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The Letter 27

Chapter 27

Chanyeol was blazing mad with anger at Baekhyun when he drove the vehicle. Despite it all, he didn’t know whether he was annoyed at the drunken singing and cursing in the backseat or was pleasantly amused. He decided he was annoyed when Baekhyun began to kick the back of his seat when they neared his house.

“You like that? You like that? Huh?” Baekhyun cried in a pouting manner. He sped his foot up. “You like that, Park? Am I annoying enough yet? Gonna take me home? Huh? Yeah? Yeah?”

Chanyeol stomped on the brakes when they hit a stop sign in the quiet neighborhood. He turned around to the annoying drunk passenger in the back. “Stop it!” Chanyeol barked. “Quit hitting your dirty shoes against my fucking car seat!”

Baekhyun scrunched his brows and gave Chanyeol a menacing frown. “I’ll stop if you turn this freaking vehicle around.”

“Like hell.”

Baekhyun shrugged as Chanyeol stepped on the gas again. He resumed to kick Chanyeol’s seat repeatedly, but was forced to stop when the car went into a screeching halt and his body flew off his own seat from the fact that he didn’t put on the seatbelt. Chanyeol saw Baekhyun’s body fall forward and felt no pity for him. Karma, bitch.

Chanyeol took the keys out of the engine and stepped out of his car. He wasted no time pulling the backdoor open and pulling Baekhyun’s dazed body out. Baekhyun stumbled out as Chanyeol gave him no time to regain his sense of balance. Chanyeol had to hold Baekhyun up by his shirt and wait for his senses to come around.

Chanyeol almost regretted giving the stupid vixen the chance to come back because as soon as he did, Baekhyun swung an arm, aiming at his face. Chanyeol grabbed the hand in time and pushed it away. He kicked the door closed and locked the car down with the remote. He then let go of Baekhyun’s shirt and took hold on his arm instead, dragging him up the lawn and towards the front door.

On the way across the wet, dewy lawn, Baekhyun began to pout and whimper. “I don’t wanna go in…”

“Too fucking bad. Deal with it.”

Chanyeol fumbled with his keys and mentally thanked the help inside for remembering to turn the light in front of the house on. He stuck the key in and opened the door. He pushed Baekhyun in before him and swiftly slammed it shut. Baekhyun looked around to see if he could find another way out, but Chanyeol began dragging him to the stairs before he could.

Much to what Chanyeol expected, Baekhyun struggled. “I’m not going up there. I’m not!” He shook his head vigorously.

“Baek, you were looking to get fucked at that party from the looks of it,” Chanyeol grimly said. “Are you saying you’d rather have those guys inside of you than me?”

“What if I do!?” Baekhyun spat. Wrong choice of words. Again.

Chanyeol scowled at the answer. He moved to Baekhyun, bent his knees and scooped his vixen up in his arms. Baekhyun gasped. He felt womanly. What the fuck was Park Chanyeol doing!? Baekhyun hissed and began to hit Chanyeol where ever he could. Chanyeol dealt with the blows he got on his chest and began to make the journey up.

“This isn’t right! Who the fu—gah! This is fucking embarrassing, you asshole!” Baekhyun yelled. He saw that hitting Chanyeol on the chest wasn’t doing anything. He opened his fists and grabbed Chanyeol by the hair. Baekhyun then began to pull and shake. “Feet on the ground! Put my feet on the fucking ground!”

As Baekhyun was pulling at Chanyeol’s hair, Chanyeol made a very important mental note to never let Baekhyun drink ever again. The guy was crazy! Chanyeol liked it when Baekhyun was crazy, but that only applied in the bedroom, which they weren’t even in yet.

“Stop that!” Chanyeol growled. “Do you want me to drop you down the fucking stairs!?”

“Who cares!” Baekhyun stopped for a moment. “I’d rather die than be touched by you!”

Chanyeol gave a threatening smirk down to Baekhyun. “You got that wrong. You’ll die in bed from a good fuck, not because I’m going to let you roll down a few flights.”

Chanyeol took advantage of Baekhyun’s frozen state and hurried up the rest of the stairs, taking longer and bigger strides over to his bedroom. He kicked the door open, which wasn’t even completely closed. He was lying in bed when Kai called and left in a messy hurry.

When he reached the bed, Chanyeol tossed Baekhyun on it. Baekhyun began to crawl back, but Chanyeol caught him by the leg and pulled him back down the bed. “We’re not doing shit with your shoes on,” he muttered as he pulled Baekhyun’s shoes off and dropping them on the floor.

“Correction. We’re not doing shit. At all. Period,” Baekhyun said.

“What’s wrong?” Chanyeol bitterly asked as he put a knee on the bed and crawled his way on top of Baekhyun, who began to scoot farther and farther up the bed as if trying to escape Chanyeol’s prowl. “You were like a bitch in heat just a while ago,” he said. When Baekhyun couldn’t go off anywhere else anymore, Chanyeol smirked and began to run his hands against Baekhyun’s body.

Baekhyun scoffed, putting his hands on top of Chanyeol’s, half-attempting to push them off. “Is it wrong that I wanted someone’s dick inside me tonight? Cause I don’t think so, Park.”

Chanyeol frowned. He leaned in to Baekhyun’s face and very possessively said: “The only cock that should ever be inside that body of yours is mine, Baek.”

Baekhyun glared. “What if I told you that I don’t want yours!?”

“Then you’re a fucking liar.”

A second later, Baekhyun found Chanyeol’s lips crashing onto his, hungrily taking him with desperation. Exasperated from the fighting, tired from the night, and broken down from the grueling emotions that had been eating him alive the last few days, Baekhyun didn’t resist. He opened his mouth to Chanyeol and let their tongues reunite after so long.

Chanyeol’s hands slipped under Baekhyun’s shirt and Baekhyun loved the feel of his giant on his skin, touching him as he pleased. When Chanyeol’s thumb brushed his hard buds, Baekhyun moaned into the kiss, making Chanyeol’s mouth curve into a grin in satisfaction.

In reaction, Baekhyun’s arms wrapped themselves around Chanyeol’s neck, pulling his mouth down some more. Chanyeol complied with Baekhyun’s needs and deepened the kiss. They only pulled apart when their lungs couldn’t take it anymore. The kiss left both of them breathless, but Chanyeol recovered faster than lightning and took his shirt off before starting on Baekhyun.

Baekhyun let him slip the material off and lied on the bed, watching as Chanyeol tossed the shirt aside. When Chanyeol was finished tossing the wretched thing, he unbuckled and unzipped his pants. He did the same thing to Baekhyun. When both of their pants were open, he returned to servicing both of their built up needs.

“Spread your legs.”

Baekhyun took the command in effect and opened up. Chanyeol settled in between them and set himself atop Baekhyun, managing his weight with his elbows. Baekhyun was tired of waiting for Chanyeol to stop shifting so he took his hands and brought Chanyeol’s lips back on his. Chanyeol saw no problem in it as he followed his lover’s lead.

After a while, though, Chanyeol began to initiate his own movements. He moved his hips against Baekhyun, mockingly grinding both of their bulges together, creating friction through the fabric.

Baekhyun pulled away and whimpered from under him. He shut his eyes for a moment. Chanyeol was watching it all as it happened and he managed to see the sheer lust in Baekhyun’s eyes when he opened them again. He almost forgot how to breathe. He just felt a swelling his chest as he realized that this was all real. After two weeks of painfully trying not to touch Baekhyun, or talk to him, or anything, here he was, right where Chanyeol wanted.

“Shit—” Chanyeol cursed. “How the hell did I hold up for two weeks?” he muttered.

“Hell if I know,” Baekhyun replied, lifting his own hips into mobilization, rubbing himself against Chanyeol. “Might’ve gotten a few blow jobs here and there from what’s her face—ah!” Baekhyun gasped as Chanyeol’s hand shot down and gave his member a squeeze through the pants.

“The last place I was in was you so don’t even start,” Chanyeol’s deep voice said, reverberating. He straightened his back and sat up. He took hold of Baekhyun’s pants and attempted to pull them off, but they were caught around his thighs for a second. “Shit—quit wearing pants like these!” Then another thought came. “Especially at fucking parties where the outline of your dick sticks out!”

“They make me look good,” Baekhyun grumbled, kicking his feet, trying to help Chanyeol pull the constrictors off.

“You look better when you’re naked under me,” Chanyeol announced as he finally got the pants off and threw them aside. He began on his own. “You look even better when your eyes are closed because I’m inside you. Even more when you moan and gasp when I move.” Chanyeol managed to get out of his own pants and put them on the floor. “Seeing you leak out of that perfect ass of yours after we’re done is nice, too.”

“You’re so fucking vulgar,” Baekhyun said, rolling his eyes. Even so, he teasingly pushed his foot against Chanyeol’s member, bulging against his underwear. He could see Chanyeol’s body tense, trying to control a lapsing moan. Chanyeol pushed the foot away and took Baekhyun’s boxers off with a force that left his skin pink.

The sight of Baekhyun hard and naked in front of him felt surreal, but Chanyeol knew that he was really there. Two weeks was a really long time! To Park Chanyeol it was.

Baekhyun grew more and more embarrassed as the seconds passed. “Quit staring, idiot!”

“I’m just admiring what belongs to me.”

“I never said I belonged to yo—”

“You didn’t have to say anything,” Chanyeol smirked, running a hand starting from in-between Baekhyun’s legs and up to the tip of his cock’s head. “But didn’t you say you were mine back at the h—”

“—Shut up! That was a spur of the moment thing!” Baekhyun half-assedly lied.

“More like a crack in that stupid wall of yours,” Chanyeol laughed, pinning Baekhyun right on his lie. Chanyeol lifted his hand off of the vixen and hopped off the bed.

“W-Where’re you going?” Baekhyun asked, turning to his side as his eyes watched Chanyeol maneuver to the bedside.

“I’m not gonna leave you, so calm your shit,” Chanyeol said. He pulled open the drawer and pulled out the lubricant they had used the first night. “As if I can leave you right now when both of our bodies are asking for each other.”

Chanyeol got back on the bed and flipped the cap off. His slicked some on his finger. “Spread for me, babe.”

Baekhyun scowled hotly at the endearment, but nonetheless, bent his legs up, elevating his ass to Chanyeol. His body jolted when he felt the slippery substance against him and heard Chanyeol chuckle at his reaction. The next thing he felt was Chanyeol cautiously putting a finger inside of him. His body reacted by tightening around it, making Chanyeol’s breathing roughen as his mind began to wonder how tight Baekhyun would feel against his cock.

Chanyeol’s other hand went to occupy Baekhyun’s throbbing and leaking member. He moved his hands at different paces. His fingers thrusted in and out at an alarming rate, making Baekhyun lose his mind and put his legs back on the bed, making sure to keep them spread.

Subconsciously, Baekhyun began to roll his hips. He wanted more. He wanted more of Chanyeol. He made sure Chanyeol knew that. His hands ran against his own body, touching and brushing his own nipples in the process of doing so.

“Chan—Chanyeol, more. More—ahh,” Baekhyun threw his head back.

Chanyeol cursed at the event. His hand quickened, jacking and pumping Baekhyun enough to make him feel like he was at his limit. Pleasuring his vixen gave Chanyeol enough pleasure for the both of them.

“Chanyeol, I’m—ahh I’m gonna come if you keep—Yah!” Baekhyun cried when Chanyeol suddenly stopped. “Don’t stop, you idiot! I was so close!”

Chanyeol painfully smirked as he freed himself of the last bit of clothing that he had. He spread a fair amount of lube on his cock, making sure that it was slick enough to pass through Baekhyun’s entrance without hurting him too much.

He took a hand and held one of Baekhyun’s legs with it.  He placed his cock, which had been enduring painfully all this time, against Baekhyun’s cleft.  Baekhyun showed his enthusiasm by bucking his hips and encouraging Chanyeol to push himself in.

Chanyeol took the invitation and shoved himself in Baekhyun’s heat in one thrust. He stayed still for a moment, watching Baekhyun’s reaction intently. Baekhyun flinched and grimaced when all of Chanyeol was throbbing inside of him with that one, swift movement. His breathing became more and more broken, and he blinked his eyes a few times. His hands motioned for Chanyeol to lean over, which he did.

Baekhyun took Chanyeol’s head in his hands and reached up, planting one on him before hoarsely saying, “Move already.”

Chanyeol didn’t need to be told twice. His hips began to move on their own, instinctively pushing deeper and deeper into Baekhyun. His pace started slow, but it wasn’t long until he was pounding his shaft desperately into Baekhyun’s body, which Baekhyun happily accepted as he tried to meet every thrust.

Their tongues mated at their own pace. Chanyeol explored grounds that he had explored many times before, but he knew he would never tire of it. Baekhyun’s hands found themselves on Chanyeol’s back, making marks, and his legs lifted higher, vibrating with every slamming insert of Chanyeol’s member.

Baekhyun kept crying and crying out Chanyeol’s name on repeat, and that was music in Chanyeol’s ears. His cry was louder when he came and began to sputter out white, sticky cum all over himself. Chanyeol could feel the cock twitching in release against his stomach, though. The feeling was erotic. He wasn’t going to lie. Perhaps that was the reason why he found his own little piece of heaven and let his load loose.

As if scared about a repeat of history, Baekhyun’s legs locked Chanyeol in when he felt that his giant was on the brink in order to prevent him from pulling out like he did last time. Chanyeol was too caught up in his ecstasy to even think about why Baekhyun suddenly locked them together, but as he began to level himself and his breathing, he smirked when he realized Baekhyun’s intent.

Chanyeol watched himself as he pulled out of Baekhyun and even watched for a few seconds as his liquid flowed out right after. His breathing was still rough when he said, “Like I said, this is nice, too.”

Baekhyun gave him a look before staring at the ceiling trying to regain control again. He ran a hand on his forehead and felt beads of sweat. He cursed as he realized he was sticky all over.

He tried to get up, but Chanyeol pushed him back down. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?”


“—I never said we were done.”

Baekhyun looked at both of their members and the product of their love session. “From the looks of it, I would say that we are—”

“Come off your drunk ass, Baek,” Chanyeol’s low voice rumbled. He leaned forward and brushed his lips against Baekhyun’s. “Remember? My house, my terms,” he whispered before taking Baekhyun again.

A day later, there was a heavy knocking at his door and Lay didn’t feel like getting up to answer it. He decided to ignore it, hoping that the person would leave him the fuck alone, but when the knocking became relentless, Lay had no other choice than to stomp out of bed and make his way down the hall. He took an angry grip to the door handle and pulled the door open.

“What the fuck do you want!” he yelled, not caring who the person was.

The next thing Lay knew, he felt a slap on the face. It hurt, but on the brightside, his attention was caught and he was wide awake then. “You don’t greet people like that.”

Lay scowled. “What the fuck are you doing here, you annoying shit.”

Suho shrugged. “I was around the neighborhood, you know.”

“The fuck you were,” Lay said disbelievingly.

“I was,” Suho confirmed. “Anyways, since I’m here, let me in.”

“Ha!” Lay laughed. “No.”

Then from behind him, both of them could hear the voice of a woman speaking.

“Lay? Who is that?”

Lay frowned as he turned his head back. “No one!”

Lay couldn’t stop his mom from going over and opening the door wider for her to see who he was talking to. “Oh, hi!”

“Hi, Lay’s mom!” Suho said childishly even though he gave Lay a smug glance.

“Honey, let your friend in,” Lay’s mother told him. “It’s so early in the morning, but that’s fine! I was just making breakfast. Come in. Lay rarely ever has friends over. Whether that’s in the early morning or in the evenings.”

“Oh really?” Suho said, raising a brow as he stepped inside the house. He glanced back at Lay, who was suddenly forced to show politeness as he closed the door.

“Yeah,” Lay’s mom nodded as she lead the way into the house. “You’re practically the only friend he’s had in this house in years. He doesn’t have a lot of friends, I don’t think.”

Suho paused as Lay’s mom kept walking. He turned around to Lay and cocked his head, shrugging. “Hear that? I’m your friend.”

“Shut up. No you’re not,” Lay growled, keeping his voice down.

“Not according to your mom,” Suho said in a singing voice. He turned back around. “Sorry for coming here so early!” he said to Lay’s mother. “But can I come here anytime?”

“Oh yeah! Sure! No problem! Any friend Lay makes is perfectly welcome!”

Suho turned his head back to Lay. “I just got VIP access to your house, bitchacho.”

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