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The Letter 28

Chapter 28
Bedroom Settings

Sitting at the breakfast table was very awkward for Suho, but his attitude on the outside didn’t show his discomfort. He talked openly with Lay’s mother on whatever subject he had to hang onto in order to avoid an awkward silence.

Lay sat across from him and, for ten minutes, very discreetly and harshly kicked at Suho’s shin from under the table. Sometimes he would hit just the right spot that Suho had to stifle a grunt by biting onto the silverware in his mouth while giving the woman next to them a reassuring smile that he was fine.

Suho wasn’t distracted enough to forget his purpose there. Lay’s piercing glare made it hard to forget. Suho cleared his throat and slowly got up from his chair. “Can I use your restroom for a bit?” he asked Lay’s mother, who looked up at him and smiled.

“Sure. Down the left hall. It’s the, uhh—”

“—Third door on the right,” Lay finished for his mom.


Suho made his way from the table and excused himself. He went to where the halls were. Lay had said that the bathroom was in the right hall, but fuck the right. Suho turned to the left.

He opened the first door that he came to, but closed it once he saw that it was just a closet. The next one was yet another closet. He sighed, but kept going anyways. There were so many doors, Suho felt like he was on a game show. So many rooms, unused and untouched. When he got through all of those, there was only one room left and that was the farthest one down. Suho grimaced as he began to think that Chanyeol gave him the wrong information of which wing of the house Lay’s bedroom was at. Suho turned the knob to the final door and sighed in relief. The giant hadn’t messed up.

He took a look at the room. Oddly enough, despite Lay’s slick look with his hair, clothes, and car, his room was messy. Suho frowned. How am I going to find that stupid piece of paper? Suho stepped in anyways and closed the door behind him.

Suho creased his brows at the messy shit all over the place. How can he live in this? he thought as he kicked items aside with his foot. Suho bit his lips while he tried to regain himself. He needed to get his head back in the game. He wasn’t there to judge Lay’s poor living standards. Letter. He was there to find a letter that Baekhyun had supposedly written, which Lay supposedly took. There were too many uncertainties in that story for Suho to be one hundred percent sure that his reason for being there and spending fifteen minutes eating breakfast with that crude beast and his—surprisingly nice—mother was legit.

Suho walked over to Lay’s desk and moved papers around. Oh, a fifty-five mark on a hundred point test…pity. His fingers lifted paper after paper. Sixty out of seventy-five. Not bad—Mmm, detention slip. Oh, here’s another one. Suho quirked his lips. What kind of image did Lay want to put out in the world when he was just so friggin’ rotten—not that Suho didn’t know that already. An essay with one paragraph containing two sentences...Lazy.

When Suho figured that the letter was not in Lay’s pile of failures, he began to move objects around his desks to see if he hid it under anything. He lifted up Lay’s pencil holder and saw nothing underneath it. He did, however, notice Lay’s pens. Ever heard of throwing away empty ones? He frowned at Lay’s absolute laziness to even throw away non-working pens. He did Lay a liberty and took the ones that looked like they were useless, throwing them into the trash. But, the trash itself was mounted with wadded paper so the pens just rebounded and fell on the floor, making Suho pissed. Even the trash!

Suho grumbled words attacking Lay’s living style as he moved from the desk. He went to the drawers beside his bed, pulling them open. There was nothing inside of the first drawer except for paper, a watch, and some unused socks. With the first being useless, Suho checked the one underneath it.

He almost broke his own rule and cursed out loud. The kid lacked good grades and marks, but in the condom department? No. The kid had a shit load of rubber supply. Knowing for sure that he would not find the letter in Lay’s little drawer full of protected fun, Suho shut it and stood back up.

He went to Lay’s dresser next, shuffling through his clothes, which were surprisingly neatly folded—Suho knew that it was all thanks to the help around the house, though. Rich and lazy, Suho thought, rolling his eyes as his hands felt the bottom of the dresser drawers. He checked every aspect of the dresser, but came up with nothing.

He began to think that Chanyeol’s instinct had been wrong. He frowned, kicking a rubber ball on Lay’s floor—why does he have this!?—then watched it as it rolled under Lay’s bed. Suho stood there for a minute, feeling a thought coming to him, trying to fish it out before it was lost. Then he got it. The bed! Suho felt his spirits rise, but then crash again as he realized what he had to do. He had to get on the floor.

Suho grimaced so hard, he thought the deep frown on his face would become permanent. The floor… why doesn’t anyone come in here and clean this stuff off the floor. Suho took a deep breath before gaining the nerve to drop on his knees and hands, crawling closer to the bed. Suho flicked pieces of paper away with his hand. He took Lay’s covers and lifted it high enough to get his head under.

His eyes took a while to readjust to the lack of lighting under the bed. He expected the place to be the messiest, but it was barren with nothing lying there, except for a ripped up piece of envelope and a torn up crudely written letter—

Suho blinked and smirked. Found it. He pushed more of his body underneath the bed to retrieve the paper. Never shall I doubt your instincts, Park. Suho began to crawl out from under the bed, dipping his back to make sure that he wouldn’t scrape himself.

It didn’t matter whether or not he would scrape himself on the bed, though. He ended up getting a slight rug burn on his stomach as his body was forcibly dragged out from under. He hissed in pain. Clutching the letter in hand, Suho twisted his body around to face the person who was responsible.

“You fucking lost or what?” Lay growled. He bent down and gripped Suho by his collar, pulling him up. “Who the fuck gave you permission to come in here?”

Suho gave him a smirk and shrugged. “I must’ve taken the wrong turn.”

Lay growled and threw him a glare. “You keep meddling in my life. What the hell do you want?”

Suho shrugged again, not minding the fact that his neck hurt from Lay pulling him forward by the collar up the front. “Couldn’t I ask you the same thing about your activities?”

Pissed, Lay shoved Suho on the bed. In the process, Suho let go of the letter, letting it fall on the floor. The look he had on his face made Lay feel like he was in control. “I’m getting really tired of your shit.”


“—shut up and fuck you,” Lay intervened. He prowled forward and grabbed Suho by the belt.

“What’re you doing!?” Suho growled through gritted teeth as his hands reached for Lay’s, but, it was too late. Lay had gotten the buckles undone and was beginning on his own.

“Scarring and traumatizing you.”

“Is this how you scare people away?” Suho challenged.

Lay shrugged. “Last resort. Wouldn’t like to use it, but in your case, I don’t really have much choices left,” he replied as he unzipped his pants and moved closer to Suho.

“And you think I’m just gonna let you do what the hell you want!?”

“Not like you have a choice,” Lay rumbled, pulling at Suho’s hem. He glanced at Suho’s face to see if he was reacting the way he was supposed to be: scared. To a surprise that threw Lay off his centered axis, Suho was glaring at him, but at the same time, giving him a scowling smirk.

The next thing Lay knew, Suho kicked his feet into his gut and he stumbled backwards. Suho jumped off the bed, clutched the stumbling Lay by his shirt and thrusted him on the bed, reversing their positions.

Lay was still in shock at the sudden turnaround and his eyes widened as a menacing Suho towered and leaned forward, closing in on him. Then Suho said with authoritative eyes: “I don’t bottom for bitches like you.”

Kyungsoo woke up with his head banging in pain as if someone kept repeatedly hitting it relentlessly. He groaned. He wanted to fall back into a numbing sleep. He didn’t like the pain. He didn’t. Kyungsoo moved and tried to get up from the bed he was in, but was shot with yet another pain on his lower half.

Oh my god, what the hell!? Kyungsoo’s mind raced. It raced and it hurt. Groggy-eyed, he began to focus his eyes on where he was. Ugh, what time is it, now…Kyungsoo—squinting his eyes—looked to his left where he alarm clock was, but saw nothing. Only a blank space. Even his desk wasn’t there. What?

It slowly sunk in that his regular things were not where they were supposed to be. That made Kyungsoo wake up completely. He looked around, now, with open and fully focused eyes. This wasn’t his room. It was too modern. Too sleek. Too...Too not his!

Wait…Whose bed was he in, then!? Kyungsoo began to panic. He moved around in bed, even though it hurt like hell all over the place. He kicked the covers off, but must’ve kicked something else in the process because he heard a groan rumbled from beside him.

Panicked, Kyungsoo scooted to the side of the bed and hopped off. He didn’t understand why his legs wouldn’t work or why his body fell on the floor, knees first, but Kyungsoo had an idea, and the idea scared him. It was then when he felt the cold floor that he realized his naked state. Kyungsoo was speechless.

He heard something rustle from above, up on the bed, and Kyungsoo wanted to scurry, get up, and run, but his legs were useless! He could crawl, but what good did that do when he wanted to run away from—

“Kyung?” a very groggy voice called.

Kyungsoo recognized the voice. “K-Kai?”

Kai’s head emerged from the side, looking down at him from the bed. His hair was in a ruddy mess, but he had a happy, early-morning smirk on his face. “What’re you doing down there, Kyung?”

Kyungsoo didn’t answer immediately. He looked around for something to cover himself with. He was naked in front of a guy he went to school with for crying out loud! Not just any guy, either. It was Kai. The younger, more experienced, hotter—no, not hot…Kyungsoo shook his head. His hands found grabbed the cover, pulling it down. Kai rolled to his side and allowed Kyungsoo to steal it.

“I’m sorry!” Kyungsoo cried. He quickly wrapped the cover around him. “I don’t know what I’m doing here. You’re probably wondering why the hell I’m naked. I don’t know. I don’t know! I swear—”

Kai smirked even more. “Yah, come back up here.” Kai patted the bed as he sat up.

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“My legs can barely hold me up…” Kyungsoo said in a mumbling manner. Kai almost didn’t hear it. Almost. Kyungsoo's words brightened the look on his face even more. “I don’t remember anything, Kai,” Kyungsoo said, sounding upset. “Why does my bottom hurt? Why can’t I stand properly without dropping? Why?”

Kai cocked his head. “Kyung, you really don’t remember?”

Kyungsoo slowly shook his head. He glanced down, staring at the bottom of Kai’s bed. “No…”

Kai quirked his lips off to the side and sighed. He got off the bed, dropping down to Kyungsoo’s level. It wasn’t until he had done so that Kyungsoo finally saw his entire body. Kai was completely bare. Immediately, Kyungsoo looked away.”S-sorry!”

“Hm. It's fine.” Kai looked at Kyungsoo. “Anyways, last night, you lost your virginity.” He saw Kyungsoo’s eyes widen and immediately turn to him.

“With who? That girl from the party—” He stopped when Kai shook his head. “Wha…Then who?”

Kai grinned at Kyungsoo, lifting a hand to hold him by the chin. Then he cocked his head at the wide-eyed guy. “You’re looking at him.”

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