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The Letter 11

Chapter 11

Booty Call

Sehun didn’t return to school until the following week. He avoided eye contact with Baekhyun for the most part of the day, making their project-partner time in class painfully awkward as Baekhyun tried his best to keep an upbeat façade. After painfully dealing with Baekhyun, he was hunted down as Chanyeol caught up with him in the locker room, shoving his body up a few inches off the ground, against the lockers, making what Sehun thought to be a big and unnecessary commotion. Sehun didn’t mind. He guessed he probably deserved it, though he didn’t know why the hell Chanyeol gave so much as a fuck when it came to him ditching Baekhyun.

The last few days were still clear in Sehun’s mind, seductively pulling him from reality here and there during school. He’d stayed over at Luhan’s empty house, keeping him occupied. He thought it was odd how Luhan came home the week his parents were completely out, but he never asked of Luhan to explain it to him. Maybe Luhan wasn’t even supposed to be there. Maybe he needed to get away for a while. Sehun didn’t want to rack his brain with guesses. He’d been doing that for practically two years and his head was done thinking.

Luhan didn’t leave until Sunday. They shared a quick love session that morning before Sehun helped Luhan get his things together. He drove him to the train station, but the drive was spent in silence as Sehun drove and Luhan stared out the window. When it was time to depart from each other, Sehun tried to kiss Luhan on the lips, but Luhan turned his head away the last minute, letting Sehun kiss his jawline instead. Sehun wasn’t satisfied and he wasn’t going to depart from Luhan feeling as if it were all incomplete, so he pulled Luhan back to him. He expected Luhan to resist, but Luhan only put up a mock fight.

He hated it. Sehun hated watching and letting Luhan go, but he had no choice. As much as he tried to get Luhan back in bed or push him against the wall, demanding that he stay, the older was adamant on going, but promised he’d be back shortly. Sehun could almost laugh. As much as he hated to admit how Luhan kept a place in his heart occupied, he doubted his promises. He decided he was going to give Luhan a month—no, three weeks, Sehun thought. He’d give Luhan three weeks and a thousand messages asking him to come back over the weekends. If he didn’t come back, Sehun would stop waiting and go to him himself.

Kyungsoo lied back and glanced at either side of him to look at the added weight he just added to his bar. I’m crazy, I’m crazy…Kyungsoo kept berating himself. Start smaller, you scrawny pit! You’re gon—no. I’m not going to be a freaking wuss. I can do thirty. Kyungsoo made up his mind and used his strength to push the bar off it’s stand and soon regretted it. It was too heavy to hold for more than a few seconds. Kyungsoo’s arms began to wobble. Oh my god, I’m going to drop this piece of stupid steel on my own face! I’m gonna die in this sweaty gym! I’m gonna—

Out of nowhere, a pair of hands grabbed the bar from Kyungsoo and set it back on its set. Kyungsoo looked at his savior and laughed. The guy standing over him wasn’t laughing. He didn’t think any of what he just witnessed was worth laughing at.

“What’re you laughing about!?” Kai angrily asked. “You could’ve dropped this piece of shit on yourself!”

Kyungsoo finished laughing, wiping a tear that escaped from his eye. “Exactly.”

Kai frowned while he playfully, yet frustratingly knuckled Kyungsoo on the head. “You’re weird, Kyung.”

“Ah, I’ve been told,” Kyungsoo smiled, reminiscing of all the girls in that past that had told him the exact same thing.

Kai looked down at the guy sitting on the bench press and shoved him lightly on the shoulder, swaying him. “Whatever. Take off the extra weight, Kyung. Do ten.”

“I can do more than ten pounds!” Kyungsoo argued. Even kids can do ten pounds! What does Kai think I am? “I can—”

“Yah! Weren’t you the one who came up and asked me to help you?” Kai reminded him. “You’re starting with ten, damn it.” Kai walked over to the bar, removed all of the weights and replaced each side with a ten.

“Ugh, I’m never gonna get anywhere with that, Kai…” Kyungsoo quietly mumbled.

Kai heard and looked at the poor guy who had hung his head a bit since the last time he spared a glance over to him. “You gotta start somewhere. I told you that.”

“We’ve been doing this for days, though…”

Kai growled. He didn’t like it when Kyungsoo suddenly went all soft and sad on him. He didn’t like working with that attitude. “Kyung, you’re not going to get that strong in just a matter of days, though! Look!” He pulled up his wife beater. “I didn’t get these overnight. It took months.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t have to do something as boring as lifting weights…”

“Yeah, I did—”

“No, you danced,” Kyungsoo said, folding his arms. “And you like dancing, so of course time flew by and all of a sudden you got those.”

Kai felt a little pity for Kyungsoo because he understood his point. If your heart really isn’t into whatever you’re doing at all, you’re not going to get anywhere…Suddenly, Kai got an idea. He returned the weights and pulled Kyungsoo off the bench. “Come on. Let’s go.”

“W-where?” Kyungsoo asked; his eyes were open with curiosity and confusion.

“To the studio I have for the hour like I usually have every week or so.”

Kyungsoo let himself be led by Kai, but pulled his hand away when he felt people looking at them. Kai’s eyes jerked toward him and attempted to take the hand back, but Kyungsoo purposely moved his hand away, trying to make it seem like it wasn’t on purpose. Kai frowned. What the hell was his problem? Kai huffed and resorted to taking Kyungsoo under his wing, wrapping an arm and draping it over his shoulder.

“So, how was that new video I gave you the other day?” Kai asked.

“Uh, I-I, umm—” Kyungsoo turned his head away.

“Did you like it?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“It’s okay if you don’t. I can always go get you something more to your style.”

“M-My style of what?” Kyungsoo asked, heart racing from the strange subject.

“Your style of fucking,” Kai smirked, gripping a jaw-dropped Kyungsoo by the shoulder.

Baekhyun bucked his hips against Chanyeol’s pressuring groin. He placed his hands against the sports lockers and hovered himself over Chanyeol’s erect cock, which was jolting in the anticipation of penetrating him.

“Baek, quit your stupid teasing,” Chanyeol rasped, placing his large hands on Baekhyun’s hips as his tongue flicked one of Baekhyun’s sensitive buds, earning him a moan. His hands tried to hurry Baekhyun’s descent. His hips began to move on their own, lifting him off the floor, trying to connect with Baekhyun, but Baekhyun would have none of it.

“Baek!” Chanyeol cried, getting impatient. “Ride me! Ride me right now or else this’ll be the last time I let you be in control!”

Baekhyun smirk, pleased with Chanyeol’s emergency. “I can’t yet. You haven’t prepped me.”

“You little—” Chanyeol never finished. He stuck his index and middle finger in his mouth, slicked it up with his own saliva, then reached behind Baekhyun, spreading his cheeks and circled around his rim. He inserted one finger in, thrusting it in, mobilized it, and probed Baekhyun until he felt like Baekhyun was loose enough to take another.

Baekhyun threw his head back and moaned, feeling his insides being stretched by Chanyeol’s fingers. His own cock was erect and it was all there for Chanyeol’s eyes to see. Seeing Baekhyun seep just as much as him made Chanyeol’s urgency push him onto another level. His fingers quickened their pace, stretching Baekhyun whenever he could. Baekhyun was crying out and even began to move his hips to the rhythm of each thrust.

Chanyeol pulled his fingers out, took hold on his member and placed it just at Baekhyun’s opening. He grinned up at the boy in heat straddling him. “You still wanna tease me, Baek?”

“Ngh…Channie—no, no. Put it in,” Baekhyun pouted.

“Baby, weren’t you the one in control?” Chanyeol asked, flicking Baekhyun’s nipples again, teasingly nipping at them.

“I want you to thrust inside me!” Baekhyun cried, tangling his fingers in Chanyeol’s hair, pulling at them.

“No, this one’s all on you now,” Chanyeol breathed. “Hurry up and ride me, princess.”

“Ugh, fuck you,” Baekhyun moaned the desperate insult. Nevertheless, he replaced Chanyeol’s hand, taking control of his lover’s cock and slowly pushing the head in.

Chanyeol let out a weak laugh as he gripped Baekhyun more at his hips, helping him take his shaft in inch by inch. “Heh, that’s right. Fuck m—ugh. Shit.”

Baekhyun took all of Chanyeol’s length in and sat there for a moment, feeling and clenching the man beneath him. He began to roll his hips as he moved up and down Chanyeol, listening to every breath and moan that came out of him.

Chanyeol grabbed Baekhyun from behind the neck, pulling him in and forced himself on Baekhyun’s mouth. Baekhyun automatically opened his mouth to his lover, taking him, tasting him. Chanyeol’s other hand touched and took Baekhyun’s cock, making Baekhyun momentarily stop.

“Don’t…ngh—keep going, babe.”

Baekhyun heeded the words, pulled away from Chanyeol, placed his hands on his chest and began to drive Chanyeol’s cock in and out of him as Chanyeol pleasured his other parts.

Everything about Baekhyun was sensitive then. He was in heaven. Feeling Chanyeol inside him, brushing him, stroking him…he didn’t know what else he could fucking ask for.

“Baek...” Chanyeol said in between broken breaths. “I have to t—mmm—tell you something—nghh—”

“What?” Baekhyun gasped.

“I-I—” Chanyeol paused as Baekhyun slammed himself back down on his shaft. “Shit…I think I-I—”

“Spill it,” Baekhyun said, smirking as he watched Chanyeol’s pleasured face.

“I-I think I’m in love with you—”

Baekhyun gasped as he opened his eyes and quickly looked around him. Shit. He gripped his head as he bent forward and groaned. What the fuck was with that stupid fucking dream!? Baekhyun glared into the darkness of his own room. Gross, gross, gross, gross—Chanyeol’s man-cock—gross. Shit, what the hell. What the fucking hell.

He leaned over to grab his phone off his stand. He squinted against the LCD lighting as he read the time. It’s one in the fricking morning. Ugh, too early to have a freaking hard on…Baekhyun awkwardly thought. He threw the phone on the bed, beneath him. His hands traveled down to his groin, but immediately pulled back when he felt his own self bulging through his pajamas. What the hell! Baekhyun wanted to cry from the pure frustration of having his dick hard as a rock after having a dream of riding Park Chanyeol like a crazy banshee in the freaking locker room.

“Damn it,” he cursed. He kicked off his covers and sat up on his bed, accidentally sending his phone under him, unknowingly clicking away through his contacts. Baekhyun pulled his pants down, followed by his own boxers. His member freed itself, erect in the dark open. Baekhyun didn’t hesitate to do what he needed to do. He began to stroke.

Chanyeol woke up abruptly as the phone beside him began to ring loudly. It took a moment for him to begrudgingly acknowledge the loud device whose ring was clawing at him to get the fuck up. Irritated that his sleep was interrupted, Chanyeol snatched up his phone, planning to shut it off, but when his blurred vision saw Baekhyun’s name on the caller I.D, he paused and quickly rubbed his eyes.

Baek? What the...Chanyeol quickly glanced at the time. Why’re you calling me so damn early!? He slid the phone out of lock and answered. “Baek? Baek?”

What he heard next, he didn’t expect. He heard Baekhyun’s moans. Some of them were stifled, but he could clearly hear his Baekhyun’s voice crying and breathing out inaudible words. His eyes widened and he gripped the phone in his hand with even more strength. “Baek!?”

He received no answer. He heard the phone being jolted around as materials brushed against the microphone of the Baekhyun’s phone. Chanyeol didn’t know he was still listening in, but when he realized this, he snapped out of it and called Baekhyun’s name again. “Baek! Baekhyun!”

As quick as it came, the call ended, leaving Chanyeol to quickly look at his phone and see the home screen. He cursed like mad as he threw himself on his bed, stifling his yells with his pillow.

What the fuck are you doing to me at one in the fucking morning, Baek, you fucking vixen! Chanyeol stayed up replaying that short event over and over in his mind and finally went to bed cursing the world for creating Baekhyun—which he later took back.

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