. He felt the tip of Chanyeol’s cock brush teasingly against his ass. His conscience of reason began to come its way back to his brain and it wasn’t until Chanyeol placed the tip of his cock to his open cleft that Baekhyun heard his head screaming at him that what was happening was wrong.

With his hands, Baekhyun pushed against Chanyeol’s chest. “Stop…” he croaked. When Chanyeol decided to ignore him, Baekhyun tried to move his ass away from Chanyeol’s cock, treating it like a dangerous weapon. Even as he tried, Chanyeol kept him still, though, now his attention was on Baekhyun.

“What’re we doing?” Baekhyun asked in a broken whisper.

Chanyeol glazed over Baekhyun’s questioning eyes. “I don’t know, but I don’t care anymore. Now—”

“No.” The word came out quickly—just as quickly as Baekhyun set his legs down and moved farther up the bed, away from Chanyeol’s shocked and confused self. “We’re not doing this,” Baekhyun frantically declared. He only stopped moving when his movement made him slightly nauseous.

Chanyeol was out of his shock. His throbbing—highly unsatisfied—cock made him angry. “Are you fucking serious? Stop playing.”

He tried to reach for Baekhyun, but Baekhyun moved out of the way. He rolled over to the edge of the bed and quickly got off. Baekhyun stumbled and almost fell on the floor, but he somehow managed to stay upright. He turned back around to the bed to see Chanyeol looking dangerously frustrated and angry as he set his feet on the floor.

“Baekhyun, get the fuck back in this bed and—”

Baekhyun shook his head. “We can’t.” Even when Chanyeol stood towering over him, Baekhyun mustered up some drunken courage and started pushing and pulling Chanyeol closer and closer to the door.

Chanyeol tried to get Baekhyun to stop, but one way or another, Baekhyun managed to push him closer and closer to the exit. Oddly enough, Chanyeol didn’t find himself going soft by the turn of events. Subconsciously, he knew it was because of Baekhyun using his naked body to try and herd him along. The brushing of skin on skin—of Baekhyun’s own cock against Chanyeol’s leg—was still enough to keep the drunk Chanyeol hard and alive.

Baekhyun tried to give Chanyeol one last shoulder shove out the door, but Chanyeol caught a hold of the frame. “Baekhyun, quit fucking around, damn it!”

Turning his eyes’ focus on Chanyeol’s fingers, Baekhyun tried to pry them off the frame. While Baekhyun tried to release Chanyeol’s hold, Chanyeol used his other hand to grab Baekhyun by the shoulder and turn him around to face him.

“What kind of fucking game are you playing, Baek?” Chanyeol growled angrily.

Baekhyun, again, shook his head. He decided that physical force wasn’t going to do. Standing on his toes, Baekhyun placed a hasty kiss on the side of Chanyeol’s cheek. He knew it wouldn’t do the trick so with his hands, he touched Chanyeol by the shaft and gave it a tug—enough to make Chanyeol forget his mind for a second.

As Chanyeol was taken aback by the kiss and touch, Baekhyun took advantage of Chanyeol's drop of offense and pushed him completely out of the room. “Sorry!” he quickly said before shutting the door right in front of a naked Chanyeol’s face.

Chanyeol wasn’t done though. He wasn’t done being confused. He wasn’t done being angry. He wasn’t done being completely hard and unsatisfied.

Pounding on the door, Chanyeol raged. “Baekhyun! Open this door!” When he heard nothing in response, Chanyeol kept hitting it. “Open the fucking door or I will break this down! Whatever game you’re playing, it’s not funny! Damn it—Baekhyun!” He gave the door one last pound. “I fucking fingered you, you asshole!”

Finally, Chanyeol received a response, though it wasn’t one that he was expecting. “I’ll return the favor someday—ahhh…”

Chanyeol froze. “What the fuck was that ‘ahhh’ for? Baekhyun, what’re you doing?”

“Trying to get rid of—nghhh—this,” Chanyeol heard Baekhyun groan out.

Chanyeol clenched his jaw. Baekhyun was fucking masturbating to get release—release that Chanyeol should’ve ignited. It made him angry. “Baekhyun!” Chanyeol barked. “There’s no masturbating in this damn house! Stop it!”

There was a silence before Chanyeol could hear Baekhyun’s loud, muffled moan. “Sorry.”

Chanyeol let out a frustrated growl as he touched himself, finding that Baekhyun’s muffled moan had some erotic effect on him. “You know, for a guy who hates machines, you’re just as fucking cold as one.” Chanyeol hit the door again. “Stop this game and let me back in! Baekhyun, you can’t just fucking leave me like this. I’m still hard! I’m—”

It was odd, but Chanyeol suddenly sensed that he wasn’t alone in that hall. He turned his head—hand still on his cock—and froze. “S-Sehun…”

Sehun’s jaw was on the floor. It hung open. He tried several times to say something, but he couldn’t. He found that his throat wasn’t functioning. His eyes were able to function, though. The fact that they drifted down to Chanyeol’s groin area was enough to indicate what was going through his head.

“Sehun, this…It’s—”

Sehun slowly shook his head as his voice came back. “I…didn’t want to see that,” he mumbled before looking back at Chanyeol in the eyes. “I thought someone broke in and trashed the house, but I see that it was just…you two.” Sehun paused before slowly starting to walk backwards. “I think that I should just…go to my room.”

Chanyeol snapped out of the shock and covered his private part. “Sehun, about this, it’s—”

“—I kind of…don’t wanna…know…” Sehun slowly said. “But you might wanna take care of that…”


There was no point to it. Sehun just raised his brows and shook his head, telling Chanyeol that he didn’t want to hear it. Chanyeol watched as Sehun turned around and began walking normally to Kyungsoo and his wing of the house.

Cursing, Chanyeol angrily walked across the hall to his room still going hard and still trying to find release.

Morning came and Baekhyun woke up feeling fine other than a slight headache. He remembered everything, but it wasn’t like he had any power over the capacity in his brain for memory. Getting out of bed, he immediately took notice to his naked body. He didn’t even need to question what happened to him, because he already knew. That was the downside of having really great memory. No matter how drunk Baekhyun got, he would still be able to recall ninety percent of what happened during his alcohol high.

Though Baekhyun remembered, he didn’t feel shy or awkward about what happened. It wasn’t like him. It wasn’t “his style” to feel awkward. It was like him to be awkward, not feel like it. So, in that mindset, Baekhyun decided to act casual since he was Baekhyun and Baekhyun liked casual—casual clothes, casual food, casual talk, and casual I-almost-let-you-give-me-the -fuck-of-my-life sex.

Getting cleaned up, Baekhyun went to go get dressed in his usual apparel: a simple shirt, a complimenting cardigan, and nicely fitted jeans. No graphic tees and no striped pajama pants.

After he washed his face, Baekhyun began to make his way over to Chanyeol’s room. He expected a storm from Hell. In fact, Baekhyun was pretty sure that Chanyeol was waiting behind his door, ready to chop off his balls for last night.

Thinking about what happened last night, Baekhyun didn’t feel bad. He didn’t want to have sex, though it was amusing to him how he needed a hand job, Chanyeol’s cock against his, and one fantastic fingering session to realize that. Chanyeol was his employer. Baekhyun was his maid. It might’ve taken Baekhyun a while to remind himself of that in his drunken state, but he did get there in time for him to stop Chanyeol from going any further.

At first, Baekhyun knocked on the door for safety precautions. He didn’t want Chanyeol to yell “Banzai!” and come out from behind the door just to stab him with a knife. When Baekhyun received no answer, he entered the room cautiously. He stuck his head in and was satisfied to see a large lump on the bed. Baekhyun figured that Chanyeol was under those covers.

Walking to the edge of the bed, Baekhyun woke Chanyeol up the usual way. “Wake up! Get up, get up, get up,” he repeated as he shook the bed. “I haven’t taken any pills for this headache so I feel like absolute shit right now!” Baekhyun said in a weird, cheerful voice.

When Chanyeol didn’t move, Baekhyun grinned. “Poor baby, do you have bad mornings after a night of drinking?” He laughed at himself as he walked over to Chanyeol’s side. “Come on, Chanyeol. Wake up. I want to go take some pills for this headache already.” When Chanyeol didn’t move, Baekhyun laid a hand on the large lump on the bed. “Hey! It’s time to get up—”

Baekhyun stopped short. As he was pulling his hand away, Chanyeol’s hand suddenly shot out from under the covers and grabbed him. Smiling down on Chanyeol, who already looked angry, Baekhyun tried to shake Chanyeol’s grip off. “Well, good morning.”

Chanyeol skipped the greeting. He pulled Baekhyun on the bed with a force. Without giving him a chance, Chanyeol got on top of him, locking Baekhyun with legs on either side of him.

The situation would’ve been fine. Their positions would’ve been fine also. It all would’ve been fine and dandy if Chanyeol was actually dressed like a normal person. Instead, Baekhyun found himself straddle to the bed by a naked mad man who looked like he was suffering from a hangover and lack of sleep.

Trying to ease the mood, Baekhyun’s eyes went to Chanyeol cock before looking up at him. “I see you have no morning wood. That’s good!” he said, offering a smile.

Chanyeol wasn’t amused in any way. “I have a good mind to kill you right now.”

“Oooh, a classic,” Baekhyun grinned. “A man killing his maid. I think this is network show worthy, don’t you think?”

“Shut up,” Chanyeol spat. “What the fuck was last night? Hm? What the fuck was that!?”

Baekhyun shrugged. “It was dinner. It was us drinking. Then it was us going to sleep,” he said, trying to stupidly fool Chanyeol.

“Wrong,” Chanyeol said, not buying into Baekhyun’s fake info. “We had dinner. We drank. Then we did fucking oral like our lives depended on it, but at the last minute—with me getting ready to shove it in you—you started acting fucking haywire, pushing me out of the room, and leaving the both of us with unsatisfied problems.”

Baekhyun raised a brow. “Nice memory.”

Ignoring him, Chanyeol pushed on. “Now tell me what was that? What the fuck happened? It’s all because of you that Sehun had to fucking see me out naked in the hall and—”

“Well,” Baekhyun said, looking like he was thinking about it, “if I hadn’t pushed you, wouldn’t Sehun have seen us doing something that we shouldn’t have been doing in the first place?”

Chanyeol opened his mouth to respond, but he had nothing. It was true. It was either Sehun seeing him naked or Sehun walking in on them being a couple of drunk, horny idiots. Chanyeol didn’t want either one to happen, but fate decided against him last night.

“And that’s the thing,” Baekhyun said coolly. “We shouldn’t have been doing that in the first place. It felt nice, don’t get me wrong. You’re a very passionate person, kind of like Dimitri from the book Secret Fire, but he was Russian, not Korean, plus he was a prince, but—” When Baekhyun saw the look on Chanyeol’s face, he knew that he was getting carried away. “Anyways, I didn’t want to have sex. I’m sorry. Ah, I feel like a runaway from who left her husband-to-be at the altar.” Baekhyun sighed before cocking his head to the side, giving Chanyeol a grin. “You’re the employer. I’m the maid. Sex is a no go.”

“Employer this. Maid that.” Chanyeol glared. “It was in the moment, Baek. I think you’re weird. I think that you’re a god damn freak with a childish sense of fashion, but last night, you should’ve just gone with it. When people lust, they lust. And when that happens, they just let it happen. It would’ve been just sex. Both of us would’ve been satisfied. No strings attached.”

Baekhyun lost the smile in his eyes, though there was one still plastered on his face. “Just sex, huh?”


“I know I’m pretty casual, Chanyeol,” Baekhyun started, “but I’ve had enough casual sex. I know how to deal with the mornings following it so that’s why I’m so calm right now, but I’m bored of it so I’m not looking for any more.” Baekhyun lifted a hand and gave Chanyeol a pat on the chest. “Now, get off me. I’m not a horse and I’m smaller than you. You’re crushing me.”


Chanyeol froze when he heard someone clear their throat. He looked up as Baekhyun tried to crane his head to look at the door almost. At the frame, Sehun stood there with a half-assed smile while Kyungsoo stood beside him with a similar expression.

“We, uh…” Kyungsoo tried to speak. “We thought that you two would need some help waking up after the night that you two probably had with all that, um, alcohol, but I see that you two are perfectly fine.”

After that, Kyungsoo turned around and began to go back in the kitchen to finish cooking. Sehun trailed after him. His “I told you we should’ve just left them alone” echoed in the hallway enough for Chanyeol and Baekhyun to hear.

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