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The Letter 46

Chapter 46
Force Play

Chanyeol was bored out of his mind as he followed behind his mother and Yoona, going from store to store. Whenever he waited in some dressing room, readying himself to give some bullshit answer on how Yoona looked in whichever dress she chose to try on, he would pull out his phone and try to text Baekhyun.

Much to his disappointment, Baekhyun would rarely answer. He managed to have some sort of conversation with Baekhyun for a while, but Baekhyun ended it by saying that he needed to go to the store and had to leave his phone behind to charge. Chanyeol put up with it and gracefully backed out with a good-bye.

It wasn’t until Monday that Chanyeol anticipated seeing Baekhyun again, anxious to make up for Saturday. He drove over to Baekhyun’s house with the intention of going to school together, but seeing as how Baekhyun’s car was no longer in the driveway, Chanyeol knew that he had already gone to school.

Chanyeol found Baekhyun at his locker, lazily putting things in and taking things out. He grinned and broke into a small jog on his way over. Putting a hand on Baekhyun’s locker, Chanyeol opened it all the way, hitting the door to the locker next to it.

“Hey,” Chanyeol greeted with a smile on his face.

Baekhyun glanced and smiled at him, but drew his eyes back to his locker contents right after.  “Hey.”

There was an exchange of silence between them for a few moments. “So, um…about Saturday—”

“—Forget about Saturday, Chanyeol,” Baekhyun cut in, giving him that same plastered-on smile on his face. “Quit worrying about it.” Baekhyun gently pulled the door from Chanyeol’s hand and closed his locker.

He took a step back and began to head down the way towards his classroom. Chanyeol pursued. “I can’t help it. You took the time to ask me, but I—well, not necessarily me, but—”

“—Like I said,” Baekhyun said more loudly. “Forget Saturday.”

Chanyeol was taken aback by Baekhyun’s tone and decided to stop talking about it like he was being asked to. Out of curiosity—and a sense of wanting reassurance— Chanyeol asked, “What did you end up doing on Saturday?”

Baekhyun sighed and gave Chanyeol a lazy movement of his hand. “I studied and reviewed some stuff. Nothing major.”


Baekhyun’s Saturday ended up sounding extremely boring to Chanyeol, making Saturday very fucking hard to forget in his mind. It seemed to him like Saturday ended up being lousy as hell.

“Well, hey, listen,” Chanyeol said, nudging Baekhyun as they walked. “I’ll make it up to you, okay? Like I promised.”

Baekhyun stopped walking to look Chanyeol in the eye. “I’m not expecting anything big, but how exactly are you going to make it up?”

Chanyeol grinned and decided to tease. “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll pull you out of class and I can kiss you all period—”

Baekhyun groaned a bit before shaking his head and continuing to walk, walking faster than the pace he was going at moments ago. “Never mind.”

Chanyeol creased a brow and quickly caught up. “Yah! What’s wrong? Not up for it—”

“—No. I’m really not,” Baekhyun said, starting to get irritated.

Thrown off by Baekhyun’s sudden moodiness, Chanyeol reached and grabbed him by the arm, pulling him into a stop. “Tell me what’s going on.”

Baekhyun met Chanyeol in eye contact. “Nothing. I just don’t want to get pulled out of class just to make out with you,” he said, strongly.

“Well then we can go further—”

“Ugh.” Baekhyun pulled from Chanyeol’s hold, but kept a stance. “Stop. Okay? Just stop.”

Chanyeol scrunched his brows. “You can do two things, Baek. You can either tell me what’s going on—because you’re getting too pissy over my half-assed suggestions—or you can tell me what you want me to do.”

Baekhyun sighed and clenched his fists. He did realize that he was getting too fucked over what happened during the weekend. It wasn’t even Chanyeol’s fault to begin with, but hell, couldn’t the idiot suggest something more than sex?

“Sorry. I slept in the wrong position and my body just hurts,” Baekhyun said, making up the excuse. “I’m not exactly in the mood to do anything—”At that moment, the bell to go to class went off. Baekhyun gave Chanyeol one last look. “You should head on over to your class. I wouldn’t want you to be late.”

As other students began passing by them by the numbers, Chanyeol stiffly nodded. “I’ll see you during break, then.”

“Yeah,” Baekhyun mumbled. “Bye.”

When the bell for the lunch period to begin rang, Baekhyun met up with Kyungsoo and followed him down to the cafeteria. It was inevitable for Baekhyun to see Chanyeol again seeing as how their friends were dating—though they hadn’t really announced it yet.

Chanyeol left Kai’s side once he saw Baekhyun and went over to put an arm around him. “So are you in a better mood or does your body still hurt from sleeping wrong?”

Baekhyun shrugged. “I’m okay,” he replied, moving his hand to take Chanyeol’s arm off of him.

Chanyeol watched, frowning as Baekhyun released himself. “Apparently you’re not.” Chanyeol looked at their friends and turned back to Baekhyun, trying to control his voice so it wouldn’t attract much attention to them. “What should I do, Baek? Rub your feet for you? Massage your back? Hm? Will that make you less bitchy—”

“Bitchy,” Baekhyun said, repeating the word, scoffing off to the side. “Well, I’m sorry—”

Chanyeol gave Baekhyun a small shove on the shoulder. “Quit fucking apologizing when all you’re gonna do is bite my head off the second after.”

Baekhyun—frustrated—rubbed his forehead. His eyes glanced over and saw that Kai and Kyungsoo had gone, meaning that he no longer had to keep his voice down. “You wanna know why I’m being bitchy or pissy—or whatever the hell you wanna call this?”

“I’d fucking love to, actually,” Chanyeol snapped.

Baekhyun scowled at him. He contemplated whether to spill and tell him about all the trouble he went through early Saturday morning, but Baekhyun had to quickly remind himself that it really wasn’t Chanyeol’s fault—though Baekhyun really thought that Chanyeol could’ve done more to get himself out of the situation.

Baekhyun shelved the idea of telling Chanyeol about his lost efforts that day. At the moment, he knew he was being unreasonably mad. He was angry that Chanyeol had suggested—what Baekhyun considered to be—insensitive things like make-out sessions and sex to make up for his lack of presence, but at the same time, it wasn’t Chanyeol’s fault. He didn’t know that Baekhyun wanted more than lips or sex to make up for the shitty Saturday he ended up having.

“Because I…” Baekhyun paused and mentally cursed at himself. “Because I don’t want any of the things that you’re suggesting—plus other stupid things, which you’re really not fucking accountable for, but let’s leave those out.”

“Then just tell me what you want me to fucking do!”

Baekhyun bit his lips. He really wanted to pull his hair out right then and there for multiple reasons. “I can’t!”

“Why the hell not?!” Chanyeol asked, cutting into Baekhyun with his sharp eyes.

“For one, I don’t want to decide for you!” Baekhyun started. “Second, you’re angry right now and I don’t feel comfortable having you ‘make up’ for anything, okay?” Baekhyun groaned, then just shook his head. “Let’s drop this. You don’t have to make up for anything and Saturday never happened.”

“Saturday this. Saturday that. You keep mentioning Saturday,” Chanyeol said. “You told me that all you did was stay at home and study. I know I cancelled, but hell, Baek, aren’t you overreacting? You weren’t even fucking ready by the time I called you. You were—”

“—You’re right. I was at home…and I never got up at the break of fucking dawn to do anything.” Baekhyun’s lips flinched. “All I did was sleep in and study the entire day. And then you cancelled, which was that hallelujah moment, because—fuck damn—I was far from being ready.”


Baekhyun glanced off and began walking towards the cafeteria again. He quickly reevaluated why he was angry. It didn’t take long that he realized how he wanted Chanyeol to acknowledge the lengths he went to, but later took that desire back. It was in the past, but Baekhyun found that the thought was a lie. It wasn’t in the past if he was being “bitchy” about it…

“Let’s leave it and just go to lunch—”

Chanyeol stepped forward, took Baekhyun by the shoulder, and whipped him around to face him. “There’s something more. More than what you’re telling me.”

Baekhyun shook his hold away and continued to walk. “Let’s go. They’re probably wondering where we are,” he mumbled.

“Baek,” Chanyeol warned.

 Baekhyun turned his head around and saw that Chanyeol as still standing where he was. “Fine. Stay there.”


“Damn it, Yeol!” Baekhyun snapped. “I said to forget it! I don’t want to be mad at you so just fucking forget it and let me cool the fuck down!” He buried his face in his hands before dragging them down. Catching himself, Baekhyun spoke again, only softer than before. “I don’t want to be mad at you because you don’t deserve it.”

“Whether I deserve this right now or not, I don’t care,” Chanyeol argued, stepping forward and putting a hand on each of Baekhyun’s shoulders. “I just want to know what’s behind all this because it’s you. I want to know what’s bothering you.”

Baekhyun tried to keep an angry stance, but the look in Chanyeol’s eyes made that quest impossible. “Chanyeol…Saturday sucked,” he said, finally cracking—in words and in voice. “I went somewhere…”

Chanyeol noticed Baekhyun’s lips quivering, but decided not to comment on it. He only nodded. “Alright…” he said in a tone that indicated to Baekhyun to continue.

“And it hurt…”

Chanyeol creased his brows. “What hurt? What happened?”

Baekhyun glanced down and shrugged. “I just went somewhere. Something happened and it hurt. That’s all.”

“So what does this have to do with me?” Chanyeol asked.

“Like I said, you don’t deserve me being mad at you,” Baekhyun mumbled.

“Does whatever this is still hurt or what?”

Baekhyun quirked his lips. “If it didn’t, would I have taken my bitchy anger out at you? No. It’s fine. Just let me get over it in silence.” His hands traveled onto Chanyeol’s, though instead of pulling them off for the third time, he kept his hands there, gripping lightly at the strong hands keeping him there. “Sorry…”

“Sorry for real this time?” Chanyeol said, breaking a small smile, trying to lighten the mood.


Chanyeol wasn’t too convinced, but he was convinced enough to sigh and move on. “Alright.” His hands moved to cup Baekhyun’s face and before stooping down to plant a kiss on Baekhyun’s lips. He felt Baekhyun being stiff so he didn’t take too long before he pulled back. Then he took Baekhyun in for a hug, nestling his face against the top of his head.

“Sorry for calling you bitchy.”

“You didn’t call me bitchy,” Baekhyun said against Chanyeol’s chest. “You called my mood bitchy. Big difference.”

“Still. Your mood’s still part of you,” Chanyeol replied. “I love you, by the way. Okay?”

Baekhyun scowled, but he was scowling at himself. “Hn…”

Chanyeol released Baekhyun, but kept him to his side with one arm. Then, he led them down the hallway. “Maybe some food will lighten your hurt little self. Yeah?”

Baekhyun shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Speaking of food,” Chanyeol said, “I heard from Kai that you made him lunch and that your cooking’s amazing—to die for, actually.”

“I guess.”

“Make something for me sometime, okay?”

Baekhyun lowered his head so that Chanyeol couldn’t see his stupid lips move in a sad fashion again, and mumbled, “Maybe…”

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