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The Extrovert [1/X]

Extrovert 1

Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst
Length: 6k (adding)
Warning: Character death



Humans can rarely perceive much that they cannot physically see or feel. There are things in the natural world that they are unable to wrap their minds around. Without proof, one hypothesis cannot be proven to be true. When there is a one speckle of doubt, the entire theory is questioned. Proof is everything. Without it, nothing stands—this being the opinion of the rational.

Fate is something that all humans have to decide how they’ll cope with. Some choose to believe the idea that the world works mystic wonders. Others trash the idea and opt for the alternate answer: coincidence. To the bunch, there is no such thing as Fate. Nothing is decided beforehand. Everyone’s destiny is built on by their own labor.


The way humans thought often made Baekhyun laugh. It was amusing to him how their minds worked over the years. Even after working for so long, he never tired of hearing what humans thought of Fate.

Personally, he thought that the entity he worked for was an amusing gal—presuming that Fate was a woman. He remembered a time when many humans believed in her, but when the modern era began to set in, the number of believers began to slowly decline. For instance, no one wondered what force brought two people together anymore. They would merely say that it was perfect coincidence that so and so met each other at a café.

As years and centuries went by, the credit toward Baekhyun and his fellow co-workers became less. No one thanked “Cupid” anymore or “Fate” because neither of the two "existed".


Baekhyun’s job was fairly easy. It’d been that way since the day he was created for the job of matchmaking. Believers would label him as Cupid, whose job it was to bring two soul mates together, but Baekhyun no longer liked the term. He often joked with the other “cupids” that they were all just love doctors prescribing every sick and lonely patient with their significant other.

At the beginning of his time, Baekhyun was given a choice. He could either work for Karma or for Fate. He chose Fate over Karma because with Karma, he had to deliver the bad along with the good. Of course, certain people deserved the bad. Baekhyun just didn’t want to be the one delivering their punishment.

But with Fate, Baekhyun had the joy of leading individuals. To him, it was like the game “Follow the Leader” which was exactly what he was.

Baekhyun, in his mind and in his world, was a leader. He was a key player in the lives of the humans he was assigned. His assignments were never boring especially since he worked under the “Love Department”.

Twelve billion, two hundred sixty-seven million, seven hundred twenty-six thousand, and three hundred fifty-one was Baekhyun’s current number count of successful cases. He had a hundred percent success rate. No one was left single under his watch, but only because failure was never an option.


Working for Fate had its stresses. Fate worked like the functions of a clock. Nothing could go wrong or else everything would become imbalanced. Baekhyun had no problem going with whatever flow of direction he was directed to, though. He found that over the years, he had grown flexible.

Centuries of dealing with different types of people in different eras enabled Baekhyun to be extremely social. He knew exactly how to portray himself to be liked and he knew what kind of attitude he needed to have to be accepted in the current society or just by an individual who he had earthly business with. There were times, though, when Baekhyun could be himself. Being cool and collected was something he liked to act as once in a while, but he preferred being whimsical and friendly above all else.

All “cupids” had different personalities. Kai was a man of very few words. Tao was kind—he often saw the good in everybody. Likewise, Baekhyun was the loudest one of them all, but his good record allowed him to slip pass any disciplinary actions for his loud and “obnoxious” behavior.

Sometimes, Baekhyun would leave what he called “Limbo”—the plane between all planes. In these occasions, he’d visit earth in his human form. Taking time off for himself, he’d enter bars and stores where he’d see humans that he knew were destined to be together.

He knows how easy it’d be to introduce fated individuals to one another.

With his mind, he could make a simple spill of one’s drink happen right in front of their soul mate. If he wanted to, he could make one of them accidentally fall. Baekhyun knew he had the power in his hands to do anything, but he'd always restrain himself, because he knew it wasn’t his place to mess with them.

But during his time on earth, he’d hear things from curious believers. Questions will sprout about them—the “cupids”.

Once, he recollected an account in which a female asked her friend, “Cupid works hard bringing people together. Doesn’t he ever think about himself?”

When Baekhyun heard the remark, he smiled.

It wasn’t that he never thought about himself. In fact, he often thought about what it would’ve been like if he was a regular human rather than a servant of Fate. There were times when he’d fantasize about it, but at the back of his mind, he always knew he was just dwelling in his own unattainable desires.

In the end, Baekhyun doesn’t like thinking about himself too much. He knows that there’s no one out there for him.


Baekhyun found himself loitering around a university’s library, looking for a dark haired male by the name of Park Chanyeol.

The place was filled with students that seemed separated from everyone else as they went about their own individual business. He saw that rarely anybody talked to one another. Everyone seemed as if they were in their own impenetrable bubble. Each individual person he passed by seemed untouchable due to the fact that nobody cared to notice anything but their own needs—the need to study, find a book, research, and others of the sort.

In that moment, each of them seemed similar in Baekhyun’s eyes. If anything, the students were gray in the spectrum that defined what life was. But as he began to take steps, walking further in the building, he knew that those people weren’t his priority. He knew that Park Chanyeol was his assigned human; therefore, he was the only person in that gray establishment that Baekhyun had to worry about.


Three days prior, Baekhyun was on earth, sitting on a park bench as he watched people pass him by without a care in the world. He marveled at the couples and felt pity for those who were alone. Sometimes, he had the urge to walk up to them and inform them that their time was coming, but that would have been unnecessary meddling.

Looking up at the sky, Baekhyun’s eyes followed the slow movement of the clouds as he tried to enjoy one of his better days off. When he grew tired of staring up into heaven, he closed his eyes thinking that his peaceful serenity wouldn’t be bothered if he did so, but he was wrong.

Even before he opened his eyes, he already felt the presence of one of his own. Taking in a deep breath before delving into the situation, Baekhyun slowly raised his eyes and looked at the person who had taken a seat right beside him.

“Sorry to interrupt.”

Baekhyun scoffed softly as he rubbed the back of his neck. “After a few centuries, you should stop apologizing, Kai. It’s nothing but the normal.”

“I know.”

As Baekhyun’s eyes moved to the files in Kai’s hand, he already knew what they were. Holding out his palm, Baekhyun asked to be handed his case. Kai complied, giving Baekhyun his file while keeping a hold of his own.

Quickly flipping through the first pages, Baekhyun was able to get all the basic information of his new job. “Park Chanyeol…”

Nodding, Kai confirmed. “He’s a university student around here.”

“He looks like a tough one to match,” Baekhyun said as he read more intricate details.

“He probably is.”

Looking over at Kai, Baekhyun asked, “Who do you have?”

“A guy named Kyungsoo.”

“Have fun with that one.”

Kai pursed his lips, but nodded. After a small silence ensued, he said, “Technically we’re partners on this one.”

“And why is that?” Baekhyun said, paying Kai half a mind as he flipped through pages, genuinely intrigued by what kind of person Park Chanyeol was.

“We’re supposed to bring these two together.”

Baekhyun paused. “That’s funny. We’ve been doing this for an eternity, but I’ve never done any partner work of any kind.”

“It’s a little odd.” Kai looked down at his papers. “Do you think it’s a coincidence?”

“That’s a stupid question.”

“I suppose.”


Chanyeol’s mind was filled with facts. They were facts that involved numbers as well as factual information about business, history, politics, and science. In his perspective, the way his world worked was perfect. If he had his own version of planet earth, nothing would be out of place.

When a rambunctious brunet sat himself across the library table that Chanyeol occupied and gently pulled away the book that he was reading, Chanyeol felt like his world was suddenly crashed on by a stupid meteorite. Giving the smiling male a glare, Chanyeol tried to take the book back. When he couldn’t, he pursed his lips and scowled.

“Do you mind?” he asked in a hard voice.

“I just need your attention for one second,” the male told him with that unrelenting smile. “How would you like to—”

Chanyeol feverishly waved a hand. “Stop. If you’re trying to sell me something, I don’t want it.”

“I’m not trying to sell you anything. I’m just letting you know that I’m your heart’s salvation!”

Holding back his tongue, Chanyeol forced himself to stay quiet. Nothing would have pleased him more than to take all his belongings and move to another area where there weren’t any smiling brunets claiming to be his savior. After he had mentally calmed down, Chanyeol tried to reach for his book again.

“Thanks, but I’m fine.”

The brunet moved his book away. “I don’t normally take this kind of approach, but I feel like you’re the type that I need to do some hands-on work with.”

Convinced that he was talking to a lunatic, Chanyeol groaned and left his seat. As he packed his pens and paper into a bag, the brunet watched him with a sad expression.

“Where’re you going?”

“Somewhere where I can study and not be disturbed by some stranger like you,” Chanyeol responded.

“You’re making me sad.”

After all his things were packed and his backpack was swung on his shoulders, Chanyeol looked down at the brunet looking sadly up at him. “I’m sorry that I’m making you sad,” Chanyeol said in a mono tone, “but I don’t know you, I need to study, and you’re just getting in the way.”

Before he left, Chanyeol moved around the table and snatched his book back from the brunet’s hands. Then, without looking back, he left the library as he opted to go study in the comfort of his own dorm room.


It was only rational for Chanyeol to think that he would never have to face the brunet once again, but a few days later, as he was making his way back to his room, he found that he was wrong.

From behind him, Chanyeol could hear the rolling of a suitcase, but he didn’t pay it much mind. It wasn’t until he turned corner after corner that his curiosity was sparked. He felt like he was being followed, but he gave whoever it was behind him the benefit of doubt and kept walking on without looking back.

When Chanyeol reached his building, he noticed that the sound of rolling wheels also stopped simultaneously. Finally at the end of his patience, Chanyeol whipped around and saw the top of a brunet head. As his eyes moved down, he already felt like he knew who the follower was. When Chanyeol met the gaze of the same grinning brunet that he had encountered at the library, his heart stopped.


Chanyeol shook his head as he took a step back. “What the hell are you doing? Are you stalking me?”

“No,” the brunet said slowly. “By the way, I’m Byun Baekhyun!”

“I don’t care who you are,” Chanyeol snapped. “Stop changing the subject. You were following me.”

“That’s not true,” the brunet hummed as he balanced on his heels. “We were just headed in the same direction.” Looking up at the building, he said, “I’m going to live here.”

Cursing under his breath, Chanyeol rolled his eyes and turned back around. Stepping up the steps, he tried to quickly leave the brunet behind. He was successful at first because of the fact that the brunet had issues with getting his rolling suitcase on the steps, but just as the elevator door began to close, he had somehow managed to prevent the doors from closing.

As he took a spot next to Chanyeol on the elevator, Chanyeol gave the brunet an annoyed look. Byun Baekhyun, on the other hand, smiled back despite receiving such an unwelcoming face. Tapping his foot, Chanyeol felt like he was waiting an eternity for the doors to open. When they finally did, he sped out of the elevator, thinking that he was finally able to get rid of the brunet.

Once again, he was wrong.

“Hey, what’s your dorm number?”

Chanyeol stopped in his tracked and turned his body back around to face the brunet, who was speed walking to catch up. “I’m going to report you.”

“You’re being mean.”

Rolling his eyes towards the ceiling, Chanyeol sighed. He whipped back around and decided to start ignoring the brunet. It was a hard task to do despite how simple it seemed. The brunet kept trying to spark a conversation with him and Chanyeol had no interest in ever having one. When he reached his door, he deliberately took a long time digging out his keys in hopes that the brunet would continue on down the hall and leave him alone. But when Chanyeol turned his head and saw the brunet still standing behind him, he slapped himself on the forehead.

“What do you want!?” he demanded.

“I want to settle in my room,” the brunet replied calmly.

Chanyeol narrowed his eyes. “No. No, you don’t live here.”

“According to the school database, yes I do,” the small male said laughing. “Your last roommate transferred, leaving you with an unoccupied bed. I’m here to take that place.” Smiling, the brunet held out a hand. “Did I tell you that I’m Byun Baekhyun?”


Chanyeol sat on his bed as he watched his new roommate, Baekhyun, unpack. His eyes watched as the male hastily put his clothes in the bottom drawers of their shared dresser. He couldn’t help but notice all the sloppy folded clothes being shoved tight into the space.

As Chanyeol was mentally criticizing his new roommate’s folding, Baekhyun kept unpacking and whistling as he went. Once he finished, he picked up his empty suitcase and slid it under his bed, where he promptly jumped and plopped on it. He bounced for a few seconds before gravity settled him down. Looking at Chanyeol’s dark look, Baekhyun grinned and tilted his head.

“So what’s your name?”

Although Chanyeol wanted nothing to do with his new roommate, he bit his arrogance and replied, “Chanyeol.”

“Can I call you Yeol—”


“Okay!” Baekhyun replied nodding with a grin on his face. “I’ll remember, Chanyeol.”

Contrary to Baekhyun’s bright spirits, Chanyeol was not as happy. Shaking his head, he took out his textbooks and placed them on his desk where he later spread his papers and work. Then he sat at his desk and picked up one of his pens, trying to pick up where he had left off the night before.

Chanyeol was grateful for the small silence that happened for a short while; therefore, he didn’t appreciate it when Baekhyun decided to talk again.

“Are you dating anyone?” Baekhyun asked casually.

The pen that Chanyeol was holding stopped moving. “Are you trying to hit on me?”

The response caused Baekhyun to burst out laughing, ultimately planting his face on his mattress. “No, I’m just asking.”

“Well, it’s not any of your business.”

Shrugging, Baekhyun gave Chanyeol a lopsided look. “I guess.”


A few days went by and Chanyeol managed to learn a few things about his new roommate. When Chanyeol mentioned how it was out of the ordinary for Baekhyun to suddenly enter the school, Baekhyun had brushed it off, telling him that his dad pulled connections. Silently, Chanyeol judged his new roommate some more, categorizing him as a weird, rich kid who rode on his daddy’s coat tails.

Further along their time together, Chanyeol also found that his roommate was a believer of ideas and entities that he thought of as nothing more than lies. Unlike Baekhyun, Chanyeol didn’t think that the world worked in “mysterious wonders”. To him, the world worked in a simple and predictable way. There was no mystery to it.

Whenever they were in their dorm room at the same time, the brunet would always try and make a conversation, though Chanyeol would have appreciated it more if he didn’t. One day as he was flipping through the pages of his Economics book, Baekhyun decided to fill the silence in with a conversation.

“Park Chanyeol,” Baekhyun said as he drawled out the last part of Chanyeol’s name, “business major with a minor in science.”

Chanyeol stopped tapping his pencil and swiveled his chair around, annoyed at the fact that he was being interrupted once again. “And who’re you? Byun Baekhyun, undecided major and minor?”

Baekhyun pouted his lips. “What’re wrong with undecided?”

“Everything’s wrong with undecided,” Chanyeol replied.

Shrugging, Baekhyun smiled at him. “I just don’t know what I want right now, but that’s fine. Fate’s going to get me to where I need to be.”

For a while, Chanyeol silently looked at his bubbly and optimistic roommate. “How do you know that?”

“I just know,” Baekhyun laughed. “Something’s going to happen and it’s going to make me realize what I want as a career.”

“But you don’t know when.”

“Fate does.”

Chanyeol bit the urge to chuck an item at Baekhyun from all the way across the room. “It doesn’t exist.”

“She,” Baekhyun corrected. “I believe Fate is a she.”

“Fate is an idea full of crap, Baek.”

Baekhyun frowned. “No, it’s not…”

“I’m done with this conversation. It’s redundant.”

Chanyeol rotated back to his table and continued on with his annotations. For a small minute the silence sank in, and he allowed himself to dwell in the quietness of the room. However, Baekhyun didn’t allow for the silence to be prolonged for long. Soon after, he asked Chanyeol of another question.

“What about Karma? Do you think Karma’s full of crap, too?”

At first instinct, Chanyeol thought that it was be better off not to answer the question and to carry on with his independent study, but as Baekhyun began to hum and tap his foot on their wooden floor, Chanyeol couldn’t help, but feel forced to respond. Clenching his fist, Chanyeol almost snapped his wooden pencil in two.

“Yes,” he answered with his back facing Baekhyun. “Karma is all in your head.”

“Is it?” Baekhyun asked in a voice that seemed to be taunting the giant.

“Yes, it is,” Chanyeol snapped.

Glancing around the room, Baekhyun puffed his cheeks. Then he asked, “What about Cupid?”

Frustrated, Chanyeol rubbed his forehead and heaved his shoulders. “Why the hell would I believe in some baby that goes around naked, shooting arrows at people?”

When Baekhyun didn’t answer, it sparked Chanyeol’s curiosity. As he turned his head, he saw that Baekhyun had an extremely defensive look on his face. Unable to comprehend why his roommate had taken his answer so personally, Chanyeol creased his brows and made a frowning expression of his own.

“That’s not true,” Baekhyun argued. “Cupid’s not naked.”

Chanyeol snorted, almost laughing at the seriousness in Baekhyun’s voice. “Excuse me. Does Cupid wear loin cloths then?”

“No,” Baekhyun said crossing his arms. Pouting his lips, he slanted his shoulders. “Where do you people get these ideas?”

Shaking his head, Chanyeol went back to his work. “Blame the Renaissance.”


The brunet’s face was always popping up wherever Chanyeol went and it wasn’t because he was thinking about him either. From one lecture to another, Chanyeol would always catch a glimpse of his roommate, who would never fail to wave at him as if they were best friends since the beginning of time.

Chanyeol only had one class with Baekhyun and that was statistics. When Chanyeol uncovered this fact, he couldn’t help, but feel confused due to the fact that Baekhyun didn’t seem like the type of person who would have an interest in higher level math.

Baekhyun’s bubbly attitude also didn’t belong in the class. He was the only one who smiled going in and out of every lecture.


Baekhyun often followed Chanyeol, but never enough to be categorized as a “stalker” by human definition.

Some mornings he would follow Chanyeol over to the university’s local café stop where the giant would order his caffeine for the morning. To make sure that he wouldn’t be seen, Baekhyun often stood behind taller customers that would cover him from Chanyeol’s view.

At one point, Baekhyun accidentally bumped into one of his human barricades. When he lifted his head up to apologize, he recognized the human to be Kris Wu, one of Tao’s old cases. After he apologized, he stared at the ground.

Not being an individual who believed in coincidences, Baekhyun could only chuckle as he drew onto the conclusion that Tao was on the mid-plane messing around with him.


Kyungsoo was an animal lover according to Kai.

It was also because of Kai’s report to him that Baekhyun learned about Kyungsoo as an individual. Chanyeol’s soul mate seemed like the total opposite of the brute, which made Baekhyun realize how much of a stubborn case Chanyeol actually was.

Kyungsoo was in the arts and music department, which gave Baekhyun a few difficulties. Chanyeol spent most of his time hogged up in their room or at the library. Baekhyun didn’t necessarily know how to initiate a meeting between the two if Chanyeol was always being a hermit.

Baekhyun later asked Kai if he could alert him of any official activities that Kyungsoo was planning on doing such as volunteer events. Kai complied with no objection. After working as a cupid for so long, Baekhyun believed that when advantages show themselves, it was always in the best interest to take them.

As a human on earth, Baekhyun took advantage of his temporary life and took up an interest in theater. He stopped by the theater after one of his lectures and saw that the play production that year was a musical version of “Romeo and Juliet”.

Once he finished quickly skimming through the pages of the play, Baekhyun felt a sense of nostalgia.

Romeo and Juliet were familiar in his mind, but only because he was present in their time. Their love had ended in a tragedy, because the cupid that oversaw their case had made a mistake along the way.

The cupid was ultimately reprimanded.

Baekhyun doesn’t remember what happened to him.


Returning back to their dorm room one day, Baekhyun shared his happy news with Chanyeol. Not fully interested in being a lead, he had happily placed a formidable place in the production. Being cupid never allowed Baekhyun to enjoy simple human activities until then, so he was particularly overjoyed.

Bursting in their room, Baekhyun couldn’t help but raise his voice. “Chanyeol, guess what? I’m in the musical!”


“I’m just an understudy for Romeo, but I get to help around in the back for the most part.”


With pursed lips, Baekhyun tried to keep smiling even though Chanyeol wasn’t facing him. “Can’t you feel a little bit more excited for me?”

Chanyeol slowly turned his chair. “Why?” he asked simply.

Maintaining the smile on his face, Baekhyun shrugged lightly. “I’m your roommate. You should be a little happier for me.”

Shaking his head, Chanyeol refuted him. “You’re my roommate, Baekhyun. You’re not my best friend. We’re not even friends.”

“We could be if you just stopped being antisocial.”

“No, Baekhyun,” Chanyeol snapped in an annoyed tone. “I’m not being antisocial. I’m more like anti-you.”

Pursing his lips, Baekhyun frowned. “You’re being mean,” he said in a soft voice.

Chanyeol paused. “Well, I’m just being honest.”

Unable to stand the stubborn male any longer, Baekhyun pivoted on his heels and opened the door. Just before he stepped outside, he warned: “Karma’s going to get you one day, Chanyeol…”

Rolling his eyes, Chanyeol dismissed the statement as he heard the door behind the brunet shut.

“Karma doesn’t exist. Grow up…”


For the better part of the next few days, Chanyeol had lavished in the silence that was finally given to him. Baekhyun no longer bothered him with his nonstop talking. Instead, whenever they found themselves inside the dorm room at the same time, Baekhyun would merely lie on his bed and listen to his music player.

Often used to being alone, Chanyeol didn’t mind the silent treatment. He wasn’t so attached to Baekhyun as to suddenly feel as if he had lost a limb over their isolation. In Chanyeol’s view, serenity had finally been achieved and Baekhyun had finally shut his mouth.

Although there was a splotch of guilt on his soul for knowing that he was the one who caused Baekhyun to suddenly go mute, Chanyeol pushed all those feelings aside, fully convinced that this was what he wanted all along. He didn’t apologize and didn’t dare to, for in his mind, he wasn’t the one at fault.

Karma was one of the last words Baekhyun had uttered to him before going on his silence strike and Chanyeol hadn’t paid attention to the word until he began to notice a few mishaps.

There were times when he’d forget to take notes on a certain topic. Other times he’d almost trip on the broken part of the sidewalk. All of his pens stopped working in the middle of a lecture, rendering him unable to take any notes at all at one point.

The small superstitious part of his brain kept telling him that he was getting what he deserved.

His mind would repeat like a mantra, “It’s Karma. It’s Karma,”

Every time the words came up, Chanyeol would shake his head and mentally argue with himself. To counter his paranoid side, he kept telling himself that it was all psychological and that it was all in his head.

He was able to shake the feelings off until he woke up thirty minutes late to a lecture one morning only to realize that he had also fallen asleep on an assignment due that day.

Cursing, Chanyeol hurried quickly to dress himself, taking no time in doing his hair or carefully coordinating his clothes. Even though he had no time to waste, he took a few seconds to look back at Baekhyun’s sleeping body, making a mental note to apologize to the brunet later.


On the night Chanyeol fell asleep as he worked on his assignment, Baekhyun woke up with all the hairs on his body standing straight up as he sensed a familiar presence in the room. His eyes fluttered open and immediately focused in on his roommate who sat at his desk studying and working as usual.

And although Chanyeol was talking to himself, it wasn’t the giant that had caught Baekhyun’s attention. It was the figure dressed in black looming over Chanyeol that had Baekhyun frozen in place.

Slowly, Baekhyun watched as the figure raised its hands, carefully placing them on Chanyeol’s tense shoulders. Without any sense of fear over what was happening, Baekhyun saw as the figure stayed still for a few minutes before gently letting go when Chanyeol had finally gave in to his urge and fell asleep on top of all his work.

Then, when the figure had finished its business, it turned around, ultimately showing its face to Baekhyun, who rubbed his eyes and sat up on his bed with a weary smile on his face.

“Hi, Sehun.”

The figure in black stopped as he locked eyes with the tired male on the bed. “Oh… Hey, Baek.”

“It’s about time you finally came around.”

“Ah, yeah,” Sehun mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. He then glanced back at Chanyeol. “I’ve been around for a while actually. He wouldn’t bend so Luhan told me to resort to this…”

Baekhyun grinned. “He’s a little stubborn.”

“He’s really stubborn.”

Nodding, Baekhyun agreed. “But he’s my stubborn guy,” he sighed. “Sadly….”

With nothing else to talk about, Sehun soon bid his farewell. “If he changes then Luhan might drop by. When he does, tell him he still owes me.”

“Owes you what?”

“Nothing,” Sehun said, waving a hand. “He’ll understand what I’m talking about.”

As he yawned, Baekhyun slowly dropped back on his bed. “Okay. I’ll tell him. Good-bye then. Have fun working for Karma…”

“Good luck being cupid.”

Just before Baekhyun closed his eyes, he scoffed against his pillow.

“There’s no such thing as luck…”


A few more days passed before Chanyeol made his unofficial official “apology”. Using his knee, he rocked and swayed Baekhyun’s bed, causing the sleeping male to grumble as he slowly woke. When Baekhyun was conscious enough, Chanyeol held out a cup and a brown bag in front of the tired brunet’s face.

“Good morning. Here,” he said quickly.

Rubbing his eyes, Baekhyun was still in the midst of turning on his brain. When his eyes finally focused, he saw the items that Chanyeol was holding up. “What’s this?”

“I’m sorry gifts,” Chanyeol said in a mono tone. “Now take it.”

With slightly pouting lips, Baekhyun’s eyes moved to the cup. “What’s that?”

“It’s a latte.”

Then to the bag, Baekhyun asked, “What’s in there?”

“Italian bread.”

Baekhyun lifted his eyes up to the tall giant standing over him. “If you think that’s going to make up for the fact that you’ve been nothing but an ass to me, then you’re wrong,” he muttered as he plopped back down on his bed, pulling the cover over his head.

Trying to maintain his patience, Chanyeol set both items down on Baekhyun’s bedside table. “Then what do you want me to do, Baekhyun?” he asked.

Chanyeol waited for the brunet to come out of hiding like a mole in spring, but when he didn’t, Chanyeol reached down and pulled the covers up just enough to see Baekhyun’s face. “I asked you a question.”

“Did I say you could touch my sheets?” Baekhyun muttered.

Ignoring the off-subject remark, Chanyeol sighed. “Baekhyun.”

Forced to respond with something relevant, Baekhyun held in a breath and slowly exhaled. “You can start off by buying me real breakfast.”

A string of seconds passed by in silence before Chanyeol conceded. “Fine. Get dressed. We’re going to the breakfast house.”

Smiling for the first time in a long time at the giant, Baekhyun shot up so suddenly in bed, he almost smashed into Chanyeol. Luckily for the taller male, he had quick reflexes. “Thanks, Park Chanyeol, business major with a minor in science.”

Rolling his eyes, Chanyeol turned away to stand by the door. “Hurry up, Byun Baekhyun, undecided major with an undecided minor.”


It was no surprise to Chanyeol that his roommate was an indecisive person. The way Baekhyun fidgeted with every time he tried to order made Chanyeol want to rip the hair off his arms. The brunet wouldn’t sit still nor could he make up his mind about what he wanted despite being the one who wanted to be treated at such a place.

Chanyeol opened his mouth to order for the brunet, but he stopped when Baekhyun had finally thought of something that he wanted. Sighing, Chanyeol crossed his arms and waited for the male to order. He thought that a small body like the brunet’s could only take so much food so it came as a surprise when Baekhyun ordered half the breakfast menu.

After the waitress had left, Chanyeol looked at Baekhyun with an incredulous look. He didn’t know if the brunet was aware that he was a student on a student budget.

Rubbing his forehead, Chanyeol groaned. “Do you know how much this entire breakfast trip’s going to cost me?”

Baekhyun smiled. “It’s your treat though.”

“Yeah, but this is going to burn a hole in my wallet.”

“Let’s just say that what you’re doing right now is really kind,” Baekhyun said softly as he nodded his head. “I’m sure Karma’s going to reward you one way or another.”

“Again with that crap,” Chanyeol muttered.

Tilting his head, Baekhyun kindly argued. “If it’s crap then why are you trying to be nice to me?”

Much to his surprise, Chanyeol found himself struggling to answer the question. Inside, he knew that he didn’t believe in the idea of the Karma and its entire phenomenon, but he figured that it was human nature to be paranoid of the unknown whether or not he believed. After thinking for a moment, he figured that he had let the mishaps that had been happening to him crawl their way into his brain, tricking him into believing that they were somehow connected to “Karma”.

Sighing, Chanyeol shook his head and dismissed the question. “I just felt like it.”

Raising his brows, Baekhyun tried to calm his smile by reaching for his glass of water and taking a sip. “Well, if you say so.”

When Chanyeol narrowed his eyes at Baekhyun’s playful and doubtful tone, Baekhyun laughed as he held up a hand in truce. “I’m sorry, Chanyeol,” he said brightly. “If you say that you just felt like it, then alright. I believe you.” After he paused for a moment, he said, “But thank you.”

Chanyeol looked away and slanted his shoulders as he leaned back against his seat. “Whatever,” he muttered. When Baekhyun smirked, Chanyeol kicked the brunet’s shin underneath the table. “But you’re eating everything you ordered. I don’t care if you gain ten pounds. You’re going to eat every single crumb.”

Baekhyun grinned before he started rubbing his stomach. “I’m ready.”

“You better be.”

“I just said I was.”

A small silence passed before Chanyeol muttered: “This conversation is redundant.”

When the food had arrived, it turned out to be more than what Baekhyun had originally expected. Chanyeol had no plans on helping the small brunet eat everything that he had foolishly ordered, but as time ticked on, he began to pity the brunet, who was eating as fast as he could.

Baekhyun knew that Chanyeol had no intention of helping him devour everything on their booth table, but when he glanced up and caught the sight of the giant reaching over for some of the food on his side, Baekhyun wouldn’t help but smile. Soon after, he frequently looked up to see what his human was up to.

On more than one occasion, Chanyeol caught Baekhyun smiling and glancing at him. Aware of what the brunet was thinking, Chanyeol stopped eating and took time to stare him down. After being caught in the act, Baekhyun tried to keep his head down for the remainder of the time; however, he failed at the task and ended up trying to drag Chanyeol into a conversation.

Eventually the conversation moved over to one of his more “hypothetical” topics. It was never one of Chanyeol’s favorite things to talk about, but in order to appease “Karma”, he ultimately listened and answered all of Baekhyun’s questions.

“How do you feel,” Baekhyun started as glanced upwards, “about the term ‘soul mate’?”

“It’s questionable.”

“That’s sad. You don’t believe that you have a soul mate.”

“Sometimes there are individuals like me who have no one,” Chanyeol said casually.

“I don’t believe so.”

“And why is that?”

“Because everyone on earth has a special someone,” Baekhyun softly explained. “Some people find each other naturally. Other people need a little help from Cupid, I guess you could say.”

Chanyeol stared at the brunet who looked at him with gentle eyes. Then he pursed his lips. “I think I have you figured out, Baekhyun.”


“Yeah.” Chanyeol nodded as he straightened his posture. “I know what you are.”

“What am I?”

“You’re a romantic.”

“A romantic, huh?” Baekhyun pretended to think about it. “Tell me more,” he urged.

As he took in a deep breath, Chanyeol rolled his eyes. “You’re a romantic, who believes in whimsical things like fate and karma. You’re undecided about a lot of things and you’re in my statistics class for some reason when you obviously don’t believe there. And for another unknown reason, you joined the lame play and musical production being featured by that god forsaken department of arts, which—”

“Hey, what’s wrong with the arts department?”

“Other than the fact that it’s full of cheery and annoyingly optimistic people like you, who may or may not believe in fate and play Dungeons and Dragons?”

Baekhyun creased his brows. “Did you just classify me as a nerd?”

“You seem like the type of guy.”

“Well you seem like you have no friends.”

“I have friends,” Chanyeol argued. “You’re just not allowed to meet them.”

“They don’t exist, do they?”

“They exist,” Chanyeol said sighing. “I haven’t seen them around lately.”

“Maybe because you’re such a sour puss to be around,” Baekhyun hummed as he reached over for his cup and took a drink of water. After receiving a threatening look from Chanyeol, Baekhyun threw his hands up in front of him. “I’m kidding! You’re wonderful.”

Chanyeol threw him a fake smile. “Liars have no place in my book, Baekhyun.”

“I’ll make a note of that, Chanyeol.”

Crossing his arms, Chanyeol scoffed. His eyes drifted down to the uneaten food in front of them. Swinging his leg under the table, he kicked the brunet again. “Hey, you still have to eat the rest. I’m not having my money go to waste.”

“I know,” Baekhyun said as he resumed eating. Then he added a thought. “Thanks, Chanyeol. Again.”

Chanyeol responded by looking away.

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