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The Letter 7

Chapter 7

Sehun took Luhan by the collar of his unwrinkled white shirt and held up him up against the wall of his own house. Both were similar in height, but with the help of Sehun’s slight height advantage, Luhan felt like he had a tower looking down on him. His eyes pierced through Luhan’s own, intimidating him to a point.

 “You never told me you were back,” Sehun growled.

Luhan bit his own lips when he eyed Sehun and bitterly concocted a smirk. “Oh? It must’ve slipped my mind, then.”

“I hate your game, Luhan,” Sehun angrily said in a hushed tone.

“Should I give a damn?”

“You should!” Sehun cried, gripping the shirt and pushing Luhan’s body even more into the wall. “You fucking should!”

Luhan looked away. He didn’t wanna see that angry, desperate look in his eyes. “Whatever. So, what do I owe this pleasant visit? You want a taste of this again?” Luhan asked, craning his head to the side, show casing Sehun his flawless neck. “Cash. You know the drill,” he said in a hallow tone. In perfect honesty, Luhan didn’t roll like that anymore, but he felt like keeping the pretense up in hopes that it would repel Sehun away…

“No. I don’t fucking think so,” Sehun retorted. “I’m here to take back what I fucking lost a year and a half ago.”

“Sorry,” Luhan sneered. “I don’t give back refunds.”

“Fuck you.” Sehun glared at Luhan, but Luhan, for a short millisecond, saw Sehun’s lips waver. “I don’t want the fucking cash.”

“Then take what the shit you came here for and go,” Luhan said coldly.


Sehun, having no patience, ripped Luhan’s shirt open. Luhan took in a sharp breath as the buttons on the top part fell to the ground. Not taking Luhan into account on purpose, Sehun took him off the wall and bent him enough to forcibly take the shirt off, leaving Luhan with messy hair and red ears that had brushed violently against the shirt.


“Takes one to know one,” Sehun simply replied before shoving Luhan back to the wall again. Luhan wasn’t resisting, only glaring, so Sehun took a step back to examine the now half naked man in front of him. “I can see the fucking hickeys.”

Luhan stayed silent. It wasn’t like he was fucking proud of those disgusting kiss marks. It wasn’t his fault how everywhere he went he always managed to fall into some sort of shit hole that required sexual favors to get out of. He wasn’t going to say anything to Sehun about it.

Sehun, unsure about how he felt about Luhan’s silence, moved on. He took a step forward and took Luhan in his hand, brushing his fingers in a teasing manner. Despite the clothing between him and Luhan’s member, Sehun could feel the progression that was awakening it.

“You’re already getting hard just by me touching you,” Sehun said. He didn’t sound too romanticized by it. In a way, in the back of his mind, he hated the reaction Luhan’s member was giving him. Luhan was getting hard pretty fucking quick and it didn’t sit well with Sehun. Did Luhan’s other clients train his body to respond like this? The question destroyed part of Sehun. He pulled his hand away.

“Get rid of your pants.” Luhan did nothing for a while. He just silently glanced at the floor. “Do it!” Sehun barked.

Luhan cringed. He’d seen Sehun at his best and at his worst, but nothing was comparable to the Sehun in front of him then: angry beyond belief and desperate behind those glass-like eyes of his. Sehun didn’t let give off any clue as to why he seemed desperate or what it was he was desperate for, but Luhan had an idea.

He got it. Unquestioning, with his own cockiness gone, Luhan’s hands found their way to his own waist and began unbuckling his belt. Whatever Sehun wanted to do to him, it was well deserved anyways.

Luhan was taking too long to fumble around with his belt that Sehun got impatient and stepped forward to unzip his pants and force the pants down enough for Luhan to spring free. “You know, I skipped out on a guy interested in me today for this,” Sehun said in a hard tone. Then he let out a bitter laugh. “I passed off a nice kid for a slut...” he mumbled loud enough for Luhan to hear.

Luhan felt a horrid pang in his chest. He was used to being called a slut, but those words coming from Sehun now, no matter how hard he fucking tried, they stung. He never used to call him that even though he knew of his promiscuous ways.

“Touch yourself.”

Luhan’s eyes snapped to Sehun, who was intently watching him. Touch himself? Luhan stood there and gaped at him for what felt like hours. Touch…he’s making me touch myself…Luhan bit his lip. He’s trying to make me feel like the slut he knows I am…In another world, Luhan would've cried, but in this one, he couldn’t for the life and pride of him. He only bit his own lips harder.

Luhan grabbed a hold of his own cock and began to hesitantly stroke himself. He’d done it so many times before. He pleasured himself alone, in bed. Sometimes in front of clients—but that was in the past. He didn’t know where the embarrassment came from all of a sudden, or the sudden horniness. Maybe it was coming from the way Sehun was looking at him, intent on watching.

Sliding his hand up and down, occasionally gripping himself once in a while, Luhan pleasured himself in front of Sehun’s burning gaze. A soft moan escaped his lips when a finger slid and pressed itself on his cock’s slit. Maybe it was Sehun’s presence or his eyes, Luhan didn’t know, but one or the other had some sort of effect on him. His cock oozed and twitched with ever stroke, with every touch. His breath hitched and his breathing became broken. Badly, Luhan wanted to get rid of his pants. They felt constricting. But he didn’t want to stop. He knew Sehun was there, watching, but the more he selfishly indulged himself in his masturbation, the less he paid attention to his audience.

Sehun tried to remain unphased by the act he force Luhan to do, but he would’ve been lying if he said that he himself wasn’t hard as a fucking rock. Blood abandoned their station at his brain and relocated somewhere more south. His will was on the brink of collapse. Just on the brink.

His self-will committed suicide the instant Luhan shot his first drops of cum on the floor and on his own hand. Some of it even found themselves on his torso.

Sehun stomped over to Luhan and removed his hand from his manhood that was still sputtering semen out. “Get on the floor,” his stone hard voice ordered. Luhan complied. Sehun grabbed the waist of Luhan’s pants and dragged the rest of the stupid clothing off of his ex-lover’s body. The underwear was the next thing to get ripped and thrown off, leaving Luhan naked, still breathing brokenly from his first act.

Sehun didn’t wait for him to recover. The second act was going to start whether or not Luhan was ready. He zipped open his own fly and took a hand to liberate the rigid member. He made Luhan get on his hands and knees, facing away from him. From Sehun’s point of view, he had a glorious sight of Luhan’s entrance. He placed both of his hands on Luhan’s cheeks and spread them as far apart as he wanted just to see his hole a little bit more clearly.

Without warning, Sehun stuck his middle finger in there. No saliva. No lubricant. Nothing. “Ngh…Shi—” Luhan gasped. Luhan shut his eyes when Sehun began to mobilize the finger. Of all the fingers, the middle finger gave off that big “fuck you” aura—and in physical essence, it did.

Sehun stuck another finger in Luhan’s tight little hole. He watched the male under him shut his eyes and heard him hold his breath, gasping for air when his lungs couldn’t take the silent protest. He felt a pinch of guilt making Luhan go through the pain of having unlubricated sex, but Sehun angrily booked those thoughts. After all the shit he had to go through for a year and a half, the least Luhan could fucking do was take it. He has no fucking idea—Sehun thrusted the finger deeper—how many sleepless-fucking-nights—He added another finger—I had to fucking go through after he…he…

“Sehun-ah!” Luhan cried. His voice was broken and his eyes were kept shut, but Sehun sensed a trace of pleasure in his cry.

Sehun froze when Luhan called his name. Fuck…As much as he would’ve liked to remain untouched, floods of feeling began to flood back in when his name came out of those lips. He frowned. His heart went to immediate lockdown. He pushed those feelings back and all of those memories that came out from the darkest place in his heart because he didn’t need them. They’re just memories, Sehun angrily thought. There was never any fucking truth to them. He retracted his fingers and placed his ready cock at Luhan’s opening.

His precum worked as a slight lubricant, but it wasn’t enough to have the same type of easy going sex that happened between them countless times in the past. Sehun pushed himself in and could feel Luhan’s hole clench at him when he entered ever so slightly.

“Ngh…Sehu—Ugh…” Luhan covered his face with his arm and kept focus on the floor that was less of an inch away. He automatically dipped his back, trying to make Sehun’s entering easier for the both of them. Beyond his control, his hole kept constricting Sehun’s cock.

“Fuck…” Sehun couldn’t stop it this time. Those feelings…the memories…What else could he compare this moment to other than the ones they had in the past?

“Move…” Luhan managed to get out when Sehun was still stuck in the moment and trying to gain control before he accidentally let it out already.

Sehun frowned but he followed Luhan's request and began to drive himself in, deep inside his ex-lover’s body, and then teasingly out before repeating the motion for a few seconds  before losing control. He placed his hands on Luhan’s hips and began to ram himself in with needs that had been building up for almost two years.

Luhan took it. The sex was rough and even though it wasn’t anything his body was new to, with Sehun, it was uncontrolled with as much pent up emotions bursting out of him as Sehun. He began to cry Sehun’s name over and over again. Each time he did, it tugged on Sehun’s heart, frustrating him, leading him to thrust harder, deeper, faster, until he came. He spilled himself into Luhan and Luhan, feeling unsatisfied, grabbed himself and began to briskly jack himself until he followed soon after.

Sehun’s breathing was hard by the end of it all. He was looking at Luhan with his hands still on his hips and his manhood still in his hole. His facial expression began to quaver. He looked pained but Luhan couldn’t see it in the position that they were in.

“You’re such a slut.”

Luhan slowly blinked his eyes as his heard those words. Fuck it, I know…

“You’re such a slut…”

Luhan scrunched a tired brow. I heard you the first time, you little—

“You’re such a slut…you’re such a slut…you’re such a slut…” Every time Sehun kept saying those four words, Luhan noticed how, for the first time since Sehun force himself in, his voice was breaking into pieces until he…he…

Luhan moved himself, letting Sehun’s member slip out of him before turning around to see a sight that struck his heart: Sehun with the same old angry expression, but with precious drops ready to fall from his eyes

“I fucking hate you…” he growled.

Luhan remained silent. In his naked state, he crawled slowly to Sehun and tried to reach out to him. Sehun drew back.

“Don’t touch me, you slut!” Sehun let out. “I don’t want you to touch me!” He took a few breaths. “I hate you...”

“I know…” Luhan moved again. Sehun remained alert.

“You fucking went up and left.” Sehun stood his broken ground. “You fucking cut me off…”

“I know…” Luhan said softly. “I’m sorry.”

“Fuck you, Luhan…”

“I’m sorry…” Luhan gained proximity that Sehun didn’t seem to resist to at all. Then, he brushed his lips against the Sehun’s. “I’m sorry…”

“Fuck your words,” Sehun responded. He grabbed Luhan by the back of the head and went on to conquering Luhan’s mouth. He wasn’t the gentle lover Luhan knew over the times they were together. When did my Sehun become a man? Luhan asked himself, enjoying the brushing and clashing of their tongues.

Sehun, with the help of Luhan, undressed until both of them were naked. Luhan had Sehun lie on his back for act three. He teased Sehun when he would only take in an inch or so of his cock inside him. Sehun got fed up with Luhan’s games, grabbed him by his hips and pulled him down before thrusting into the man on top of him with powerful strokes. They switched back in forth from Sehun thrusting deep inside Luhan to Luhan riding and moving himself, enjoying his moments on top.

The two finished long after they started. Sehun carried the tired Luhan into his bedroom, the one they were often once in, having sex, making love, back in Luhan’s last year of High School. After setting Luhan in bed, Sehun debated whether or not to leave him like a one night stand. The Sehun before would’ve. No question about it. But Sehun caved and crawled over next to Luhan, hugging him tightly, afraid of letting him go and losing him again.

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