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The Letter 9

Chapter 9

Sehun’s eyes slowly fluttered open as the sunlight from behind Luhan’s blinds slowly bled in and hit his eyes. He shifted his head to avoid the beam. He made sure not to move too much to rustle the sleeping body next to him. His body was still holding Luhan just like how he was the day before. The moment was peaceful as Sehun quietly lifted a hand and played with the twists and curls of Luhan’s messy hair.

What the hell am I doing here…Sehun frowned even though he wasn’t necessarily angry or sad. He didn’t know what came over him the day before, ditching Baekhyun like he wasn’t even worth it. He’s definitely worth something…Sehun admitted. If he is worth something, then what the hell am I doing with someone who’s worth nothing…Sehun’s forehead lightly brushed Luhan’s hair. Hearing that Luhan was back felt like someone had revived him from death; as if something resuscitated him. He’d been drowning for so long; the need to see Luhan was equivalent to the need for air.

He knocked on that door without a game plan. What would he say? What would he do? Sehun didn’t know. All he knew was that he wanted to have Luhan feel the pain he felt over the course of lost time and leave him in his own dirt…But then this happened…Sehun’s eyes followed the lines of Luhan’s shoulders. He noticed he lost some weight since the last time he saw him, but it didn’t fail to take Sehun’s breath away. How are you so god damn perfect…I should hate you…

“Sehun…” Luhan mumbled softly, still half asleep. “Why’re you still here…” Sehun blinked when he heard Luhan speak, but he didn’t move away. He only secured Luhan even more. “Don’t you have school today—”

“I’m not going…” Sehun mumbled back, pulling Luhan’s naked body against his. Luhan didn’t protest. “Luhan…the kiss marks…” Sehun said, remembering the fading marks.

“Let’s not talk about it.”

“I want to know.”

Luhan sighed then rustled a bit. “College professors are just as perverted and sick as other guys, Sehun-ah.” He felt Sehun tense from behind him. Luhan rolled over to face Sehun. “But, once you’re in college, you should be fine. You’re not exactly the type of guy anyone wants to mess with anyway, unlike me.”

“Maybe if you stopped prostituting—”

Luhan lightly laughed and rolled on his back to stare at him blank ceiling. “I stopped doing a while after I met you...”

Sehun scrunched a doubting brow. “What?”

Luhan shrugged as he elevated himself with his elbows and began to sit up. “Nothing.” He turned to glance down at Sehun who was still staring at him. “You should leave. Forget about me, Sehun, and go to school. Find that nice boy you were talking about earlier. Quit wasting your time on me, damn it.”

Sehun scowled as he reached for Luhan and pulled him back down, nuzzling his face on Luhan’s back. “Stop pushing me away, Luhan. I put up with this same fucking act a year and a half ago because I thought that you were just going through some insecurity issues and that we’d be fine again, but that was just a stupid fucking gamble seeing as how you never came back to me...”

Luhan remained silent for a moment before letting out a bitter laugh. “I never came back to you? You sound like a love sick brat.”

“I was back then.”

“We weren’t even going out. Officially.”

“I fucking tried to get you to go exclusive with me!”

“I know,” Luhan said nodding.

“But you said no. You said that we could only have a physical relationship together.”

“I didn’t want you to get hurt, Sehun,” Luhan said in a hard tone. “You were a fucking second year! Rumors flew when you were with me back then. I was trying to save you from Hell."

“Well you ended up shoving me down there anyways!” Sehun retorted.

“I told you not to get attached to me the first time we met, you stupid high school brat...”

“Quit acting like you didn’t fucking feel something for me, too.”

“I did.”

“Then why the fuck did you ignore me all of a sudden!? Tell me because I’m tired of blindly guessing my fucking self!”

Luhan bit his lip, turned to Sehun and wrapped his arms around his neck. “Because you deserved someone better than me. You still do.”


Tao twisted his head around to see Chen waving at him. Still taking in quick breaths of air from finishing his run, Tao began to walk over to him.

When he was close, Chen said, “The teacher told me to tell you to put those sports equipment in the shed.”

Tao gave Chen a look. “Are you trying to pass the job off to me?”

Chen looked around. “Mmm, yeah, but I’m not as strong as you and I have—”

“Okay okay. Whatever,” Tao accepted.

“Thanks, Tao. You’re so nice,” Chen complimented.

“Whatever Chen.”

“Okay! Well I’m off! I owe you one!” Chen said he was began to walk away, waving at Tao.

“Sure you do,” Tao mumbled.

Tao walked over to the equipment that was out lying for him to pick up and put away. He sighed. He picked up both of the bags filled with soccer balls with one hand and threw then over his shoulder. It was much heavier than he anticipated, but he dealt with it. With his other hand, he grabbed a box with a few discuses inside it by its handle and began to make his way over to the shed.

It was hot and he really wasn’t in the mood to stay in the sun lugging around stupid shit while everyone else got to go in, take a shower, and chill inside an air-conditioned building. When he got to the shed, he stepped in and walked over to a corner before dumping everything on the ground in an organized fashion.

“Well, if it isn’t Panda Shit.”

Tao rolled his eyes to the heavens. “What the heck does The Wu want?”

“Don’t fucking mock me,” Kris snapped.

“Seriously, what the shit do you want?” Tao turned around to glare at Kris who was standing there, in his p.e uniform, arms folded. “Do you want me to pay for reconstructive surgery? Because fine. You needed it long before I smashed your face in, anyway.”

Kris could feel his insides boil. He angrily stalked over to Tao who fought back his inner instinct to step back. “I came here to make you regret your little faggot comments.”

“Ouch.” Tao touched his chest and mocked being in pain. “Calling me a derogative word really hurts me, Wu. Really.”

Irked to the last straw, Kris shoved Tao hard on the chest and watched as Tao fell backwards and land on the bags he had set down not too long ago. “Shut your sarcastic little face, Panda Shit.”

Despite being on the ground, Tao continued to glare up at the tallest guy in school. “Am I supposed to be scared right now? Or are you just bad at inducing fear?”

“Shut up.”

“I should buy you a dictionary, Kris. You need to expand your voc—yah!” Tao cried when Kris suddenly placed his foot in between Tao’s legs, right on his crotch. “What the heck!?”

“What? Don’t people like you like this?” Kris sneered.

Tao tried to sit up and push Kris’ foot away, but Kris leaned down and shoved Tao back down. “No! I’m not—I’m not—Damn it, Wu! Maybe you’re the gay one! I bet you like your foot in between my legs!” Tao accused, trying a next tactic.

Kris leaned back and tsked. “I didn’t come here to pleasure your sick little cock, Panda Turd. I came to humiliate you.”

Tao could have laughed if his mind wasn’t paying attention to Kris’ foot moving on a sensitive part of him. “Humiliate me? Aren’t you humiliating yourself by doing this? I’m gonna tell—”

Kris suddenly stopped mobilizing his foot, retreated it and crouched down to ground. “Like I said. I didn’t come here to pleasure you, Tao.”

“Then what the heck are you—”

Kris didn’t allow him to finish. He reached out to the hem of Tao’s basketball shorts, along with the hem of his underwear, and pulled it all down until both were at Tao’s knees.

Tao couldn’t believe what just happened. He reached up to cover and pull everything back in place, but one of Kris’ hands came down and smacked him on the face. Tao froze. What the—? His thoughts raced. Before he knew it, Kris clutched on to Tao’s t-shirt, placed a foot on his chest, and forcibly pulled the material off. Tao hissed in pain when one of his earrings got momentarily caught in the fabric. He quickly recovered to realize he had absolutely nothing on anymore.


“Shut up.” One of Kris’ hands placed itself on Tao’s chest, holding him down, while the other shot to Tao’s naked member. “I change my mind,” he announced, squeezing the younger boy’s cock. “I have a better idea.”

Tao’s eyes widened as Kris’ hands began to pump him. Shit…Tao threw his head back. Fuck, fuck, fuck...”Let me—Ngh—go or else I’ll scream!”

“I dare you, Panda Shit.”

Tao took the challenge, but before he could begin to the vocal work, Kris attacked his mouth, darting his tongue immediately in, taking advantage of the opportunity. Tao’s protest were muffled by Kris and then subconsciously changed from protests to moans when Kris’ hands did more magic on his cock, already trickling with thin liquid.

Shit, you don’t want this! Fucking body! Stop! Tao shut his eyes. Do it! Do it, now, you freaking Girl Scout! Tao screamed at himself. Taking action, he bit Kris the next time he entered his tongue in his mouth.

Kris immediately pulled back snarling at Tao. He said nothing. Tao smirked at Kris’ reaction before fighting back a moan trying to escape from him when Kris slid his hand up and down harder as part of his retaliation. “You’ll regret that.”

“Oh—Ngh ugh…H-how?” Tao asked, still trying to maintain his stance despite the circumstances of their war.

Kris stuck an index finger in his mouth, licked it around a bit, and without a word to Tao, began fingering his younger victim’s vacant void. Tao’s breath hitched. Oh my god, what the hell is happening!? “Wu! Stop! It hurts, damn it!”

“Does it?” Kris pushed his finger in a little bit more. “Does it hurt as much as being hit in the face by a ball going ninety miles an hour?”

“Shit, Kris!” Tao cried. He was done with the act. “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have—oh god—h-hit you!” Tao’s fingers didn’t know where to go. He didn’t have the strength to go at it and try to claw Kris’ eyes out. Shit...He twisted his body around, shoving his face on the bags while his fingers clawed the fabric instead.

Kris looked down at Tao’s lower half. Everything that could be occupied was already occupied. Out of mere curiousty, he stopped pushing the finger in as deep as he could and began to wiggle it around and slightly thrust it in and out. His eyes jerked away from Tao’s hole the moment he heard the younger boy cry out. Fuck…He tsked. I gotta get this done with. Get your shit together, Kris, before this kid thinks you’re into him.

Kris pulled out of Tao, feeling Tao clench at his finger the last minute. He began to focus on getting the job done and started jacking Tao’s erection. He squeezed here and there and knew the kid was near his limit when the flowing wouldn’t stop. Then his cock began to jerk, letting out warm, sticky, white semen in the world. Kris acted quickly, pushing the cock on Tao’s stomach, letting him cum on himself before wiping the small amount that got on his hand on Tao’s face. He let the stripped boy go, stood up and took out his cellphone.

Tao was still catching his breath when he asked, “What…What’re you doing?” Kris didn’t answer him as he hesitated and argued with himself on whether or not he should even take the photo. “Wu!” Tao cracked.

“Shut up…”

Tao heard the faint snap and knew that Kris had taken the photo. His lips couldn’t control themselves. “Delete it! Delete it! Kris!”

Kris looked down on the boy, fighting off the voice in his head that told him he was an asshole that just stepped over the line. He was about to tell him something, but decided against it, slipping the phone back in his shorts’ pocket. He was silent as he shoved his hands in his pocket and turned away from the sight. “Don’t cross me again. From now on, you do what I say.” Before he left, he turned his head slightly to Tao. “Get dressed. You’re gonna be late.”

Baekhyun didn’t see Sehun the entire day, but no one else was worried about it. His friends weren't. Even Chanyeol was pretty nonchalant about it. Whatever…Baekhyun put useless items in his locker. I guess Chanyeol’s right. It’s time to stop pinning, Baek…You need to find someone else. Chanyeol? Well he is not that bad…He can be pretty nice an—what the hell. No. Park Chanyeol’s not even a candidat—

Baekhyun’s thoughts were stopped in their tracks when he realized that another presence was awfully close to him. He whipped around and saw that it was some kid he’d never really seen before. Maybe once or twice, but it wasn’t like Baekhyun knew who he was…


“Oh, h-hi,” Baekhyun replied. He realized that he must’ve looked unfriendly featuring such a dull face so he quickly added a smile.

“I’m Lay,” Lay held out a hand. Baekhyun took the hand and received a smirk from the guy in front of him. “Are you really Chanyeol’s?”

The two just met and Lay suddenly threw a personal question in. Baekhyun didn’t know what to do. “Yea—” He stopped. No. No you’re not, Baek! Why the hell were you going to say yes!? “Sorry, I misspoke. I don’t. I don’t belong to that bast—I mean, that guy.”

Lay chuckled. “Is that so? Okay then.” He placed a hand on Baekhyun’s shoulder, leaned in and whispered, “Then I guess you’re fair game.” Baekhyun froze and felt shivers running down his spine when he felt a quick, wet sensation on his ear. Did that guy just flick my ear with his tongue!? Baekhyun turned his head to face Lay, but Lay was already making his way down the hall. “I’ll see you around!”

No you fucking won’t! Baekhyun’s insides screamed.

“Hey, Yeol,” Kai said when he sat down at their usual table at lunch. “I need to tell you somethi—what the fuck happened to you?” he asked, distracted by Kris’ glumliness.

“Ugh, don’t fucking ask,” he groaned.

“Okay, then,” Kai said holding up a hand. “Anyways, Yeol!”


“Lay’s back at it again.”

Chanyeol rolled his eyes. “What? Is he trying to steal away one of your girlfriends? Or trying to bribe my best butler to leave me again to work for his ass?”

“No,” Kai adamantly said. “I don’t have a girlfrie—”

“Then what’s with that hick spot?” Chanyeol curiosly asked, pointing at the one at the bottom of Kai’s neck.

“—Who cares.” Kai gave Chanyeol a look. “Anyways, can I just get to my point?”

"Go for it."

“You might wanna keep your precious little Baekhyun under lock and key.”

Chanyeol stopped twirling food with his fork. “What?”

“I said that you sh—”

“Shit! I heard you the first time! What the fuck is his problem!?” Chanyeol asked rhetorically. His hands ran through his hair. “Ugh…I might’ve let it slip when he kept taking stuff I didn’t really give a slight fuck about, but if he lays a hand on Baek, I’m going to kill that guy.”

“Oh…Tongues aren’t in the same category as a hand, right?”

Chanyeol’s eyes flashed to Kai. “What?”

Kai shrugged. “I don’t know.”



“What’s this about tongues?”

Kai shrugged again and looked away. “Tongues are pretty useful—”


“They can help you eat—”

“—Quit playing aroun—”

“—Or make kissing hotter—”

“—What’re you trying to sa—”

“—Or subtly lick other people’s lover,” Kai said, finally glancing over at Chanyeol who froze when he heard the words.

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