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Boyfriend To Go

Boyfriend To Go!
Pairing: Chanyeol / Baekhyun
Rating: PG
Word: 2,198
Summary: Baekhyun wasn't exactly what Chanyeol had in mind.

A/N: Happy Valentine's Day! Excuse any mistakes. I'm not used to this writing style or writing in the present-ish tense.

It’s Valentine’s Day again and Chanyeol doesn’t have a valentine or some poor soul to share his day with. He broke up with his boyfriend Kyungsoo just a few weeks before because he wasn’t feeling it anymore. Actually, neither of them were feeling it. Chanyeol thinks that it’s because they were both bored. He’s probably right.

Or so he thinks.

It’s too much of a hassle to get it on with someone random at a club. Chanyeol has seen fliers around the streets about February 14th specials, but he thinks that it’s too much work to grind against someone and to get naked later on. He doesn’t want to bother, so he doesn’t even think about it very much.

However, on the morning of the sweet day for love and love making, Chanyeol wakes up a little sad. Maybe he was lonely. Chanyeol thinks it’s just that.

If he lived in Japan, Chanyeol knows he wouldn’t hesitate to hire an escort or someone he could just rent for a day. As he’s lying on his bed, he actually wishes that Korea had one of those business where they’d rent out an actual person to serve his emotional needs. The only thing Chanyeol knows about in his country is the lucrative red light district, but he doesn’t want sex, he wants a companion.

All Kyungsoo and he did when they were together was work and later talk about their day. It got really old really fast, but Chanyeol had no other idea on what to do. He wasn’t one who would do anything reckless, but then again, he wasn’t one to do anything at all.

The best thing Chanyeol has about himself is his imagination. Life limited what he could do and sometimes it restricted his actions, but in his mind, he did everything.

Chanyeol recalls a time when he got arrested for bravely fighting over his one true love. He thought that this would soon become reality when he was dating Kyungsoo, but he knew the short male wasn’t his one true love when he couldn’t get himself to defend the man against scarier men than him.

Another time, Chanyeol shoplifts. Of course, he’d never shop lift in real life. That’d be dishonest. Maybe he wanted to shoplift from a dishonest person. An eye for an eye.

There’s a feeling in Chanyeol’s gut and maybe it’s because he’s hungry, but he doesn’t think that’s it. In the back of his mind, he knows that there’s a void to fill and it’s company that he wants.

Valentine’s Day didn’t just have to be about roses and chocolate. It could be about not having to spend a day alone.

Then Chanyeol makes a decision. First, he was going to get up and go downstairs to eat. After he was done eating, he’d feed his pet fish. Then he’d get on his computer and buy a ticket to Japan.


Bright lights hit his eyes, but Chanyeol doesn’t know where he’s at anymore. He thinks he’s lost. Maybe.

Perhaps going to Japan on a spontaneous whim wasn’t the best idea seeing as that he couldn’t understand any of the signs that were supposed to help him. He thinks that maybe it would’ve been wiser to follow the hotel concierge’s advice on hiring a guide and he doesn’t know why he was stubborn enough to say no.

But the more Chanyeol walked around, the less and less he cared about his location. Be it that he spends his day correctly with a companion or if he ends up dead on the side after being mugged, Chanyeol doesn’t care. He just wants to find a drive-thru.

The moment people started looking a little fishy and weird, Chanyeol knows that he was walking in the right direction. He looks to his left and then to his right and sees naked women in display windows. He doesn’t think much about it. Nothing was happening down there.

He did notice that sometimes the curtains did not match the rugs.

For a while, he walks on and on and he has absolutely no idea where the place he wants to be at is. But he figures that fate has always been on his side when he stops for a break and finds that the drive-thru he’s looking for is right across the street where he was standing.

Chanyeol almost dies jaywalking, but he doesn’t care. It was Valentine’s Day, he was in Japan, naked prostitutes were everywhere, and he wanted to not be lonely.

Stopping in front of the establishment, Chanyeol reaches behind his back pocket, takes out a crumpled piece of paper and checks the address to see if he was at the right place. And he was.

The Boyfriend Drive-Thru.


“Hello, welcome to the Boyfriend drive-thru. Would you like for me to take your order?”

Chanyeol’s mouth gapes at the menu above the front desk. His eyes look at the prices for each trait of his desired “boyfriend” and he finds that he was having a hard time figuring out what he wants.


The first thought that comes to mind was to order a boyfriend that was just like Kyungsoo until Chanyeol realizes he wants more.

“Can I have…the…funny one?” Chanyeol says as if he’s unsure.

“Alright,” the cashier says, pressing a button, “anything else?”

“Maybe he can have nice hair… and a pretty face,” Chanyeol replies, becoming more confident in his orders.


“I want him to have a nice voice, too. Someone talkative,” Chanyeol adds, “and around the same age as me. If you could, could you add a little sassiness to him?”

“You’re a little adventurous, aren’t you?”

“Trying to be, actually,” Chanyeol admits. “While you’re at it, maybe someone with a nice appetite will do also.”

“Is that all, sir?”

Chanyeol nods. “Yeah.”

After the cashier calculated the price, he looks back up at Chanyeol and smiles. “It seems like you want to order Byun Baekhyun.”

“Is he nice?”

“He’s available now,” the cashier says happily.

“Then I’ll take him.”

“For here or to go?”

“To go.”

Chanyeol hands the man his credit card and promptly receives it back after a few seconds.

“Alrighty then. Byun Baekhyun is now yours for twenty-four hours,” the man informs Chanyeol. “If you want to keep him, you can. Good luck and have a great day! Your order will be at the other window. Next!”

Chanyeol moves like a ghost over to the next window, which turns out to be a door. He doesn’t know why they call it a window. Maybe it was for traditions sake. Maybe.

When Chanyeol gets his new boyfriend, he has to carry him bridal style. It was kind of a hassle, but Chanyeol doesn’t think too much of it.

Baekhyun--his new boyfriend--came with a free burger, fries, and drink.


After they were out of the establishment, Chanyeol puts Baekhyun down on his feet and he fully appreciates how the smaller male looks. The drive-thru was too dark to see anything. In fact, Chanyeol isn’t even sure what the cashier looked like. Maybe he was ugly. Maybe.

“Hi, I’m Park Chanye--”

“I’m hungry.”

And so Baekhyun decides to eat the free food he came with and Chanyeol realizes that he’s hungry himself.

“Can you save me some fries--”


Chanyeol gets none.

“But I’m hungry, too as well--”

“You can eat it once my body’s done processing the nutrients out of it,” Baekhyun mumbles as he stuffs his face.

“You mean you want me to eat your poop…”



Chanyeol tries to return Baekhyun, but apparently there’s a twenty-four hour mandatory policy so he can’t do anything about it and he’s stuck with his drive-thru boyfriend.

He does get complimentary fries.


Since Chanyeol doesn’t know where to go, Baekhyun takes his hand and pulls him along. Chanyeol finds that their hands fit perfectly.

The first place that Baekhyun takes him to is a tattoo parlor and Chanyeol doesn’t know what they’re doing there.

After Baekhyun talks with the man at the front desk, Baekhyun pushes him into a room and makes him take his shirt off.

“What’re we doing?”

“We’re getting matching tattoos.”

Chanyeol’s scared, but he always thought tattoos were cool. Maybe a small one on his body wouldn’t be that bad.

“I want a butterfly tatt--”

“No. We’re having our names tattooed on each other.”

Chanyeol doesn’t like that idea very much.

“We’re not actually a couple.”

“Just in case something happens and you get some sort of anterograde amnesia where you forget me every day, I want my name tattooed on your face,” Baekhyun sasses. “And for identifications sake, I want my face on your face.”

In that second, Chanyeol purses his lips. He thinks to himself that maybe he should’ve ordered a boyfriend that was less…extreme.

“Uhhh, no thank you.”

“Do it!”

“No!” Chanyeol protests.

Since the tattoo artist wasn’t in the room, Baekhyun grabs the tattoo needle and turns it on. Chanyeol begins to become terrified. He seems to have ordered Satan.

Although Baekhyun is short, he overtakes Chanyeol easily. After Chanyeol screams for help and Baekhyun is pulled off, they get kicked out of the shop and Chanyeol ends up with a tattoo of a squiggly heart on his right chest.

It was permanent and not temporary like the pain that he felt from the needle gun.


It is at the mall that Chanyeol finds that he had ordered a thief.

“Shoplift this for me.”

“Stop it.”

“Come on.”

Chanyeol takes the item Baekhyun wants him to steal. “Look, I’ll pay for it but I won’t steal it--”

He doesn’t exactly know what’s going on, but Chanyeol watches as Baekhyun screams terrifyingly at him and points in his direction as he backs away.

“Thief! Thief! He’s stealing!”


Before Chanyeol has the time to do anything, the security guards that usually did nothing are immediately running towards him. He doesn’t understand the amount of emotion inside of him, but Chanyeol decides to charge at Baekhyun.

Baekhyun hits a shelf full of glass trinkets and it all falls over. There’s the sound of breaking glass and Chanyeol doesn’t care. He is going to be arrested and put into mall jail. Even worse, he isn’t even in Korea. What did jails in Japan look like? He doesn’t know. What he does know is that Baekhyun’s complaining about the lack of air he was getting with Chanyeol’s hands around his neck.


They sit on opposite sides of the jail cell and Baekhyun finds it amusing to make faces at grumpy giant across from him. Chanyeol knows that Baekhyun looks like a dog, he wasn’t aware that he ordered a female one.

“So…how do you feel about masturbating right now?”

It was probably because he didn’t hear right. Chanyeol knows that Baekhyun didn’t just ask that. He knows. He definitely knows--

“I’ve done it before.”

Chanyeol stops denying the fact to himself.

“Can you stop?” he says exasperatedly. “Just stop?”

“What’s wrong?” Baekhyun asks, tilting his head.

“What’s wrong? We’re in jail! You’re asking me to touch myself for you!”

“Not really for me,” Baekhyun defends, “you just looked like you needed it.”

Chanyeol keeps silent and doesn’t say anything. What could he say? Nothing really…

“I should’ve stayed in Korea.”

“Japan’s fun, though!”

“What’re you doing here, anyways?”

Baekhyun shrugs as an answer, which Chanyeol doesn’t like. “It’s fun.”

“Yeah, well you’re not making it a fun experience,” Chanyeol grumbles.

“I thought I was.”

“Maybe you thought wrong.”

Baekhyun gives him a lopsided grin. “They said you wanted an adventure.”

“Not really.”

“But you needed it.”

“Not in a jail, Baekhyun,” Chanyeol sighs. “I just wanted someone to be with for the day, alright? Not this.”

Baekhyun looks around. “There’s no one in here.”

“There’s you.”

“That’s beside the point,” Baekhyun pipes. “The guard’s not here. He’s eating dinner. You wanted company, so here we are. We can talk.”

Furrowing his brows, Chanyeol glares at Baekhyun. “Why couldn’t we just start this way? Talk, I mean. Why’d I have to starve, get a tattoo, and be put in jail before sitting down and getting to talk with you like I paid for?”

Baekhyun smiles as he stands up and walks over to Chanyeol’s side. Putting his hands on the bars, he leans down on Chanyeol who was sitting down and tilts his face.

“What a boring way to start a relationship.”

Honestly, nothing in that day made much sense and the fact that Baekhyun kissed him didn’t help the fact of the matter.

But it wasn’t bad.

It really wasn’t.


Sometimes things happen and no one knows how, but Chanyeol ended up taking Baekhyun back to Korea because it turns out he was Korean to begin with, which would’ve explained how he spoke the language so fluently.

Maybe Chanyeol was a little slow.




Tags: boyfriend drive thru, chanbaek, oneshot
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