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The Letter 36

Chapter 36
Coasting with the Motion

—The night of Lay’s party—

Clothes were sprawled across the room, laying in disorganized fashion, a reflection on how spontaneously they were thrown. On the bed itself, Kai had Kyungsoo on his back, gripping the sheets beneath his arching body.

Kai watched every single reaction Kyungsoo had to offer as his finger probed gently in and out of the male. His eyes ate at every expression Kyungsoo made and devoured the sight of his leaking cock.

“Kyung, relax,” Kai muttered, pressuring another finger against Kyungsoo’s entrance. “You’re too tense. It’s gonna make it harder for me to get another one in.”

Kyungsoo gasped, letting out air that he’d been holding in for so long. “A-Another?” The thought of another insertion made Kyungsoo crazy. If one of Kai’s fingers made him go wild, then what the fuck was two going to do? Tear him apart? Fuck…

As Kai expected, Kyungsoo wasn’t relaxing, judging from his inability to insert the second finger in. He cursed at the failure and decided to induce relaxation himself. Backing up a bit and lowering his body to the parts of Kyungsoo that he silently declared his, Kai placed his mouth on Kyungsoo’s desperate length.

Making sure he was doing things right, Kai used everything in his power to get Kyungsoo relaxed, yet squirming. True to his objective, Kyungsoo moved, squirmed, and even bucked his hips. Whether he was bucking his hips for more finger thrusting or for more of Kai’s mouth, Kai didn’t care. As he ran his tongue on his shaft and took Kyungsoo whole, Kai was able to insert another lengthy finger inside his panting partner.

Kyungsoo sucked in a breath and thrashed his head to the side. “Kai…Kai…” Kyungsoo whimpered out Kai’s name repeatedly. “More—Faster…please,” he pleaded in broken breaths.

Kai popped Kyungsoo’s delicious cock out of his mouth and sent a killer smirk his way. “Whatever you want, Kyung,” Kai said in a raspy voice. Without even asking which part of him he wanted Kai to pleasure more, Kai thrusted his fingers faster into Kyungsoo, going deeper and deeper each time until, finally, his knuckles were hitting against the bare, open ass.

Kyungsoo’s panting became louder and so did his cries. Kai took one of his legs and lifted it up, spreading him more openly. He loved the sight of Kyungsoo sprawled on his bed, completely wide, thrashing out of pleasure because of him. The throbbing of his own cock was painful to deal with, having to resist burying himself in Kyungsoo’s warm for the moment because it wasn’t right…not yet. Kyungsoo needed to be ready, but in the back of Kai’s mind, he knew that no matter how prepared he made Kyungsoo, the guy would still be sore in the morning. Though, Kai didn’t mind seeing an immobilized Kyungsoo because, like an artist, he would admire his work.

But, making a mental note, Kai had to keep in mind that alcohol played a part in Kyungsoo’s openness and…touchiness. He cursed that, but this was an opportunity to change their relationship from “friends” to “couple”. Thinking quickly under time pressure, Kai decided that he’d deal with the consequences later.

Out of nowhere, Kyungsoo reached down and pulled Kai’s hand out. Shocked, Kai creased his brows and gave the male a look. “What is it?” he asked, alarmed.

Breathing hard, Kyungsoo shook his head and elevated himself on his elbows before he got himself in the sitting position. “In the videos,” he let out brokenly, “it was never a one way thing.”

“One way…What’re you—Shit, Kyungsoo!” Kai gasped as Kyungsoo got on all fours, crawled his way to Kai, and took his cock in his hand, innocently placing his mouth on the hard member.

“I’ve never done this before…” Kyungsoo admitted as he briskly ran his lips softly against the cock. “I might do something wrong. I’m sorry…” he whispered before putting the head of Kai’s length just beyond his lips, an inch into his mouth.

Kai could feel the warmth, but what he was getting wasn’t enough to satisfy him. He ran a hand in Kyungsoo’s messy hair and held a mild grip. “Fuck, Kyung. Quit—nghh—Quit apologizing. You can practice on me any fucking time, damn it.”

Kyungsoo’s technical skills weren’t up to those as Kai’s past trifles, but Kai would’ve gone to hell if he didn’t admit that he was more turned on by Kyungsoo’s entire fucking innocence. In the midst of Kyungsoo’s drunken attempt to blow him, Kai realized that all that fingering he had down would’ve gone to waste if he didn’t put Kyungsoo on bottom again. All that stretching for nothing. Kai tsked.

Gently, Kai pulled Kyungsoo’s warm mouth off of him—despite how much that hurt— and pushed the male back where he belonged: on his back. Kyungsoo was confused for a while, but the confused look on his face was swapped with a look of pure and utter pleasure. Kai lifted Kyungsoo’s leg and checked Kyungsoo’s readiness by seeing how perfectly easy it was for him to slip one in. He found that Kyungsoo was still in that perfect state.

Sensing that it was time, Kai took a hold of his rigid member and placed himself at the entrance of Kyungsoo’s cleft. “Kyung, this might…it might hurt.”

“But I’m not a girl,” Kyungsoo whimpered. “I…I might be a virgin, but I don’t have a hymen like girls—”

Kai laughed, but it was rough. He didn’t have enough air in his lungs at the time. “You’re damn right about being a virgin, Kyung, but you don’t need a fucking hymen to feel like you’re being torn apart. Just…Just hold on to something.”

“Kai, I s-still don’t—ahh!” Kyungsoo shut his eyes. Crap…He did feel like he was being stretched to painful oblivion as Kai pushed himself in as gently as he could even though he knew there was no escaping the experience Kyungsoo was going through. “Kai! I—”

Kai cut him off as he leaned down and snatched Kyungsoo’s lips away. He took him for a few seconds while simultaneously continuing to push himself into Kyungsoo’s tight body. “Bear with me, Kyung. Please,” he rasped against Kyungsoo’s lips.

Taking both of Kyungsoo’s legs, he lifted them up and pushed them forward, making it easier for him to see Kyungsoo’s bare self and thrust efficiently—in the future. Kai bit his lips as he saw the expression on Kyungsoo’s face. He noticed the male tearing up and cursed, hating himself for having caused it at the sake of his own sexual pleasure.

Kai managed to fill Kyungsoo up, breathing harshly as he tried to prevent himself from releasing even though the mere tightness of Kyungsoo was stabbing him to the brink. Kyungsoo was still in the midst of adjusting to being stretched to the tenth degree and seeing him like that jabbed at Kai.

Finally, Kai had to asked, “Kyung, do I just—” He began to hesitantly pull out slowly “—stop—”

Kyungsoo shot out a hand and gripped one of Kai’s arms, accidentally and mindlessly digging in his nails. “—No. No, please, Kai, don’t. Please…Wait for me, please.”

Kai stopped at the cry and lost all preemptions. He took Kyungsoo’s lips again, slipping his tongue inside, silencing the male that was clenching around his needy cock buried inside of him. When Kai felt like it was time to move, he moved. His hands traveled to Kyungsoo’s hips and gripped him.

Kyungsoo was the one who broke apart from the kiss, gasping when Kai retracted teasingly, but thrusted one in dangerously. Kai cursed at the effect it had on the both of them. He watched as Kyungsoo’s head fell back, showcasing his perfect neck, which Kai occupied with his mouth, sucking and biting as his hips began to move and roll.

He still felt like he was being pulled apart, but strangely, Kyungsoo became acquainted with the feeling and, to him, it was no longer a fear or something to hate. He ended up loving the feeling. Even more that feeling, he loved the feeling of Kai’s body on him, against him, in him. The tingling in his senses exemplified Kyungsoo’s love for it all.

Usually, Kai could hold on to his need to explode for a considerably long time, but Kyungsoo was something. He was something that hadn’t been trifled with before. He, Kai, was the first to try him out, though “try” wasn’t the word Kai wanted to use. That word implied that this was the first and last time they’d do this, but Kai knew that he wouldn’t let this become yet another one night stand.

Kai—no matter how much he wanted to just cum and fill Kyungsoo with his sticky, white liquid and watch it as it oozed out—wanted Kyungsoo to make it first. Kai took a hand and used it to attack the cock that was erotically touching his abdomen. Squeezing it, Kai pumped Kyungsoo’s shaft as he kept thrusting his own inside the male. His hand moved in skilled motion, brushing against the head, and pressuring the slit, wet from precum.

As he expected, Kyungsoo didn’t take long to explode. Kyungsoo’s semen shot out, spilling on his own torso, as well as landing some on Kai’s hand and stomach. Kai grinned, happy that Kyungsoo had found release, but also thrilled that he could have his own. Not bothering to wipe the slick liquid off his hand, Kai took Kyungsoo by the hips and began to lose control, ramming himself thoughtlessly inside. He felt Kyungsoo’s walls constrict around him and Kai cursed at the tightness of his Kyungsoo’s body. He vowed never to let anyone get a taste of this heaven.

Kai’s body shuddered as he released. He rode out his orgasm and pulled out when he was done, still panting, yet admiring his work. Kyungsoo’s tired eyes began to droop as he recovered and it wasn’t long until he just fell back and passed out. Kai, despite how tired he was, managed to grin at the guy. He has absolutely no energy for anything. Be it exercise or sex…Kai tsked, but nevertheless, felt sleep taking a hold on him, too.

Before he could let himself go, though, he quickly got up to the bathroom and got two towels: one damped and one dry. He quickly wiped Kyungsoo off, drying him with the dry towel, and made a quick check to see if any of their liquids made its way on the bed. When Kai was satisfied, he crawled his way back on his bed, making sure to pull Kyungsoo closer, pulling him to his chest.

—Present time—

“Chanyeol, I’m going to talk to Lay.”

“No.” Chanyeol shut his locker shut and turned away from Baekhyun, beginning to walk, fully expecting to be followed, which he was. Baekhyun held on to his bag’s strap and caught up with the giant. He didn’t have any trouble keeping up, though. Chanyeol took his hand, pulling him along.

“But I’m just going to—” Baekhyun started, but was cut in.

“You’re not meeting with that guy, Baek,” Chanyeol told him. His hold on Baekhyun’s hand tightened.

“It’s going to be out in public. People will be there,” Baekhyun said, trying to be reasonable and persuade the stubborn giant. “And be grateful I’m telling you that I’m going to do this. You would’ve gone ape shit if I went off and did this without you knowing, anyways.”

“Exactly,” Chanyeol huffed. “But public or not, I don’t care. It’s Lay. I don’t want—”

Baekhyun pulled his hand from Chanyeol’s causing both of them to stop walking. “I’m talking to Lay. I’m going to ask him about that letter. I told him I wanted to talk to him after class was over, so he’s probably waiting for me right now.”

Chanyeol pursed his lips and folded his arms. “Hn. Who’s gonna drive you home then? Cause I’m leaving right now and if you aren’t coming—”

Annoyed, Baekhyun cut Chanyeol off. “—Then I’ll take the fucking bus, you ass.” He groaned in exasperation and turned the other way, heading back to the locker room to take the stairs leading to the school’s back field.

Chanyeol, realizing he was practically pushing Baekhyun into Lay’s arms, hurried to catch his vixen. He reached him and grabbed his arm. “Fine. You can go, but you’re not going unsupervised.”

“Unsupervised?” Baekhyun scrunched his brows. “What the hell are we going to do? Fight each other?”

Chanyeol bobbled his head. “I have other things in mind, but that’s not the point. I’m coming with you.”

“No,” Baekhyun said, quickly. “You’re going to fucking intimidate him. You’re too much of a distraction.”

“If I can’t be there, then damn it, Baek, you’re not going to fucking meet this guy alone,” Chanyeol growled.

They had a staredown for a minute until Baekhyun figured that he wouldn’t win. “Fine—but you’re staying around the god damn corner. You can peek, but you can’t make yourself known. You can’t burst out of nowhere, or come raging in with death threats,” Baekhyun warned.

“Those are some tough terms.”

“You’re tough to handle. What the hell’d you expect?” Baekhyun grumbled.

Chanyeol sighed. He swung his bag over his shoulder and put the other arm around Baekhyun’s waist. Baekhyun objected by moving the arm to his shoulder. Chanyeol shrugged. “So where’s this meeting taking place?”

“The bench out in the school garden.”

“Oh…” Chanyeol said, indifferently. Then, a light bulb came on. “Fuck—Baek, that’s the place you told me to meet you at in the letter. Couldn’t you have picked some other fucking place? That’s our place.”

“Well, we never really met there.”


“Are you fucking complaining over my choice of setting?” Baekhyun asked, giving Chanyeol a look.

“Yes!” Chanyeol cried, pulling Baekhyun closer to his side.

“You’re being stupid again,” Baekhyun mumbled.

“Over good reason,” Chanyeol said. Before Baekhyun could reply, Chanyeol added some last minute advice. “And you better not let that bastard make a move or else I’m handcuffing to you the bed post.”

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