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The Letter 60

Chapter 60
Tasty Kisses

Unlike Sehun and Chanyeol’s parents who had high expectations and standards for them, Kai’s parents let him be a free soul—though mostly because they found that this was one child that they couldn’t contain in a box. Kai didn’t have to follow up on dreams and plans built in front of him. Instead, he went his own way.

Kai went off to college and got his basic degrees in business and human resources.  With it, a degree and knowledge on how to run things economically and in a smart fashion, Kai opened up his own dance studio with the help of his parents and their money.

Most of Kai’s students were either moms looking for recreational fun or—most of the time—adolescents and young adults who were there for Kai and his dance skills. There wasn’t a doubt in Kai’s mind that some of them fantasized about him, but he knew that no secretive or lusty advances could move him into falling for them. He had a boyfriend of three years named Kyungsoo who pleased him in just about anything a guy could want. And for that fact, Kai made sure to let everyone know that he wasn’t interested.

Kyungsoo decided to open up a daycare a year and a half ago when he got tired of sitting at home and playing the dotting wife. Kai—with his money—promised himself that he would never let Kyungsoo work another day in his life. That was the ideal lifestyle. Kai didn’t want Kyungsoo to hurt himself working, but after a while, Kyungsoo got tired of it.

Since Kai had a fair amount of mothers at his studio, he’d have Kyungsoo’s daycare flyers advertised openly at the front desk on the largest bulletin board he could find. It didn’t matter so much to Kai how much time he spent making that bulletin board look eye catching as long as those mothers saw the advertisement for Kyungsoo’s daycare.

On his days off, Kai would go and help Kyungsoo out with the kids. He’d occupy the older kids by dancing and teaching them how to dance to the kid friendly music that Kyungsoo had at the place. But, always in the corner of his eye, he’d watch Kyungsoo feed and play with much younger children around the age of one. Something about that seemed to always tug at his heart.

One of the things that Kyungsoo liked to do was relax on the couch. One evening, he was doing just so when Kai decided to join him. He took the blanket that Kyungsoo had on him and gently tugged it away.

Kyungsoo looked up at him and frowned. “What’re you doing?” he mumbled.

“I’m here now,” Kai scoffed as he plopped down on the couch, throwing an arm around Kyungsoo. “You don’t need that.”

“I would like to argue that,” Kyungsoo retorted as he leaned over and retrieved the blanket. Then he yawned. “But I’m too tired…”

As Kyungsoo threw the blanket over the both of them and rested his head on Kai’s shoulder, Kai glanced down at him. “How were the kids today?”

“Super active,” Kyungsoo sighed. “Some didn’t want to sit still during lunch. Had a few accidents because a few kids couldn’t make it to the bathroom before…you know.  Ahhh…” Leaning off of Kai and letting his body just hit the couch, Kyungsoo threw his feet on Kai’s lap. “Rub my feet.”

Kai quirked his lips, but conceded to the request, moving his hands under the blanket and beginning to give Kyungsoo his infamous foot rubbing service. “You know, maybe you should hire another helper. You’ve been really stressed lately.”

“I don’t need another helper,” Kyungsoo muttered as he rubbed his eyes. “I have Hyoyeon with me, you on some days, then Baekhyun on Sundays. I’m fine.”


“I’m fine, Kai,” Kyungsoo repeated. “I enjoy being busy, anyways. I like taking care of all of them—aish…Kai, do that again.”

Kai smirked as he massaged Kyungsoo’s favorite spot again. “I don’t know how you do it. I’d go crazy if I had to deal with those monsters, Kyung.”

Kyungsoo laughed. “They’re not monsters. They’re just kids. Hyper active kids who can’t hold in their pee long enough to reach the toilet.”

Kai’s eyes drifted to Kyungsoo’s lips, watching the mouth curve as it smiled. One hand left Kyungsoo’s feet and began to travel up along Kyungsoo’s leg under the cover. “Yah, Kyung. Do you really like those kids?”

“Of course I do,” Kyungsoo responded. Just as Kai’s hand was about to touch his center, Kyungsoo’s hand went under the blanket and stopped him. “And what’re you doing?”

Kai grinned as he tilted his face down so that he would be facing Kyungsoo at a closer proximity. He dismissed Kyungsoo’s question and furthermore went to ask, “Wanna make some kids, Kyung?”

Kyungsoo frowned. “Don’t be stupid, Kai. That’s not possible.”

“We could always try,” Kai said as he leaned in more, brushing his lips against Kyungsoo’s cheek.

Kyungsoo scoffed as Kai’s hand overpowered his and began to caress his groin. “Right. Try.” He knew exactly what Kai was doing. Sex. He was initiating sex, but in a cuter and sweeter way.

“You don’t want to?” Kai asked with an underlying twinkle in his eye.

Lifting his head off the couch for a second to catch Kai’s lips before dropping back down, Kyungsoo shook his head. “I never said I didn’t,” he muttered before he reached up and grabbed Kai down onto him.

Kai licked Kyungsoo’s bottom lip before Kyungsoo opened his mouth and Kai was able to explore his mouth caverns. His tongue brushed against Kyungsoo’s and Kai loved it. As his mouth kept Kyungsoo occupied, Kai’s hands grabbed a hold of blanket and threw it off to the side.

Pulling away, Kai rasped, “I told you that we didn’t need that,” as his hand returned back to lift Kyungsoo’s T-shirt off of his body. Once the shirt was gone, Kai didn’t waste a moment. He bent forward and attacked Kyungsoo’s nipples with a sharp, eager tongue, sucking and tugging at the pink, rosy buds as he pleased.

Kyungsoo moved his legs so that Kai was in between them. Moaning and groaning under his boyfriend’s tongue and mouth, Kyungsoo felt Kai’s hands try and undo his shorts. When Kai pulled away, Kyungsoo’s chest was heaving with his buds fully perked. Reaching down, Kyungsoo undid the buttons as Kai unzipped the fly.

Kyungsoo was left with nothing but the briefs that he wore, which was keeping his throbbing member at bay. Kai smirked down at the bulge in the conjunction of Kyungsoo’s legs knowing that it was all his for the taking. Possessively, Kai took that bulge, kneading it with the  heel of his palm hard. As Kyungsoo grew harder and stiffer with every dry stroke, his cock began to stick from the thin fabric, making Kai’s mouth water just thinking about unveiling the member.

Teasingly, Kai traced the outline, but stopped where the cock’s tip was. There, Kai fingered the head and the slit from outside the briefs. Kyungsoo whimpered as Kai’s fingers worked their magic. He almost cried when Kai bent down to graze his teeth against the throbbing cock that was begging to spring out from its restrictions.

When Kai could see Kyungsoo’s precum wetting the fabric from underneath, he gave the cock a hard slap with the hand causing Kyungsoo to yelp in surprise. “You like that, Kyung? You like me hitting your beautiful cock like that?”

“Stop your teasing—aaah! Kai!” Kyungsoo whined after being hit the second time.

 Watching the blushing, red mess underneath him, Kai stood up off the couch. “Come on, Kyung,” he rasped as he bent forward, scooping Kyungsoo up in his arms. Kyungsoo, in turn, wrapped his arms around Kai’s neck for support. Then he buried his face in the crook of Kai’s neck.


“Where else is it perfectly acceptable to tell our kids where they were made?” Kai teased. “The couch?” Shaking his head, Kai said, “No. I’ll tell them that daddy made love to their mom on their California King bed…by pounding senseless into him, but we might want to leave that part out.”

Kyungsoo’s strained laugh created vibrations that Kai could feel on his chest. The next thing that Kai felt was Kyungsoo’s soft breathing and kisses along his collar, making their way up against his neck. Everything felt good and right until Kyungsoo decided add tongue to his mouth’s touches.

Kai smirked as he carried Kyungsoo into their bedroom, fully aware that Kyungsoo still had an unattended, unsatisfied manhood underneath his underwear. “What’re you doing, Kyungsoo?”

“Getting a taste of you.”

“You’ll get a better taste of me in a moment,” Kai promised.

Kicking the bedroom door open, Kai made sure not to accidentally bang Kyungsoo’s head against the frame. Once inside, Kai moved to the bed and gently set Kyungsoo down. Still standing, Kai took his shirt and threw it over his head before working on his shorts and getting rid of those too.

Once on the bed, Kyungsoo got on his knees and looked up at Kai, following him with his eyes when Kai moved off to the side. As he walked, Kyungsoo admired Kai’s swagger, but for the most part, his eyes were glued on to Kai’s shaft which was standing upright, hard and proud.

In Kai’s absence, Kyungsoo got busy stripping away his briefs. As he threw the clothing away, Kyungsoo’s cock was immediately touched and fondled by the cool air. Laying his back on the bed, Kyungsoo’s hands gradually traveled down. Then he cupped his balls in one hand and stroked his pulsating and twitching cock with the other. As his hand slowly pumped, Kyungsoo began to delve into his masturbation, lifting his hips up off the bed.

Kyungsoo had closed his eyes and begun to moan with every squeeze and twist in the wrist. When Kai returned from a nearby drawer with the lubricant, he didn’t know whether he should’ve been pissed off at the fact that Kyungsoo went ahead and started servicing himself without him, or aroused by Kyungsoo and his leaking private part. By the strained and painful throbbing in his own cock, Kai opted that he was more aroused than pissed.

Setting a knee of the bed, Kai reached over and wretched Kyungsoo’s hands away from his own member. “Starting without me, Kyung?”

Kyungsoo wanted to cry because he was interrupted. He was still feeling overwhelmingly horny, wanting release whether he’d get that from himself or from Kai. In uneven breaths, Kyungsoo said, “You were taking too long…”

“Gone for like five seconds,” Kai muttered as he uncapped the tube. Kyungsoo scoffed, but then Kai nudged him with his knee. “Sit up. You’re getting on top of me.”

Kyungsoo pushed himself up. “You want me to ride you tonight…?” he asked, unsure.

Kai shook his head. “Sixty-nine tonight. That way I can probe you open while you get that taste of me that you’ve been wanting. Come on.” Kai mildly slapped Kyungsoo’s ass.

Kyungsoo playfully winced when Kai’s hand came down, but he followed orders. Kai squeeze lube onto his fingers, readying himself for a fingering session that Kyungsoo would never forget. Then he got on his back, motioning for Kyungsoo to top him.

Throwing a leg on each side of Kai’s body, Kyungsoo settled down, hovering his bottom half in front of Kai’s eager face. Once he got himself positioned, Kyungsoo was drawn to the cock that was hard, stiff, and demanding his attention.

Letting no second go by wasted, Kyungsoo took the leaking shaft into his hand and began to travel up and down its length, teasing Kai by adding pressure at the head and the base. Drawing his lips near, Kyungsoo planted a wet kiss on the head before laughing, sending vibrations to Kai’s member.

Kai on the other end bucked his hips upward, pushing his cock against Kyungsoo’s mouth. “You said you wanted a taste,” Kai said in a strained voice. "So get some."

Kyungsoo smirked, running his mouth against the length before flicking it with his tongue. “Okay,” he  replied, letting Kai feel his soft breath against his member.

Throwing his head back, Kai let out a little groan once he could feel himself being devoured by Kyungsoo’s warm mouth. The high from the pleasure felt like electricity running right through Kai’s entire body. It made it hard for him to snap out of it, but eventually he did once he felt Kyungsoo leak drops of his precum on his chest.

Taking Kyungsoo’s cheeks in his hands, Kai spread them apart so that Kyungsoo’s   puckered opening was beautifully visible. Kai craned his head up and flicked at entrance with a wriggling tongue. When he began to push his tongue against the cleft, Kyungsoo’s moaned on his own cock, sending shockwaves.

Kai continued to rim and Kyungsoo swore he saw stars. He didn’t know whether to curse or thank the universe for Kai’s tongue, but it didn’t matter anyways. Kyungsoo loved the feel of it. Popping Kai out of his mouth, leaving a thin string of saliva behind, Kyungsoo let out an intoxicating moan as he shifted his hips lower, pushing himself against Kai’s tongue some more.

Gripping Kyungsoo’s ass tightly while at the same time trying not to accidentally smudge it with the lubricant, Kai kept Kyungsoo at bay as he continued to suck and dote on the tight entrance. No matter how much Kyungsoo bucked his hips to try and get Kai to push in more, Kai just smirked and continued licking circles around the puckered pearl.

As Kyungsoo’s breath began to shorten and hitch, Kai pulled his tongue back and placed his finger at the entrance before pushing in. Kyungsoo’s hand on Kai’s cock stopped moving and his back dipped.

“Keep moving that hand,” Kai told him in a raspy voice.

The finger slowly made its way in knuckle deep. Kai glorified the sight of his finger being buried inside, but not as much as he glorified the sound of Kyungsoo’s whimpered cry as he began to mobilize that finger, fingering it against Kyungsoo’s walls.

As the fingering became stable and regular, Kyungsoo’s hand resumed stroking Kai’s length and his mouth went back to kissing and engulfing the sheer length. When Kai introduced a second digit, Kyungsoo had to pause as his passage adjusted to the addition.

Once two fingers were in, Kai used his other hand to grip onto one of Kyungsoo’s cheeks. A little bit of painful play here and there never hurt anyone and Kai knew for a fact that he was the reason for Kyungsoo’s developing pain kink.

From his side, Kai could hear suckling noises coming from Kyungsoo as that devilish mouth of his worked. Over the years, Kyungsoo learned how to please Kai in every way possible. He perfected the art of pleasure from multiple practice runs, which Kai was always happy to participate in. In that moment, Kai felt grateful—grateful that all that practicing had led to Kyungsoo having a skillful tongue and mouth.

Kai spread his fingers apart from each other occasionally to stretch Kyungsoo. He took his time, but when Kyungsoo did something unbearably good to his cock—sucking at it and slipping his sharp tongue deep within the slit—Kai pulled the fuck out.

Kyungsoo opened his mouth and whined, but immediately shut his mouth when Kai kneaded his ass. “Get on your back …”

Following the request, Kyungsoo let go of Kai’s haughty goods and got off of him. Crawling on the bed, he reached for a pillow and grabbed it. He quickly fluffed it for a second before setting it down. Kyungsoo settled on his back and, as if used to the procedure, lifted his legs apart, holding them back so that Kai could have the entire nude view of him and all his glory.

Kai made himself comfortable in between Kyungsoo’s legs. Taking a hold of his shaft, he teased his lover by rubbing and grinding the tip against the opening that he was eager to take raw and hard.

“Stop playing—ah!” Kyungsoo’s back lifted off the mattress for a second as Kai pushed in. Biting his lips shut, Kyungsoo tried to hold himself until Kai was fully inside.

Every time they had sex, Kai didn’t know, but it always felt like some sort of new experience that they were having. In other words, he knew he would never tire of Kyungsoo and that, to him, meant something considering he had multiple fleeting moments with people he barely knew in his high school years.

Buried inside, Kai shifted, placing his hands on Kyungsoo’s milky thighs. Kyungsoo closed his eyes for a second before taking a breath and nodding. “Move…Please…”

Kai smiled before leaning forward to catch Kyungsoo’s lips for a tiny moment in time. Kyungsoo knew he didn’t need to say “please” or beg in bed because he knew that Kai would go to the ends of the earth to bring him bliss, but daily habits of politeness was hard for Kyungsoo to put away even when Kai was penetrating him.

Holding Kyungsoo stable, Kai began to thrust. At first the thrusts were slow, generous to Kyungsoo’s adjusting body, but once Kai felt himself being able to move with more ease, he didn’t hesitate to start snapping his hips forward, thrusting deeper and deeper inside Kyungsoo’s body as if he had some sort of goal to go farther than the last thrust.

Kai’s grip on Kyungsoo’s soft thighs was enough to keep them back without Kyungsoo’s help. Releasing his hands from his own ass, Kyungsoo’s hands moved off to the side and sought for something to grip on, which happened to be the bed sheets.

With every ram, the bed shook along with Kyungsoo’s body. Fleeting words escaped Kai’s mouth. Sweet nothings filled Kyungsoo’s ears, but in Kai’s, all he heard was Kyungsoo crying out his name and whimpering for “more”.

Feeling as if he was about to explode right inside his lover’s body, Kai released one of Kyungsoo’s legs so that his hand could go and preoccupy the cock that was asking, begging, and demanding for a release.

Simultaneously, Kai thrusted and stroked Kyungsoo. The pace of each penetrating ram slowed down as most of Kai’s attention went to his hand and trying to get Kyungsoo to climax first.

Kai’s hand moved efficiently. The sound of flesh hitting flesh resonated in the room, mixing in with the sound of heavy breathing. Kyungsoo cried and cried, keeping his eyes closed as he was washed over with multiple feelings.

Suddenly, those feelings washed over him too hard and Kyungsoo could feel his very being tense. His body stiffened as shots of hot liquid squirted out from the tip of his cock and onto his torso.

Once Kyungsoo found his release, Kai smirked down, locked eyes with him, and proceeded to lick the sparse liquid on his hand right off with his tongue. Cocking his head to the right, Kai’s eyes dropped back down to where their parts connected as he focused in on the single task of slamming himself to the brink.

Only a few moments passed before Kai followed through with his own release. Kai shuddered as his emptied his seed inside Kyungsoo’s warmth, riding out his orgasm, gradually falling into a slower and slower pace.

When Kai finished emptying himself, he slowly pulled out, allowing space for the liquid that he released into Kyungsoo to drip out with every push from Kyungsoo’s clenching hole. Setting his legs down, Kyungsoo released the sheets and ran his hands down his face, trying to stabilize his breathing.

Kai collapsed down beside Kyungsoo’s body, joining him in after-sex recovery. After a minute of nothing, but breathing and heaving chests, Kai turned his head to Kyungsoo. “Do you think you could be pregnant after this?” he joked lightly. “Or should we keep trying?”

Kyungsoo took a second to respond. He chuckled a breathless laugh before he rolled his body onto its side to face Kai. “I think we should keep trying,” he replied hoarsely.

Leaning in, Kai touched Kyungsoo’s forehead with his. “I think so, too, Kyung,” Kai softly said, closing his eyes for a moment. “I think so, too.”

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