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The Letter 12

Chapter 12

—Second Year—

He wasn’t supposed to be wandering the halls. Not during class, anyway, but Oh Sehun didn’t care. With his hands in his pockets, he walked, heading to the rooftop. Every single room and hallway he walked past were undoubtedly quiet except for the muffled voices of teachers doing their job.

Sehun sighed, bored. He ran his fingers through his hair and swept it off to the side. He turned a corner, entering the quietest hall he had walked through so far, but it was the last one just before the staircase that led to his intent destination. The classrooms he passed by were all empty since they were old, unrenovated and unused, leaving all of them to be unoccupied—

“Aw, fuck.”

Sehun froze in his tracks. He turned around and saw no one was behind him. What the hell was that? Sehun frowned and began to walk again, only to be stopped by the high pitched screeching of a desk and voices from within the room he had just passed by. He backtracked and grabbed the handle. No one’s supposed to be in here…Sehun thought. He figured whoever was in there was doing something they weren’t supposed to, like drugs. Stupid junkies.

Moving his arm, he quickly slid the door off to the side. “What’s going on in here—” Sehun stiffened. His body forgot to breathe as his brain rendered what his eyes were seeing.

A blonde male was forcibly bent on one of the desks. His entire body was naked and moving as it accepted every penetrating thrust from the guy behind him.  Sehun’s eyes were glued at the sight, especially at the blonde who was crying out in either pleasure or pain. Sehun couldn’t tell. He didn’t know what to do. Did he just walk in on a rape? Should he run and call someone? Should he—

“Get the fuck outta here, brat!” the male on top barked as he clutched the blonde one’s hair tighter, pulling his head back.

Sehun still couldn’t tear his eyes away from the blonde until he spoke. “Go—ngh! Just go, please…” the blonde one told him in a breathless voice.

Sehun took a step back, still in a complete shock at what he just witnessed. He took one last look at the blonde, who in turn looked back at him as if to say “I’m sorry” before breaking the contact to focus on his animalistic sex act with the other male. Sehun slammed the door shut, quickly turned on his heels, and ran up to the roof.

Ever since that day, everytime Sehun caught a glimpse at the blonde, he’d always find himself staring. The blonde was obviously older than him considering how Sehun noticed that he was in a third year classroom. Often times, at Sehun’s desk by the window, he’d look out and see the blonde playing soccer in Physical Ed. He’d stop watching him and look away when other players would run up behind the blonde and subtly—or openly—grab his ass or touch his groin area. The blonde—as Sehun noticed—never really seemed to care.

It wasn’t until one afternoon while sitting with his usual exclusive social circle that Sehun was approached by the blonde. Chanyeol gaped at him, wondering why the blonde was there. Kris obviously recognized him. He looked away disgusted. Kai was possibly the only one who didn’t so much as judge the guy. He just held up a hand before returning back to fiddling with his phone.

“Hi there. I’m Luhan.” Luhan held out a hand, but Sehun just blankly stared at it before looking him straight in the eye. Luhan shrugged and pulled the hand back. “Sorry. I didn’t get to introduce myself the last time we met.” Sehun didn’t respond and, as much as Luhan gave himself credit for accurately reading people, he couldn’t figure out the kid in front of him. “Can I know your name?”

Kris grumbled something inaudible. Luhan moved his attention to him. “What was that, Kris? I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you. Speak up.”

“I said to leave him alone, Luhan,” Kris cockily replied.

“You’re so damn hostile, Kris. I’m just here to talk business.” Luhan turned back to Sehun. “You can stop with the stares, you cute little thing,” he said, patting Sehun lightly on his blank face. “Just find me when you’re ready. If you can’t find me, just ask someone who knows me. They’ll tell you how to get to me. You don’t have to be so shy.”

“I’m not shy,” Sehun was quick to reply.

Luhan laughed, not believing the younger kid. “Of course. Well then, I guess I’ll be seeing you soon.” He turned around to walk away, but he didn’t fail to tell Sehun his business’ number one policy: “Cash only.”

—Second Year—

It’d been two and half weeks and Luhan was lying on his bed, staring at his phone. Every minute or so he’d get a message from someone he was acquainted with—or not—to meet up for a quick fuck at said location, but those type of texts weren’t any of what he was anticipating. “I probably scared him away…” Luhan mumbled. “That’s too bad.”

He got a knock on his door soon after and saw his mother stick her head in. “Dear, your friend is here to see you.”

“Oh. Let him in,” Luhan responded.

At the beginning of it all, Luhan felt a slight slice of guilt for bringing clients home and doing things while his own parents were present below, but after doing it so many times, discreetly and unnoticed, he mastered how to deal with the situation.

Luhan’s mom unknowingly let in his next client. “Mom, can you close the door? And don’t disturb us, please. We have to study really hard for this upcoming test.”

“Of course, honey. Study hard!” She gave them a thumbs up before leaving the room.

Luhan loved his mom, but he had to admit that she was too trusting…Once they were completely alone, Luhan moved to close the blinds and lock the door.

“Do you have it?”

His client reached into his pocket and pulled out the cash, throwing it to the nearest bed stand. Luhan took a glance at it, saw the marks that indicated how much they were worth, judged, and then looked at the guy. “You do know that that’s only going to get you a blow job, right?”

“I know.”

“Alright then,” Luhan said as he began to undo the tie to his school uniform and unbutton his shirt. The guy sat at the edge of Luhan’s bed and Luhan got on his knees, inbetween his client’s legs. Luhan’s hands touched his client’s inner thighs before getting him excited by fondling and rubbing his bulge. It didn’t take long to feel the man’s member throb from under him. Luhan began to undo the man’s buckle. “Try to keep your voice down while I suck you dry.”

—Second Year—

When Luhan least expected it, Sehun approached him after school as he was waiting to be picked up by a different client. Luhan leaned away from the wall he was on and straightened himself as Sehun walked up to him.

Sehun reached into his pocket and took out some cash, wrapped together by a well stretched band. Luhan couldn’t help, but be taken back. This kid…how much does this kid have to give!? When Luhan wasn’t meeting Sehun half-way and taking the money, Sehun moved forward, took Luhan’s hand and gently put the money in his palm.

Luhan looked at the wad again. This was equivalent to his current highest-paying client’s usual pay for him raised to the one-hundredth power.  “Yah, kid. This is way too much.”

Sehun looked at the confused blonde in front of him. “I wasn’t sure how much you were going to asking for.”

“I ask for a lot, but this is too much.” Luhan unbanded the money, split it, took the smaller half, and held out the rest back to Sehun. “Keep this.”

“Why don’t you bank it for me so I don’t have to pay you upfront every time I want to take you out.”

Luhan couldn’t help but let out a quick outburst of laughter. “Yah, kid. You don’t pay me to take me out. See here. You pay me to do things for you.”

“Like sex,” Sehun replied, nodding and indicating that he knew what Luhan’s business was all about.

“Exactly. If you wanted someone to hang out with in public, then I’m not the person you should be talking to.” Luhan looked back at the money in his hand and made Sehun take it back. “You’re too cute. I could ruin you if I could, but I won’t.” From the corner of his eye, Luhan saw the client he was waiting for. “I’ll see you around, kid. By the way, I never got your name. What is it?” Sehun didn’t reply. Luhan just grinned and patted him on the back before walking away.

—Present Time—

Every second of every minute the next day, Baekhyun couldn’t bring himself to act normal around Chanyeol. Even if Chanyeol was five hundred meters away, Baekhyun would look down and speed walk the other direction.

Chanyeol tried to get an explanation out of Baekhyun for that early morning call, but every single time he spotted that little shit, he would run off the moment they made eye contact! Suspicion grew. Chanyeol couldn’t pay attention in class as his mind began to wander around as to why the fuck Baekhyun had called his phone to practically fuck his ear and why the hell he was avoiding him like the plague.

Chanyeol wasn’t able to catch and trap Baekhyun at all during school, but he knew one thing for sure. Baekhyun liked being the last one out of the locker room.

Baekhyun quickly clicked his buckle secure and reached for his shirt. He needed to catch Suho for a ride. Kyungsoo was off of school grounds the moment the bell rang lately so Baekhyun couldn’t ride with him anymore. Unlike Kyungsoo, Suho didn’t particularly like to wait for very long. He was very uptight on schedule.

Baekhyun sighed as he began to slid his shirt over his shoulders. At least I didn’t have to have an awkward confrontation today, he thought as he pulled the shirt over his head. Ugh, I can’t even look at his face. How the hell was I going to act normal around that giant idio—

“Baek, baby.” Baekhyun’s heart almost burst out of his chest from the sudden surprise of arms wrapping themselves around him. Chanyeol’s lusty eyes watched Baekhyun from above. His hands felt Baekhyun breathe and beat a little faster. “Again with this entire seductivness in the locker room?”

Baekhyun didn’t hear his words. The pounding in his ears from his heart was too much. He pushed back against Chanyeol, forcing Chanyeol to let go of him. His breathing became hard. To Chanyeol, he seemed like frightened prey; a prey that was trapped. “Baek, what’s wrong?” he asked, trying to give Baekhyun a chance to explain his actions. Maybe Baekhyun would even explain that call—that sexy wake up call.

“I…I…” Baekhyun glanced around trying to find the best way to escape Chanyeol, but then realized that his shirt wasn’t even on thanks to Chanyeol's interruption. He quickly slipped it on and covered himself. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Park.”

Chanyeol cocked his head to the side without a smile on his face. “Quit lying.”

“I’m not—”

“You’re acting really weird, you know that?” Chanyeol pushed. “I just want some answers, Baek.”

“W-what answers?” Baekhyun asked, hoping that if he gave Chanyeol his “answers” he’d leave him alone.

“What were you doing last night?”

Baekhyun’s breath got caught in his throat. What!? No, no. Calm the fuck down. He doesn’t know! Baekhyun bit his lip and tried his best to look Chanyeol in the eye without being cowardly and backing down. “I—I was sleeping.”

“Oh, were you?” Chanyeol asked with a hard voice. Baekhyun thought he sounded angry. He thought Chanyeol looked angry, too. “Baek, tell me what you were doing last night.” Chanyeol took a step toward Baekhyun. “Or I’ll have to fuck it out of you. Right here.”

Baekhyun’s eyes grew wide. Right here? In the locker room!? “I…I was just dreaming.”

“About what?” Chanyeol finally felt some progress.

“Just…Just about school…”

“Oh? You moan like you’re having sex when you dream about school?” Chanyeol took another step. Baekhyun retaliated by taking a step back. “You moan like you’re being touched? Or breathe like someone’s having their way with you the way you like it?”

“W-where the hell are you getting these things from!?” Baekhyun cried.

“From your stupid phone call at one in the fucking morning!” Chanyeol said, raising his voice, exasperated.

“I didn’t call you, Chanyeol!”

“Yes you fucking did!” Chanyeol retorted. “You fucking called! You were doing something, Baek! You were moaning the shit out of my ear!” Chanyeol closed the gap between them and placed both of his hands on Baekhyun’s shoulder. “Now quit lying and spill it. You’ve been avoiding me like a bitch today and you’ve got that look in your perfect fucking eyes that say you’re keeping something from me. Click two and two together and viola, we come to the epic conclusion that you fucking did something that you don’t want to tell me.”

Baekhyun felt definitely trapped. “Fuck you, Chanyeol…” He really didn’t know what else to say.

“Oh, you will,” Chanyeol said. “If you don’t tell me, then yeah, you’ll be fucking me in here. Scratch that, I’ll have you ride me.”

“Damn it, Park!” Baekhyun shouted. He pushed Chanyeol away, staggering him backwards. “Leave me alone! I don’t know how you fucking knew I was fucking masturbating because I sure as hell didn’t call you to fucking announce that shit to you!” Baekhyun hurriedly snatched his belongings, hastily stuffing them into his bag with no organization whatsoever.

Chanyeol was caught off guard, speechless. “Masturbating?” Then reason caught up with him. “At one in the fucking morning!?”

“Yes! God damn it, yes!” Baekhyun swung the bag over his shoulder. “Freaking yes! I’m a guy! I get dreams, you giant idiot! I have to take care of it, too!”

Chanyeol covered his mouth with his hand. He couldn’t help, but smirk at his Baekhyun. “You were masturbating, Baek? Yah, why couldn’t you just tell me th—” He stopped when another thought came to mind. “Wait. What were you masturbating to?”

Baekhyun drew back. “What!? I-I don’t know!”


“I told you! I had a dream!”

“About what!?” Chanyeol didn’t want to hear Baekhyun say that he had a dream about Lay. He would kill that asshole for infiltrating his Baekhyun’s mind.

“I-I…I told you! It was about school!”

Chanyeol wasn’t buying it. He grabbed Baekhyun by the shirt and pulled the hem up, giving Baekhyun just enough scare to talk. “The locker room! The locker room!”

“What about it?”

“I-I had sex with someone in this locker room!” Baekhyun gripped at Chanyeol’s hands, trying to get them to release his shirt. They couldn’t. “Damn it, Chanyeol! Let me go already!”



“With who, Baek?”

Baekhyun scowled embarrassingly at Chanyeol. He decided to use his nails. He dug those into Chanyeol’s hand, causing him to release him. He held on to his things, turned, and made a run for the exit.

When he reached the exit door, he turned back around to see Chanyeol glaring at him. “Baek! Tell me or I fucking swear—”

“You!” Baekhyun closed his eyes and numbed his mind when he admitted it. “You and I were fucking in this stupid locker room and I fucking rode you like I loved it! There! Now leave me alone cause I can’t stand being in here with you after that traumatic nightmare!” With that, Baekhyun left, slamming the door behind him.

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