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Not Intended 54

Chapter 54
Turning Pages
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Nothing was clear anymore. Every belief and “fact” that Baekhyun ever thought he believe in to be right had essentially fallen right at his feet. There were stages to its downfall beginning with denial. After minutes and minutes of drunkenly trying to deny the initial assertion that Chanyeol was who Kris said he was, Baekhyun began to panic.

Dragging Baekhyun from the bar and away from watching eyes, Kris hauled him back to the car where he continued to refute with every “evidence” he could think of against the notion that Chanyeol was his fiancé.

The fact that Chanyeol never worked outside his house was Baekhyun’s biggest argument as to why Kris was “lying”, but Kris--in his defense--explained. As he drove them home, he told Baekhyun the facts to the situation, leaving Baekhyun to sit and blankly stare at the passing blurs of scenery.



“He prefers working at home, so he has people who do all the secondary heavy duty things back in the city… All product designs are made by him. For the most part he works alone, but he collaborates with others when he sees it fit to. Working at home helps him think better, which is part of the reason why he decided to buy a house not even remotely close to where the company building’s at.”

“So he’s the CEO…”

“Yeah. He’s just a little unorthodox.”



Baekhyun’s ears were half listening to Kris’ words, but no matter how hard he tried to keep his attention firm, he couldn’t help but mentally give in to his inner turmoil.

For all the weeks and days that he had personally suffered from guilt, worried about the honesty that his relationship with Chanyeol was based upon, he felt utterly stupid in that moment to finally realize that Chanyeol had known from the very beginning.



“This marriage of yours was actually set up a little near to a year before you two were actually informed about it. I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but the entire feud and competitiveness between both of your sides have resulted into intel and products being stolen from both parties. Your company steals from our company. We steal from yours. In the end, we both win info, lose info, gain profit, and lose profit. It wasn't a very stable situation so your parents, as well as Chanyeol’s, figured that the best way to solve this is by merging the companies. You’ve heard about the merge, right?”


“Companies can always merge together, but there’d still be an invisible wall separating both parties. Your marriage with Chanyeol would pretty much strengthen and solidify the union, if you know what I’m saying. If you two got along, then hell, we’d all be forced into playing nicer with each other.”

“So I’m basically a pawn…”

“I wouldn’t…use that word.”



After denial came anger.



“I’m not sure if you knew about this, but you do know that your family’s company hasn’t been doing so well, right?”


“We didn’t know about it until everything was set. It’s not that you’re doing bad. It’s just that we’ve been doing a lot better than you these past couple of years. It’s not problematic. We’d still gain intellect from your side once you two get married--”

“What do you mean…”

“The companies don’t official merge until a few months after you two get married. Once you and Chanyeol tie the knot, we give your parents some money to fix a few things around the company before the official merging, and in turn, we get project blue prints from you guys. That’s a bonus for Chanyeol--He actually gets a husband and new material all with one sign of his signature.”



Nugget could feel his dad’s mood sink immensely. The way Baekhyun was stroking him had alternated from slightly tugging to just barely touching.

As every thought began to surround him, Baekhyun felt himself beginning to drown. He tried to keep himself afloat by focusing on the possible positives, but his hope for the better was completely shot when it came unto him that Chanyeol may not have even cared for him at all to begin with.



“Chanyeol didn’t tell you anything because of the fact that he was worried that you’d run off if you knew, except this time, nobody would know where you are. Maybe he was worried everything would be put on hold or you’d try and double cross the entire deal. Turns out you didn’t know so I guess he just kept you around for the sake of keeping you.”



It was much more complicated than that. Baekhyun heard the words and immediately analyzed every possible reason why Chanyeol would decide to keep him by his side despite knowing that Baekhyun knew nothing about who he was exactly working for. When it all came down to it, Baekhyun froze when he touched upon a conclusion that he wished he had never thought of.

To him, it was simple like blueprints. Time after time he had professed to Chanyeol about how he felt about arranged marriages and how he wanted his own stupid little fairytale ending. It was clear then that Chanyeol had listened and decided to play at an angle. Had he known that Chanyeol was his fiancé in the beginning, there was no doubt in his mind that he would have run away again.

And Chanyeol knew it as well.

Bitterly, Baekhyun wanted to give the giant a round of applause for using his inner hopes and dreams of a fairytale romance to his advantage. It was genius. Cruel, but genius.

The way he saw it, Chanyeol knew that if he fell in love with him, it’d push away all thoughts about running off again. In fact, Baekhyun realized that Chanyeol made it so easy to imagine being married, which is probably what he wanted. All the gears in Baekhyun’s head were shifted towards the idea of one day marrying the giant, the basic goal Chanyeol had in mind in the first place.

Any other negative thoughts fell flat compared to the notion that Chanyeol’s entire love and caring nature was a blank façade used to keep Baekhyun stationed where he was.

For weeks he had tossed and turned over feeling guilty at the fact that Chanyeol didn’t know who he really was. But the giant already knew. And for months, after all the love making, kisses, hugs, and small whimsical talks under the covers, Baekhyun found that none of it was really true.

Like a malfunctioning robot that never should have left the factory, everything that Baekhyun believed in began to stall, stop, and eventually break apart.



By the time Kris had parked the car back in the drive way, Baekhyun had stopped contributing the conversation. Kris had tried to lighten the mood by switching the conversation topic, but he knew that there was no turning back from the hell hole that he had created. Once the car was parked, he looked over at Baekhyun who slowly turned his gaze at the house as if it was his grave.

Unlocking the door, Kris spared him one last glance before stepping out. Baekhyun followed a few seconds after, but the way he moved was sluggish and slow. Alcohol was still in his system, but it was flushed out by all that had been said.

With Nugget in his arms, he moved to the back of the car and waited for Kris to hand him a few bags. With a small smile on his face, Kris shook his head and told him that he’d carry all the bags by himself.

Baekhyun was prepared to insist, but Nugget’s struggling changed his mind. Moving to the house, kept his eyes glued to the front door. Much to his surprise, he hadn’t cried in the car from the revelation that Chanyeol never really loved him in any way, but even so, Baekhyun felt himself cut dry, feeling nothing at all.

After he knocked against the door, Baekhyun pursed his lips and waited for Kyungsoo to open the door. It would’ve been easier to face the house cook instead of the giant that stood before him.

“Finally, you two are back,” Chanyeol muttered as he held the door open. “Do you need help?” he called out to Kris, who, in turn, shook his head, not wanting to go inside the house just yet. Turning to Baekhyun, Chanyeol opened his mouth to say something, but was met with a small glance and a hand that pushed him gently off to the side as the smaller male made his way in.

Frowning at the action, Chanyeol creased his brows together and left the front door open for Kris before following Baekhyun, who set Nugget down on the floor and had him trailing after.


Leaning down on the dog, Baekhyun whispered commands in a feigned cheerful voice to the critter as he blatantly ignored the fact that Chanyeol had called out to him. Once he was done, he scratched Nugget’s head and ran a hand through his hair before he continued to walk straight to his room.

Right behind him, Chanyeol caught onto the air that something was off. “Baekhyun,” he repeated. When Baekhyun continued to ignore him, Chanyeol heaved a breath and walked faster. “Hey, Baek--”

Suddenly, Baekhyun whipped around, forcing a smile on his face. “I’m tired.”

Chanyeol stopped in his tracks. “What?”

“I want to go take a nap,” Baekhyun said as he slowly began to turn and walk again. “I’m tired from shopping…”

“Didn’t you sleep in the car?” Chanyeol asked, referring back to his phone call conversation with his subordinate. “I called Kris and he told me--”

“He lied,” Baekhyun snapped slightly before controlling his voice again. “He lied…I wasn’t sleeping.”

Chanyeol had a two second delay in reaction from the news before he continued to trail after Baekhyun’s evading self. “What do you mean he was lying?” he asked. When Nugget threatened to trip him over with his tiny body, Chanyeol picked up the dog against its will. “What were you doing then?”

“I was off doing something else.”

“Like what? Go to the book store?” Chanyeol questioned, aiming for the first obvious reason.


Immediately alarmed, Chanyeol picked up his pace, following right at Baekhyun’s heel until they got to the end of the hallway. “Then what were you doing?”

“Personal stuff.”

Chanyeol expected Baekhyun to turn right and head straight into their bedroom, but instead, the smaller male turned on his heel and took a left, stepping into his personal room. Frowning, Chanyeol thinned his lips and caught Baekhyun by the forearm.

“What personal stuff?” Before Baekhyun could respond, Chanyeol shook his head and asked, “Why aren’t you sleeping in our room? The bed’s better.”

As if touched by fire, Baekhyun was quick to pull back his arm. Finally looking Chanyeol straight in the eyes, Baekhyun let go of his passive composure and snatched Nugget from the giant’s arms.

“I don’t have to tell you what I’m doing on my free time,” he gritted. “Do I even have to? You probably already know what the hell I’m doing. And for your information, I don’t want to sleep in our bed--Our bed, Chanyeol? No. It’s your bed. I don’t want to sleep in your bed. I want to sleep in mine. I’d tell you why, but you probably know why already.”

Confused by Baekhyun’s sudden hostility, Chanyeol was ready to conclude that it was sleep irritation that was making Baekhyun’s mood sour, but the more Baekhyun spoke, the sharper Chanyeol could smell the alcohol.

“What the hell, Baekhyun,” Chanyeol scowled. “You were out drinking!?”

“You know what? Yeah, I went drinking. And yeah, I let a few good looking guys buy me more. Guess what? I even let them touch my ass. For all you know, I could’ve had a lapse in judgment and let one kiss me,” Baekhyun jabbed, well aware that Chanyeol was not going to take his bluffs to heart, but, rather, as small needles poking his jealousy. Just before Chanyeol had the chance to snap back at him, Baekhyun shouldered him away from the door frame just enough that he could shut the door. “But it shouldn’t matter, because I’ll still be drinking and touching other people after we break up, you stupid giant.”

Baekhyun shut the door once, but quickly surprised Chanyeol by opening it up again. “Put Nugget’s food in the pantry, but only dump half of it in the dog food bin. And don’t throw away my food. You can eat the Snickers bar after we break up. They say it helps to eat your feelings.”

Once again, the door was slammed in Chanyeol’s face. With his jaw locked, he tried to turn the knob, but Baekhyun had locked it--just as he jammed his chair against the door as secondary defense if Chanyeol ever decided to use a master key to unlock it.

“Baekhyun, open the door,” Chanyeol demanded, knocking once. Finding no response, he gave another knock on the door, but later tried again, pounding. “Baekhyun!”

“For the love of god, I’m trying to go to sleep!”

Chanyeol heard the muffled voice shouting at him from behind the door and growled. “The hell you are! Open the door so we can talk because obviously something’s off!”

“The only thing that’s off is your balls. They’re lopsided!” Baekhyun shouted.

Cursing and aware that he wasn’t getting anywhere, Chanyeol growled and left the doorway. Striding back in the living area, Chanyeol entered the kitchen where Kris was handing the bags over to Kyungsoo, who took out all the items.

Without pulling his subordinate aside and sparing him the embarrassment, Chanyeol scowled at Kris knowing that Kyungsoo was a watching audience. “What the hell, Wu.”

Raising his brows, Kris stopped. “Hm?”

“You let him drink--”

“He did all of that behind my back--”

“And now he’s sputtering bullshit about breaking up--”

“Oh, no,” Kris said, shaking his head. “That’s not bullshit.”

Chanyeol paused. “What?”

“He’s going to do it,” Kris hummed. “I tried to talk him out of it, but you know how it is.” Blatantly ignoring the confused and shocked look on Chanyeol’s face, Kris picked up a bag and pulled out the items. When he found something familiar, he held it out to Chanyeol, grinned, and tilted his head. “Snickers?”

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