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The Letter 29

Chapter 29

Baekhyun cursed his body the moment he was conscious enough to feel his body aching. He groaned, upset at the fact that he hurt. But then, he slowly started taking into account the arms around his body and the face nuzzled at the back of his neck.

His heart beat picked up as he froze and looked around the room with his eyes. It looked familiar. The designs, the curtains, the windows…Sehun’s room, Baekhyun initially thought, but then retracted the thought as he realized that it wasn’t his former love’s room. He might’ve thought it was the first time he was in there, but no. Baekhyun went on to realize that he was in Park Chanyeol’s room. Again.

Baekhyun blinked. If he was in Chanyeol’s room then that meant that the body up against his was the idiot-jerk-ass-fucker himself. Baekhyun’s insides screamed at him to get out while the giant was still asleep so he could avoid the embarrassment. But when he tried to slowly pry Chanyeol’s arm away, listening to his panicked mind, the arm’s hold on him turned to steel and kept him in his lying position.

“You’re not leaving,” Chanyeol grumbled from behind. Despite his muffled voice, he didn’t sound like he just woke up.

Baekhyun’s ears perked. He hadn’t expected Chanyeol to be awake. He could feel himself turning red. What had he done? What was he doing in bed—fucking naked—with the guy that left him out in the rain days ago? “I…I—”

“—Was just staying put,” Chanyeol finished for him. “You’re not leaving until we get shit sorted out and until I say so.” Chanyeol lessened the hold he had on Baekhyun. “I got some pills for you. They’re beside you on the table. Take them.”

Baekhyun was tense just at the fact that he wasn’t over the reality that he was really there. With Park. He grimaced as he leaned out, stretching his body from the bed to reach the table. When he felt surges of pain, he winced, but bit his tongue back. Once he grabbed the pills and the glass of water, he gulped it down.

Quickly setting the glass back, Baekhyun took advantage of Chanyeol’s release on him to swing his legs over to the side. Before Chanyeol could elevate himself on his elbows and grab Baekhyun back on the bed, Baekhyun was off. He didn’t even take a step before his legs were crumbling beneath him. Baekhyun mentally thanked the stability of Chanyeol’s bedside table, which he used to hold his body up.

“Baek, you can stop trying,” Chanyeol said. “You’re not gonna be able to leave my house unless I wheel your ass out of here.”

“But this was a mistake!” Baekhyun let out. “I...This wasn’t—fuck. This is so messed up.” Baekhyun gave up and sat his aching butt on the bed. He threw his face in his hands and groaned loudly, obviously frustrated by the events.

“Mistake?” Chanyeol’s voice hardened. “Nothing that we do is a mistake, Baek.” He paused. “Except for you kissing Sehun, then yeah, that was a mistake on your part—”

“I told you already!” Baekhyun snapped, turning his head back at Chanyeol, who was then sitting up. “That kiss didn’t mean—oh, yeah. Never mind, Yeol. I forgot you never even read that letter—which I’m glad you never did, by the way, because I realize now how utterly stupid that was of me to even write!”

Maybe it was because of the atmosphere or the situation, but neither of the two minded the fact that neither of them had anything on. Their minds were far from their naked state.

Chanyeol frowned. This again…He growled and pulled Baekhyun by the shoulders, making him fall on his back. Chanyeol moved his body and hovered over Baekhyun. “I never got that letter, because if I had, then last night would’ve happened days ago.”

Baekhyun frowned up at Chanyeol. “Whatever...What are you doing messing with me anyways? Shouldn’t you be off with that girl?”

“Do you remember anything I told you last night or were you too fucking wasted?” Chanyeol scrunched a brow at the male underneath him, who stared blankly back at him. “Taeyeon—which is her name—was just playing along. You were supposed to get jealous, but you never did, you cold-hearted vixen!”


“—And here I was last night, thinking about you and what you were feeling, only to get a fucking call from Kai to come and pick your ass up.” Chanyeol could feel himself getting angry, recounting the events last night. “So I went and where did I find you? Getting violated—willingly—by two strangers. What do you have to say about that? Cause I’d really like to know, Baek.”

“That was just…” Baekhyun couldn’t find the words to justify his actions. “I was just having fun being single, Yeol.”

“Who said you were single?”

Baekhyun blinked. “I am,” Baekhyun replied even though he knew he wasn’t. Technically.

“No. You’re really not.”

Chanyeol leaned down to plant one on Baekhyun, but Baekhyun pushed his face away. “Stop,” Baekhyun said. Then he sighed. “Chanyeol, what’re we doing? This conversation is just all over the place. I’m naked. You’re naked. I’ve got a headache and my ass hurts.”

Lowering his eyes, Chanyeol heaved a breath. “Let’s get cleaned up and talk about this mess downstairs.” Then he moved the covers off of him.

“Isn’t it easier to just forget any of this happened, though?” Baekhyun asked, glancing over at the barren ceiling. If there was any sense of seriousness in his voice, then he didn’t really mean it.

He heard Chanyeol’s rustling stop. “If you’re being serious right now—”

Sitting up, Baekhyun rubbed the back of his neck. “Calm down... It was just a thought.”

“Well, get rid of it.”

Baekhyun turned his head to Chanyeol, who had eyes that were glaring at him, but underlying that, they were internally panicking. “Okay…”

Chanyeol got off the bed and turned his naked self completely to Baekhyun, who glanced away. He smirked and unexpectedly picked the vixen up in his arms. Chanyeol sensed Baekhyun’s tension and wasn’t surprised to be bombarded on with fists and nails again. “What’re you doing—ah, shit. Quit moving so much! My head still hurts, you idiot!”

“You’re taking a shower because you still reek like alcohol, Baek,” Chanyeol replied as he carried Baekhyun over to his bathroom. “And I’m not the one who was thrashing around just a moment ago.”

“Ugh…I hate you,” Baekhyun muttered onto Chanyeol’s shoulder. He felt Chanyeol body vibrate as the giant let out a low chuckle at his words. The words—as both of them knew—were hallow and meaningless.

—Last Night—

The girl in front of him half an hour ago was suddenly beside him, rubbing her hands on his legs and thigh. Kyungsoo was apprehensive on what the girl wanted, but in all of the porn videos that Kai showed him in the past, wasn’t this how every “fuck” started? With rubbing each other’s legs?

Kyungsoo blushed at the girl’s advances and was pretty sure that his inexperience was obvious to the girl, who laughed and giggled at him. “So, are you like a virgin or what?” she asked all bubbly, drunk.

Kyungsoo gulped. “Ah, I-I’m kind of—” Should I lie? Should I lie?! Kyungsoo looked behind the girl to take a look at Kai, but he was no longer there. Where did he go? Kyungsoo, despite his hazy and intoxicated self, knew that he felt let down—and disappointed—that Kai wasn’t there. He realized that his mind was preoccupied with the well-known playboy for too long when he was surpised that he felt a hand brush against the in-betweens of his legs.

Jolting on the couch, Kyungsoo felt himself lean away from the girl. Did he want to lose his virginity to this girl? What was her name again? Would it make Kai proud if he lost his innocence tonight? Would Kai approve of this girl? Would this girl be anything like he imagined Kai out to be? This is what Kai wants for him, right—Kyungsoo’s breathing stopped. He needed to get Kai out of his head.

“Hey, why’d you pull away?” the girl muttered, pouting her lips to the max. “I thought you liked me, oppa.”

“I-I do!” Kyungsoo replied. Even when drunk, Kyungsoo couldn’t stop being so nice. “You’re a lovely girl.” Kyungsoo began to scoot away as the girl began to prowl toward him, looking as if she’d eat him up, which Kyungsoo knew was what exactly what this girl wanted.

“Then why are you moving farther away from me?” she whined. “Don’t you want me to suck you off!? Or—or, ride you? I’m sure we can find a room!”

“Ah... I don’t…” His voice trailed off. The girl lowered her head and her shoulders began to shake. Then, Kyungsoo heard whimpering. “Wait, are you crying?” He immediately leaned back in toward the girl.

The girl nodded. “I thought you liked me, oppa…”

Damn it…Kyungsoo creased his brows. “I…I do.”

“Then have sex with me or else I’ll cry,” the girl threatened. In her mind, she knew exactly what kind of guy Kyungsoo was. One of those people that can easily be manipulated. The guy didn’t even know the difference between crying and fake-as-hell crying.

Kyungsoo felt himself troubled. This girl was crying because he led her on! It was his fault! This girl…she…“O-Okay,” Kyungsoo said, petting the girls bowed head. “Let’s go find a room. I-I mean, if…if you want to do it here.”

The girl suddenly lifted her head and gave him a knowing smile. She got off the couch, took Kyungsoo by his hands and pulled him up. “Oppa, follow me.”

Kyungsoo hiccupped and covered his mouth with his arm. He nodded at the girl, who then began to lead the way past a bunch of people. She must’ve frequented the parties at Lay’s house often since she knew every nook and cranny of his house. It took no longer than three minutes for the girl to find an empty room.

On the way over there, the girl’s hand felt odd to Kyungsoo and he wondered why. It came to him a few moments later that it wasn’t as large or as rough as Kai’s hands, which were the only hands he had been holding here and there—which Kai said were for safety reasons. Okay.

The girl led him to an empty room, pushed him in and closed the door, forgetting to lock it. Almost immediately, Kyungsoo was pushed against the wall and the girl was her knees, attacking the zipper and buckles that kept his pants secure.

Everything about the scene and situation reminded Kyungsoo of all those videos Kai had shown him. He was embarrassed by his lack of experience so he didn’t do anything. He just pushed himself against the wall even more, letting the girl do as she pleased.

When she got past the pants, she ran a hand on Kyungsoo’s boxers. “Oppa, want me to?” she purred.

Kyungsoo’s mind was racing. His cock was flaccid because he couldn’t get over being nervous. Why was this so hard!? In all the videos, it didn’t take longer than a few seconds and a few sexy glances for the men to be hard as a rock! What was wrong with him?

Nevertheless, Kyungsoo figured that the girl would do the work of getting him up. He tried to calm down as he nodded his head, even though then, he wasn’t too sure this was what he wanted at all. He wanted Kai. He wanted Kai to come in and tell him that he disapproved of this girl taking his virginity—and his blow job virginity.

The girl smirked and slowly pulled his underwear down. But the girl never got that far. The beginning of Kyungsoo’s flaccid cock was barely even showing by the time the door was kicked open and Kai’s figured showed up at the doorway. His face was looming with rage. His eyes glanced at Kyungsoo, but then targeted the girl.

Kai strode over, and without pity, pulled the girl off and away from Kyungsoo, letting her fall back on the floor. Kyungsoo was shocked as this, but before he could get a word in, Kai grabbed a fistful of his shirt and dragged him out the door. Kyungsoo couldn’t even keep up with Kai’s pace. His pants were to his thighs and his underwear was half-way off.

It surprised Kyungsoo that he had made it to Lay’s front lawn before tripping on his own feet, courtesy of his pants. Kai growled, picked his drunk, wobbling body off the dewy lawn, and held Kyungsoo up by the shirt. His other hand shot down and struggled—but eventually succeeding—in pulling Kyungsoo’s pants back up. Then, he proceeded to shove the guy into his car, which he had pulled in a few minutes ago.

It wasn’t until they were in the car that Kai spoke to Kyungsoo. “What was that, Kyung?”

“I…I was just trying to…you know.”

Kai cursed. He knew exactly what Kyungsoo was doing. That’s why they were there in the first place! But, then, why the fuck was he there interfering? “I didn’t like her, Kyung…”

“I…I know. I don’t think I liked her either,” Kyungsoo grumbled. He slouched in his seat.

“Then why were you letting that bitch—”

“She told me if I didn’t let her, she’d cry!” Kyungsoo said, sounding more distressed than Kai thought he needed to be.

“So you were planning to have pity sex with her!?” Kai asked, disbelieving.

“It’s…It’s still sex, though—”

“Fuck it, Kyung!” Kai cried. He hit the wheel. “You…shit, this was a bad idea. We never should’ve come here. I should’ve just marked you mine already.”


“You heard me,” Kai muttered.

“But I don’t get what you mean by it though!”

“What?” Kai cried. “Need some fucking explanation? Some clearer notation?”

Kyungsoo was taken aback, but kept his grounds. “Yes! Please!”

Kai glared at him before groaning. He ran his fingers through his hair. “You make it so fucking hard sometimes, Kyung.”

“Kai, I—” Kyungsoo never finished that sentence. Kai wouldn’t let him. Swiftly turning to Kyungsoo, Kai slipped his hands on him, holding his face in place as his head tilted and took Kyungsoo by the open mouth.

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