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The Letter 22

Chapter 22

—Second Year—

Luhan stepped in the room and Sehun followed. As Sehun closed the door behind him, Luhan had walked over to the bed and began to tug at his tie, pulling it off and setting it on the bedside table. Luhan heard the lack of noise coming from behind him and turned around to see what Sehun was doing, which was nothing. Sehun was doing nothing.

“What’re you doing?” Luhan asked, giving Sehun a smirk and an amused twinkle in his eye. He began to unbutton the buttons on his shirt. Sehun’s eyes moved from Luhan’s chest to his face. He shrugged, then grumbled something inaudible to Luhan’s ears. “Could you repeat that?”

“I said I was just watching.”

“Ah…” Luhan raised a brow. His hands left his shirt, which was only half-way unbuttoned, and his feet took steps toward Sehun, closing the distance between them. “If you wanted a show, you could’ve said so. You didn’t have to watch me from behind. There’s nothing interesting about my back.”

“I don’t agree with that.”

“Whatever.” Luhan ran his hands on Sehun’s chest, giving himself a surprise. The kid was well-built. Surprising…Luhan thought as his eyes gleamed. He slipped Sehun’s uniform jacket off of his shoulders and threw it aside. Then he popped the first button on the shirt out of its place.

When Luhan had unbuttoned three buttons, both of his hands grabbed hold of Sehun’s shirt, curling the fabric in his hands and pulled his face closer to him. Luhan gave Sehun a look with droopy eyes and Sehun swore that he stopped breathing for a second. When Luhan saw the look on Sehun’s face, he smirked and brushed his lips lightly against the younger kid. “God, you’re so innocent,” he whispered. “Almost like you’re inexperienced.”

Sehun’s face twitched. “I’m not inexperienced,” he grumbled against Luhan’s brushing lips before opening his mouth slightly as if asking Luhan to kiss him already.

“With me you are.”

Luhan took the invitation, graciously kissing Sehun full on the mouth, but it wasn’t a moment later that he retracted, biting Sehun’s lips before letting his mouth go. “What are you doing?” Sehun asked, creasing his brows. Paranoid of Luhan slipping away, he took hold of his waist, positioning Luhan against him. “If you’re going to kiss me, then kiss me. Don’t tease.”

“Yah, I’m just giving you a little piece of heaven,” Luhan told him as he slyly grinded himself against Sehun, “before you do things with a little devil like me.”

—Present Time—

The rest of that seven-day retreat was pure hell in Baekhyun’s mind. Chanyeol didn’t come back until two nights before the trip ended. Even though Chanyeol was physically there, there was still an emptiness about their room and the silence screamed in Baekhyun's ears.

Chanyeol never really spoke to him except to ask for things like where the remote was or where this and that were. Baekhyun figured that the silence was also his fault. He didn’t bring up Sehun because he thought that if he did, Chanyeol would’ve gone on total lockdown like he did before, so Baekhyun didn’t even try, even though he wanted to. He really didn’t like the tension or the fact that he missed the giant’s advances.

One night, Chanyeol was putting on his shoes on his bed at the unreasonable hour of ten at night. Baekhyun looked up at him from his phone and asked, “Where’re you going?”

“Out,” Chanyeol answered.

Baekhyun resisted the urged to sigh because he knew he’d do that very loudly. It had become a common thing for Chanyeol to leave Baekhyun alone whenever they were both in the room. “Okay,” Baekhyun replied. He honestly didn’t know what else to do. Beg Chanyeol to stay? Baekhyun couldn’t bring himself to do something of that level…

Baekhyun could see Chanyeol tense for a spit-second before resuming to tie the last one of his shoes. Baekhyun heard the giant mumble a few words in an irritated tone. Baekhyun didn't understand Chanyeol's sudden annoyance. Why is he was suddenly irritated...“Don’t wait up,” Chanyeol said in a hard tone as he got off his bed. He fixed his jacket and promptly left the room in a huff.

When he left, Baekhyun made an angry sound and kicked his covers. He’s still mad about that Sehun thing…Baekhyun groaned and sunk deeper in his bed. I shouldn’t have let him kiss me, but if I hadn’t I would have known that I—ugh. Why do I like you…

Baekhyun blinked up at the bare ceiling, trying to get his mind off Chanyeol. Recently he felt like there was something heavy on his chest and that it hurt to breathe sometimes. The funny thing was that it only happened where ever Chanyeol was concerned and Baekhyun didn’t like that. He didn’t like how their relationship had gone sour. He didn’t like how Chanyeol—the touchy, open giant—had suddenly closed him off. He felt like he was suddenly kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

But what could he do!? Pound on the Garden’s door and beg to be taken back? Baekhyun frowned. It was difficult for him to admit things—especially when he had to admit that he was wrong. He’d never been the one to apologize. Whenever he had a fight with Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo would always be the one to instigate the make-up session. But, as Baekhyun could see, Chanyeol wasn’t going to be like Kyungsoo and come around first.

Frustrated by the prospects that he’d have to be the one to make the move, Baekhyun went back to texting Lay on his phone.

Chanyeol came back later that night around midnight and saw that his vixen had fallen asleep while being on his phone. His body was sprawled out on his bed and his phone lied on his heaving chest. Chanyeol had a stern look on his face when he saw the sight. His hand automatically moved to pull the covers over him, but Chanyeol stopped his stupid hand before it could touch the fabric.

He turned away from Baekhyun to take off his shoes, but the sudden ring of a message alert from Baekhyun’s phone stopped Chanyeol at his tracks. He fought with himself on whether or not he should take a peek at who Baekhyun fell asleep talking to. His rational side lost.

Chanyeol stalked his way to Baekhyun’s side and carefully lifted the phone off of his chest. Chanyeol’s fingers accidentally brushed against his sleeping vixen and he could feel his pulse rush unreasonably.

Quickly taking the phone into his own hands, Chanyeol slid it open only to be greeted by a passcode. He didn’t look too happy to see the screen. When did Baek start keeping a password on his phone?! Chanyeol asked himself. He glanced down at the sleeping—stupid and naïve—love of his life before trying out numbers on the phone. He tried three times before getting tired by the rejection. “You’re just like your owner,” Chanyeol grumbled to the phone. “Why can’t you just open up?”

Chanyeol paused and decided to try one more time. He decided to randomly try out the numbers on the bottom right of the number pad: 5689. To his surprise, the phone took him to the home screen. Grinning at his luck, Chanyeol headed on over to Baekhyun’s messenger, only to drop his newfound grin.

From: Lay

Ah, I see; Yah, how about we hang out again once we get back home? I kept my promise the last time when I took you back to your house like I said I would, right? ;P

Chanyeol scowled at the text and its sender. He resisted yet another urge to meddle in Baekhyun’s life, but he just said, “Fuck it,” and texted back curtly and as polite as he could.

From: Baekhyun


Chanyeol proceeded to delete the entire conversation for two reasons: he didn’t like Lay and he didn’t want Baekhyun to know he texted back on his behalf. When he was done and satisfied, he carefully placed the phone back on Baekhyun’s sleeping body the way he found it. Before he moved away, Chanyeol moved a few pieces of hair on Baekhyun’s face. “Hurry up,” Chanyeol grumbled as his finger brushed against Baekhyun’s forehead. “You’re so slow.”

School life had presumed as it was before—minus Chanyeol, who Baekhyun only saw here and there. Days had passed since they got back from trip and it seemed to Baekhyun that the tables had turned. At the beginning of the trip, Tao seemed to hate Kris. Now it seemed like their relationship had gotten better. The kid wasn’t throwing nasty insults about Wu anymore. Kai and Kyungsoo seemed to have moved on from friends to super let’s-go-to-workout friends. Suho was the only one still at base with no one to be infatuated with.

On the bright side, Lay began sitting with Baekhyun during lunch. Suho didn’t seem to mind him, but the same couldn’t be said about Lay, who tried his best to be civil in front of Baekhyun despite strongly disliking Suho’s ways.

A week passed and not one word was exchanged from Baekhyun to Chanyeol and it drove Chanyeol nuts. He sat at lunch with his friends who were suddenly happier in life than they’d ever been! Even Kris cracked a smile here and there. Chanyeol didn’t understand how the fuck things went so damn well for all of them except for him—and Sehun, but Chanyeol didn’t count him in, because he knew Sehun didn’t have a love life.

“You’re so god damn sad to look at,” Kris commented as he stared at Chanyeol who’d been glumly staring at his untouched food.

“He’s just upset that Baek hasn’t come around like he expected,” Kai clarified. He glanced behind Chanyeol to catch a glimpse of Kyungsoo, who caught him looking and waved. Kai had no other choice than to wave back.

“Maybe Byun’s just not the type of person to make the first move,” Sehun added, shrugging.

“And you would know this how?” Kris asked.

“Personal experience.”

Chanyeol suddenly threw a glare at Sehun. “If you ever touch my vixen again—”

“Yadda yadda—fucking—yadda,” Sehun drawled, rolling his eyes. “You’re being stupid, Yeol. Quit expecting him to go to you on his own. If he needed me to kiss him to realize his fucking feelings, then you’re going to need an army to get him to confess to you.”

Chanyeol wanted to punch Sehun again, but he had a feeling clawing inside of him telling him that Sehun was right. Baekhyun would need a driving force behind him in order for him to confess. Groaning, Chanyeol set his head on the table. “Girls are so much more open and less complicated…”

“Then date a girl,” Sehun scoffed.

“I don’t want to,” Chanyeol mumbled. He lifted his head from the table. “I want Baek.”

“Then pretend like you’re interested in someone else, damn it,” Kris snapped. He was annoyed with the Chanyeol who was mopping around. He suddenly missed the single Chanyeol who liked to party. That Chanyeol was less sad…“Get him jealous. There. Use that to your advantage.”

Chanyeol frowned. “I don’t know…I don’t want to push it.”

“You’re not going to get anywhere then!” Sehun and Kris said in unison.

Chanyeol groaned. “Okay! Fine. Jealousy. Great. Who should I use to get Baek’s attention then?”

Chanyeol looked over at Kai, who suddenly put his hands in front of him. “I’m not going to help you herd Kyung’s friend into your arms, Yeol.”

“Fine,” Chanyeol grumbled. He pushed his food aside. “What if this plan backfires?”

“Well, what if it already has?” Sehun wondered, poking ideas into Chanyeol’s mind. “Baekhyun might like his newfound freedom. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t come—”

“What the hell!?” Chanyeol snapped. Then he roughly ran a hand through his hair. “Quit giving me encouraging ideas, then go right around and start feeding me depressing shit.”

“I’m only trying to look at this from a realistic point of view, Yeol. Love’s not a perfect fairy tale.”

“Are you some sort of love expert now, Sehun?” Chanyeol said, giving Sehun a doubtful eye.

Sehun quirked his lips and indifferently shifted his shoulders. “Nope.”

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