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Not Intended 57

Chapter 57

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Luhan had left Baekhyun alone for a mere five minutes before reentering the bathroom.

From Baekhyun’s experience with Luhan, he already knew what the ex wanted. Chanyeol flashed in his mind for a split second before Baekhyun forced the thought to break away and disappear. Luhan didn’t initiate any exchange of words between them, but rather, he began to shed his clothes. For a moment, Baekhyun dropped his eyes down and let the water fall onto him.

Then after a while, Baekhyun asked if Luhan had lube, to which Luhan grinned and promptly showcased the bottle in his hand. Without any more words, no questions as to why they were doing what they were currently doing in the name of one sided lust, Luhan stepped into the shower and touched Baekhyun by the waist.

In any other case, it would’ve seemed odd to other people how one person could fully submit to an ex-lover they just conveniently bumped into not even two hours prior, but in a weird way, Baekhyun’s mindset was no different than what it had been months ago before he even left home.

Getting aroused was a small bump in the road, but Baekhyun found that if he just closed his eyes like he always did back in his younger days and pretended it was his prince charming touching him, he was able to harden at Luhan’s touches.

The sex was as casual as Baekhyun remembered it. It was almost mechanical the way he propped his hands on the wall and bent over, allowing Luhan to stretch him and enter quickly with no fuss.

If it had been Chanyeol fucking him against the bathroom walls, the entire room would’ve been filled with moans and grunts of pleasure. But with Luhan, it was different. There wasn’t a sense of feeling, but rather a plain sense of urgency on his end.

Never with Chanyeol did Baekhyun have a complete conversation with him about something unrelated to intercourse and dirty talk.

“Nugget’s a little fat--argh. You’re still as tight as I remember.”

“I think it’s--ah, fuck. He’s just a pup.”

“You need to balance his diet.”

Like always, Luhan finished quickly, pulling out of Baekhyun and sparing him to duty of clean up. As he usually did, Luhan took a hold of Baekhyun’s unfinished cock and finished him off by giving him a hand job that Baekhyun vividly remembered as a force to be reckoned with.

After Baekhyun found his release, Luhan helped him stand back upright. When Baekhyun stretched his back from standing bent for so long, Luhan laughed as he helped massage the back area. Once Baekhyun seemed fine, Luhan went on to help the male wash his hair, even helping him scrub his back.



Baekhyun didn’t think about it until he absolutely needed to, but as he sat on the couch waiting for Luhan to return with their sandwiches from the kitchen, it came onto him how four days had passed and he had already given himself to someone other than Chanyeol. It didn’t come as a bone crushing moment to him, but Baekhyun continued to watch the television, gently stroking Nugget who was keeping guard near his feet, watching P.B and Tabby as they played together.

Oddly, Baekhyun never necessarily felt any different. If anything, he felt like his old self-- the self that never thought twice about the lines between if or when it was okay to fuck someone. But despite after everything that had happened, he couldn’t tear apart the nerve in his brain that flashed Chanyeol’s voice, face, words, and body.

In the duration between when Luhan left him alone and when he returned to the living room, Baekhyun realized how weak he had become. All he could think about was the giant and it never soothed his seeping guilt about fornicating with someone other than him. But constantly, Baekhyun reminded himself of what Chanyeol had done and the fact that they themselves were done.

When Luhan came back with the food, Baekhyun snapped out of his thoughts and smiled at him as he received his plate. Together they ate silently, never mentioning the episode in the shower just an hour ago, but rather comfortably watched the television. Baekhyun stole glances in Luhan’s way and remembered how it had always been that casual between them after every encounter.

And as he sat at an arm’s length away from his ex-lover with such a casualness that was hard to shake off, Baekhyun looked down at his half eaten sandwich and closed his eyes. With no romance in the air or after-sex arguments, Baekhyun felt like he was taken back in time to when Chanyeol never happened and when he was still searching for something more intimate.



Time moved fast.

Once Baekhyun found himself wearing a suit and awaiting his first client in front of a grand hotel, he realized just how fast time really had moved. It was as if time was a rug pulled right out from under him and Baekhyun was consequently sent on a tumbling roll down a hill, hitting one monumental mark after another.

With Luhan beside him, Baekhyun heard him go over procedures, which were easy to Baekhyun. The entire goal of the gig was to please the client. Sexual favors meant Baekhyun had to charge extra. Actual intercourse could be set as high as Baekhyun wanted, however, if or when he felt comfortable.

As Baekhyun looked at the time on the extravagant watch Luhan had given to him, he saw that his client should have been arriving soon. While waiting, he made small talk with the ex beside him, but there were no more questions that Baekhyun had about the job of an escort and why Luhan was in such a profession before he decided to settle as a homely maid.

Back at the apartment, Luhan had explained his situation. As it turned out, Baekhyun’s ex-lover used to work as a professional escort up until that point. But the more Baekhyun heard of Luhan’s story, the more he felt a part of him die a little bit on the inside.

Luhan decided he no longer wanted to be anybody’s second best. By quitting his lucrative, yet highly paid job, Luhan decided to pursue a basic job as someone’s house maid in the hopes that one day he would find someone normal, a person far from the scene of escorts and all.

And while Baekhyun listened, he could do nothing more than to smile and nod at Luhan’s self-revelation. Inside, he was overjoyed that Luhan decided to pursue a life that gave him a chance at finding someone, but at the same time, Baekhyun couldn’t stop himself from feeling low of his own image, because as Luhan flew from the cage that kept him lonely and alone, Baekhyun took his place.

The moment a jet black car pulled up at the front of the hotel, Luhan straightened his posture and nudged Baekhyun to fix his as well. He checked Baekhyun’s eyeliner, makeup and hair. He ran over the rules once again, making sure Baekhyun knew the boundaries of the job.

“Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with doing,” Luhan reminded, leaning over at him to whisper in Baekhyun’s ear. “He’s only paying for your company right now. If you’re fine with it, then you can accept additional activities under the table.”

“I’m okay with it,” Baekhyun replied in a platonic tone. “I don’t mind…”

“This is just a job,” Luhan mumbled, keeping his eyes on Baekhyun. “It’s nothing personal. Just think of when you and I were part of that prostitution ring in college before we had to disperse the entire thing.”

“I know.”

For a moment, Luhan held his tongue. “I’m kind of glad you’re filling in my space in the business. Suho appreciates the fact that you took out the hassle of looking for another escort.”

“I need the money,” Baekhyun answered.

Softly laughing, Luhan shook his head at the statement. “You don’t need money. You just refuse to open your rich boy account,” he said, drawing his eyes away from Baekhyun and setting his attention on the male approaching them. “I leave the apartment keys under the mat.”

“Thank you,” Baekhyun said quietly, planting a smile on his face. “I’ll see you back at the apartment.”

“You’re welcome,” Luhan replied, giving Baekhyun a pat on the back. “Good luck.”

Before Baekhyun could respond back to the comforting gesture, the man had reached them. His hair was slicked back and Baekhyun immediately noticed the sharp jawline on him. He was in awe, especially when the man smiled kindly at him and offered his hand. Saving Baekhyun from a bad first impression, Luhan nudged him, reminding the newly made escort to take the hand and shake it.

“I’m Kim Jongdae,” the man introduced. “And you are?”

Feeling man’s eyes on him, Baekhyun grinned. “I’m Luhan,” he replied.

Seeing the man’s reaction confirmed that he hadn’t caught on to Baekhyun’s false on-the-job identity. Glancing over at Luhan who continued to smile, Baekhyun made sure to see if it was absolutely fine for him to take on his name as planned.

“Well, Luhan,” Jongdae said, gesturing his arm for Baekhyun to take, “should we go inside? I shouldn’t have made you wait out here for so long. It’s a bit cold.”

Chuckling, Baekhyun shook his head, gracefully linking his arm with his client. “It’s okay. I wasn’t that cold.”

“I see.” As they walked towards the entrance, Jongdae looked back and saw Luhan watching them as they left. “Was that your friend? Is he waiting for another client?”

Shaking his head, but keeping his eyes forward, Baekhyun replied, “No. He’s merely a company driver.”

“You guys have a wonderful business,” Jongdae commented, turning to the front once again. “It’s really convenient as well.”

“If I give you a nice time, you have to promise to give us a good word, okay?” Baekhyun smirked.

“No doubt that I’ll be giving a good review after tonight.”

“I hope that’s guaranteed,” Baekhyun teased, feeling his palms begin to dampen as they walked through the grand entrance and heard the faint sound of ballroom music emanating from their destination.

Looking down at the beautiful male beside him, Jongdae nodded, giving Baekhyun an expression of admiration as he viewed the finely done hair and appearance of his escort. “It’s guaranteed. No need to worry about it. Just enjoy yourself.”

“Shouldn’t I be saying that to you?” Baekhyun asked, raising a brow.

“With you as company, I’m already enjoying myself.”



A week and a half after bumping into Luhan and Baekhyun discovered himself waking up in the late afternoon once again. Like always, Nugget was pawing at the guest room door, whining at him to help him escape from playing with Luhan’s pet duo who always wanted to play with the pup.

Walking out of his room and picking Nugget’s entire body up along the way, Baekhyun lamely entered the living room, though the room didn’t even look like a living room anymore. Luhan had packed everything into boxes and gradually stored them in a storage garage. The only thing left in the apartment was the couch, the beds, a radio, and a few dining utensils as well as pots in the kitchen.

Near the front entrance were the suitcases that Luhan intended to take with him to his new job. Looking around, Baekhyun saw that Luhan was nowhere near to be found, but cold breakfast was already cooked and neatly placed on the table.

Setting Nugget on the floor, Baekhyun took a seat and began to eat. The dog stayed by his father’s side and only hid under the table when either P.B or Tabby decided to cautiously approach him. Baekhyun thought Nugget’s shyness was adorable, bringing a smile to his face. The pup’s lack of social skills always amused him to no end.

It wasn’t until Baekhyun had finished and begun washing the dishes that Luhan came back with documents in his hands. Quickly getting out of his coat, Luhan threw it on the kitchen counter and approached Baekhyun near the sinks.

“I got the papers for the apartment for you,” he said in a breathless voice, grinning at Baekhyun’s surprised face. “This is all yours now.”

Blinking, Baekhyun looked at the papers and slowly took it from Luhan’s hands. “So it’s under my name now?”

Bobbing his head from left to right, Luhan made a face as he glanced up. “Well, technically, this place is still under my name. It was easier to renew the place under my name for a few more months than to pay the early termination fee, which I didn’t want to pay. So when you pay the rent, just pay in cash and under my name. It shouldn’t be a hassle since you get paid in cash anyways, right?”

The words that spilled from Luhan’s mouth was barely heard in Baekhyun’s ears, but he still managed to catch the very few information that pieced the entire thing together for him. Pursing his lips, he raised his eyes up at Luhan. Then he surprised his ex by throwing his arms around him, hugging tightly out of complete and utter gratitude.

Squeezed tight, Luhan had to pry himself from Baekhyun’s arms just to find a way to breathe again. “You hug really hard.”

“You’re just really nice,” Baekhyun mumbled, taking Luhan’s hands instead and decided to make them his body’s next victim by cutting off all blood circulation. “Thanks for helping me out.”

“As much as I want you to go back home or to just deal with your issues with this ex-boyfriend of yours,” Luhan started, grinning at him as he tried to lessen the pressure on his hand, “I know how you are, so I might as well just go with the flow.”

“Casual,” Baekhyun said, smiling.

“Very casual,” Luhan nodded. Once he pulled himself free and let Baekhyun marvel at the printed words that technically meant he had full control of the apartment, Luhan pulled out his cellphone when he heard a sound, indicating a new text.

“What was that?” Baekhyun said, looking up from the papers.

“Just my boss.”

“Suho?” Baekhyun asked, tilting his head as he wondered what his employer was texting for.

“No, not him,” Luhan said, waving a hand. Moving from the kitchen and to the nearly-empty living room, he plopped down on the couch. “The new guy that I’m working for.”


While Luhan texted away, Baekhyun put the papers down on a table and scooped Nugget up. Thankful, the pup wriggled in his arms as his dad took him away from the very animals that dared try to make him play with them. Then Baekhyun decided to lazily dance with Nugget in the bare apartment, humming to a quiet tune to fill the space of dead silence.

After a while, Luhan interrupted his music and asked, “Do you want to see the new guy that I’m working for? He’s pretty good looking.”

Thinking of the idea, Baekhyun was tempted. Then he remembered that Luhan was a soon to be maid and the entire thing reminded him too much of what used to be.

“Luhan, you shouldn’t call your boss good looking,” he said, trying to shake off the dim feeling on him. “It’s not professional.”

“I’m taking that as a no?”

Shaking his head, Baekhyun muttered, “No…”

“You’re missing out,” Luhan tried once more.

“I’m okay...”

“Okay then.”

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