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Not Intended 4

Chapter 4

“Go away,” Baekhyun yelled, cupping his hands when Chanyeol got nearer and nearer to where he and Kyungsoo were padding on to their castle.

Chanyeol gave his maid a scowling look, but ignored the remark. To spite him, Chanyeol kneeled down right next to Baekhyun, not giving a flying shit if Baekhyun appreciated the lack of space between them. When they were going to be married—if Chanyeol couldn’t find a way out of the situation—then proximity from each other is something that they had to deal with sooner or later.

Baekhyun looked at Chanyeol up and down, then leaned in and said, “Mr. Park, you’re too close. I consider this sexual harassment.”

Chanyeol scoffed. “This is my property. I can sit where ever I want.”

Baekhyun saw that he had a legal point and shrugged. “Alright. Well, then get working.”

Chanyeol glanced over. “You’re the one to talk. Speaking of work—”

“How about no,” Baekhyun replied, cutting the conversation at the bud. He was on a self-announced break. He didn’t want to talk about work. Luckily for him, sweet Kyungsoo came to his rescue and asked Chanyeol to help him with carving out windows.

Twenty minutes in, Kyungsoo decided that it was about time to stop. He went inside to make some lunch for him and Sehun since they didn’t have any, having spent most of the late morning and early afternoon outside. When the two left, it inevitably left Baekhyun alone with his giant employer.

A few moments after they were alone, Baekhyun turned to Chanyeol. “So, what do you do, Mr. Park?”

“I told you to stop addressing me as ‘Mr. Park’,” Chanyeol curtly said. “It’s weird considering we’re about the same age. And for your question, I do technological and business things. Something that’s probably not up your alley.”

“Like making microchips and selling them.”

Chanyeol shook his head. “Bigger things than that. More like robotics.”

“Hmm…That sounds really interesting,” Baekhyun said, nodding. His smile, though, was slanted, giving Chanyeol the impression that he was lying. There was an awkward silence between them for a minute. Then Baekhyun crossed his arms, taking hold of the bottom of his shirt, and lifting it over his head.

Chanyeol watched his maid take his shirt off—throwing that off onto the ground— and ruffle his hair afterwards, flipping it off to the side, leaving it messy. “What’re you doing?”

“I’m trying to seduce you into giving me a raise,” Baekhyun sarcastically said, tilting his head. “Actually, I’m going in the water.” Baekhyun motioned to his swim shorts. “I didn’t buy these for nothing.”

Chanyeol’s eyes dropped to the shorts. “You shouldn’t have bought them at all. The money my grandma gave you was supposed to be used for buying clothes, not swim wear.”

“I didn’t use Old Raisin’s money,” Baekhyun mindlessly mumbled as he got up. “I used my own.”

Looking up at the half-naked guy in front of him, Chanyeol raised a brow. “Don’t you have a closet full of clothes?”

Baekhyun snorted, antsy about leaving Chanyeol and the completed sand castle. “Yeah.”

“You know, the last time I checked, the shopping district in town isn’t exactly the friendliest when it comes to price.” Chanyeol gave him questioning look. “Didn’t you say you were homeless?”

Baekhyun blinked before bending forward and cocking his face right in front of Chanyeol’s. “I didn’t have a house, but I had money. Alright?”

“How much money, Baekhyun?”

Baekhyun pulled back, crossing his arms. “That’s none of your business, Park Chanyeol.”

Chanyeol tilted his head and smirked. “Any more vague answers and you might as well rename yourself ‘Shady’, Baek.”

Taking a step back, Baekhyun shrugged and threw on a smirk that mirrored Chanyeol’s. “Tell me when I become too shady so I’ll know when to leave!”

The amusement on Chanyeol’s face left. “You’re not quitting.”

Turning around and heading to the waters, Baekhyun waved a hand. “I forgot I signed up for slave work. I’ll be back on duty in an hour.”

Chanyeol creased his brows. “You said that thirty minutes ago!” he yelled after the departing—annoying, defying, sarcastic—new maid slash supposed fiancé.

Baekhyun twirled around once, giving Chanyeol a shrug and a non-serious face. “Did I?” he yelled back.

By the time Chanyeol was going to respond back, Baekhyun was already too far. Chanyeol’s voice still could’ve reached him, but Chanyeol figured that it wasn’t worth it to argue yelling.

Silently fuming, Chanyeol watched as Baekhyun laughed at himself when the cold waters spiked him wave after wave. What the hell was so amusing about being cold in sea water? Chanyeol didn’t understand.

He had only met Byun Baekhyun and he was already bulldozed over by a lot of things. First, there was the fact that this guy was the runaway bride—not groom, because Chanyeol would’ve stabbed the devil if he was the “bride” in their damn relationship. The second thing that struck him was Byun Baekhyun himself. Chanyeol admitted to himself that at least the guy had standards. At least he didn’t take him up on the order of jacking that hard on earlier that morning. But, none of that really mattered. Chanyeol was still puzzled. One minute the guy was like a child—ordering cheesecake and soda for lunch; laughing at himself every time an ocean wave hit him—then the next moment, he’d be an authoritative bitch with his vague, sarcastic, and evasive answers.

Chanyeol sighed. He honestly didn’t know Byun Baekhyun well enough yet to figure him out, but the time would come eventually.

Taking the shirt that Baekhyun had thrown to the side, Chanyeol grumbled as he got up to go sit in a semi-grassy area with not as much sand. He put the shirt on the ground before lying down, placing his head on it. Then he took his phone out of the pocket of his shorts and looked at the time. Adding thirty minutes to the current time, Chanyeol set a target hour to yell and scream at Baekhyun to get his ass back into the house.

The sun was high up in the sky and Chanyeol put his forearm over his face. Closing his eyes, Chanyeol decided to pass the time by thinking of potential punishments to do if Baekhyun decided to pull another “I’ll be back in an hour” stunt after his thirty minutes of—reluctantly given— freedom was up.

Unfortunately for Park Chanyeol, he fell asleep waiting.

By the time Baekhyun got out of the water, time had ticked itself on by. He honestly lost track of time and didn’t know how much of it passed when he stepped back on dry land. Dripping wet, he shook the hair off his face and moved it off to the side. As he got closer to the place where he had left Chanyeol, he noticed that his domineering employer had moved over to a grassier area. Not only that, but Baekhyun had noticed that his shirt was being put to use.

Baekhyun frowned at the sight. That shirt wasn’t on some god damn sale racket, he thought to himself as his eyes glazed over Chanyeol’s sleeping self. Scoffing, Baekhyun moved to kick the giant awake, but then he thought, “Why should I?” Shrugging, Baekhyun moved past the sleeping body and walked back to the house.

When Baekhyun walked back inside the house, he was met with Sehun and Kyungsoo watching him from the kitchen island where they sat on stools, eating their lunch.

“Where’s Chanyeol?” Kyungsoo asked.

Baekhyun smirked. “He decided to take a stroll along the water.” Moving quickly through the area, Baekhyun added, “He said he’ll be back in a few.”

Kyungsoo turned his head, watching Baekhyun go in the direction of the main hallway. “In a few?”

“Yeah,” Baekhyun confirmed with his back towards Kyungsoo. “A few.”

“A few what? Minutes?”

“Or hours,” Baekhyun mumbled to himself as he kept walking and pretended that he didn’t even hear Kyungsoo ask.

“Hours” was correct.

Kyungsoo was worried when Chanyeol didn’t come back inside an hour after Baekhyun did, but Baekhyun’s calm—and nonchalant—attitude about Chanyeol’s lack of presence kind of put him to ease.

It wasn’t until three hours went by that all Hell broke loose when Chanyeol walked very stiffly into the house, slamming the sliding door open. Kyungsoo and Sehun were talking in the living room so when they heard the loud noise, they immediately turned their head to the backdoor only to be left gaping at their sunburnt employer.

Before either of them could stutter out words, Chanyeol’s angry voice bellowed. “Where the fuck is Baekhyun!”

Sehun swallowed. “He’s in his room…” he replied meekly.

Chanyeol’s burning glare moved to the hallway before quickly—but rigidly—stalking down the hall. Coming up to Baekhyun’s room, Chanyeol took a fist and pounded on the door. When the door didn’t open fast enough, Chanyeol kicked the damn barrier.

“It’s not locked,” a voice sang from inside the room.

The voice sounded nice, but Chanyeol wasn’t in the mood. His hand harshly grabbed the knob, twisted it open, and then pushed the door open so hard that it hit the wall behind it. The rough entry caused Baekhyun to look up from a book he found somewhere around the house hours ago.

The sight before him was extremely comedic, but Baekhyun caught himself before he could burst out laughing. He bit his lips to stop the vocal laughter, but he couldn’t stop his face from twisting into laughable expressions, nor could he stop his eyes from glistening.

When he calmed himself enough, Baekhyun allowed himself to speak, but even then, he couldn’t speak fluidly. “W-what happened to y-you, Mr. Park?” he asked, trying his best to restrain himself.

Chanyeol’s jaw locked. “What happened? What the fuck happened!?” he yelled, not bothering to be considerate of the other two people in the house, who were probably listening in. “You fucking left me outside! In the sun! I’m fucking burnt and you’re fucking laughing like it’s the most hilarious shit in the world!”

That was it. Baekhyun didn’t try keeping himself together anymore. He just started laughing his guts out, tossing the book in his hand aside. “You’re red!” he gasped out. “You’re so red! B-but your forehead!” Tears were streaming down Baekhyun’s face. “Your forehead is totally white! Everything from your eyebrows down is red, though!”

Baekhyun was rolling on his stomach, laughing into his bed. Chanyeol glowered at the male before moving to the structure. Then, Chanyeol took a hold of Baekhyun’s upper body and rolled him on his back so that the bastard was looking up at him.

The moment when Baekhyun opened his teary eyes, Chanyeol was taken aback for a second before gaining back his angry stance. “Stop laughing!” he growled before letting go of Baekhyun. “You think this is funny!?”

Baekhyun closed his mouth into a slanted grin before slightly nodding his head. “You look weird!” he blurted out. “I thought you were handsome before, but now, I don’t know what you are!”

In any other situation, Chanyeol would’ve been somewhat flattered by the indirect compliment, but right then, he was aching because he hurt everywhere. He wasn’t in the mood to take any type of compliments—indirect or not.

Chanyeol’s lips thinned. “I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do with you.”

Baekhyun’s laughter subsided, but the grin on his face stayed as he laid on his back, looking up at Chanyeol. “Fire me? Kick me out?”

Chanyeol frowned. Firing Baekhyun was tempting, but he knew that wasn’t an option. Baekhyun had his uses other than cleaning. Thinking about it momentarily, Chanyeol figured that if the Byun family couldn’t track down their own son, they’d be forced to back out of the marriage deal. If he kept Baekhyun in his sights, then he could keep the guy hidden until the deal fell apart on its own. Other than that reason, he still needed to find out why the guy was under his roof and whether or not he was in some sort of plot with his parents.

Clicking his tongue, Chanyeol shook his head. “No.”

“Bummer,” Baekhyun said, tilting his head.

Ignoring him, Chanyeol moved his cocked his head back in the direction of the door. “Go to the main bathroom in the hallway and get the damn cream that treats sunburns.”

Baekhyun blinked a few times, giving Chanyeol a blank look from sitting up and scooting to the side of his bed. “Okay,” he said, lightly.

“And come back!” Chanyeol barked even before Baekhyun could make it out the door.

“Don’t worry,” Baekhyun said, turning around to give Chanyeol a smirk. “I’ll get you that cream. Good luck applying it, though.”

Chanyeol snorted. “What? You think I’m gonna try and fucking fix this myself?”

Baekhyun shrugged. “Yep.”

“Then what good are you as a help?” Chanyeol retorted. “You’re coming back here and you’re gonna fucking apply it on.”

Baekhyun tilted his head and mockingly raised his brows. “But I’ll get fired if I touch your body,” he said, recounting the moment they had that morning.

Chanyeol threw a glare. “I’m not gonna fire you—”

“—I don’t know. I don’t feel comfortable touching half-naked people who could easily jump me,” Baekhyun said in a mocked lousy voice.

“Do I look like I could fucking jump you right now!?” Chanyeol angrily shouted.

Un-phased, Baekhyun laughed before turning back around to exit the room. “No, but you do look like something.”

Chanyeol heard what Baekhyun said, but decided not to comment on it, knowing that it wouldn’t do any good. Tired of standing, Chanyeol slowly let himself down on Baekhyun’s bed. He thought he was successful in doing so, but at an untimely second, he felt a pinch of pain. Chanyeol yelled, though not so much about the pain, but rather more because that he was angry about his current state.

The angry yells and the angry cursing was abruptly stopped, though, when Chanyeol’s ears picked up the sound of Baekhyun laughing all the way down the hall. No doubt, at Chanyeol's expense.

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