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The Letter 14

Chapter 14

The conversation on the bus eventually died down an hour or so into the trip. Many of them fell asleep. Baekhyun was one of them. He took the precautions of making sure he didn’t end up leaning against the idiot next to him. His head rested as comfortably as it could against the window.

Chanyeol turned his head at the sleeping kid next to him and frowned. He tsked and sighed. He was bored. No one was there to talk to. He ditched his friends who were sitting at the front. Chanyeol could see Sehun, awake, but he was following Kai’s habit and texting on his phone.

He glanced at Baekhyun and then glanced down at the blanket he pulled out hours again because of the cold morning atmosphere. It was a cute blanket, which served a cute little purpose of warming his Baekhyun, but Chanyeol was still bored. He sighed again and leaned back in his seat for a second before sitting straight up again with a new and impulsive idea in his head. Sorry, Baek.

Chanyeol gently grabbed part of Baekhyun’s blanket and placed it over himself, too. Baekhyun stirred, but stayed sleeping. Chanyeol smirked. He turned his body toward Baekhyun, blocking them from the rest of people on the bus. From under the blanket, his hands crawled to the inside of Baekhyun’s thighs. His eyes carefully watched the unknowing Baekhyun. He smirked as his fingers felt the first touch of Baekhyun.

His fingers efficiently found the zippers to Baekhyun’s pants and skillfully slid it down. He undid the single button on Baekhyun’s pants without even needing to looking under the sheet. Chanyeol had done it so many times in his dreams, he could do it with ease in real life.

Chanyeol found the hem of Baekhyun’s underwear and pulled it down enough for his fingers to find and grab a gentle hold of Baekhyun’s limp cock. Chanyeol knew there was nothing to be excited about at this part, but it was like the deprivation gave his cock its own mind.

He took his Baekhyun in his hand, his hand engulfing him whole. He took his other hand to pull and hold the underwear open enough for him to full stroke the kid with no material to roughly brush against. Chanyeol began to initiate movement. He rubbed Baekhyun slowly at first, brushing his thumb at the head and pressing a finger, pressuring his slit. Baekhyun twisted and groaned in his sleep and Chanyeol smirked as he saw the sight. He saw Baekhyun’s chest beginning to heave higher and faster. Beneath his hand, he felt Baekhyun grow. Baekhyun wasn’t the only one growing in painful pleasure.

When Chanyeol managed to get Baekhyun up and erect, that was when Baekhyun woke up, letting out a small gasp. He had tiny beads of sweat on his forehead. His heart was pounding. Stupid dreams! Baekhyun immediately thought. Shit, stupid erotic drea—Baekhyun paused as it dawned on him. He was hard, but there was already a hand stroking his member and he knew that it definitely wasn’t him. He immediately turned to Chanyeol, flushed.

“Chanyeol!” he whispered brokenly, trying to keep his voice down. “Wha—Mhm—What do you think you doing!?”

“Glad you’re up, Baek,” Chanyeol whispered, leaning in and taking Baekhyun by the lips, slipping his tongue in unexpectedly. When he pulled away, he lightly nipped at the weak Baekhyun’s lips.

“Chanyeol,” Baekhyun panted. “Not here—”

“No one’s gonna see,” Chanyeol smirked. “But if you keep up with your sounds, someone’s gonna suspect we’re doing something we’re not supposed to.”

“You’re doing something you’re not supposed to, you giant—ngh!” Baekhyun bit his lips to keep a moan. His hands went below deck and tried to pull Chanyeol’s away. “Quit it! Quit squeezing me!” he urgently whispered.

“Why?” Chanyeol whispered, brushing his lips against Baekhyun’s open mouth again. “You’re seriously not gonna have a hard on untaken care of ‘til we get to the hotel, are you?”

Baekhyun scowled at him; his face red. His hands couldn’t do anything to Chanyeol’s. Chanyeol kept moving up and down his shaft. Baekhyun tried to keep his breathing and sounds under control. He felt like crying, but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to attract attention to them. Chanyeol, you’re such an idio—“This is all your fault,” Baekhyun whispered, desperate for some sort of release.

“Then let me take care of it,” Chanyeol smirked against Baekhyun’s lips. “Use me. It’s okay.”

Baekhyun, throwing all his reasons and current thoughts away, leaned in toward Chanyeol, burying his face in his shirt. He said something muffled as he gripped onto Chanyeol’s shirt, balling it in his fists. “What’d you say?” Chanyeol hotly whispered in Baekhyun’s ear.

“I s-said, I hate you..!” Baekhyun whispered back.

Chanyeol grinned. His hands could feel Baekhyun leak out precum. He only stroked harder, making Baekhyun grip and pull against him even more. “Shut up and just enjoy this, Baek,” he said in his deep voice, seducing Baekhyun to release his self-will, which he later did, tarnishing his blanket.

Baekhyun couldn’t go back to sleep after that. He stuffed his blanket in his bag, making sure the tarnished side was folded in and wouldn’t spread to his bag. He wouldn’t look at Chanyeol for the remainder of the ride despite Chanyeol’s whining. Even when life inside the bus came back and people were talking again, Baekhyun would only mumble a few responses to Chanyeol.

But true to his social reputation and people skills, Chanyeol eventually got Baekhyun to respond properly. He got Baekhyun back to his usual rhythm. “I don’t know what the hell you thought you’d accomplish with that stupid thing you fucking pulled,” Baekhyun said, sounding mildly angry, but at the same time, he didn’t seem very bothered with Chanyeol.

“I just wanted to see your erotic face.”

“You’re stupid.”

Ignoring that, Chanyeol teased, “The last time I gave you a hand job, it was in that locker room, but I didn’t get to see your face that time.” Baekhyun didn’t reply. He only grew red. “Did you look like that when you were masturbating?”

“Shut up, Chanyeol.”

“I bet you did.”

Baekhyun lifted a fist and punched Chanyeol on the shoulder as hard as he could, but it fell short and ended up making the giant laugh instead.

When the bus arrived at their destination, everyone began to get up at the same time. Chanyeol grabbed their carry-on bags from under their seats and tossed Baekhyun his. “Come on. We gotta go get Kai.”

“What? Why?” Baekhyun asked, quickly catching the bag before it hit his face.

“So we can tell him that you want to room with me too.”

“That’s a lie.”

“Is it?” Chanyeol raised a brow. “Sorry, Baek, but you wanna room with me just as much as I want to room with you. I just know it.” He clicked his tongue and pointed at Baekhyun. “If we roomed, we’d do more than hand jobs and kissing.”

Baekhyun forgot how to breathe for a second. “Idiot!”

Chanyeol laughed. He stepped into the aisle and threw his bag over his shoulder. “After you,” he said, making room for Baekhyun to go in front of him. Baekhyun frowned at Chanyeol, but didn’t refused the chance to gain grounds away from him. He clutched onto his bag, scooted out of their seats and walked in front of Chanyeol.

Baekhyun hopped off the bus first and was immediately pulled off to the side by Lay, who grabbed his arm the moment he saw Baekhyun. “Hey,” Lay smirked.

“Oh, hi, Lay,” Baekhyun replied, still caught off guard, but nonetheless, he gave Lay a smile.

“I wish I could’ve roomed with you,” Lay admitted. His hand traveled to Baekhyun’s and gripped it momentarily.

“Ah, yeah,” Baekhyun said, trying to keep the smile on his face while trying to nonchalantly slip away from Lay’s hand. “That would’ve been fun.”

“Could have been,” Lay said, shrugging.

Chanyeol got off the bus not too long after. The first thing he saw was Lay and his hand on Baekhyun. “If you want to keep that limb, you better quit touching him,” he warned Lay in a serious tone.

Lay’s eyes pierce at Chanyeol’s, but he let Baekhyun go anyway. “Fine, but the last time I checked, he doesn’t belong to you.”

“Not officially,” Chanyeol retorted. His eyes moved to Baekhyun, giving him a teasing look. “But soon.”

Lay rolled his eyes and began to step away off in another direction. “Whatever. I’ll see you around, Byun,” he said, waving at Baekhyun.

“Bye!” Baekhyun waved back at Lay until Chanyeol got annoyed, grabbed his hand, and force it back down.

“Stop that.”

“Stop what?” Baekhyun asked, turning to look up at Chanyeol.

“Stop being nice to him.”


“Because you’re mine.”

Everyone was sent off to put their luggage in their designated rooms. Chanyeol did some last minute begging, threatening, and bribing, but Kai wouldn’t budge. Chanyeol wanted to send him off to die in space.

Since it was the first day of the retreat and the day was almost half over, the majority of kids decided to go across the hotel and head on over to the beach area. Baekhyun went after being coerced by Kyungsoo and Tao. When they got there, they saw that a volleyball game had already been set up by Kai.

Kai saw his roommate and Kyungsoo making their way over and called out to them. “Hey! Kyung! Baek! Panda!” he yelled as he waved an arm around. “Come here! Play with us!”

“What the fuck, Kai?” Kris grumbled. “They don’t look like they know how to do any type of sports.”

Kai and Chanyeol turned to him. “We don’t give a shit.”

Over at the three, Tao leaned over and whispered to Kyungsoo, “Should we?” He glanced at Kris, who was glaring at him, telling him to get the fuck away.

Kyungsoo didn’t see. His eyes were stuck on his role model: Kai. “Why not?” Kyungso waved back. “Okay! We’re coming!”

Kai smirked. He turned to the people who were already at the game court. “Who wants Panda?” Kris was the only one on the other side of the net who didn’t agree with his side’s response. “Okay. Tao, you’re over at that side. Kyung and Baek, you’re on my team.”

“What!?” Chanyeol scrunched a brow. “Nevermind! We’ll trade you Zelo for Baek.”

“Don’t be an idiot, Yeol!” Kris barked. “Zelo’s good!”


“Shut up, I’m team captain of this side,” Kris declared. “And I say that we keep Zelo.”

Chanyeol frowned, but then decided competing against Baekhyun would be somewhat fun, if not exhilarating. He nodded. “Okay.”

“Then it’s settled.” Kai counted the members on each side. The numbers were unorthodox to the formal rules of the game, but it wasn’t meant to be a full on competition. “So, Chanyeol, Kris, Zelo, Tao, and Rome versus Baek, Kyung, Zico, Daehyun and me.”

“Yup,” Kris drawled.

Kai made a face at the arrogant bitch. “Fine.” He took a step back and was about to hit the ball and start the game, when a sudden thought came to him. “Wait!” Everyone paused at Kai’s sudden stop. He set the ball down and everyone watched his actions. He moved over to Kyungsoo and told him to take his shirt off. Kyungsoo was shocked, but after Kai whispered a few things in his ear and spared a few glances over at some girls watching them from not too far away, Kyungsoo conceded. He took off his shirt, roughly folded it, and set it off to the side.

“Are you done!?” Kris barked.

“Hold your dick, Kris!” Kai barked back. He shook his head and moved on to Baekhyun. “You too, Baek. You gotta fit in with the status quo of this game.”

Baekhyun looked at him, and then glanced at the guys behind them. Everyone was shirtless. Even Chanyeol...You fit bitch, Baekhyun cursed. He sighed and proceeded to take his shirt off. He heard someone take in a sharp breath. Baekhyun assumed it was Chanyeol. When he finished, his hair was ruffled a bit. He tossed his shirt with Kyungsoo’s. Tao was the only one of the three that didn’t need to—as Kris initially noticed.

“Okay, we’re ready!” Kai announced. He got back into position and served the ball. Baekhyun turned out to be a moderately good player. He managed to score once for his side, which earned him an unexpected chest bump and man-hug from a shirtless Kai. Baekhyun was too caught up in the happy moment of actually scoring and being happy with Kai that he didn’t notice Chanyeol’s deep frown and lip biting action.

Kyungsoo was less of an undiscovered athlete. The ball rarely came over to him, and when it did, he always failed to get it over the net. No one was too disappointed in him, though. No one could find it in themselves to be angry with the small guy, who had the eyes of an angel. Kai would always take the opportunity to put an arm around him and comfort his friend.

Tao proved to be a valuable player. Even Kris was amazed by the kid. He hated to admit it though. In one incident, no one called the ball so Kris and Tao both went at it at the same time. Both of them collided and fell on the soft sand. Tao in-avertedly landed on top of Kris, who pushed him off the moment he regained himself and realized that the kid was on top of his crotch.

The game went on for an hour, but to all of them, it didn’t feel that long. They ended up having a tied score, so when they were all tired and about ready to be done, they decided that the team that would score next would take the win. The last round was intense and everyone—even Kyungsoo—put in their best effort.

In the midst of the game, Baekhyun caught a figure in the corner of his eye. He glanced over and saw that it was Sehun in nothing, but shorts, leaning against a tree, watching the ten guys go at it. Baekhyun knew that he was in the process of getting over his two-year long crush on Sehun, but he couldn’t stop the thoughts from flooding in his head. Gah, he’s so fucking cool, Baekhyun’s insides cried. He’s just—


Baekhyun snapped out of his thoughts, but it was too late. The ball—hit by Tao—impacted him straight in the face, making him fall backwards. He rolled around a bit and was mentally aware that there were people crowding around him then. His ears were still ringing, but slowly he could make out the words they were all saying.

Chanyeol’s face was the closest and centered. “Baek! Yah! Idiot!” Baekhyun didn’t say anything. He just scowled at the giant and closed his eyes, hoping that it’d help regain his orientation.

“Hyung?” he heard Zelo’s voice say. Then he felt someone poke him. He assumed it was the kid, but again, Baekhyun didn’t answer.

When he opened his eyes again, Baekhyun saw Sehun standing and towering over the rest who were crouching down beside him. “Hey,” he said. “Are you okay?”


Sehun held out a hand. Baekhyun took it without a thought filter that considered Chanyeol’s presence. When he got off the sand, Kyungsoo and Tao helped him wipe off the tiny rocks. “Thanks.”

“No problem.”

Chanyeol glowered at Sehun. “Yah, where’d you come from?”

“I got bored at the hotel.”

“I told you you’d get bored!” Rome laughed, pointing at Sehun.

Sehun threw his roommate a look and rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, okay.”

Kris picked the ball up with his hands and threw it at Kai, secretly hoping that it’d hit his face. Kai, with quick reflexes, caught the ball. “What the fuck, Wu?”

“Enough distractions. You lost.”

Kai was silent for a moment before glancing over at his team. “Okay, yeah. We lost.”

“What should your punishment be?”

It’d always been an unspoken tradition to punish the losing person or team whenever a competition in the exclusive social circle ensued. Kai dropped the ball and sighed. “I don’t know. What about a run?”

“It seems a little weak, but I can’t think of anything right now. Fine.” Kris pointed at one end of the beach to the other. “Run from there to over there. Then back.”

Kai pounded a fist on his chest and one-upped Kris. “Easy.”

Kris scoffed. Let’s see how well your other players will do, Kai.

For Kai, the run ended up not being so bad since he was used to running miles a week. Baekhyun wasn’t as fit as Kai and ended up lagging two minutes into the run. But, he did try to keep face. There were girls there and he didn’t want to seem so weak. Kyungsoo, surprisingly, did better than Baekhyun. He even kept up with Kai. From behind, Baekhyun kept giving them questioning looks. Maybe I should get Kai to help me out too…Zico and Daehyun were able to do it with such breeze that watching them made Baekhyun seriously think about his body structure.

As Chanyeol watched the five run, his eyes were glued onto Baekhyun and his lagging body. “Yah, Kris, make Baek stop.”

“Can’t. They’re part of one team. They should get the same amount of punishment.”

“You’re horrible…” Tao mumbled.

Kris looked back at Tao. “What’d you say, Panda?”


Kris dismissed Tao. “I’ll deal with you back in the room.”

Chanyeol—who didn’t listen in on their conversation—said, “Kris, seriously. Look at him!”

“He’ll be fine, Yeol!”


“He’ll be fine,” Kris said adamantly.

“Gah! My feet hurt so bad!” Baekhyun yelled into his bed, which muffled his voice to a modern level of volume.

Kai, feeling a bit guilty, sat at the edge of Baekhyun’s bed and began to rub his bare back with the heel of his palm. “Yah, Byun. Sorry, this is my fault.”

“How is it your fault? I missed the ball…” Baekhyun mumbled off to the side as he let Kai massage his back.

“Yeah, but I could’ve had Kris give you something less harsh. Sand actually wears away skin, so I guess if you have skin like yours, you could—”

“—tear easily?”

Kai hit him hard on the back. “You’re making yourself sound like you’ll wither away any moment. Stop.”

“Ay, yeah. Sorry. Keep rubbing.”

Kai followed Baekhyun’s request until he got an idea that could solve Baekhyun’s foot issues. He flipped Baekhyun on his back. “Baek, scoot up the bed.”

Confused, but willing, Baekhyun scooted up. “Why?”

“You’ll see,” Kai replied with a glisten in his eyes.

Chanyeol tried to stay away from Baekhyun after separating from him when they got back at the hotel, but it’d been ten minutes and he knew in the back of his mind that his baby was sore in places. After trying to contain himself, Chanyeol failed. He got off his bed, slipped on a shirt and walked to the door.

Kyungsoo stuck his head from the bathroom. “Hey, where’re you going?”

“Uh…” Chanyeol thought. Then he realized he could use the school dinner as an excuse. “I’m going to go tell Kai and Baek that it’s almost time to go to the hall and eat…”

Kyungsoo looked at him for a second. “Okay.” Then he slipped back in and Chanyeol was free to go.

Chanyeol stopped by a local pharmacy and got every possible small item that he thought Baekhyun would need. He didn’t know specifically what Baekhyun would’ve needed, but he wasn’t going over there unprepared.

When Chanyeol reached the room, he felt pretty proud of himself for being such a caring person. This is pretty fucking rare, he thought to himself as he stood outside the door with a bunch of supplies he bought off the shelves. He was about to knock when he heard his Baekhyun moan from the door.

Something sparked in Chanyeol. “Baek!” He heard no answer. Fucking Kai, I swear—Chanyeol balled his fingers into a fist and gave the door a pound. “Kai!” When no one answered back, Chanyeol reached for the handle. He was surprised that it was unlocked, but let himself in. If you going to fucking fuck then you should’ve closed the fucking door! I’m going to kill you, Kai—

“Oh my god, Kai, you’re so good at this,” Baekhyun groaned.

“This is how I seduce women.” Kai kept massaging Baekhyun’s feet and Baekhyun kept feeling like he was in heaven. At first he was ticklish to Kai’s touch, but eventually he got used to it and sunk deeper into his bed. But, this heaven broke apart and Baekhyun was forcibly pulled back down to earth by his giant’s voice.

“What the hell are you two—”

Baekhyun sat up. “Chanyeol! What—I…What the heck! Why’re you in our room?”

Chanyeol paid him no mind. His attention went to Kai. “Yah, Kyungsoo’s asking for you.”

“Why?” Kai asked, skeptical as he got off Baekhyun’s bed.

“He needs a wing man,” Chanyeol said. “He’s at the bar downstairs and needs your help to score this one girl. He wants to lose his virginity.”

Kai’s eyes grew. He quickly grabbed a jacket and zipped it up. “Uh, Baek, I’ll be back, okay? I gotta go sto—Ah, help Kyung get some experience.” With that, Kai was out of the room.

Baekhyun watched him as he left and, as the door shut, he plopped back down on the bed. “Liar. Why’re you really here?”

“To give you these.” Chanyeol set the bag and himself on the edge of Baekhyun’s bed. “I thought you’d need them…well, some of them. I didn’t know what to get. You didn’t really tell me anything, and I know that I didn’t have to, but you seemed like you were kind of sore or in pain. Here, I got this and this.” Chanyeol pulled out some products. “Um, and this. I don’t know. Like I said, I wasn’t sure what you needed so I—”

Baekhyun groaned. “Quit rambling, Chanyeol, and just put something on my feet. You just tricked my heavenly massager out the door so you better do a hell of a fucking job treating me.”

Chanyeol grinned and shrugged. “I can do that.”

Much to Baekhyun’s surprise, Chanyeol was just as good as Kai. I didn’t quite expect this idiot to know anything useful…When Baekhyun deemed himself okay, he pulled his feet from Chanyeol’s grasp. “Thanks…”

“I think I deserve more than that,” Chanyeol smirked smugly.

“Like what?”

“A simple kiss would do.”

Baekhyun stared blankly at the guy and Chanyeol thought that he was surely going to get kicked in the face by the foot he just nursed back to health. He did. Chanyeol did get hit by Baekhyun’s foot, but it wasn’t hard. It was done in a conceding manner. “Fine.”

Chanyeol’s ears perked. “Really?”

“Hurry up before I change my mind.”

“You don’t need to tell me twice.”

Chanyeol crawled on top of the bed and made his way to Baekhyun’s lips. Baekhyun was expecting a quick kiss, but Chanyeol had a different idea. He cupped Baekhyun’s face with a hand and entered his mouth, exploring it. Baekhyun eventually gave in. His tongue danced to the same rhythm and stroke as Chanyeol’s. Deepening their kiss was passionate, but it led to a lack of air, making both of them gasp and pant.

“Okay, we’re done,” Baekhyun croaked out, even though he really didn’t want it to end.

“Shit, Baek,” Chanyeol growled. His hands ran up and down Baekhyun’s naked torso. “You should’ve worn a shirt cause now all I wanna do is rip your shorts off and have you lay completely naked beneath me.”

Baekhyun blushed, but he couldn’t deny the fact that having Chanyeol’s hand touch him in all his places after that hot kiss was getting him pretty excited. I’m gonna regret. I’m gonna fucking regret this—

“Then do it.”

Chanyeol froze. He didn’t believe he heard Baekhyun’s words correctly. “What?” Baekhyun didn’t respond. He kept his eyes covered by his forearm. “Baek, tell me what you just said—”

“I said do it! Just…just take them off already, Park,” Baekhyun said. “Don’t make me say it again…please.”

Chanyeol couldn’t help the outbreak of a smile. “Baek, I promise you, I won’t,” he whispered against Baekhyun’s lips before kissing him and gripping the hem of his Baekhyun’s shorts.

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