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The Letter 20

Chapter 20

Chanyeol angrily scowled at Sehun, only giving Baekhyun a glance. He'd get to him later. Sehun the fucking backstabber would go down first. Chanyeol gripped Sehun by the front of his shirt and threw him up against the hard wall. Sehun hissed when his body made the impact with the hard structure. He could feel Chanyeol lifting his body off the ground by the second and tried to dig his finger nails into his hands, trying to get Chanyeol to release.

"Damn it, Yeol! Let me down!" Sehun yelled.

Chanyeol's expression grew more dark. "Shut up. I'm not in the fucking mood for any of your bullshit!"

Shit...Sehun could feel the collar of his shirt tighten around his neck. "Yah! Calm your fucking shit! We weren't doing anything!"

Chanyeol gave him a look full of pain and bitter humor. "Are you fucking with me right now?" He bitterly laughed. "Nothing...Oh, I get it. I guess nowadays when you catch one of your best friends tongue fucking with the person they know you're fucking interested in, that's perfectly fucking acceptable."

"He didn't mean it that way, you idiot!" Baekhyun yelled. God, how he hated the situation. He tried to push Chanyeol and get him unbalanced enough to be distracted and let Sehun go, but Chanyeol's stance was stiff and permenant.

Chanyeol did let Sehun back on the ground, though. When Baekhyun tried to lay his hands on him again, Chanyeol pushed him back. Baekhyun staggered backwards. Chanyeol's attention was still on Sehun. "I came out here to ask if you were fucking fine since you left the god damn table without a fucking word. Instead, I find you out here tongue tied with Baek."

"Chanyeol!" Baekhyun said, raising his voice. He grabbed onto one of Chanyeol's arms. "Let him go! He wasn't doing anything wrong! It–"

Chanyeol pulled away from Baekhyun's grasp and snapped his head to him. "Of course he wasn't doing anything wrong!" Chanyeol angrily spat. "He couldn't have done anything wrong if you were letting him, right?"

"It wasn't like that, Chan–"

"I don't care." Baekhyun stopped. Chanyeol looked away from him. "I don't care right now, Baek." Chanyeol stared down at Sehun and Sehun did the same, trying to show no signs of backing down.

What came next came unexpected to Baekhyun, who never thought Chanyeol would do any harm to any of his friends. Chanyeol lifted his right fist-–the same one he used on Lay–and landed one on Sehun's face, hitting him on the jaw.

Sehun swayed and staggered to the right. He would've fallen if not for his quick reaction in grabbing the wall. Chanyeol found himself unsatisfied, but still had the conscience inside of him telling him that Sehun and him went way back. He decided not to push it further despite how badly he wanted to hurt the kid.

Chanyeol turned around to finally give Baekhyun his full attention. As much as he wanted to hurt Baekhyun, who was staring at him in complete and utter shock from what he just did, he couldn't do it. Chanyeol cursed himself instead for harboring feelings strong enough to make him punch his best friend in the face.

Baekhyun looked at Chanyeol, frozen in place, the second the hand touched Sehun's face. Chanyeol's eyes pierced through his. The pain and anger inside them scared Baekhyun, but it also jabbed him in the gut for being the reason of those eyes being the way that they were. He bit his lips. He knew Chanyeol wasn't going to listen to him. He knew–and it hurt knowing.

Silently, despite having pushed him away so many times and rejected his words, Chanyeol was secretly hoping that Baekhyun would reach out again. If he says something...you'll listen, Chanyeol told himself. You'll listen, damn it. You won't pull away. You won't...The thought was never finished as Baekhyun drew his eyes to the ground and walked past him to go to Sehun's side, tearing Chanyeol apart.

He couldn't stay there. It would've hurt too much to. Chanyeol watched Baekhyun move past him in slow motion from the corner of his eye. When his ears heard Baekhyun's voice talking softly to Sehun, Chanyeol took the first step out of there.

From Sehun's view, he watched as Chanyeol left. He glanced at Baekhyun, who was trying to get a look of his face with the limited light that was available to them. He couldn't see Baekhyun's face significantly, but if the trembling of his fingers and voice said anything, it told Sehun that the kid wanted to cry.

When Baekhyun was satisfied with checking to see if he felt anything like blood on Sehun's face, he began to pull his hands away, but Sehun kept them there with his own.

"Byun, do you still like me?" Sehun asked again.

Baekhyun took no hesitation this time. He bowed his head and kept it hung when he shook his head. "I'm sorry..." he said in a soft, hushed tone.

Sehun tilted his head and gave Baekhyun a small, weary grin. "Who were you thinking of when I kissed you?"

Baekhyun was silent for a while. "That idiot..." he whispered.

"Go after him, Byun," Sehun said. He then let go of Baekhyun's hands.

"But you–"

"I'll be fine. Just go." Sehun gave him a little push.

Baekhyun pursed his lips and nodded. "Thanks, Sehun..." Sehun didn't need to ask what he was thanking him for, nor did Baekhyun need to clarify why. Baekhyun turn on his heels and began to go after Chanyeol. For the first time in their relationship, it was Baekhyun was the one doing the chasing.

Baekhyun should've guessed that the giant could walk out of his range in a few matter of minutes. He couldn't find Chanyeol anywhere. He looked in the hall, but he figured he wouldn't be there. He wasn't. He went out in front of the hotel for a while, looking around for signs of him, but Baekhyun found none. Defeated an hour later, Baekhyun dragged his feet back to the hotel room. He knew Chanyeol wouldn't be there either. What kind of person would storm off and just come right back to base? Baekhyun knew he wasn't at Kyungsoo's room either. Kai would've lied if he was, but Kyungsoo never lied and when he said Chanyeol wasn't there, then no, Chanyeol was definitely not there.

Baekhyun lied on his empty bed with his clothes on wondering what the hell was going to be his next move. He didn’t know where Chanyeol was. He didn’t even know if he was coming back. Maybe he wasn’t even going to show his face to him anymore. Hot rocks, hot rocks…The two words kept repeating in Baekhyun’s mind. He did drop me like hot rocks, but not because I was showing interest in him…Baekhyun groaned as he pulled the pillow over his head. The lack of interest, Baek! The lack of! “Shit…” Baekhyun blinked from underneath the pillow.

Baekhyun must’ve fallen asleep from being busted out of energy running around to try and find Chanyeol because when he woke up, the pillow was still on his face. Remembering what happened, he shot up and sat on the bed, looking and feeling at everything around him. Chanyeol still wasn’t there. He glanced over at the digital clock and groaned when he saw the time: one in the fucking morning.

Baekhyun tried to roll around and be comfortable enough to fall asleep again, but he couldn’t. He felt physically dirty and his clothes from that day weren’t making it any better. He got out of bed and slipped out of his clothes, then headed to the bathroom. He figured taking a showing would make him feel better and refreshed. Might as well.

Baekhyun caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, but didn’t bother to take a good look. He didn’t feel like looking at himself. He turned the shower knob and waited for the water to turn moderately warm. When it fit his needs, Baekhyun stepped in. Usually, he would sing, but with it being so early in the morning and with him feeling so utterly gross, he wasn’t in the mood.

Halfway through rinsing his hair, Baekhyun replayed the things that happened that night. He was outside, thinking about how much he hated Chanye—Wait…was I really thinking about how much I hated him, Baekhyun thought, second guessing himself. Then another thought came to him. Ah…No. His thoughts moved on to the moment when Sehun came out—the guy who he loved for two years.

Baekhyun thought about that. Was it really love or just blinded infatuation? He frowned as the water kept coming down.  For the thought of it all, he used to think Sehun didn’t like to talk, but after what happened, Sehun talked with ease. By the way Sehun kissed, Baekhyun also figured he wasn’t as innocent as he thought.

Baekhyun’s frown deepened as he remembered what happened to him during that kiss. Before Chanyeol had burst out the doors, pulling and punching Sehun away, the only thing Chanyeol was bursting into was his mind. Sehun’s lips became Chanyeol’s. His tongue became Chanyeol’s. Every god damn thing about Sehun became that giant idiot and it was enough for Baekhyun’s mind to trick his body as it began to react hotly.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Baekhyun looked down and moaned, lightly hitting his head on the tile walls. He put a hand on the wall, cursing. He was hard from thinking about that kiss and imagining everything about it was Chanyeol again. He wanted to cry out in frustration. “What the hell…” Baekhyun asked himself in a strained voice.

All problems in the world needed to be taken care of and Baekhyun’s hard on was no exception. He leaned against the hand on the wall, dipping his back as his other hand grabbed onto his member, moving up and down his own shaft. His fingers squeezed and pressured his member. Slow at times and in other moments, rough. A moan escaped his lips as his imagination of Chanyeol took over. As he felt himself nearing the brink, he threw his head back, feeling the water on his face, gasping and groaning as he let himself go.

As his cock twitched and oozed out his semen, Baekhyun hung his head and panted beneath the fall of water. He closed his eyes as reality started to set back in on what he had just done. He opened them again to see shots of his liquid mix in with the water and make its way to the drain.

“Is it a fucking habit of yours to masturbate around this time?”

Baekhyun’s breath got caught in his throat as he whipped around to face the entry-way of the door that he had left open. “Chanyeol…” True to what his eyes were seeing, Chanyeol was standing by the doorway, leaning against the frame, arms crossed with the an expression that was hard to decipher. Baekhyun couldn’t tell if Chanyeol was angry, or drunk, or lusty—even.

“How long have you been standing there?” Baekhyun asked.

“Long enough.” Chanyeol left his post and began to take the steps that closed the distance between them. “Who were you thinking of this time? Sehun?” he asked. Baekhyun winced when he suggested Sehun.

Idiot…Baekhyun sadly thought. Nevertheless, Baekhyun shook his head.

“Then who?” Chanyeol asked. He was standing just at the area where the water could have touched him, but didn’t. “Answer me, Baek,” he said. He crossed his arms, took hold on his shirt, and took it off, throwing it behind him. Then he began to undo his shorts. “Who?”

“Chanyeol, what’re you—”

“Tell me.”

Baekhyun looked down at Chanyeol’s feet where his shorts fell. He sighed when he glanced into the eyes of the guy in front of him. “You…I was thinking of you.” Then he looked away.

Chanyeol kicked his shorts on to the side and stepped inside the shower. He used a hand to force the unwilling and uncourageous Baekhyun to look up at him. “Damn fucking right,” he said in a tone hard as stone before forcing his lips and tongue on Baekhyun.

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