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The Letter 61

Chapter 61
Slice of Pie

No matter how strong the urge was to drop everything and just feel each other again, Baekhyun knew that he still had business to do. Slowly pulling from Chanyeol’s soft lips, which tried to follow him as he retracted, Baekhyun glanced down, setting his hands on Chanyeol’s chest. “I have to close up…”

Chanyeol watched Baekhyun solemnly try to get himself to push him away. Sighing, Chanyeol took Baekhyun’s hands in his and nodded. He took a step back and freed Baekhyun from the position that he trapped him in. Reluctantly, Chanyeol untangled their hands as Baekhyun began to move away.

Silently, Chanyeol followed Baekhyun to the backroom, stopping just next to the door. “Do you want me to help with anything?”

Baekhyun turned his head and gave Chanyeol a small smile as he took off his apron. “Sure.” Motioning a hand over to Chanyeol, Baekhyun tilted his way over to some boxes. “You can take one box and I’ll take the other.”

“Alright,” Chanyeol said, nodding. He went over and saw that Baekhyun was carrying a box that looked heavier than the other. Without saying anything, Chanyeol took the box right out of Baekhyun’s arms and nodded over to the other one. “Carry that one.”

If there was any calm and awkward after-confession air around, it was gone the moment Baekhyun creased his brows and tried to take the box from Chanyeol. “Chanyeol—”

“—Baek, no.” Nonetheless, Baekhyun pried Chanyeol’s grip off the box and managed to take it back. Chanyeol stared down at a triumphant Baekhyun and shook his head. “Three years and you’re still not doing what I tell you,” he muttered as he gently set Baekhyun aside to get the other box.

“Three years and you’re still trying to tell me what to do,” Baekhyun threw back, laughing a bit as Chanyeol bent down to pick the box up.

“Whatever,” Chanyeol replied with a grin on his face. Standing straight up, he cocked his head. “Where to?”

“Out to the front,” Baekhyun said, leading the way out of the back room. “Hail a cab while I lock up, will you?”


As Chanyeol followed Baekhyun out to the front of the store, his eyes kept glazing over Baekhyun’s  back from the nape of his neck to the way his shoulders were just right. He didn’t know if he had noticed Baekhyun’s perfection back in their high school years, but Chanyeol came to terms of how he must’ve taken everything for granted back then.

Baekhyun nudged the “open” side so that it would say “closed” instead before he opened the door using his back. He motioned with his head for Chanyeol to exit. Once he did, Baekhyun allowed the door to shut behind him. Setting the box down for a moment, he pulled out a set of keys from his pocket and locked the place down.

As Chanyeol was watching him, he asked, “Baek, don’t you have some other form of security in that store? Like an alarm? Or more locks?”

Baekhyun grinned as he picked the box up again to join Chanyeol near the edge of the sidewalk. “I don’t need it.”

Chanyeol was set to argue that point. He wanted to know other things, too, now that the question of security was on the table. “Do you have security cameras?”

Baekhyun laughed as he stood next to Chanyeol. “It wasn’t in my budget back then—Hail a cab already, giant.”

Chanyeol frowned. He decided right then that once they settled personal things and put those aside, he’d vamp up a few things in Baekhyun’s little café. Craning his head, Chanyeol tried to make out any incoming cars to see if there were cabs in business.

“Where are we taking these?” Chanyeol asked.

“To a homeless shelter…” Baekhyun responded.

Chanyeol nodded and allowed a small moment of silence because he asked a question that was slowly creeping in his mind.

“Whose place do we go to?” he asked softly. He turned his head to look at Baekhyun, who kept his eyes forward.

“I don’t care where we go…” Baekhyun replied back.

Chanyeol couldn’t have agreed more. It didn’t matter so much to him where the scenario would take place as long as he’d finally get the chance to properly reunite with the guy standing next to him who refused to make eye contact out of embarrassment most likely.

Soon afterwards, a cab came nearing their way and Chanyeol was able to flag it down. When it came to a stop in front of them, Chanyeol balanced the box with one arm as he opened the door for Baekhyun.

Mumbling out a thanks, Baekhyun got inside, scooting to the other side and making room for Chanyeol to follow him in afterwards. As Chanyeol tried to get comfortable in his seat, Baekhyun told the driver the address to the homeless shelter that he frequently gave his extra goods to.

The ride went on for a minute in comfortable silence with the boxes on both of their laps before Chanyeol snaked his hand over, filling the spaces in between Baekhyun’s fingers with his.

After everything had been delivered, they took another cab over to Chanyeol’s apartment. Standing outside the tall building, waiting for Chanyeol to finish paying the driver, Baekhyun looked up at the tall structure. To him, it was no surprise that Chanyeol lived in a building like it—magnificent and all. It was always the life that he was probably destined to have.

Baekhyun only snapped out of his thoughts when Chanyeol took him by a gentle hand and started to walk them inside. Baekhyun didn’t comment on their surroundings. He didn't comment on the luxurious lobby or the neat design of the building, because, in his eyes, everything was passing in a blur. His heart was racing quickly just because he was holding Chanyeol’s hand and knew that everything that was happening was reality, not some reoccurring dream that he’d sometimes have.

They entered the elevator and up several floors before reaching the one where Chanyeol lived on. They walked by a few doors and stopped in front of Chanyeol’s. Using his free hand, Chanyeol typed in a code on his door’s keypad. Baekhyun wasn’t going to look, but he found his eyes drifting towards the pad anyways. As he watched Chanyeol type in the numbers, Baekhyun found breathing a little harder to do once he found that Chanyeol’s house code was his birthday.

After he was done, Chanyeol looked down at Baekhyun, catching him in an eye contact before Baekhyun glanced away. He knew that Baekhyun figured it out. “This way, I’ll never forget your birthday again,” he said in a soft murmur as he opened the door and pulled the both of them in.


“Yeah...I was an idiot once. That’s how I lost you.”

Baekhyun gave him a weak grin. Chanyeol saw the look and only glanced away to close and lock the door. As he went back to lock up, Baekhyun released his hand from Chanyeol’s, which Chanyeol reluctantly let happen.

Standing there, Baekhyun took a look around. The apartment was clean and it was sleek—just like how Chanyeol’s bedroom back at his parents’ house was. Despite the nicely put place, Baekhyun couldn’t help, but feel like something was missing. He couldn’t shake the feeling that the place felt empty. Baekhyun only silently thought that this feeling was a mere reflection of the guy who lived there…


Chanyeol’s voice startled Baekhyun out of his thoughts. He turned around to see Chanyeol towering over him again, gathering his face up with both of his hands. “I’d ask you if you’d want anything, but I already know what we both want…”

Baekhyun looked up at Chanyeol, giving him eyes that were flooded with many things—happiness, anticipation, and a need to have him.  His hands slid up to touch Chanyeol’s hands.

“But I need you to tell me something,” Chanyeol said, dipping his head down and teasing Baekhyun by placing their lips only centimeters apart. “Tell me that you want this. Tell me that you want this just as much as I do.”

Even though Chanyeol had his head in between his hands, Baekhyun nodded with his eyes dropped to Chanyeol’s ever-nearing lips. “I do. I want this—”

And that was all Chanyeol needed to hear. All the urges that he kept inside of him up until that moment—all the years of wishful thinking, all the months of wondering, all the hours of waiting and planning, and all the minutes of killer anticipation—it all came out.

Chanyeol attacked Baekhyun’s lips with an animalistic urge that was unlike anything he had ever felt before. Baekhyun matched Chanyeol’s need with his and opened up, allowing himself to be invaded by someone who he longed to finally have once again.

Dropping his hands from Baekhyun’s face, Chanyeol began to shrug off his suit’s jacket, letting that fall to the floor. Then he continued to taste and brush his tongue against Baekhyun’s.  His hands went to the hem of Baekhyun’s simple shirt and attempted to pull it up. They only broke the smothering kiss to allow the shirt to slip through.

Baekhyun’s hands also functioned, reaching out and pulling Chanyeol’s tie apart and blindly fumbling to undo the first few buttons on the front. Just before Baekhyun could snap Chanyeol’s shirt open, Chanyeol retracted his lips, leaving Baekhyun out to whimper.

“Not here,” Chanyeol rasped. Without a second notice, Baekhyun was holstered up into Chanyeol’s arms. Baekhyun let out a surprised gasp before he recollected himself enough to hold onto Chanyeol by the shoulders.

Chanyeol didn’t want to waste precious time. He quickly entered the bedroom and gently set Baekhyun on the large bed. He intended on undressing himself to save time, but Baekhyun sat on the edge of the bed trying to unbuckle his pants. Chanyeol would’ve objected if he didn’t love the fact that Baekhyun was unintentionally brushing his hands on his growing cock.

Hurryingly unbuttoning his shirt and shrugging it off, Chanyeol took over the job that Baekhyun was working on. In one push—and with a pulling help from Baekhyun—Chanyeol’s hard, rigid member broke free of its confines and Baekhyun was face to face with it.

Before Baekhyun could lift a hand and touch it, Chanyeol shook his head and pushed Baekhyun on his back. Then he leaned to the side to grab the small tube of lubricant that he hastily bought on his way over to the café, deeming that he should be prepared. Then, he tossed it on the bed, letting it fall where it would.  Kicking his fallen pants and underwear over on the floor, Chanyeol undid the buttons to Baekhyun’s pants and began to tug them down.

Unlike how he rid of his confines, Chanyeol took his time unveiling Baekhyun’s hardening cock, taking delight in how it slowly sprung out with every inch Chanyeol decided to pull down. Embarrassed by the way Chanyeol was taking his sweet time, Baekhyun began to squirm. He tried to force Chanyeol’s hands to go faster, but Chanyeol just smirked at Baekhyun’s efforts and continued to pull his garments off at an agonizing pace.

“Chanyeol,” Baekhyun cried. “Hurry up, please just—Mhmmm…” Baekhyun moaned when Chanyeol took him in his hand. Chanyeol smiled before letting go, earning him an annoyed look from Baekhyun.

“Your pants are still on,” Chanyeol teased.

“Then take them off,” Baekhyun gritted.

Chanyeol was more than happy to fulfill that request. With one forceful tug, Chanyeol pulled Baekhyun’s jeans completely off, almost pulling him off the bed—in fact, he would have if he didn’t grip onto the covers.

Completely bare to each other, everything started to set in for the both of them. They were both really there, one move from being complete again. It wasn’t a dream that their subconscious mind created.

Chanyeol set a knee on the bed, leaning over and hovering himself over Baekhyun, who, in turn, scooted farther up on the bed so that they could be in the center rather than on the edge. Then, he opened his legs, inviting Chanyeol in between them.

In between those legs was where Chanyeol felt like he belonged forever. His hips subtly rocked his cock against Baekhyun’s and his lips let out a soft moan. Setting a hand on each side of Baekhyun, Chanyeol watched as Baekhyun closed his eyes beneath him.

The sight was real. Baekhyun was real. Seeing him thrash his head to the side was like letting color seep into Chanyeol’s colorless world, but it was Baekhyun’s voice that turned Chanyeol’s silent movie life into a beautiful motion picture.

Baekhyun opened his eyes open and saw Chanyeol giving him a satisfied and happy look under his lusty eyes. Pursing his lips, Baekhyun flushed as he watched the guy above him grin. “W-What?”

“Nothing,” Chanyeol said in a hushed voice as he kept grinding himself against Baekhyun. “It’s just that you’re finally back where you belong…”

Baekhyun gasped when Chanyeol grinded harder. “Under you?” he joked, breathlessly.

“With me,” Chanyeol murmured.

Then he gradually stopped grinding and moved out from Baekhyun’s conjunction. Changing his position, Chanyeol laid on his side, facing Baekhyun. Baekhyun was about to turn on his side to face Chanyeol too, but Chanyeol kept him on his back.

Taking Baekhyun’s manhood in his palm again, Chanyeol pulled Baekhyun’s head his way, shooting his tongue inside the other’s mouth as his hand began to stroke his leaking member that was begging for attention—attention that Chanyeol was happy to give.

Baekhyun groaned, feeling Chanyeol’s rough hand against his delicate flesh.  He craned his head to better the angle of the kiss. His knees bent and his legs squirmed with every pump that tried to wring the life out of his dripping shaft. Chanyeol would twist his wrist, sometimes pumping fast and hard, bringing his hand down with a force, and other times he would take the time to engulf the cock with his hand, grazing over the head and tip with his finger as it would casually glide and dig itself in the slit.

Gasping for air became second nature. Baekhyun found himself thrusting his hips forward, trying to induce more from Chanyeol’s hand. Considerately, Chanyeol abided to Baekhyun’s physical request. For a second, Chanyeol stopped only to spread the precum oozing out of Baekhyun’s stiff and hard shaft along its length, making each tug—each breathtaking stroke—easier to do.

Baekhyun bit his lips. He shifted his position to his side so that he could face Chanyeol. Unlike the first time that he tried, Chanyeol didn’t stop him. He changed the angle of his hand and kept on stroking Baekhyun with deserving attention. In turn, Baekhyun reached up and trapped Chanyeol in for a soft kiss, gently running his tongue along the other’s lips as his hands travelled down and eventually began stroking the giant’s own unattended member. The feel of Chanyeol’s twitching cock, eager to be held and stroked, excited Baekhyun, making his heart beat faster, and throwing him to a point of lusty insanity.

Chanyeol made small noises as Baekhyun ran his hand up and down. He glanced down before closing his eyes to the stimulating sight of jacking one one another. When Chanyeol felt Baekhyun running his lips against the insides of his lips, he opened his mouth slightly wider to entangle his own tongue with Baekhyun’s.

Engrossed in the act, Chanyeol became frustrated when Baekhyun stopped stroking him and pulled his sinful tongue out of his mouth. When Baekhyun pushed himself off the bed, it alerted Chanyeol. “What’re you doing?”

Shaking his head, Baekhyun didn’t answer. He swung a leg over Chanyeol and settled right on top with his back and ass facing him. Chanyeol, on the other hand, couldn’t see what Baekhyun was about to do. It was only when he saw Baekhyun lean over and felt a tongue tasting his firm, proud cock that Chanyeol had the idea.

“Fuck…” Throwing his head back, he moaned. Hands feeling Baekhyun’s ass, Chanyeol groped and kneaded them, spreading them apart. When Baekhyun’s puckered hole became apparent with every spread, Chanyeol couldn’t help himself. He stuck a finger in his mouth before tracing the circumference of the entry. Even though Baekhyun groaned—something that Chanyeol felt on his shaft—Chanyeol wasn’t doing it to tease Baekhyun. It was more like Chanyeol just wanting to touch him at that spot for the hell of it.

Even to his own ears, Baekhyun heard the way his mouth was sucking at the tip of Chanyeol’s length. When Chanyeol physically asked of it from him, Baekhyun tried to take him in until he felt Chanyeol’s flesh against the back of his throat. When he had enough, Baekhyun popped it out, leaving a thin trail of saliva. On his other end, Baekhyun could feel Chanyeol toying with his precious opening, but he didn’t mind. He enjoyed it with a need.

Pushing his ass back, Baekhyun gave more of himself to Chanyeol; a better view and a better reality. Chanyeol reached over and desperately tried to find the lube that he had tossed on earlier. It took a moment, but he found it eventually. Uncapping the tube, he spread an amount on two of his fingers.

Chanyeol tried to bend his hand in a comfortable way, but he couldn’t. He preferred a different position. Placing his hands on Baekhyun’s waist, Chanyeol indicated for him to move. “Lay down on the bed,” he ordered.

Baekhyun whined as he dipped his tongue down on Chanyeol’s slit one last time before conceding to orders. He submitted, lying on his back. He watched as Chanyeol ate at the sight of him hot and naked, just waiting to be touched, taken, and loved in whatever way Chanyeol wanted.


Baekhyun opened his legs far apart, lifting them up to give himself at an angle easier for Chanyeol to finger him in. Using what he had splayed on his fingers, Chanyeol spread the slick lubricant on Baekhyun’s clenching hole. In his ears, he could hear Baekhyun’s heaving breath with every time he teased and applied pressure at the opening, mocking as if he was going to dip in and take his lover with his fingers.

“Chanyeol, just—nghhh.” Baekhyun flushed. “Just do it already,” he begged.

“Whatever you want, Baek,” Chanyeol murmured with a small grin. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

Then, Chanyeol pressed and dipped one slick finger, wriggling it as he tried to insert the long digit in. Baekhyun’s breath hitched, gasping when he felt himself finally being invaded. Using his hands, he held his legs apart, enticing Chanyeol to do more. As Baekhyun relished in the feeling of Chanyeol slowly stretching him with a solo finger, Chanyeol watched as Baekhyun’s cock continued to leak and jerk in involuntary spasms.

Following where Chanyeol’s eyes were bearing down on him, Baekhyun moved his hands to service himself. Chanyeol nudged in another finger. His gaze was dropped low to watch as Baekhyun swallowed his fingers into his body whole.

In the corner of his drooped eyes, Chanyeol could see Baekhyun jacking himself, tugging and stroking at his hard length, teasing himself with a possible orgasm, yet at the same time, crying and denying himself of having one. Slicing into Baekhyun with sharp strokes with his fingers, Chanyeol refused to look up and see Baekhyun’s face. He wanted to prep Baekhyun and not be distracted by whatever he would see.

Chanyeol spread his fingers apart. He wretched Baekhyun open, apart, and void. Once he could see and feel Baekhyun loose, ready to take in what’s been missing for three years, Chanyeol looked up. In that moment, Chanyeol had the breath of life knocked out of him.

He met Baekhyun in eye contact and the sight was beyond arousing. Baekhyun’s face was flushed, his eyes were filled with needy lust that needed to be satisfied, and his mouth was partially open as it let out fleeting moans from having stroked himself dripping wet.

Immediately, Chanyeol pulled out. The throbbing pain in his own hardness was unbearable then. He just wanted to fill Baekhyun with it, and he wanted to feel Baekhyun wrapped around him. Splurging a final amount of lube on his hand, Chanyeol stroke himself quickly.

“Chanyeol,” Baekhyun called in a broken and raspy voice.

Placing himself at the very entrance he longed for so long, Chanyeol nudged the tip just against the cleft. “Yeah?” he responded in a fragmented whisper as he pushed himself in, connecting the two of them together.

 “I—ahhhh—” Baekhyun shut his eyes for a second before opening them again. His hand let go of his cock to hold his thighs apart. Just as Chanyeol fully sheathed himself in Baekhyun’s warmth, found his Nirvana, his peace, and his ultimate pleasure, Baekhyun said the words that both of them had longed to hear.

“I love you—nghhh—please stop looking at—mmm—me like that,” Baekhyun croaked with a weak smile.

Not bothering to be slow in proceeding, Chanyeol gave one unnecessary push inside Baekhyun, as if he could go any deeper. “Baek, I—”

Baekhyun shook his head. “Move… please, Chanyeol,” he whispered. “I need you.”

I need you…The words rang in Chanyeol’s ears. Baekhyun didn’t just desire to have him. He needed him, and “need” was much more endearing to Chanyeol, because it made his heart swell to know that his vixen needed him with a passion.

Throwing all reservations aside, Chanyeol began to move, slowly rocking his hips, pulling and pushing himself in and out as he watched the expressions on Baekhyun’s face morph. Once Baekhyun stopped wincing in pain from the cock that filled him, Chanyeol picked up his pace, snapping his hips in. With his hands gripping Baekhyun by his milky thighs, Chanyeol rammed into him with a need that was uncontrollable. With every powerful thrust, Baekhyun was sent crying for more.

No matter what, Chanyeol’s memory didn’t serve him right. Baekhyun was tighter than he expected, somewhat like the first time Chanyeol took him in his bedroom all those years ago. The sound of him pounding into his lover’s body was clear to both of their ears and Baekhyun’s quiet sobbing for “more” wasn’t quiet enough.

Harder, Chanyeol drove into him like a piston, watching Baekhyun thrash his head in all directions. Chanyeol watched Baekhyun’s cock flail still and hard, left to jerk by itself and move up and down with every snapping rock of his hips.

Taking a hand, Chanyeol lifted one of Baekhyun’s legs up higher for a better position. He loved the sound that their flesh made when they impacted each other, and the sound of each groan that would burst out of Baekhyun’s sweet, devilish lips when he would ram his cock up in that perfect, sweet spot that he knew his vixen loved.

“Yes,” Baekhyun whimpered he arched his back a bit and jerked his hips up for more. “Just like that—nghhh Chanyeol… Faster.”

Chanyeol granted Baekhyun’s wish and dove in faster and deeper. He rolled his hips and tried to thrust in different combinations to pleasure the two of them right. In between shoving his length and trying not to climax yet, Chanyeol’s attention was caught by Baekhyun’s cock.

Letting Baekhyun’s legs fall on either side of him, Chanyeol continued to rock the bed, pounding into Baekhyun’s clench-tight hole as he leaned forward. His lips stayed a breath away from Baekhyun’s until Baekhyun craned his head and pulled Chanyeol down.

Minding to keep his legs spread and open, Baekhyun did just so as let Chanyeol to proceed ramming up his ass, yet at the same time, enter his mouth, entangling their tongues together. Baekhyun felt his body on fire, but even more when Chanyeol took that oozing cock of his in his hand, jerking him at a speed that challenged the pace he was being plunged into.

Baekhyun retracted his tongue and settled his forehead on Chanyeol’s as he watched what was happening below: Chanyeol continuing to insert himself and his cock being jacked. Feeling his end, Baekhyun closed his eyes and let go. Finding his release, he threw his head back and moaned. Chanyeol took no opportunity to waste. He bent his head and took Baekhyun’s lips back, but only for his moment of peaking. Then Chanyeol let Baekhyun’s lips free.

Pulling back up, Chanyeol saw Baekhyun’s cum all over his torso—some even on him. It was all the motivation and permission he needed to finally find some sweet relief for himself as well. Baekhyun knew the same and tried to help, by trying to meet with every thrust that Chanyeol did despite his own cock still sputtering out liquid.

Baekhyun’s efforts was enough to throw Chanyeol over his own line of tolerance. He felt a shock run through his body before he shuddered, spilling his warm juices inside Baekhyun’s well-receiving body.  He kept thrusting until he emptied everything out. Then he slowly pulled out, watching Baekhyun’s hole clench at the absence of matter, in-avertedly squeezing his white liquid out.

Chanyeol leaned back on the heel of his feet, trying to catch his breath and rest his fatigued body.  Baekhyun did the same, putting an arm over his eyes as his chest heaved up and down after the vigorous act. When he had calmed down a bit, Chanyeol crawled next to Baekhyun’s side, kissing him on his neck.

“You didn’t let me finish what I wanted to say, Baek…” he said in a broken voice.

Baekhyun let out a small, tired laugh while still covering his eyes with his arm. “And what was that?” he answered back in somewhat of a hushed whisper.

Chanyeol trailed kisses down Baekhyun’s neck and finished when he placed a relaxing touch of his lips on Baekhyun’s shoulder. “I was going to say that I love you, too.”

Forming a small smile, but tired smile, Baekhyun turned his head to Chanyeol. “That’s because you didn’t have to say it anymore...I already know you do.” Then, under his breath, Baekhyun whispered, “Idiot.”

“I still wanted to say it,” Chanyeol said, moving stray hairs off of Baekhyun’s forehead.

“But you don’t have to. You’ve said it enough times already, unlike me…” Baekhyun replied, offering a bigger smile as he reached up and touched the side of Chanyeol’s face. “It’s my turn now.”

Chanyeol took a hold of Baekhyun’s hand as it brushed against his face. “Even so, I’ll never stop reminding you that I love you. I won’t let you ever forget it.”

Baekhyun gave Chanyeol a solemn look before turning on his side. Then he leaned in and placed a quick kiss on Chanyeol’s lips. “I’m tired, Yeol…”

“So am I,” Chanyeol said, cracking a fatigued grin. “Let’s go to sleep.”

“I would,” Baekhyun said, closing his eyes, “but I have your cum in my ass right now and I can’t get up at the moment to clean it off…”

Chanyeol nodded, running a quick hand through Baekhyun’s hair. “Okay. I’ll be right back.”

“Mhm…” Baekhyun mumbled keeping his eyes closed.

Chanyeol slowly scooted off the bed, looking back at Baekhyun, who still had that tired smile on his face. He didn’t know how long he’d hold up, but Chanyeol was sure that Baekhyun would eventually fall asleep in his leave.

Shuffling out of the room, Chanyeol went to the bathroom and found a fresh, new rag. He dipped it in some warm water and wrung out the extra. When he made his way back to the bedroom, the smile was off of Baekhyun’s face and his face was completely peaceful, passed out of exhaustion.

Chanyeol smiled at seeing Baekhyun there, in his bed, something that he had only been wishing for all those years. Moving gently to Baekhyun’s side, Chanyeol wiped the cum that trailed down the back of Baekhyun’s thighs, eventually moving upwards, wiping the rest. Chanyeol also took care of the cum shots on their torsos and on the bed before going to the hamper and throwing the used rag inside.

Back at the bedroom, Chanyeol slipped his way back into bed, pulling the covers on the both of them. Then, he pulled Baekhyun close to his chest, wrapping an arm over his delicate waist, holding tightly with the subconscious fear of losing him again. And in that position, with Chanyeol nuzzling the back of Baekhyun’s neck, Chanyeol was lulled to sleep by the sound of sound of their hearts beating.

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