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The Letter 59

Chapter 59

Work was overbearing, but only due to the fact that Sehun didn’t like to work. He was grateful, of course, at the fact that he had a high stranding position where he had subordinates to do things for him, but nonetheless, there was nothing he would’ve liked more than to be paid just to sit and play with his phone in the office.

Hours were relatively long. Usually, Sehun would go home at around eight or nine at night, but right then, the day was an exception. Chanyeol had left the building when six o’clock came creeping in, then later made a brisk promise to be back as soon as possible.

Sehun heard the promise, but he knew his stupid friend. He knew that Chanyeol wouldn’t be coming back for the rest of the night, meaning that all of the work on Chanyeol’s desk that had been left undone would find themselves on his.

More work meant more hours. In any other circumstances—one that didn’t involve Chanyeol rough housing Baekhyun before, essentially, making love to him at one of their apartments—Sehun would’ve been pissed off at the bullshit that he had to deal with in Chanyeol leaving. But, since Chanyeol was basically his boss, his friend, and on his way back from the Land of the Loveless, Sehun let it go.

Ten o’clock came ticking on by when Sehun looked at the small amount of paperwork left on his desk and thought, “Fuck it”.  Deciding that he could do them tomorrow—or better yet, pass them back to Chanyeol if the fucker decided to show up—Sehun neatly stacked them in a pile before getting up to grab his things and go.

By the time that Sehun got to the apartment, it was already ten-thirty. Sehun went inside to be greeted by the sight of Luhan in his sleepwear, sitting at the couch, and watching television in the dark. Sehun squinted under the lack of light before he flipped the switch.


Luhan’s eyes left the television to meet Sehun’s. Then he grinned. “Hi.”

Moving from the door after closing it, Sehun set his things on top of a nearby table and loosened his tie. “Food?”

Luhan snorted before giving Sehun a slanted look. “How many times do I have to tell your stupid ass to eat at the office if you’re hungry?”

Sehun raised his brows before turning to enter the open kitchen. “I like to save my appetite for your cooking.”

“Yah!” Luhan called. “It’s ten-thirty. I cooked hours ago. Do you really want to eat cold food right now?”

Sehun gave Luhan a look. “Really, Luhan,” Sehun said in a tone that sang a bit. “Where’s my dinner?”

Luhan mirrored Sehun’s face at the moment before he rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the television. “Oven.”

Sehun proceeded to throw a grin in Luhan’s direction. “Thanks, Luhan.”

“You’re welcome, brat.”

Luhan was laying in their bed with his eyes attached to the television. When Sehun had finished eating and the two decided to move to the bedroom, Sehun expressed how Luhan was too attached to the TV, whereas Luhan disputed saying that the drama he was watching was too good to let go. To this, Sehun just rolled his eyes before getting ready to take a shower.

“When I come back, be ready,” Sehun had said.


“I’m gonna have you tonight. Consider yourself dessert.”

Replaying the scenario in his head, Luhan groaned in embarrassment, unable to keep his attention on the on-going dramatic scenes on the television in front of him. Sighing, Luhan fixed his position, sitting up with his back set against the backboard of the bed.

Luhan was nervous. He didn’t know why. Sex was a common occurrence between them—had been and always will be—but the anticipation always got him. Waiting and waiting, Luhan mindlessly watched his show, though he was paying more and more attention to the sound of the shower being on than the actual show itself.

Then, the moment came.

Upon hearing the water being shut off, Luhan turned off the TV and decided to play sly on his own. Once the television was off, he put himself under the covers and turned on his stomach with his face comfortably smothered on the pillow. Then Luhan began to act.

When Sehun stepped inside the room, Luhan knew. He heard the light switch flip and knew that Sehun had turned the lights back on.

“Quit pretending to be sleeping,” Sehun scoffed.

It was a while before Sehun heard a mumbled response.

“I’m not…”

Grinning, Sehun moved over to the bed, setting a knee on it before getting on top. “I thought I told you to get ready.”

Luhan flipped over. “You didn’t specify how. Meditating in the dark for your dick is how I get ready,” Luhan sarcastically said.

“Funny,” Sehun smirked, showing teeth. “I was expecting something different,” he said as he slowly peeled the covers away.

Luhan lifted his eyes open and was slightly taken aback by the sight of Sehun all wet with his damp hair and body. Not only that, but also at the fact that the male was already naked and hard.

Taking his eyes away from the member, Luhan locked eyes with Sehun. “Expecting something like what?”

Kicking the covers away, Sehun’s hands found the hem of Luhan’s shirt, beginning it lift it off. Luhan complied.

“Actually,” Sehun replied, “I walked in expecting you to be naked and fingering yourself for me.”

As Sehun rid of the shirt, Luhan lifted a hand, taking hold of Sehun’s shaft. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but at least one of us is ready.”

Sehun’s gaze dropped when Luhan began to touch and stroke him. “Out. Get out of your boxers.”

Ignoring Sehun’s demand, Luhan moved his body, but only so that his mouth could meet and suck at the hard cock. Luhan wasn’t doing a sloppy job, but he was intentionally making wet noises as he took Sehun in his mouth while using his hands to rub the hard balls at the bottom of the cock’s hilt.

Sehun threw his head back as his fingers laced themselves in Luhan’s hair. His hips snapped forward, pushing his cock inside of Luhan’s warm, suction mouth some more. Then, he looked down. “Aaah—Luhan…Underwear off... Now.”

Glancing up to meet with Sehun’s eyes, Luhan smirked as he popped Sehun’s cock out of his mouth before moving his hand up and down to compensate. Ignoring yet another one of Sehun’s demands, Luhan took a lick of Sehun’s shaft from the head before teasingly pressuring his tongue against the slit.

“What do you want me to say to you? That you taste delicious?” Luhan asked. “That you taste better than the icing at the shop?”

Grabbing a fist full of Luhan’s hair, Sehun craned Luhan’s head back. “Shut up and get naked. Do it or I will.”

Testing his limits, Luhan didn’t listen and proceeded to purr: “You taste better.”

Sehun loved Luhan’s sexual side. He loved that look in Luhan’s eyes and the moans that came out of that pretty, little mouth of his, but Sehun’s patience was running thin. He wanted Luhan naked and spread. He wanted to see that puckered hole that he’d get to fuck pretty soon. Sehun wanted Luhan taking his dick all the way in, eagerly taking it. Out of everything, Sehun wanted to pleasure Luhan, not the other way around despite how he loved mouth fucking his lover every so often.

Sehun pried his hard manhood from Luhan’s soft and eager hands. Moving down on Luhan, Sehun was true to his word and stripped Luhan naked. Luhan laughed at Sehun’s urgency as he threw the last piece of clothing off to the floor.

“Are we doing it rough tonight?”

Sehun grunted as he pulled Luhan’s body by his legs, moving him down the bed and closer to him. “I don’t care how I have you.”

As his legs were being pushed back, Luhan’s gave Sehun a grin. “Really? Cause it seems like you want it rough, brat.”

“I’ve had a long day,” Sehun replied. “I just want you. I don’t care how.”

“You don’t?” Luhan sensed an opportunity to take control of how they were going to fuck that night…and he took it. “Let me ride you.”

Sehun looked Luhan in the eye before moving his gaze back to the tight entrance in front him. “Fine,” Sehun agreed. “Let me prep you first.”

Placing his hands on his ass checks and spreading them, Luhan gave Sehun the go. “Do it.”

With no hesitation, Sehun dropped his mouth down and ran his tongue around the outer rim of Luhan’s cleft. Sehun’s ears picked up on Luhan’s sudden hitch of breath. His hands kept Luhan still during the action.

“Fuck, Sehun!” Luhan gasped.

Sehun smirked to himself as he kept darting his tongue inside a few more times before placing his mouth on Luhan’s cunt hole. He licked and stabbed it with his tongue and then used his mouth to suck at it, making the tight hole puckered and swollen.

Satisfied with his rimming, Sehun pulled back and saw a blushed Luhan staring at him. “Did you enjoy that?” Sehun asked breathlessly.

“Fuck your damn tongue.”

Moving off the bed to retrieve the lubricant, Sehun licked his lips. “Good.”

Opening the drawing near their bed, Sehun got the lube and got back on the bed. “Keep those legs spread. The faster I finger fuck you open, the faster you can get to ride me.”

Finally taking Sehun’s command in effect, Luhan kept his legs apart, keeping his hands on his cheeks. “Hurry,” Luhan pleaded.

Sehun didn’t need to be begged or pleaded to hurry up. He wanted to be inside Luhan as much as Luhan wanted to ride him. Squeezing the bottle, Sehun put a fair amount of the substance on his fingers before massaging it at Luhan’s opening. Then, Sehun tried to insert one finger in, stopping midway, pulling out for a second, and then inserting the entire finger in until his knuckles met Luhan’s flesh.

Sehun started out slow, but as a minute went by, Luhan was already demanding that he do more. Accepting Luhan’s request, Sehun inserted another one of his long, sensational fingers inside. It didn’t take long for his fingers to gain momentum, fucking and sliding in and out with ease.

All that time, Luhan’s hands were trembling, trying so hard not to accidentally let go of his own ass out of mindless pleasure. When Luhan’s efforts were failing, Sehun helped him out by placing a hand on his cheeks, pushing them apart so that his fingers could keep entering the tight passage with easy access.

When Sehun felt like Luhan was ready, he leaned over and took his lover’s gasping mouth with his, gliding his tongue past their lips. Luhan allowed the invasion, opening his mouth and allowing their tongues to collide, yet taste each other.  When their heated passion was too much for their cocks to handle without any real sexual intercourse, Sehun pulled back after placing a genuine kiss on Luhan’s lips.

Setting Luhan’s legs down, Sehun moved over. Then he fixed the pillows before lying down, setting his head on them. With his hands on his cock, Sehun jacked himself, rubbing the left over lubricant all over it. He tugged and he jerked. He even gave his hard, jolting shaft a whack. All of which were for Luhan.

“Get on.”

Luhan crawled on his knees before throwing a leg on each side of Sehun’s body. He teased Sehun by grinding against the stiff hardness that was eager to be inside of him. He even threw his head to the side as he mockingly rolled his hips against it.

Sehun moaned, but then he slapped Luhan by the thighs. “Get on or I’m turning us over and fucking you in between your legs.”

Luhan would’ve laughed, but he wanted to be on top. Abiding to the order, Luhan raised his hips while Sehun took a hold of his manhood, putting it in perfect place for Luhan’s hole to engulf.

Slowly, Luhan placed himself against Sehun’s rigid member before moving like an expert and sliding that monster in with no issue. Sehun moaned as he felt the heat of Luhan’s passage cover all of him.  Luhan bit his lips as his body quickly adapted. It wasn’t long before he began to ride the male under him.

Sehun’s hands laced with Luhan’s, holding him as he moved and bounced up and down the shaft. Luhan’s breathing quickened and so did Sehun’s. Luhan rolled his hips, driving Sehun crazy. He kept changing his pace. Sometimes he’d go slow, but drop down hard. Other times, Luhan would take Sehun quickly with lower drops. Either way, Sehun could hear the sound of their flesh pounding against each other, and he could see the way Luhan’s own dick was bouncing like his ass.

“Fuck it, Luhan,” Sehun moaned.

Luhan closed his eyes. He could feel himself clench around Sehun and he knew Sehun could feel it too. His cock felt constricted, signaling that he was nearing his finish. Playing with his younger lover, Luhan stopped moving on Sehun’s cock and then he pulled his hands away. Using his liberated hands, Luhan touched himself. He squeezed and he pumped himself, trying to finish himself off, which he did after a few moments.

He spurted his liquid on Sehun’s chest. He even got a few on Sehun’s jaw as Sehun turned his head off to the side. With his heart pounding, Luhan squeeze the rest of his cum out of his dripping cock, letting it drip from his hands and onto Sehun’s torso.

After he was done, he felt Sehun’s hands on his hips. “Selfish bastard.”

Luhan grinned before placing his hands on either side of Sehun and raising his hips a bit. “What’re you gonna do about it, brat?”

Looking Luhan in the eyes, Sehun replied, “Finish off by pounding into you.”

“Then do it.”

The words hadn’t even left Luhan’s mouth before Sehun grasped the opportunity. He lifted his hips to thrust into Luhan and to find his own release. He snapped forward and thrusted upwards, taking advantage of Luhan’s open body.

Luhan responded by moving to meet the thrusts, accepting the cock as it dug deep inside of him. When Sehun felt a surge of pleasure run through him and all the way down to the tip of his hard member, he knew that he had found his edge.

Feeling his entrance, Luhan felt two things: Sehun’s dick and Sehun’s cum, which was seeping out through the small crevasses. He smiled at the sight under him. Sehun was trying to catch his breath and to Luhan, it was a beautiful thing to see.

Wiping a few beads of sweat on Sehun’s forehead, Luhan moved down and placed a quick kiss on his lips. “I love you.”

Still trying to level out his breathing, Sehun put in the effort to smile back. Then he took his hand and pulled Luhan back in for a deeper—more rattling—kiss, stroking his tongue against Luhan’s. After they broke the kiss to gasp for air, Sehun shifted his hips so that Luhan could feel his cock still inside of him.

“I love you, too.”

At the shift, Luhan lifted his gaze up to Sehun’s eyes. “Fucker, you’re getting hard again…” he mumbled.

Sehun was unresponsive for a while even though he kept eye contact. Then after a few moments, he said in calm, leveled voice, “In my defense, Luhan…you’re already hard.”

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