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The Letter 38

Chapter 38
Warden Pt.1

It was beyond Lay’s control when Suho took a hold of his arm with an iron grip and refused to let go of him. Suho even had the audacity to pull and drag Lay along—not that Lay had much of a choice. Though Suho wasn’t threatening him with a gun, Lay went along with whatever the warden had in mind.

Holding on to Lay, when they reached the school building, Suho forced three flights of stairs on the both of them. Once on the abandoned part of the fourth floor, Suho kicked open the door to the first unused classroom that they came across to. He didn’t let go of Lay, even as he pushed Lay in, until Suho was sure that the door was closed and locked.

Once free, Lay began to rub the forearm where Suho had gripped the life out of him. “Damn. Didn’t know you could hold on that hard, warden.”

“Whatever,” Suho said, glancing at him as he finished making sure that their only exit was closed and secure. Turning to Lay. “But on to the point. I thought I said it perfectly clear to leave those two alone.”

“And I thought I made it perfectly clear that I don’t give a flying fuck as to what you tell me to do,” Lay retorted, cocking his head to the side, standing and facing off with Suho, whose features were clear with only the help of the windows and natural light, seeing as how the lights in the room were not turned on.

“But what I told you was an order, not a fucking suggestion,” Suho said in a stone hard voice.

“What do you think you can do about it?” Lay snapped. “Are you gonna fucking hit me? Punch me in the god damn face like Park did? Tell me or just do it, you ass, then get the fuck out of my hair!”

Suho stepped towards Lay and scoffed off to the side. “That type of corporal punishment isn’t my thing.” Suddenly Suho wasn’t snapping words at him. Instead, when he got near enough, Suho moved Lay’s hair off to the side, away from his forehead. Lay scowled, but was immediately thrown when Suho gripped the hair and pulled his face closer to his until their foreheads bumped. “They say that corporal punishment doesn’t do shit nowadays. Especially with kids like you,” Suho muttered.

Lay gritted his teeth and push his hands in between them. When he couldn’t push Suho off, he took him by his uniform. “You better let go of my hair,” Lay growled.

With their eyes locked, Suho smirked. “Are going to listen up and leave Baekhyun?”

“Not anyone’s business, but mine.”

The smirk of Suho’s face faltered, then dropped. His eyes dropped down to another part of Lay’s face, but Lay didn’t give enough care to notice. “Wrong answer, bitch.”

The world turned upside-down and the axis of the world diminished. Nothing in the world felt right to Lay anymore the moment Suho tilted his head, slanting his lips over Lay’s. Shocked, Lay’s fists unclenched and tried again to pushed Suho off. It was all in lost effort.

Suho pushed Lay against a desk. Unsatisfied with kissing a resisting partner, Suho lifted and brushed a knee to nudge Lay’s member through the rough fabric of his pants. The brush made Lay involuntarily open his mouth slightly enough for Suho to slip a quick tongue in and get a brash taste of the bastard.

Knowing that he wasn’t going to get anywhere far with loving lip foreplay, Suho released Lay by the hair. Lay shook the leaving hand away and glowered. “What the fu—” He stopped when Suho gave him a sharp glance before dropping to his knees. “What the hell are you doing?” Lay asked in a shaking voice. “Suho—”

Suho didn’t answer him. Before Lay could react, Suho had unzipped the front of Lay’s uniform. Hastily, he pulled the front open, forgetting about the buttoned part of the pants. Nevertheless, Suho got it open despite Lay having a button casualty.

Without a word, Suho proceeded to drag Lay’s pants to his thighs, bringing along with it his boxers. “Flacid,” he muttered. He glanced up Lay, who gave him a look, trying to scowl, though his red face gave every single one of his thoughts away. “I can fix that. Just like how I can fix that sexually frustrated bitch attitude of yours.”

Lay’s hands shot down to take a hold of Suho by his hair, but Suho’s hand got to Lay’s member first.  Lay’s hands ended up freezing half-way out of the shock he got from Suho’s hands encompassing him. Suho didn’t waste time romanticizing his actions. He began to move his hand, twisting his wrist to gain angles, and squeezing at perfect moments. As he guessed, Lay didn’t take long to come around—despite how much that probably killed his stance and pride.

“Like I said…sexually frustrated.” Suho glanced at the glare he got from Lay. “Baekhyun’s too inexperienced to deal with your problems. I, for one—well, I’m a different case.”

Lay’s hand became mobile again and reached out, grabbing Suho’s hair. They didn’t try to pull him away, though. It was more like a hold to keep him there. Lay didn’t like to give in, but he’d be damned if he didn’t stop and think about the last time he got any—excluding things he had done to himself. “You act like you’ve done this before.”

“Maybe,” Suho said. He didn’t let Lay respond with anything except for the small hitch of breath that came out when he ran a tongue on the tip of the unyielding shaft. “You taste nice.” Suho saw the look on Lay’s face. “They say that complimenting someone raises their self-esteem. You need as much as you can get.”

“I don’t want your petty compliments,” Lay said through gritted teeth. Suho could feel his grip tighten.

“I never said I didn’t mean it.”

Lay blinked at the words, but was soon lost when Suho initially placed his lips on him, but then later placed his entire being in his mouth. Lay threw his back, hating himself for liking the action more than he should have. The hold he had on Suho was useless so Lay ended up dropping the grip, gripping the table behind him instead.

With one hand, Suho had Lay’s member, but with the other, he tugged the male’s clothing even lower. Lay didn’t seem to notice. His fingers just curled more on the edge of the desk. Lay was drowning in Suho’s mouth; just pure melting. The only thing that snapped him out of that pleasure was the feel of Suho’s hand leaving his cock and the feel of two hands making their way past his hips and around him.

When Suho began to grope his ass, despite being sucked off, Lay’s attention was immediately alerted. “What’re you doing?” he asked quickly, forcing Suho to take that mouth of his off the throbbing cock.

Suho grinned, spreading Lay’s cheeks hard before slapping it. Then he rose from the ground and began to unbuckle his own restricting fabric. Lay saw this and creased his brows. “No,” he said. “You’re not—”

“Baby, listen up,” Suho said after he finished freeing his own self. Lay’s eyes glanced down, but was forced to look Suho in the eyes when Suho took a hand and lifted it up his face. “You didn’t listen to me, and of all the stupid shit to do, you develop a crush on a Baekhyun. Kindly remind yourself that I am the warden and you—” Suho gave Lay a peck on the lips “—are the inmate. Chanyeol’s head of the state and he already gave me permission to do with you as I fucking please.”

Before Lay could argue, Suho forced him to turn around, took his arms and wrapped his belt around them. Lay struggled, but Suho had him pinned, bending over on the desk. It wasn’t long until Suho successfully tied and clicked the belt secure. He grinned at his handy work. “You’re quite the sight, Lay.”

Lay hastily muttered something, but Suho didn’t bother making out the words. His knees nudged Lay’s legs apart. And when Lay wouldn’t budge, Suho snaked his hand around to the front again, jerking at Lay’s cock until his legs gave his stand away. When this happened, Suho took his hands and kneaded at Lay’s ass. “Like I said. Too much for inexperienced Byun to handle.”

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