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The Letter 23

Chapter 23
Resuscitating the Jerk

—One Week Before—

Three nights after the incident with the waters happened, Tao was still sick and confused about Kris’ sudden turn around. He still had that face that seemed like he could give a fuck about anything, but it was the way he acted that sent Tao in a confused whirl.

Kris used to attack him at least once a day whether that was to insult him or to push him up against the wall. When they walked, he would always lead the way by a meter ahead. Now, Kris would awkwardly try to instigate a conversation or two. When they walked, he would purposely walk behind Tao even though his legs made it possible for him to walk ahead. It was like Wu was trying to be nice and Tao was sick of it. He didn’t like hating Kris when Kris wasn’t hating him back.

When Kris got out of the shower that night, Tao was watching a show on Tv. But, the moment that Kris walked out with nothing, but a towel around his waist, Tao forgot the name of the show he had been watching for the last fifteen minutes.

Kris walked over to his side of the room and picked up the shirt on his bed. He quickly slipped his wet head through the shirt hole and tugged the shirt casually on his body. When Kris suddenly unwrapped the towel, Tao’s first reaction was to look away. To his surprise—and let down—Kris had already put on his boxers back in the bathroom. Apparently he was too lazy to carry it in his hands and used his waist to hold the towel for the single purpose of drying his hair.

The silence—along with Tao’s train of thought—was snapped in half when Kris suddenly spoke. “Tao,” he said; his voice filling the room. “How was your day?”

Tao creased his brows, but answered curtly. “It was fine.”

“That’s good,” Kris simply said. He shuffled around the contents of the drawer beside his bed before pulling out a book.

Tao had to squint his eyes to make sure he was seeing things correctly. Wu was actual planning to read. What…

“What the hell is that?”

“A book on economics,” Kris replied.

A book on…what—Tao honestly began to wonder what the hell changed in Wu. He didn’t think Kris was the type of guy to read something as serious—and as boring—as a book on economics. But then again, Tao didn’t really know Kris…at all.


Kris shrugged. He moved his pillows against the headboard to make sitting in bed more comfortable. Then he set himself on the mattress. “I don’t know.”

Tao’s eyes flared. You’re not the only one who doesn’t know! Tired by the recent Kris, Tao got up from his bed and walked over to Kris’ side.  He set one knee on the edge before crawling his way over to the bipolar bastard.

“What do you need?” Kris asked without looking up from the book. He said it in a non-accusatory way, which pissed Tao off even more.

“I want to know why you’ve been so nice lately,” Tao said. He crawled on top of Kris’ body; his face would’ve been right in front of Kris’ own if not for the stupid book. “Cause frankly, it’s getting really annoying, Wu.”

“Can’t I be nice to you when I want, Huang?” Kris replied from behind the book.

“Not when I already know that you’re an asshole.”

“That’s not very nice.”

“Neither are you,” Tao declared. He took a hand and began to let it travel up and down Kris’ thigh, intentionally ignoring the best area. “Hey, Wu. Gonna get annoyed? Gonna hit me?”

Kris scowled from behind the book and set it down, using a hand to push Tao’s away. “Go back to your own bed. I’m not interested.”

“Says you,” Tao scoffed. “I bet your cock will say something different.” He moved his hand again and Kris had to push it away for the second time. “Come on, Wu. You gotta do more than that to keep this off. Come on. Push me. Quit playing nice.”

“What the heck are you trying to do, Huang?” Kris asked, trying his best not to get overly angry at Tao. “Go.”

“Not until you stop acting like a fucking saint.” Out of nowhere, Tao sat his ass down on Kris’ outstretched legs. His fingers found the band on Kris’ boxers and curled themselves in the fabric, ready to pull it down.

Kris was immediately alerted and threw the book aside. His hands shot down to prevent Tao’s hands from proceeding. “Don’t you dare, Huang. If you do, then I swear I’ll—”

“—You’ll do nothing because you’re nice now and you won’t lay a damn finger on me, that’s what,” Tao countered. He pulled against Kris’ hold and soon enough, Kris was exposed. Before Kris could even get a word in, Tao shifted his body down Kris’ and bent down to flick the head of Kris’ cock. “Gonna hit me now, Wu?” he asked before he took Kris into his hand, taking a little bit of him inside his mouth. “Gonna push me against the wall and take control of the situation? Like the old Kris?”

Kris stifled a moan with a lot of restraint. A hand went for Tao’s head in the midst of Tao sucking and licking the leaking cock in his hand. “Stop this, Huang! For fuck’s sake!”

Kris grabbed Tao by the hair and pulled his head back. Tao took this opportunity to push Kris even more. “Ahh—yeah, that’s it. Pull my hair, you bastard,” Tao moaned, licking his lips and closing his eyes in the process.

 Kris, realizing what he just did, immediately let go of Tao’s hair. Kris tried to scoot away from him, but there wasn’t much to go with the headboard already up against his back. Tao watched the older male glower at him, but noticed how he couldn’t even hide the sexual lust in his eyes. Tao felt a small sense of victory as he caught a glimpse of the horny asshole that he knew.

Tao pulled his shirt over his head and Kris watched at the material flew over to the side. His twitching member wouldn’t calm the fuck down and Kris, himself, didn’t know why the hell he hadn’t pulled his underwear back up. His eyes were stuck on what Tao was doing.

Once Tao got rid his shirt, he began to work on pulling off the sweatpants he had on. While doing so, he eyed Kris with a challenging look. He purposely took his time knowing that Kris never had the patience when it came to taking clothing off. When Kris just glared at him with hotly eyes, Tao shrugged, somewhat disappointed that Kris hadn’t given in and pulled the stupid thing off of him.

“Aren’t you gonna jack that thing off?” Tao said, nodding at Kris’ throbbing member that he refused to touch despite his hands being at the base. “That looks really painful, Wu—”

“—And whose fault is it?” Kris growled through gritted teeth.

“Mine,” Tao said owning up to it. He threw the pants aside and lied naked on the bed, making sure to spread his legs. He leaned on his elbows, exposing himself to Kris, who was currently fighting off the demons he had contained for the last few days.

Tao stuck a finger in his mouth and made sure to let it slicken up before placing it against himself. “Yah, Kris,” Tao said, beginning to breathe a little faster, “Wanna do the honors or should I do this myself?” Kris remained silent, intent on ignoring the open invitation. Tao smirked before throwing his head off to the side, showing off his neck. “Fine.”

When the finger was thrusted in, Tao wasn’t the only one whose breath hitched. Kris bit his tongue back, but the hand at the base of his cock moved.

Tao, on the other hand, verbally abused Kris’ ears. “Ahh—shit, Kris. You hate this, right? You hate the pace that I’m going at, don’t you—Mhmmm god—”

Kris’ eyes flared and so did the blood rushing through his veins. He did hate the slow pace that Tao was thrusting that finger in, but he had to resist the urge to pull the hand out and replace it with his own. Kris settled to pumping himself. There was nothing more he wanted than to take Tao, but all the work that he’d put into not touching the kid the past few days would’ve gone to hell.

“Kris, come on,” Tao whined, trying to sound appealing. To Kris, that tone was enough to kill a man. “Just slap my ass and ram yourself in me!” Tao glanced at Kris’ moving hand trying to make himself climax. “Why jack off when you’ve got me here?” he asked. He pulled the finger out and circled the rim of his cleft. “Come on, Kris. Drop the act already.”

“Damn it, Huang! Shut up!” Kris snarled, moving his hand against his shaft faster. “Put your damn clothes back on and get off my bed—nghh damn it!”

Tao saw Kris trying to evade the situation and he would have none of that until Kris showed some signs of being an asshole again. He stopped fingering himself and crawled his way back to Kris. He slapped Kris’ hand away. When Kris looked like he was going to hit him back, Tao raised a challenging brow and Kris ended up restraining himself again.

Tao put his hand against Kris’ chest as he rolled and rubbed his own naked member against Kris’ unsatisfied cock. “How much do I have to push you for you snap!?” Tao mumbled under his breath as he lifted himself up, hovering over the erection below him. “What the fucking hell happened to you?” Tao grabbed the cock, widened his legs and lowered himself on the throbbing manhood.

Tao sucked in a breath as he pushed the slick shaft inside of his body. Kris lowered his head and shut his eyes. Kris’ instinct told him to take the boy and slam him down, forcing him to take all of him inside in a second.

When Tao was able to gorge all of Kris in, he let out a haughty laugh that couldn’t mask the pleasure in his voice. “Ahh…shit, Kris. Do you feel me around you?” Tao shifted his hips, lifting himself up a bit before sliding back down on Kris’ thick cock. “Come on. Grab my hips and drill into me. Pull my hair.”

Kris groaned inwardly before conceding to one of Tao’s suggestions. Kris grabbed Tao by the waist and helped him ride him. He wasn’t violent, though, which Tao wasn't expecting. Kris was gently thrusting and that wasn’t what Tao was going for.

“F-Faster,” Tao rasped.

“No.” At Kris’ response, Tao scrunched his brows and moved faster all by himself. Kris’ hands tried to slow him down by pushing him either up or down—depending on Tao’s direction.

The action wasn’t bringing Kris out from his “asshole coma state”, but Tao still had one thing in mind. He grabbed himself and began to swiftly and briskly pump, squeeze, finger, and tug at his leaking cock.

Kris couldn’t figure out which sight to watch: the sight of Tao trying so hard to ejaculate or the point where both of their bodies connected. He didn’t have to think about it for long before Tao soon began to ooze and shoot out semen.

Tao aimed his cock at Kris and ended up getting semen on his shirt. But, a lucky shot made its way to Kris’ cheek; just a small drop of it. The small amount seemed to take an effect on him.

Panting, Tao grinned and shrugged. “Oops.”

Tao could feel Kris’ grip on him tighten. “Oops? Opps!?” Kris asked incredously, raising his voice. “You motherfucking—Panda Shit!”

In any other situation—or universe for that matter—Tao would’ve been offended or hurt instead of getting excited by the insulting words, which had become a common nickname between the two of them. “H-Hey!” Tao smirked. “Welcome back, asshole—”

Tao didn’t get to finish his greeting. Kris pushed both of their bodies so that their position would switch. Tao suddenly found himself with his back on the bed with Kris above him. “Shut up, Panda Shit! You’re really testing my fucking limits!” Kris then repositioned his cock and pushed himself back in Tao.

Tao groaned before responding. “Didn’t I start pushing your limits when I put my mouth on that ugly cock of yours?”

Kris gave Tao a scorging, irritated look and responded by retracting his member. Then, he forcefully gave Tao a single anal pounding. Tao let out a gasp. “I really fucking tried to be nice to you, Panda Shit!”

“I didn’t ask you to be nice to me, Wu! Quit acting like I’m fragile!”

“You fucking are!” Kris growled. He didn’t let Tao make a response after that. He took both of Tao’s legs and bent them so that thrusting inside Tao’s body was easier. Kris didn’t bother going slow. To him, since “Panda Shit” already got off, the only priority in the sex act then was him and his own release.

When Kris came, it was like he forgot his own code and policy. He rammed himself deep into Tao before spilling his seed, and, as if caught in the moment, met Tao in the middle and tongue wrestled the male under him, who also didn’t seem to think too much about it.

It wasn’t until his cock was done secreting itself of all its liquid that Kris came back to his senses. Despite having the gnawing thought inside his head that screamed at him to pull out and get out of the room, Kris was too worn out and tired by what just happened to give a flying shit about avoiding Tao.

Kris merely pulled out and looked down at what he just filled Tao with. For some reason, it gave him pleasure to see the kid dripping with his body’s product. Kris shelved the image of Tao leaking before slapping Tao on the ass. “Get in the bathroom and go fucking clean yourself.”

“Not gonna help me, Wu?” Tao asked in a fake tone.

“Clean your own self, Panda Shit,” Kris replied. “I’m not going to fucking clean you. You started this.”

“Fine.” Tao rolled on his stomach and began to slowly get up. He carefully let himself on the floor, using the bed as a safety balance. When he was about to turn the corner to enter the bathroom, he called out, “It’s nice to have you back, asshole.”

“Shut up, you girl-scout-looking Panda Shit.”

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