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The Letter 13

Chapter 13

—Second Year—

Sehun waited outside the gates, looking for a particular student: Luhan. He spotted him walking his way after a few minutes. He broke out into a small jog to meet up with the guy, surprising him as Sehun suddenly popped up in his face.

“Oh. It’s you again,” Luhan said dully, clutching his bag strap. “I told you already. My job isn’t to be your friend or your date. What I do is usually a short job. We do it, we get it done, we go our separate ways.”

“I know.”

“Then what’re you doing here, standing in front of me?” Luhan questioned.

“I…I wanna do that thing,” Sehun mumbled. He reached into his bag and pulled out money that seemed a lot less than what he presented a week ago. He silently held it out to Luhan, who gave him a quizzed look.

“Why?” Luhan had to ask. “You look like a virgin. You act like one too. I wouldn’t wanna taint you.”


Luhan pushed Sehun’s hand back, not taking the money. “Go lose your virginity first,” Luhan joked as he laughed. “That way we’ll be two sinners fucking instead of a sinner and an angel.” Luhan pinched Sehun’s cheek lightly before walking past the speechless boy. “Good-bye, Flower Boy. Comeback to me when you become the Deflowered Boy.”

—Second Year—

Sehun looked at the girls in front of him and began to unbutton his shirt.

It’d been three months since the last time he spoke with Luhan and he was still on a sexual rampage. Often times, Sehun would attend karaoke parties and end up taking at least one girl to a hotel, if not two. Luhan had told him to come back when he wasn’t a virgin anymore, and be it that he like it or not, Sehun was no longer one.

He lost his virginity in a drunken state at one of Chanyeol’s parties. He didn’t even know the girl and it was so unlike him to even drink, but he really didn’t want to be sober when he stuck himself in her or responded to her sloppy kisses.

Since then, Sehun had picked up multiple girls from different high schools. He did this in order to avoid stupid remarks in the halls of his own. It didn’t take Sehun long to figure out that a lot of them went for the quiet, mysterious type. He took advantage of his quiet demeanor to attract them and snatch them up when they were ready.

They were all disgusting to him. The only reason he was able to get himself up and hard was to think of that stupid blonde who refused him because of his innocence and virginity. The only thing Sehun could do was keep on thrusting, learning the art of pleasure, and hopefully impress the blonde when he would finally agree to accept his money.

After the business was all done and Sehun had infiltrated his prey’s bed, the next thing he’d infiltrate was his prey’s heart.

What he found interesting about Luhan was a mystery. He liked the way he looked. The guy was born out of good genetics. He was obviously smart because despite his promiscuous ways, he still maintained good grades—as Sehun saw in the school rankings. Sehun hated his attitude toward him, though. He disliked the way he treated him like a child. He didn’t understand that. He—

“Sehun, oppa,” one of the girls cooed, snapping Sehun from his thoughts. “Come on. What’s taking so long?”

Another girl hopped on his bed. “Oppa, hurry up.”

And when Sehun just looked at them and grunted, the two girls both giggled, assuming that this was Sehun’s mysterious side playing. Stupid sluts…

—Second Year—

Luhan was pushed up against the lockers, getting his shorts pulled down by two guys.

“Ay, Luhan, do you like it rough?” one of them asked.

Obligated to, Luhan gasped out, “Yes!”

The other male slapped him on the face before forcibly laying him out on the bench, spreading his legs for all of his glory to be seen by the two.  Luhan groaned when he felt a finger touch his hole and felt his cock slowly spring to life.

“Yah, you really are a slut!” They laughed.

They began probing him. The idiots lubricated their fingers after their first fingering session. Luhan had to deal with their rough fingers, trying to cry the pain away in disguise of pleasure. “MMm, more…” he said, even though he didn’t want any more from these high paying amatuers. “Give me some more!”

“More of what?”

You disgusting fucking—“Y-Your fingers! Give me more! Please—ngh!”

The two males laughed at Luhan’s act. They bought it. One began to unzip and free his length while the other continued to play with Luhan’s insides.

“Open your mouth, slut.”

Luhan did as he was told.

“Now tell me how much you want it.”

“I-I want your juicy cock my mouth—Please.”

—Second Year—

Sehun found Luhan in the locker room, wiping his mouth. He looked at the fully clothed boy. In another world, Sehun would’ve overlooked the mouth-wiping action, but it was pretty clear to him that Luhan just got done with a job. He didn’t like it.

Sehun came up from behind and spun Luhan around by grabbing onto one of his shoulders. Luhan almost had a heart attack until he saw who it was behind him. “Flower Boy…what’re you doing here?”

Sehun didn’t say a word. For the third time, he took out money and held it out to Luhan. For the second time, Luhan had to say, “That’s too much.”

“No, it isn’t.” Sehun looked the blonde in the eyes. “Not for what I’m asking.”

“Even unusual sex doesn’t cost this much,” Luhan observed. “What are you asking for?”

“Be mine for a week.”

—Present Time—

The project presentation between Sehun and Baekhyun went perfectly well. The class seemed to like Baekhyun’s poster and their report based on Baekhyun’s research. Baekhyun’s voice was loud and clear, which the teacher liked. Baekhyun’s demonstrations made their research topic easily understandable.

Sehun’s only job in the presentation was to hold the poster in place. His eyes kept everyone focused, threatening to kill anybody who didn’t give their full attention to the boy beside him who did all of the work. The only time he spoke was in their introduction and when Baekhyun cued him to read a single fact out loud to the class.

Despite Sehun’s inactiveness in their group project, Baekhyun told the teacher that Sehun had done half the work behind the scenes. He never got a “Thank you” from Sehun, but it wasn’t like he expected it. He knew Sehun wasn’t exactly the talkative or open type. Even something as saying thanks might’ve been challenging for him. Baekhyun didn’t think about it too much. It was easier on his conscience and on his thin relationship with Sehun to lie and give him credit for the work anyways. After a while, Baekhyun began to wonder what he actually saw in Sehun…

The school retreat was a few days away and everyone was excited for it. Kyungsoo was a bit more confident in his body. He even dragged Baekhyun to go buy new swim trunks for the retreat, which Baekhyun ended up enjoying since Kyungsoo found him some really spiffy shorts.

The biggest buzz about the trip was who’d be roomed with who. The only people going were third years so it shortened the spectra of students to guess from.

Chanyeol sat in class, listening to his teacher go on and on about the trip, but frankly he didn’t give a flying fuck about all the events. He just wanted to take this opportunity to take Baekhyun again. He felt like he waited long enough. He was tired of spurting semen in his own shower. He was tired of his own hand. He was tired of using his imagination. He wanted the real thing.

Having Baekhyun sleep with him willingly this time didn’t seem too hard of a task. Chanyeol felt like Baekhyun had grown to like him already. He even masturbated to him! Chanyeol cursed. The memory of Baekhyun telling him about his dream was seducing Chanyeol’s cock to go hard.

The list on who was roomed with who was posted two days before the trip. People who were crowding around the bulletin were either silent, groaning, or happy.

Baekhyun had to push his way through the crowd to get to Kyungsoo, who was at the very front, looking at the paper with his big eyes. “Yah! Kyung!”

“Baek!” Kyungsoo grabbed Baekhyun by the hand and helped him through the crowd. “Did you see who you were rooming with, yet?”

“No. I just got here.”

“Oh,” Kyungsoo said. He lightly punched Baekhyun on the shoulder. “Listen! Of all the people, I got Park Chanyeol, your one-night stand!”

Baekhyun didn’t know whether to sigh in relief or disappointment. He grinned at Kyungsoo. “Yah! That’s great! Now I don’t have to deal with that giant idiot!” He slapped Kyungsoo in the back. “Good luck with him, Kyung!”

“Yah, Baek, switch me!” Kyungsoo cried.

“I don’t even know who I have yet!”

“You have Kai,” Kyungsoo quickly informed. “Now switch with me,” he said, touching Baekhyun’s arm.

“Yah! Like I could even sleep with that idiot in the room!”

“But I wanna—”


“Baek! Someone has to keep me on my daily routine, keep me on track of my diet and help me get motivated to do my morning exercise.”

“Ask Park to do that for you!”

“I don’t think Chanyeol works out…”

Oh, that bitch does, Baekhyun thought, rolling his eyes. “Listen, Kyung. I’m not staying in the same room as him and that’s final.”

Tao came up from behind them. “Hey guys.”

“Hey, Panda,” Baekhyun teased.

Tao grinned, but it seemed a little tired and sad to Baekhyun. “Do you guys know who you’re rooming with?” Baekhyun nodded satisfied while Kyungsoo nodded with disappointment. “Aw. I wanted to room with one of you guys or Suho. Do you guys see my name anywhere?”

“Mmm, yeah,” Kyungsoo replied. He pointed to a certain spot on the paper. “Tao, you’ll be with…Kris Wu.”

Baekhyun watched Tao’s face drop and his lips quiver. “A-Ah…I gotta go.” Tao immediately turned back and pushed against the wave of people behind them. He quickly slipped through and Baekhyun could no longer see him.

“Did something happen between them?” Baekhyun mumbled.

Kyungsoo shrugged. “I don’t know. Tao never said anything. He must not just like him.”

Baekhyun was still staring at Tao’s exit path. “Yeah…I guess.”

“Kai! You bastard!” Chanyeol jumped Kai at his locker afterschool, hitting him on the side of the head with his large palm.

“What the fuck, Yeol!?” Kai cried, rubbing his head.

“Switch!” Chanyeol ordered. He blew his hair out of his face when a few strands decided to make their way on his face.

“Switch what?” Kai scowled. “I have no fucking idea what the hell you’re going on about!”

“The stupid retreat! Switch roommates with me,” Chanyeol said, calming himself down to avoid sounding like a breathless bitch.

“Wh-why!?” Kai moved away from Chanyeol, sensing he was going to be hit again. “Christ, Yeol. Calm your dick!”

Chanyeol took a breather. “I wanna room with Baek.”

“Okay, good,” Kai said, satisfied that Chanyeol hadn’t hit him again or was freaking out so hard he couldn’t understand him. “Why? Cause I was really looking forward to rooming with someone who isn’t annoying.” He gave Chanyeol a look. “Like you.”

“Fuck off,” Chanyeol scowled. “Just switch with me. I’ve got Kyungsoo. The one with the big eyes.”

“Kyung?” Kai’s ears perked, but he forced them down. “Oh, Kyung…” he said, less interestedly. “I think I’d like Baekhyun more.” Kai decided he was going to play with the giant.

“The only thing you’ll be liking is my foot up your ass hole!” Chanyeol threatened.

“Then lube that shit up, cause I’m keeping Baek!” Kai yelled before turning and running away from the fuming Chanyeol, laughing.

Even though Chanyeol couldn’t control Kai’s annoying-as-fuck game with him, Chanyeol could control where he sat on the bus. Of all people, he chose his Baekhyun, his I’m-masturbating-to-my-dream-of-us-fucking lover.

When Chanyeol got on the bus, he immediately looked for Baekhyun. He found him sitting at the back with Tao. Kris, with an open seat he saved, called out to him. Chanyeol turned his head to him, but shook his head.

“What…where’re you going to sit, then!?” Kris asked loudly. “This is the last fucking seat on this bus!”

“Geez, shut up, Kris,” Chanyeol said, passing him while waving him off. “I’ll get you a bus buddy. Don’t worry your pretty little face off.” Kris frowned, but leaned against his seat anyways. He grumbled but that was as much as he complained about having to rush over and grab some good seats. Chanyeol made his way down the aisle. He made every other student move the fuck out of his way with his height alone, but it helped move things along. Soon, Chanyeol found himself standing over Baekhyun.

“Yeah, yeah,” Tao nodded. He showed his left ear to Baekhyun. “See? I just got these a few days ago. I thought I’d wear them today.”

Baekhyun reached out and touched Tao’s new earing. “Wah, that’s so cool…”

“Really?” Tao asked, excited. He turned his body even more to Baekhyun. “You could get piercings, too! You’d look good with them!”

Embarrassed, Baekhyun touched his own ears. “Y-Yeah? I don’t know. Maybe I should—”

“No, you shouldn’t. I like your body the way it is.”

Baekhyun looked up as Tao turned around. Both looked at the giant standing over them. “Park?”

Chanyeol ignored him and turned his attention to Tao. “Hey, Panda. Can I have your seat?”


“No.” Baekhyun grabbed Tao’s hand. “You can’t.”

“I asked him, not you, babe.”

“Tao, tell him no,” Baekhyun ordered.

“I-I—” Tao was obviously intimidated by Chanyeol’s popular reputation. “I can’t. I won’t have a seat…”

Chanyeol grinned. He easily pulled the boy up off his seat. “Don’t worry. I have a seat for you over…there.” Chanyeol pointed over to the middle of the room. “The seat with no one sitting in it.”

Tao looked and saw that there was indeed a seat empty. The seat beside it seemed to have an occupant, though. But, then again, as long as it wasn’t Wu, he was fine with it. Wu was probably sitting with Kai and Chanyeol seemed like he really wanted to sit with Baekhyun…


Baekhyun’s eyes grew wide. “Tao! No!”

Tao pretended he didn’t hear Baekhyun as he collected his things and moved out of Chanyeol's way. “I’ll see you when we get off at the hotel, Baek.”

Traitor! You fucking traitor! Baekhyun threw daggers at the back of Tao’s head. Then he threw them at Chanyeol who was smirking at his win. “You’re going to make this ride a living hell.”

“Baek, you make my lonely nights a living hell every night, so deal with it,” Chanyeol said as he plopped down and threw his small bag under their seat.

“I don’t know what you think you’ll get out of this.”

“In an ideal world? You under me,” Chanyeol nonchalantly replied.

Baekhyun groaned as he purposely hit his head on the bus window. “Screw me.”

“Was that an open invitation?” Chanyeol teased as he leaned toward Baekhyun.

“You’re gross,” Baekhyun replied, pushing Chanyeol away by his face.

“Says my little Baek who masturbated at one in the morning,” Chanyeol cooed. He laughed when he saw Baekhyun’s ears turn red. “It’s okay, baby. You don’t have to masturbate during this trip. You have me.”

“Do I even wanna know what you mean by that?” Baekhyun groaned, rolling his eyes.

“Sure you do! You have the right to know,” Chanyeol replied enthusiastically. He leaned closer to Baekhyun again, fully prepared to be hit. “Because you should understand everything I’m telling you right now.”

“And why the hell is that?”

“Because then you’ll know that the person making love to you during this retreat is me, and not that brat Oh Sehun.”

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