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The Letter 16

Chapter 16
My Evil Friend

After all the preparations were done and a few harsh slaps were given here and there, Kris walked away and pulled out a bag from within his suitcase. Tao, with his hands kept on the wall, looked over his shoulder. His heart quit beating for a split micro-second and his mind forgot that he was supposed to keep his hands on the structure. “What the hell is that!?” he cried, pointing at the black bag Kris was unzipping.

“Did I say you could take your hands off the wall?” Kris calmly replied.

“Why can’t you just tell me?” Tao asked. When Kris didn’t immediately answer and instead fiddled his fingers with whatever was in the bag, Tao bent down to pull up his shorts. “I’m leaving. I’m leaving. Screw this shi—”

“Don’t do it, Huang,” Kris said. “Touch those and that’s two strikes against you.”

Tao glared at him and disregarded his words. His hands found the shorts and grabbed a hold of them, but before Tao could pull them up, Kris was suddenly in front of him. He pried Tao’s fingers off the material then used a hand to force the younger one to look up at him.

“Should’ve listened.”

Kris grabbed Tao by the forearm, picked the kid up, and threw him on the bed. Tao’s body bounced as it hit the mattress. He wasn’t given the time to recover before Kris took the shorts at his ankles and took them off, throwing them far off to the side. “Now, how many times have we done stuff like this?” Kris asked. “Cause you should be used to this already.”

Tao growled. He automatically lifted a leg off to the side. “Then I might as well open the fuck up instead of having you pry my legs wide, right!?”

“Well, aren’t you catching on fast?”

“You still haven’t told me what’s in that bag,” Tao said, glancing at the item.

“Just a few things I brought along that I thought you might like.” Kris turned from Tao to take something out of the bag. “Well, I don’t know how much you’ll like them. I have no idea how to use these anyways. Consider yourself an experimental guinea pig.”

Tao squinted at the item. “What the fuck, Kris? A fucking plastic….vibrator!?”

Kris shrugged. “If that’s what you wanna call these…” He walked back over to the bed and frowned to see that Tao had closed his legs. “Open.”

“I’m not gonna let you stick a foreign object in me.”

Kris smirked. Wordlessly, he spread Tao open and wide. “If you like, we can stick my finger in there first. That’s certainly not foreign to your tight little world.”

“No! Cause you’re still going to—” Tao stopped when his voice got caught in his throat. Kris penetrated Tao’s pre-lubed hole with a finger. He watched the younger one turn his head to the right to avoid looking at him, but he knew in his mind that Tao was accustomed to his finger already. Like he said, it wasn’t anything foreign.

After thrusting and craning his finger inside Tao, Kris added another, moving them in opposite directions, stretching the kid and prepping him. “Is what we do considered S&M sex?” Kris mumbled.

Tao, who began to subconsciously move with the movements of Kris’ fingers, bit his lips. “Yes! God, yes!”

Kris moved his body on the bed and placed himself beside Tao, just hovering over him. He grabbed the kid’s head and forced him to turn his head. “Was that a cry or a response to my question?”

“Your question, you stupid assh—ah!”

Kris grinned at the yelp he caused Tao to make by hitting his pleasure area. He leaned down and flicked the bottom of Tao’s lips with his tongue, but drew back when Tao opened his lips to the slightest degree. “Don’t expect me to kiss you, Huang.”

Tao glowered at Kris, sending daggers at his eyes while his ears turned to a slight shade of pink. “D-Did I fucking ask you t-to?” he panted.

“I could have sworn I tasted the desire off your lips.”

“You’re confusing hate with d-desire —Nghh…”


Kris pulled his fingers out and wiped them on Tao’s stomach, which Tao hated. He didn’t like how Kris treated him like complete shit after making him feel so sinfully good, which he hated too. Every fucking thing Kris Wu did, Tao loathed. “You’re stretched enough, Huang. We’re putting it in.”

“I told you, I—”

“Quit arguing with me, Huang,” Kris ordered. He had the stupid sex toy in his hand, running his fingers on it. “We’re doing this and you’re gonna spread those god damn legs of yours,” he said, staring at Tao’s once-again closed entrance. “Close them again and I’m drilling every single fucking thing in that bag up your hole.”

Tao had to think quickly. Kris never joked about anything—as Tao learned. One time, Kris bumped into him at the mall with his outside-school friends. Tao dissed him in front of them, which hadn’t been the best decision he made that day. Kris told him to shut up or else he’d penetrate him in a corner. Tao didn’t take him seriously and kicked him in the shin. Sure enough, Tao was pulled aside, taken kicking and screaming into the restroom, and got an ass-full of Kris.

Tao wasn’t about to repeat a stupid choice. He spread his legs. He didn’t even care anymore. It wasn’t anything Kris hadn’t seen before—sadly.

“Spread yourself even more.”

“My legs can only go so far, you dip shit!”

“I meant your ass cheeks, Panda Shit!”

“Fucking…Argh!” Tao reached down and used his long fingers to spread his ass to Kris. “There! Fuck, wide enough for you, Kris? Huh!? Want me to spread myself more!? Want me to freaking finger myself until you’re looking at a gaping hole!?”

“Shut up, Huang.” Kris placed hand on Tao’s ass, running it up and down his inner thighs before eventually touching him again. “I’m putting it in.”

Tao held his breath and let it out when Kris pushed the head of the object in and didn’t stop until all of it was inside Tao. Tao could feel his insides filled and Kris watched younger one amused. He flicked Tao’s cock, making Tao wince, and decided to tease the kid. He pulled at the toy, sliding it out a bit before putting it back in its original position. “Now how do you turn this thing on?”

“Oh my god, you’re so stupid,” Tao cried, covering his face with his hands. It was embarrassing for him to be penetrated by a silicone machine.

Kris didn’t take offense to the insult. He eyed Tao instead. “Nevermind,” he said, nonchalantly. “I found it.” With the flick of his finger, the tiny switch on the bottom of the device clicked and Tao found his hole vibrating along with the stupid thing.

Tao turned his position. His chest was now on the bed with his face smothering the sheets. His ass was up with the sight enticing Kris. Tao arched his back and his fingers dug onto the bed. His breathing grew hard and, as Kris could see, so did his member.

Kris became involved again. His hand took a hold of the toy and began to lazily pull it in and out of Tao with the vibration still on. “Yah, Huang. Do you like this?”

“Ah…God damn it, Kris…ugh, damn you—nghhh,” Tao managed to get out before having to go back into containment mode and try to contain all his moans.

“Answer the question, Huang…”

Tao wanted to cry, because he didn’t wanna admit shit to fucking Wu, but he ended up saying, “Damn it, yes…”

Kris frowned. He stopped moving his hand and switched off the vibrator.

“What are you doing!?” Tao asked, looking behind him at Kris. “If you’re gonna fucking do something, then do it! Quit leaving me hanging, Wu!”

Kris ignored that remark. “Did you just admit you liked having this fucking piece of plastic in your ass?!”

“You asked the question!” Tao yelled. “Fucking—I thought you wanted me to like it, you sadistic, bi-polar asshole!”

“Yah! Do you like it more than you like mine!?” Kris suddenly wanted to know. For reasons beyond him, the thought of being second to some sort of god damn plastic stabbed him at his pride. Tao wasn’t supposed to be  enjoying it that much…

What the fuck? Are you seriously getting antsy over a freaking toy—“Yeah!” Tao threw back. “I like it better than that thing you call a cock!” Tao decided to push it a bit more. “Damn, Wu, I wish you pulled out the toys long before tonight. Could’ve enjoyed that silicone more.”

He should’ve expected it. Kris dropped the vibrator, cursing the company that made it. Tao moved his head, turning around to look at what was happening. Before he could even see it coming, Kris’ hand came down and hit him five consecutive times. Tao hissed as his pale skin turned beet red.

He must’ve missed hearing Kris undoing his fly and pulling himself out, because the next thing Tao felt against him was Kris’ rigid member. “What do you say we do some comparison, Huang?” he asked hoarsely as he placed himself at Tao’s open and ready entryway.

“What's the point when I’ll still like the freaking toy, Wu?” Tao said out of spite.

“We’ll see about that,” Tao heard Kris gruffly say.

Before Tao knew it, Kris had rammed himself into him and went ballistic. He hammered himself into Tao. Initially he had the intent of watching the younger one’s reaction, but once he buried himself in the stupid kid, Kris lost his thoughts and crumbled to his own sexual desires. Acts of revenge aside, he focused on what was currently happening. Kris took Tao’s leg and rested it on his shoulder, splitting Tao in half. His hand found Tao’s dripping member and began to squeeze and rub it just as hard has he was shoving himself in Tao’s cleft.

“Kris!” Tao cried. “H-Hard! You’re going too hard! Ah—”

“But admit it—” Kris thrusted. “—you like it—” He smirked. “—don’t you, Huang?”

Tao kept quiet except for his raging moans. He’d lick his lips, making Kris want to lean forward and mindlessly explore the insides of his mouth, but he resisted. Kissing was a no-go policy for him. Kissing “Panda Shit” was dangerous territory for Kris. For all he knew, that could cause the kid to become clingy and that was the last thing Kris Wu needed.

Kris watched as Tao lost restraint and tarnished himself. Like he did weeks before in the shed, Kris wiped Tao’s cum on his body. Then he placed the unoccupied hand by Tao’s waist to ram himself deeper into his body. He didn’t follow until seconds later. When that happened, Kris pulled out the last minute, spilling himself on the bed instead of inside Tao.

Tao watched as Kris pumped himself harder, trying to release everything out. Deep inside, in some corner in himself, Tao felt angered. Again, here was Kris being an asshole, making him feel like total used-up shit. In all his sexual instigations, just when he was about to reach the end, Kris always pulled out, not wasting one drop of sperm inside Tao.

“Ugh!” Tao turned his head and buried his face in the sheets, but turned back around to catch some air. In his state, he needed as much as he could get. Being angry didn’t help regulate his breathing though, but there was nothing Tao could do about that. He couldn’t do anything about feeling like a blow-up doll either.

After a while, Kris glanced up at Tao from beneath his eyelashes. “Sorry that I didn’t spill myself into you, Huang,” Kris said in a not-so-sorry voice.

“Like I even wanted that gross shit inside me, you pretentious ass,” Tao said, turning his head from the sheets just to say those words.

Kris shrugged. “Fine.” Kris got off the bed and threw Tao a look. “Get up and clean yourself. Pick that stupid thing off the floor, too. Throw it away.”

Tao scrunched a brow as he looked at the toy on the floor. “Why—”

“Because I told you so and because we don’t fucking need it.”

Tao was silent for a while, staring at Kris’ back. “Okay…”

When Kris heard rustling behind him made from Tao’s movements, he began to move again, heading toward the bathroom. “Hurry up and get clean. We have to go down to that stupid dining hall.” Then, just as he was out of Tao’s hearing range, he mumbled: “…Panda Shit.”

Kai had raced against time just to get to the bar. He had to bang the first floor button fifty times in the elevator before the doors actually closed and started descending. He almost tripped because of a maid’s cart. He had bumped into strangers who threw him nasty looks that he could hardly find the time to give a fuck about. But, all his efforts went down the toilet as he started at the bar and saw that Kyungsoo wasn’t there.

What the…Fuck, I’m late. I’m late, I’m late, I'm l–


Kai whipped around and felt the weight of the world off his shoulders. He stepped out of the hotel’s bar and out into its large lobby. He placed both hands on Kyungsoo shoulders, looking at him wordlessly.

Kyungsoo drew back, confused. “Are you okay?”

Kai heard the question, but he had some questions of his own, which he thought were more important than Kyungsoo’s question about his well-being and sanity. “Kyung, are you still a virgin? You didn’t go and screw a girl in the bathroom? No sex? No oral-sex? Hand jobs and blow jobs count as sex. Some people might disagree, but I—”

“Yah!” Kyungsoo’s eyes were big and wide. “W-Why you asking me these things, Kai?”

Just the look on Kyungsoo’s face and his reluctance to look at Kai gave Kai the reassurance that Chanyeol had lied to him. You giant piece of shi—“Yah. If you’re not here to sex someone, what the hell are you doing by the bar?”

“I’m here because the dining hall’s that way!” Kyungsoo said, pointing at a room that was just meters away from the bar.


“Yeah,” Kyungsoo rolled his eyes. “Where’s Chanyeol? And Baek?”

“Let’s not worry about them.” Kai had an idea, but he didn’t wanna share it. It wasn’t any of his business.

“But, it’s—”

“I said let’s not, Kyung.” Kai slid an arm around Kyungsoo and began to lead him to the dining hall. “Let’s go. Quit worrying about those two idiots. I’m sure they’re fine…” Kai could almost laugh. Yeah, they were fine alright... Fucking fine.

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