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The Letter 34

Chapter 34

Chanyeol, for the rest of the week, did everything he could to spend time with Baekhyun. He’d grab his vixen's hand whenever he could and walk him to his classroom even though Baekhyun would tell him not to since it attracted a lot of attention. But, away from the public eye, Baekhyun would openly kiss Chanyeol back, giving him the reassurance that Baekhyun did want him as much as it was the other way around.

He felt like shit knowing that he couldn’t go off to Lotte World with Baekhyun. Chanyeol was looking forward to their first date—or, possibly, their first opportunity to have public fornication—but his parents were coming back and he had to follow an unsaid code to be present.

Even though he allowed Baekhyun to go and ask someone else, Chanyeol wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of passing up the date to some other bastard—or bitch—depending on which gender Baekhyun chose to share his weekend with.

It wasn’t in the norm for Chanyeol to help clean around the house, but the day before his parents were to make their return, he ended up giving the maids a helping hand. He double checked under all the beds in the house for things people might’ve left and things that the help might’ve missed like underwear or other disgusting things. The downturn products of all those “get-togethers”.

When he finished with his share of the work, Chanyeol went back to his own room, crawling onto his bed. He took out his phone and decided to check up on Baekhyun and pry a little bit into his plans.

From: Chanyeol

Hey, Baek.

Chanyeol put the phone onto his chest and expected a reply to take about a few seconds, but when seconds turned into minutes, Chanyeol creased his brows and looked at his phone thinking that he had somehow missed the message alert. When he glanced at his phone, though, he saw that he hadn’t missed any messages and nothing was left unread.

From: Chanyeol

Baekhyun. Do me a favor and reply back.

Chanyeol set his phone back down and waited…and waited. There was still no reply after a minute passed and Chanyeol cut Baekhyun some slack. But, after he waited at around three, elongated minutes, Chanyeol decided texting—which could easily be avoided and ignored—wasn’t doing anything. He moved on to call the unresponsive vixen.

Much to his surprise, Baekhyun answered at around the second ring. At first Chanyeol was elated because Baekhyun answered so quickly, but then it dawned on him that Baekhyun’s quick response meant that he had his phone with him all along and that he was openly choosing to ignore the text messages. Chanyeol frowned—not that Baekhyun could’ve seen.

“What do you want?”

Chanyeol didn’t like Baekhyun’s tone. “Yah, what’s with that? No greeting?”

There was a small pause. “Hi. What do you want?” Baekhyun asked, curtly.

“Nothing. I just wanted to talk to you—”

“—I know. I saw the texts—”

“—which you didn’t reply to,” Chanyeol said accusingly. “When I send you something, you should respond faster than I get a boner looking at yo—” Baekhyun hung up. Chanyeol glared at his home screen and cursed. He called again, to which Baekhyun answered.

“Vixen, you have some audacity hanging up like that—”

“—Since when did you know big words like ‘audacity’?” Baekhyun mocked through the phone.

Chanyeol ignored the remark. “Who cares—anyways, what’re you doing?”


“Bummer. Not masturbating?”


“I forgot. You only do that in the early morning,” Chanyeol teased. “Make a note to call me then so I can join y—” Baekhyun hung up again. Chanyeol redialed. To another surprise, Baekhyun decided to pick up again. “Quit hanging up!”

“Quit being weird over the phone!” Even though Chanyeol couldn’t see Baekhyun’s face, he knew that Baekhyun was embarrassed out of his mind.

“Fine,” Chanyeol laughed. “I wanted to ask you something serious anyways.”

“Then ask cause I’ve got better things to do than sit here and talk to you—”

“No, you don’t cause there’s nothing better than me—”

“Get on with it, Chanyeol.”

“Oh! Okay,” Chanyeol started. “Who did you end up asking to go with you?” Chanyeol was a little nervous over the upcoming answer. Mostly because he didn’t want anyone, but him, to do be there.


“Oh?” Even though Chanyeol wanted to be the one there, Suho was the second best choice. Maybe because Suho could keep an eye out on Baekhyun since he had no interest in taking him for himself. He knew Suho’s interest lied somewhere else. “That’s great.”

“Yeah, okay. So, do you approve or what?”

“Suho’s fine,” Chanyeol replied. “I’m better, though.”

“Oh, are you?”

“I’m taller, more charming,” Chanyeol paused, “not to mention that I bet that I’m bigger in the cock—” Chanyeol expected it. Baekhyun hung up for the final time. “—Department…”

Baekhyun had told Lay to meet up with him at the train station. He even specifically said to get there early, but despite his own advice, Baekhyun ended up being late himself. He apologized to Lay once he got there, but Lay said that it wasn’t anything big. The two carried on and went on to buy their tickets.

On the train, the two sat side by side in silence for the longest time with no conversation between them. The silence wasn’t awkward, it was just there. Nothing uncomfortable; nothing too weird.

“Thanks for inviting me out, Baek,” Lay said, genuinely.

“It’s nothing,” Baekhyun said, sharing a smile. “It’ll be fun.”

And fun it was. Since the weather was nice, they ended up going to Magic Island first. Baekhyun had thought that he’d be the one doing all the dragging around, but to his surprise, it was Lay who always had a hold on his arm, gently pulling him to attractions.

They waited in line for the Gyro drop for the longest time, but time didn’t seem to be noticed between the two, who ended finding a conversation to talk about.

“No way, you watch dramas?” Baekhyun laughed, slowly shuffling forward as the line moved a centimeter.

“Yup,” Lay said, nodding his head. “Do you?”

“I-I mean, I’ve had my fair share—”

Lay grinned and shoulder bumped Baekhyun. “You don’t have to lie to me. Have you watched Answer Me 1997 yet?”

Baekhyun nodded his head with a smile contagiously growing on his face. “Yeah,” he said, embarrassed.

“Who was your least favorite character?”

Baekhyun scoffed. “Yoon Jae’s brother—that asshat that tried to take Shi Won from Yoon Jae.”

“Oh, I liked him.”

Baekhyun glanced at Lay and gave him a questioning look before bumping his elbow to Lay’s arm. “Yah, he was such a foil, though!”

“Exactly,” Lay grinned. Before Baekhyun could reply, the line moved again and Lay herded Baekhyun forward, quick to change the topic.

Time flew over their heads with every ride that they took and the more activities that they did. Lay—in one photo—was snapped with his eyes half closed and his mouth hanging open at the dropping point on one of the rides that they went on. Baekhyun laughed so hard, he couldn’t tell which way was up and which was down. Lay watched him as he had this laughing fit, mesmerized at the voice. He never really heard Baekhyun laugh for real, so hearing that voice burst out like that threw Lay off track by a million miles.

The final thing that they did was go to the ice rink, and this was by the coercion of Lay. Baekhyun, for one, didn’t know the first thing about ice skating, but Lay assured him that he knew and that he’d be there if Baekhyun had any troubles.

True to his word, he was there to catch Baekhyun by the waist eighty-five percent of the time. The only times Lay wouldn’t be there was when he was too busy showing off his own skills, skating circles around Baekhyun, making Baekhyun dizzy, which would contribute to the reason why he’d fall or trip on his own feet.

When Baekhyun had enough of falling, and Lay had enough of babysitting the inexperienced skater, they both went back to solid, non-slippery ground and returned their skates. After all the choices that Lay made for the both of them, Baekhyun decided to suggest something: photos.

Lay blinked at him. “Photos?”

“Yeah. Like those ones over there,” Baekhyun said, pointing at a row of different photo booths people could use. When he looked at Lay’s face, Baekhyun faltered. “Oh, you don’t wanna—”

“—No, no. It’s not that. I just thought that those things were for couples.”

Baekhyun was flustered for a second. “O-Oh, I thought that we could just…you know. I didn’t bring a camera, but I guess if it’s—”

“No, let’s do it,” Lay grinned. “Let’s just, you know, not edit the photos to be cute. Let’s leave them unedited.”

“Okay. Wanna pick the booth?”

“Nah, you can do that.”

“Okay,” Baekhyun grinned. He then walked in front of Lay, heading to the area with a booth already in mind.

As they moved, Lay made a note to himself that he actually had fun that day. At first he thought that he’d use this opportunity to pry Baekhyun further away from Chanyeol, but after the first ride or two, he realize that he didn’t care that day. He liked having a friend to have fun with. He liked having a friend.

The conversations he had with his parents made Chanyeol feel tired. He loved his parents. There was no doubt about that, but they just went on and on about shit that he didn’t care about. He wasn’t saying that in the aspect of helping and caring for people. No, he wasn’t saying that he didn’t give a shit about that. He just felt like all the talk about the future, about the business, and about Yoona, of all things, were annoying.

Chanyeol didn’t necessarily wanna talk about her or his parents' on-going fantasy of marrying his ex, which he thought was awfully stupid. They never mentioned her after they, which really just consisted of “she”, broke up—with him. Apparently, it had been—as they called it—“fate” to find her working as an intern at a hospital they visited when they were away. And to add to that, when they struck up the topic of him and their old—squashed—relationship, Yoona had shown interest in a possible reunion.

“Not interested” mentally echoed in Chanyeol’s mind, which was tired of thinking about his parents' return home and their stupid news. The first thing Chanyeol did the moment he got back home and was out, fresh from the shower was get on the phone with Baekhyun, who he figured was home by that time. It was already nearing ten at night.

Chanyeol picked up his phone where he left it: his desk. He immediately called Baekhyun, not even bothering to text him, knowing that Baekhyun would probably ignore the text. Calls were different. They were more personal.

The phone rang all the way through before it sent Chanyeol to the voice mail. He called two more times, but the same situation kept happening. He wasn’t exactly sure what the hell was going on, but then he remembered that Suho was the one accompanying Baekhyun. He thought he’d give Suho a knack. Knowing Suho, texting was fine because Chanyeol knew that he’d answer.

From: Chanyeol

Yah, Suho. Are you there?

From: Suho

Yep. Just here dying under all these books and notes. What do you need?

From: Chanyeol

Baek’s not answering his phone, so I was wondering if you two were back yet. Are you still on the train? Or did you guys already go your own way?

From: Suho

What’re you talking about? Baek’s not with me.

Chanyeol froze.

From: Chanyeol

So does that mean you guys already separated?

From: Suho

Chanyeol, I haven’t seen Baekhyun since Friday. What’re you going on about??

Chanyeol felt something rise up in him. His anger—and curiosity—was sparked within a second.

From: Chanyeol

Did you or did you fucking not go with him to that fucking amusement park?

From: Suho

I’m gonna excuse your hostility, but no. I’ve been home all day. I have no idea where he is or why you think I do.

Chanyeol cursed as he exited out of their conversation. God damn it, Baek, you fucking liar—Fumbling with hands, Chanyeol quickly dialed in Baekhyun’s number. He put the phone to his ears and listened.

Like the other times, Baekhyun’s phone sent him to voice mail normally. But, the last time Chanyeol tried to reach Baekhyun, the phone only rang once before it coldly dumped Chanyeol in the voice mail option. The only “Baekhyun” he heard was the Baekhyun greeting.

Chanyeol gripped his phone when the pre-mature voice mail sounded in his ear. “What the hell, vixen…”

They were still on the train, heading home, and Baekhyun was so drained out of energy that he ended up slouching in his chair, hanging his head as he slept. Lay was barely hanging in there, trying to fight sleep off as hard as he could so that they wouldn’t miss their stop. He almost fell into Sleep’s arms, but the constant ringing of Baekhyun’s phone kept him awake. Lay was thankful for it for a while, but after a few calls, it had gotten annoying.

Deciding that he’d take the liberty of shutting the thing off for the sake of everyone on the train, Lay reached over to Baekhyun and carefully took the phone out of his pocket. By the time he had the phone in his hand, the call ended, but Lay knew that the caller would call again. And so they did. Without looking at the I.D, Lay swiped his thumb to reject the call and further more went on to turn Baekhyun’s cellphone off for the silence everyone on the train was silently asking for.

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