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Things written out of requests from Tumblr
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Devious Maids au

Baekhyun needed to get his mind off doing nasty things with his boss. He really did. It wasn’t right. Perhaps he was just getting mixed signals. His boss was nice and kind by nature. Maybe all the years of being alone took a toll on him and made him paranoid of any sort of male interest anybody had on him.

But giving your boss a boner just by hugging him was not a mixed signal. It was a CLEAR signal.

Frustrated, Baekhyun stuffed the washer with the laundry, furiously shut the lid and nearly punched the buttons for the washing to start. He stifled himself for a moment before thinking “fuck it.”

He lets out a yell. A very frustrated one. Because he doesn’t understand what the hell is going on or how he feels or how his boss Mr. Park feels.

Feeling a bit better, Baekhyun slumped his shoulders and took a deep breath before smiling and turning around only to find Mr. Park standing right there.

The smile was gone. And Park Chanyeol was looking at him.

"I heard screaming," his boss said worriedly. "Are you okay?"

"Never been better," Baekhyun replied, keeping his eyes down. "Now if you’ll excuse me, Mr. Park, I have to clean the—"

"Well.." Chanyeol said, frowning as he side stepped Baekhyun, blocking his way. "What’s the hurry? I thought you were in trouble."

"I just needed a little breather, that is all," Baekhyun replied tensely.

"Uh huh…" Chanyeol paused. "Listen, we need to talk."

"Whatever for?" Baekhyun said, giving him a smile to avoid any awkwardness, though he was quite late. "My paycheck?"

"No," Chanyeol said slowly. "Let’s talk about the fact that you’ve been avoiding me ever since our little…you know.."

"O-Oh, no, no," Baekhyun denied weakly. "I haven’t. I’ve been busy—"

"Baekhyun. You were scared because I popped a boner when I hugged you. Just say it."

"Mr. Park—"

"I thought I told you to call me Chanyeol."

"That’s quite unprofessional."

"Mr. Park sounds impersonal," Chanyeol shrugged.

Baekhyun thinned his lips. “Fine. Mr—Chanyeol. I felt your…body part…against me. Yes. And frankly, I felt uncomfortable.”

"Well you didn’t pull away," Chanyeol pointed out.

"I didn’t want to embarrass you!" Baekhyun said in a shrill voice. "What was I supposed to say? Excuse me, your dick just popped against my crotch—-oh my god." Quickly, he covered his mouth. "I’m sorry. Language."

"It’s fine."

"This is really unprofessional," Baekhyun said as he shook his head. "I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m thinking too much. It was an accident. You couldn’t control your body, that’s okay. I forgive you. I hear that men have random downstairs activities sometimes!"

Chanyeol chuckled. “Right.”

Baekhyun nodded at his own theory. “Right…Well…Sorry, again. Now if you could?”

Despite what Baekhyun willed which was for Chanyeol to move aside so he could leave the laundry room, the giant stood his grounds. Then he leaned in and tilted Baekhyun’s face up towards him with his index finger.

"It was no accident."

Jock!Yeol & Punk!Baek au #1

Maybe falling in love and dating the social outcast was weird. Maybe.

Chanyeol admits that people may or may not find it weird when the school’s basketball jock is dating the boy who listens to nothing but slightly punk rock, wears eyeliner like it’s a religion, and glares anyone down that dares look at him the wrong way.

But Chanyeol knew a different side.



"Are you coming to the basketball game on Friday?" Chanyeol asks, watching Baekhyun—that was his name—- open a can of coke.


Chanyeol quirks his lips. “Why not?”

"Because it’s stupid."

"Am I stupid?" Chanyeol teases.

Baekhyun pauses from his drink and gives Chanyeol an unamused look. “As a matter of fact, you are.”

"Then why’re you dating me?"

"I like your body."

"You hurt me, darling."

Chanyeol promptly hears the sound of the aluminum can being slightly crushed. “Don’t call me that.”

Snickering, Chanyeol shakes his head as as smiles and props his elbow on the table. “So what do you have planned Friday that’s much more important than me?”

"Things that aren’t your business," Baekhyun brushes him off.

Chanyeol doesn’t buy it. “Byun Baekhyun, come on.”

"I have to work, you giant oaf. I can’t make it even if I wanted to in some alternative universe."

"Can’t you skip?"

"I need the money. One of my band’s is coming out with a new album so I have to save up."

"You’re choosing a CD over me?" Chanyeol clicks his tongue.

"Can’t say I’m not," Baekhyun shrugs.

"You’re cruel, babe," Chanyeol says.

"Don’t call me babe, you oversized twat…"



Anyone else in Chanyeol’s shoes wouldn’t have understood. People kept telling him Baekhyun didn’t care or that Baekhyun wasn’t worth it.

But Chanyeol begs to differ.

He REALLY begs to differ when he sees Baekhyun’s anti-social self in a black hoodie sitting in the bleachers away from everyone else, skipping work just to watch him play.

Jock!Yeol and Punk!Baek Prom Night au

Baekhyun was absolute mess.

And he doesn’t even want to go to prom.

The entire idea was stupid, but it was Chanyeol’s idea. Of course, he felt obligated to go. There was no doubt in his mind that Chanyeol would be crowned prom king and that he’d have to watch his boyfriend dance with someone else more popular—possibly prettier than him.

Hell, everyone was better looking than him—or so Baekhyun thought despite Chanyeol repeatedly telling him that he was his perfect little punk sweetheart.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Baekhyun glared grudgingly. His hair was done neatly thanks to the help of his sister. His eyeliner and make up was perfectly fine, but he knew that he’d get shitty remarks for wearing it anyways.

He looked at the clock and saw that Chanyeol had about thirty minutes to pick him up. Sitting in his room, Baekhyun found himself drowning in his own thoughts.

Dating the basketball jock was fun, he had to admit, but at the same time, there were moments when Baekhyun wanted to break down. He didn’t like the pressure or the attention that he got. Sometimes he’d act like he didn’t hear certain remarks, but he knew that it hurt him anyways no matter how much he tried to act like he was perfectly fine.

Thirty minutes was an awful long time for Baekhyun to be left alone by himself. And it was enough, actually.

He doesn’t know why but he ran out to the front of his house and began walking. Chanyeol was supposed to pick him up, but Baekhyun couldn’t stop his feet from going to the bus stop and getting on.

God, how he hated everyone at school. He wasn’t much of a fan for them. Nobody understood him much. His music was “crap” and his style was “scary”—or so it had been said.

Going to prom was something Baekhyun really didn’t want to do.

So he figured, as he watched the scenery out the window change drastically, he should just run away. He felt somewhat bad for Chanyeol, but felt he should side with everyone else at school that night and agree that he, Byun Baekhyun, was not needed nor worthy.

Chanyeol was going to have fun either way. He had to. Chanyeol didn’t need him to tag along.

To be Chanyeol’s little alternative boyfriend on another day was fine, but the fact that Baekhyun had to dress up and surround himself with people he wasn’t necessarily fond of on Prom night of all nights was scary—and quite frankly, Baekhyun didn’t want to deal with it.

He took a seat on the bus and took out his phone. Instantly, he saw a text from Chanyeol, asking him if he was ready. Baekhyun paused for a second before replying that he wasn’t feeling too well so he didn’t even bother to dress up.

Chanyeol responded quickly asking if he was going to be okay.

Baekhyun pursed his lips and responded with a “yes, I’ll just listen to some of my new CDs”.

Skeptically, Chanyeol asked if he was using sickness as an excuse to stay at home. To this, Baekhyun laughed at the jock before replying with a no.

It took a few seconds before Baekhyun added, “you should go on without me. There are bound to be people that need a partner and would love to dance with you.”

A minute later, Baekhyun’s phone rang and he quickly answered, making sure to sound ill.

“Hello?” he groaned.

“Are you seriously sick?” Chanyeol asked.

“Yeah… My stomach hurts really bad…” Baekhyun grumbled.

“Are you in your room?”

“Mhm…” Baekhyun muttered , looking out the window.

On the other side, Baekhyun could hear some shuffling and muffled voices for a minute before he heard a distant bang and Chanyeol scoffing.


Baekhyun blinked. “What?”

“You’re not here. You’re not in your room.”

Left speechless, Baekhyun didn’t know what to say.

“Why’d you lie to me? Where are you?”

Maybe it was his walls or his anxiety, but Baekhyun hung up and put his phone face down on his lap.


Baekhyun knew that Chanyeol tried calling him again because in the ten minutes that it took to get to the train station (he didn’t know where to go so he decided to go to the last stop which was the station), he received roughly thirty calls with the additional twenty text messages. At the station, Baekhyun felt like he was running away, which he was, and for some reason, he didn’t feel any guilt about it.

To him, he just didn’t want to go to prom; he didn’t want to feel like an outcast outside of the regular school hours; he didn’t want to see girls fawn over his boyfriend while talking behind his back; he didn’t want to listen to the shitty song choices either.

Decisions, decisions.

Reaching into his pockets, Baekhyun felt his wallet and looked inside. He found some money and thought “what the hell”. Shutting his phone off, he bought a ticket, catching the last train heading to the coast.



Running away from his boyfriend, getting on a bus, and heading to the beach was not how Baekhyun imagined his prom night. His phone was shut off and he couldn’t see anything outside the window but the rare blurs of outlines and the dark.

In all his years, prom night fantasies usually involved him listening to music and lying on his bed, maybe writing or singing along to his songs until he was the only one in his neighborhood still awake. But Park Chanyeol came in and kind of ruined that fantasy and now he was on a train.



By the time, Baekhyun reached the coast, it was nearing midnight. From the station, he went inside a tiny store that was open and asked for directions to the beach. Although he was given an odd look, he got them anyways and soon he was there, on the sandy beach, alone and ruining his suit by lying on the ground.

Closing his eyes, Baekhyun felt at peace. The sound of the ocean was almost as nice as the revolutionary (or at least that’s what he called it) music about anti-conformity and individuality.

For a moment, Baekhyun kind of wished that his sporty boyfriend was there with him. He didn’t feel alone, but he wondered if that was because he was just so used to being alone that it never bothered him anymore, though it should’ve.

Sighing, Baekhyun decided to forget everything for a while. He was overwhelmed. Chanyeol probably went to the prom without him anyways. He had the tickets. Plus, like Baekhyun said, there would’ve been a lot of single girls there prettier than he was—maybe even more fit to be Chanyeol’s partner than him, but what did Baekhyun know.

He hadn’t realized how tired he was nor was he aware when his lids began to feel too heavy to lift once again. Lying cradled by the sand and lullabied by the ocean, Baekhyun fell asleep.



Returning home was oddly refreshing. The complete rush of his decisions that night before (like deciding to ditch Chanyeol and sleep on a beach) felt liberating. All that Baekhyun hoped for while he was on the train going back home was that Chanyeol had some fun at the prom without him.

The thoughts in Baekhyun’s head stalled for while. It wasn’t until he was on the bus heading to his house that he wondered if Chanyeol spent the night with someone else. Not as a dance partner or such, but more in the sense that Chanyeol actually decided to get intimate with someone.

It was prom night and as Baekhyun judged from all the gross magazine articles and movies, there were bound to be people hooking up. The thought of Chanyeol touching someone else’s naked body besides his bothered Baekhyun a lot, but if Chanyeol did, then Baekhyun didn’t know what he would do since he was the one who left. Maybe Chanyeol was upset enough to get hammered and laid to spite him.

Maybe. Baekhyun didn’t know. In fact, he really didn’t want to know.



Once he got to his stop, Baekhyun got off the bus and began walking back to his house. His hair stuck out in all placed, his eye makeup had been smudged, his suit was unbuttoned, his tie was loose, and his shirt was untucked. As he walked, he left tiny trails of sand behind him from his shoes.

Baekhyun wasn’t expecting much. He did expect to be yelled at by him parents. Maybe when Chanyeol left, they figured he had met up with him. Then the fact that he didn’t even go home must’ve meant he slept in Chanyeol’s arms or something, which he didn’t. He slept in sand.

What Baekhyun didn’t expect, however, was the basketball star. There, sitting on the porch, was Chanyeol, sleeping against the wall.


Baekhyun fought the urge to smile, but found his lips curving anyways. He felt his heart beat oddly (it was weird, Baekhyun didn’t like it) and he couldn’t help but take in a deep breath to calm his nerves. Shaking his head, he laughed quietly for a second before he dropped the happy look on his face, walked past the gate, and kicked Chanyeol by the leg.

The giant woke up in a surprise, startled as hell and confused as could be. He looked around to see where he was, trying to figure out why he wasn’t in his bed.

Watching the idiot confused was amusing to Baekhyun, but he hid it when he scoffed. “Get off my porch and go home.”

He walked past Chanyeol’s scrambling body and went for the door. Whistling a short tune, Baekhyun knelt down and began to look for the house key under the rug.

“Baek?” Chanyeol’s groggy voice said from behind. “Wha…Where’d you go last night?”

Looking back for a second, Baekhyun saw Chanyeol tiredly rub his eyes. “Somewhere.” Diverting the conversation from himself, he added, “How was the prom?”

“I didn’t go…”

Baekhyun paused. “Why not? I told said that you could go—”

“Why would I wanna go without you?” Chanyeol threw back at him, fully awake and irritated as his memories came back.

“I figured that it wouldn’t have mattered if I went or not—”

“Of course, it would’ve mattered!” Chanyeol cried. “I wanted to go with you, so yeah, it mattered, Baek.”

“Chanyeol, I didn’t even want to go to prom. You could’ve asked someone else,” Baekhyun sighed before trying to look for the house key again. When he couldn’t find it under the rug, he looked elsewhere.

“I didn’t want to go with someone else,” Chanyeol said in a hard tone, “you’re my boyfriend so why would I want to go with someone else! I know you don’t like school functions, but I thought that maybe being with me would’ve made it not as bad.”

“Let’s not pretend like you weren’t going to be whisked away by your friends and other people, Yeol,” Baekhyun said casually as he carefully lifted every plant he could find.

"Are you implying that I would’ve ignored you?" Chanyeol asked, taken aback.

"I’m just saying that everyone would’ve wanted your attention," Baekhyun explained. "Plus like I said, prom’s not my thing—argh, where the hell’s the key."

"I wasn’t going to ditch you," Chanyeol defensively said,"I mean, yeah, you ditched me last night, but if we would’ve gone, I wouldn’t have let them take me away. I would’ve danced with you."

Baekhyun thinned his lips for a moment. “I wouldn’t have liked their song choice anyways.”

Chanyeol frowned at him before reaching into his jacket and pulling out a music player and headphones. “We could’ve moved to a corner and slow danced to one of your songs. I don’t really like music about riots against society, but I know how that’s your thing so I downloaded them.”

In that moment, Baekhyun didn’t know what to do. He stopped looking for the house key and focused his entire attention on Chanyeol.


"And I know how you don’t like the idea of prom. I got that," Chanyeol said, sticking his hand in his jacket again. "That’s why I didn’t get you a flower or whatever. I got you this."

Baekhyun looked at what Chanyeol held out to him. “A bracelet?”

"A bracelet that says ‘fuck society’ actually. It’s a bit vulgar with the F word but it’s you," Chanyeol shrugged.

For a while, Baekhyun was silent. “You didn’t have to do any of this…” he said quietly.

"And you didn’t have to run away just because you thought it was going to be horrible," Chanyeol replied.

Sighing, Baekhyun drew his eyes down. “Well, if it makes you feel any better, I woke up with sand in my eyes. It kind of hurt.”

"Karma’s mean, Baek."

"I know."

"Where’d you go?" Chanyeol asked again softly. "You didn’t pick up my calls or reply to my texts. I was worried—not to mention that I felt like total shit, being stood up and all."

"I went to the beach—"


"Because I could," Baekhyun answered. Feeling like he owed it, he walked toward Chanyeol and patted him on the cheek since he wasn’t the type to initiate hugs. "I’m sorry. I’ll make it up one day—if we’re still dating. Who knows."

"You really know how to cheer a man up," Chanyeol mumbled, giving him a look.

Before Baekhyun could move away, Chanyeol held his hand for a bit before hinting at him to stay. When Baekhyun understood, Chanyeol took the music player, plugged in the head phones and promptly put one of the ear buds in Baekhyun’s ear.

"I know how you can make it up," he said, smiling down at Baekhyun’s surprised self. "I’m not going to forgive you all the way just yet, but I’ll just add this to your forgiveness points."

"You want to dance? Here?"

Placing the music player in his pocket, Chanyeol held Baekhyun’s hand and placed his other hand on his waist.

"Honey, yes, here. I think that the prom king deserves at least one dance."

Baekhyun scoffed but nonetheless began to follow Chanyeol’s slow motions. “The king shouldn’t be dancing with a pauper…” he said as he rested his head against Chanyeol’s chest.

"What’re you talking about?" Chanyeol laughed softly. "I’m dancing with my queen, not a pauper."

"You’re gross."

"And even if you were a pauper, I’d marry you and make you a queen."

"Stop it, you airhead."

"I love this song, Baek, just as much as I love you."

"This song is literally just screaming right now, Yeol," Baekhyun commented, though he smiled to himself for a while. "You’re quite a terrible liar."

"This’ll be our song forever."

"If you say so," Baekhyun replied.

"We’ll do everything to this song. We’ll kiss to this song, we’ll have sex on my bed to this song, we’ll get married to this song, we’ll even make our kids to this song."

"Just stop talking. You’re killing the message of the lyrics," Baekhyun laughed.

Hearing the male laugh seemed like better music to Chanyeol’s ears. “Even if you ditched me to sleep like a hobo at the beach for a night, I’m loving this moment. It makes everything better.”

"Stop being cheesy."

"Okay, honey."

Baekhyun rolled his eyes at the endearment, ignoring the warm feeling that he felt. He let Chanyeol slow dance him on the small porch for a few minutes despite how unfitting the song was. But still, nothing could’ve been more perfect.

"Hey, Chanyeol?"


"Do you have the house key?"

"Of course, I do. I knew you’d try and get in your house to avoid me so I took it."


"Shhh, just be quiet and let me hold you, okay? You smell like the ocean. I Iike that."

Mpreg drabble

"I can’t wait to be a father."

"I know you can’t."

"God, I just want to play with her and teach her how to fight. She’s gonna need to know how to ward off men, Baek."

"How’s she ever going to find a husband, Yeol?"

"Yah, stop laughing. You fought off every guy you knew, right? Then I came along and fought you right back. Shit worked out. And then I got you pregnant."

"And that’s how it’ll work out for our little girl, I suppose?"

"Except for the pregnant part. She’ll have to be married first."

"Yeol, even we weren’t married when you got me pregnant. I didn’t even tell you I was pregnant because we broke up—-"

"We didn’t break up. We were just fighting for a little while—"

"We weren’t talking—-"

"Anyways! Point of the matter is that I got my shit together, I’m glad I got you pregnant, married or not because you’re fucking beautiful. Second, our daughter’s going to be taught the best. And third, you need to go to bed because I won’t stand for my pregnant spouse to be up so late when he’s nearing his due date."

"You care too much."

"And you wouldn’t have it any other way."

Chanbaek Brother incest

"Mom and dad aren’t home."


"Let’s fuck."


"Hold on to the head board."

"What’re you doing? Are you coming in or what?"

"Hold on."

"Chanyeol, our parents are going to be back any minute."

"You can’t rush taboo love! Or anal prep."

"God, you’re so fucking an—big, big, big!— Slow down, shit—nghaa!"

"Relax, you’re squeezing me! Fuck!"

"You’re not the one with the rod up your ass. God, are you fully in yet?"

"Do you feel my balls against you yet?"


"Then no—agh—I’m not."

Proposal drabble

"What’s that in your hand, Yeol?"

Chanyeol blinks and looks at Baekhyun’s phone. “Uhh…nothing.”

"It doesn’t look like nothing."

"It was for a photo shoot."

"We haven’t had schedules in the past few days."

"Can we forget about this?"

Baekhyun frowns. “No, I want to know.”

"No you don’t! You’re going to ruin everything!"

Taking a step back from Chanyeol, Baekhyun purses his lips. “Why can’t you tell me?”

"Because you’re not supposed to know."

"Park Chanyeol—"

"Drop it, Baek."

Annoyed by the fact that Chanyeol refuses to let him in on it, Baekhyun becomes resolute. “Fine.”

"Okay—wait wait, where’re you going?" Chanyeol frantically asks.


"Baek, what about the dinner reservations—"

"Why don’t you take someone else, honey?" Baekhyun bitterly replies.

Chanyeol’s confused. “But it’s our anniversary—”

"Well, then I guess I’ll go celebrate this joyous day with Kris."

"What the hell!" Chanyeol cries, following Baekhyun to the door. "Can you not?"

"Can YOU not?" Baekhyun snorts.

"No, stop it," Chanyeol sighs. "I’m sorry, okay? It’s just…It really is nothing, Baekhyun."

Baekhyun stops for a moment before deciding that he was overreacting. “No, I’m sorry. Whatever that is—you at a jewelry store or whatever, that’s none of my business, I guess.”


"Well… I guess I’ll go get dressed…" Baekhyun mumbles.

"Be sure to look nice, okay? You never know who or if someone’s going to snap a photo."

"Yeah." Standing on his toes, Baekhyun gives him a kiss. "Sorry. I’ll go now. You should get ready too."

After Baekhyun leaves, Chanyeol takes a deep breath and rubs his forehead. He dodged a bullet. If Baekhyun had left and decided to cancel their dinner date, how was he going to be able to propose!

Same Prince drabble

When Kyungsoo asked Baekhyun if he was in love with anyone at the school, Baekhyun responded yes. And when he asked Kyungsoo the same question, Kyungoo nodded.

"He’s very tall," Baekhyun said.

"Mine, too!" Kyungsoo gasped. "He plays basketball so he’s athletic."

"Really!? No way!" Baekhyun gaped at his best friend. "My guy plays basketball, also! What’re the chances…"

"I want him so bad…" Kyungsoo mumbled under his breath.

Baekhyun agreed. “Same.”

A moment passed before Kyungsoo asked, “What if we’re in love with the same guy?”

Baekhyun thought for a second before throwing a confident smirk in Kyungsoo’s way. “Then you better swerve.”

Signs of Dying drabble

It was weird.


One moment he’s in a taxi, excited as can be for a question that he knew his boyfriend was going to ask, and then the next, he’s dead.

Baekhyun doesn’t understand dying at first. He watches the scene on the side and wonders what’s going on. Why was there a taxi completely crushed and flipped over? Why were people crying? Who died?

For a moment, Baekhyun tries to wrap his head around the situation but he finds that he can’t.

He doesn’t remember much. He doesn’t understand why.

There’s an itching inside of him, whispering to him that something important that was supposed to take place.

And Baekhyun vaguely remembers a face…

He remembers a small fracture of a memory in which he finds a box that fell from a pocket. He remembers putting it back and rushing to pretend he hadn’t touched it.

Baekhyun can’t clearly remember the box and it’s content.

But he does remember how he was happy.

It’s there—the feeling of happiness, even in his state of confusion.

However, he feels weird.

Baekhyun wants to cry.

He wants to shed tears and mourn for something, but he doesn’t know why; he doesn’t know for what.

As happy as he feels, there is a clawing gush of sadness eating him alive. There’s an emptiness inside of him that makes him feel void.

He feels incomplete.

He feels unfinished.

Before Baekhyun can wander and linger on, a hand and a figure coming from a bright light source reaches for him. He doesn’t know why, but Baekhyun takes the hand and follows the figure in white.

It isn’t until it was too late to turn back that he remembers the keys to his thoughts; the pieces to his puzzle.

The box with the ring that fell from the his boyfriend’s pocket…

The planned date in front of the art museum…

The car that ran a red light…

The crash…

The death…

And Park Chanyeol.

As the droplets fell from his face, Baekhyun finally understands the mixed feelings within him.

The happiness he feels is from his last moments on Earth; it is from when he sat in that taxi, excited to see Chanyeol.

But the sadness…

That void inside of him…

It comes from the afterlife.

It comes from knowing that as he walks further into the light, Chanyeol is still on Earth expecting him.

He expects Baekhyun to appear; he expects him to say yes; and most importantly, he expects to share a life that Baekhyun no longer has.

ChanSoo ft Baekhyun

"How long are you going to pretend?"

"What’re you talking about?"

"How long are you going to pretend like you’re happy for them?"

"I am happy…"

"You make one terrible liar, Byun Baekhyun…."

"I know…"

Baekhyun looses Chanyeol to Kris

"I won."

"No, no, no, Kris—-I take it back."

"Can’t take your bet back, Baekhyun. Shouldn’t have bet your boyfriend."



"What’s going on down here?"

"Yeol, I’m sorry—"

"Hey lover boy. Baekhyun here bet your ass and now you’re mine for the night."

"What’s he talking about, Baek?"


"I’m saying, lover boy, that tonight? Tonight you’re going to spread your legs for me and take my cock in like a pro—"


Baekhyun woke up and screamed.

Worst nightmare ever.

Looking to his left, he saw Chanyeol sleeping soundly next to him and promptly lied back down and cuddled closely to his favorite top.

Parents at the grocery store drabble



"Wheres Eunhee?"

"Where?" Chanyeol looked around. "She’s right over the…re…"

When both of them saw that there was no child in the direction that Chanyeol was pointing, Baekhyun panicked. “Honey, where are you? Honey?”


"Check the aisles, Yeol. Take the basket with you," Baekhyun said in a panicked hurry. "Honey? Come to daddy, please?"

Baekhyun left Chanyeol’s side to run around the fresh produce section and Chanyeol thought it was best if they split up. The first minute or so, Chanyeol was frantic as well, but as time passed and almost five minutes had gone, he was absolutely mental.

He had left the basket a long while ago. Instinctively he went to the front to see if a missing child had been found, but there was none. While Baekhyun was off on one side of the store, Chanyeol was in another.

Luck happened to be on his side and Chanyeol thanked his gods when he spotted a little brown haired girl, hair tuffed in a messy fashion, looking at the candy aisle like it was heaven itself.


The little girl turned around and looked at Chanyeol with her big eyes. “Da…?”

"Your dad and I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Why would you leave like that! Come here!" Chanyeol said with a heart beating fast. "God, you gave your dads a heart attack."


"No, we’re not getting candy," Chanyeol muttered. "Not after you nearly induced death on both of your dads."


"I said, no—"

"Da…? Candy?"

"Mother of god…Ugh."

Quickly grabbing a colorful bag off the shelf, Chanyeol walked back to the last place where he saw Baekhyun, which was near the fresh produce. But by the time they got there, Baekhyun was no where to be seen.

A moment later, an announcement on the intercom came on and Chanyeol pursed his lips at the sound of his husband who was clearly crying and snotting into the microphone.

"Come on, princess," Chanyeol sighed as he readjusted his daughter against his hip, making sure he wasn’t going to drop her while carrying a bag of sweets in his other hand. "You’re gonna have to give dad ten kisses for making him cry. I’ll take care for the rest, but ten kisses, alright?"

Tags: chanbaek, chansoo, drabbles, krisyeol
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